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Supergirl In Search of Lost Time Supergirl In Search of Lost Time


Supergirl – In Search of Lost Time (3×15)



Okay, there’s a reason Lena Luthor is a boss babe CEO of her own company at such a young age.

She’s a genius. When Sam confided in her about her blackouts, Lena told her that “she knew what was going on,” and she wasn’t lying.

Monday’s episode of Supergirl kicked off with Lena and Sam in her laboratory. Lena was taking notes on her findings: Sam was mutating into the “other.” Later on, she clarified to a disheveled, scared and irritated Sam that her DNA was changing on a cellular level and periodically, she’d turn into Reign.

When Sam didn’t believe her, Lena used Jimmy Olsen’s advice and “held up the mirror” for her. What are friends for if not to prove to yourself that you have a form of split personality disorder and the other half of you is actually an alien that’s terrorizing the city and killing innocent civilians?

On a brighter note, Jimmy wasn’t deterred by Lena’s absence at all and even stopped by to bring her some Chinese food for dinner! He has “powerful” friends so he gets that work can become, for lack of a better word, complicated.

And boy, things got kind of complicated at the DEO when J’onn brought in Papa Martian who was trying to salvage his memories in the face of dementia and inadvertently causing psychic attacks.

During these psychic attacks, no one in a nearby radius was immune, not even Supergirl. And since Papa Martian was frustrated with his onset illness his feelings were manifested onto everyone else.

Props to whoever came up with the idea paint a visual picture of the shockwaves, chaos and frustration enveloping our friends at the DEO. I really felt like I was experiencing it all with them during the trippy scene.

There was an epic showdown between Winn and Demos where, at one point, Winn pulled out a gun on him. Alex intervened to kick both of their asses.

And Kara took out her aggressions on Mon-El which was warranted but also a bit harsh. Talking it out would have had the same effect as the punches. However, I’m glad we finally addressed the big ole’ elephant in the room; Kara cannot keep pretending that she isn’t hurt by Mon-El’s return.

It’s like when you date a guy with so many flaws and then you guys break up and someone else gets this perfect version of him that you worked so hard to create. It’s unfair.

For what it’s worth, Mon-El finally apologized for being a jerk and disregarding Kara’s feelings back when he was a non-time traveler in the 21st century.

Also, Supergirl has her work cut out for her if she’s going to take on Pestilence. Those cape tricks are neat and all, but she’s going to need to work on her footwork and some strategy if she wants to stand a chance.

It may be quiet on the Worldkillers front, but Pestilence’s arrival is imminent. Pigeons falling from the sky seems like a clear sign of diseases and plagues which seems to be what her future form, Blight, stands for.

Other Thoughts

  • How did Sam not recognize herself as Reign? The mask isn’t THAT good.
  • Shouldn’t Ruby stay with someone other than a babysitter? That seems pretty temporary and my guess is, Reign will find a way out of Lena’s glass house because the Worldkillers have a mission.
  • Speaking of, when is Lena planning on telling her friends about Sam’s condition?
  • Mon-El and Supergirl are couple goals in their color-coordinated suits. They’ve been spending a lot of time together and it seems like feelings are starting to bubble up again. Imra, you better come home if you want to keep your man.
  • Seeing J’onn become the father and put his father in a figurative prison was heartbreaking. The burden of aging, losing your memory and or being forced to strip an elder of their independence is the same whether you’re a human or martian it seems.
  • His storyline nicely mimicked what Lena was going through with Sam; stripping her of her independence and dignity, but doing so to protect everyone around her.
  • Kara carefully unbuttoning her favorite shirt before leaping into action was hilarious. But really, what does she do with that suit if she needs to undress during a one-night stand? And how does she fit her skirt and cape into that tight clothing?
  • Will Supergirl reach out to Superman to bring down the Worldkillers? She does have a Legion of Superheroes at her disposal, but a helping hand of steel never hurt anyone.

I’m really digging the comedic tone and hope Supergirl doesn’t shy away from the friendly dynamics whenever the storyline permits.

You can watch Supergirl on The CW right here!

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