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4 Major Moment’s From This Is Us “A Manny-Splendored Thing”

The Pearson family reunited in LA for a special taping of Kevin’s sitcom The Manny. Who would have thought we’d get so much joy out of seeing a man crawl around in a diaper? Well, I mean that man was Kevin.

Here are the top 4 moments from the episode that we NEED to talk about!


1.The Mother-Daughter Showdown

Rebecca’s visit was really stressing out Kate, who promised herself she would keep her cool. And then she did the exact opposite. Kate and Rebecca’s issues run really deep and I feel like she probably hasn’t changed how she feels about her mother since Jack’s death. Maybe she even blames Rebecca for it subconsciously? After booking her first gig, she was disgusted to see that her mom had tagged along with Toby to check it out mainly because she knew that her compliments would be condescending and critical, even if unintentionally.

It seems that despite Rebecca’s best intentions, her biggest flaw is that she’s not Jack. Kate resents her for a lot of things but mostly for making her feel like the fat little kid mostly, which I don’t think Rebecca ever did knowingly.

Fights between mothers and daughters happen but this was one of those things that’s been festering and finally exploded. And it wasn’t pretty. The most heartbreaking obviously being Kate telling her mother that the worst part is that she existed. I think Kate blames her mother for a lot of things in her life, mainly not being skinny or confident, but it’s not necessarily her mom’s fault.

Of course, Rebecca, who has sacrificed everything for her kids took it in stride but it’s not going to be one of those forgive and forget moments. The damage has been done and now, it’s either mending this very broken relationship or just letting this define who they are.

And if anything, it proved that Kate has a long way to go to accept her father’s absence, her mother’s influence, and her own flaws.


2. Vietnam, what?!

It may have been a couple of month’s since the last mention of Vietnam but was anyone else stunned to see that part of Jack’s alcoholism recovery involved a flashback to his war days where he wasn’t JUST a mechanic like previously mentioned. Instead of a wrench, Jack was in full army garb and holding a M-16 (I’m not good with guns so please, excuse me if I’m wrong on this). The point it, we don’t know what happened in Vietnam but it definitely had enough of an impact on him that it lead to drinking. Was it PTSD? Did he lose someone there? Are his memories part of what’s driving him to drink again? There are many contributing factors and layers to Jack’s addiction. We always thought the genetic predisposition was the most powerful but now, we’re learning a lot more.


3. Admittance is the First Step

Jack also willingly talks to Bec about his problem so in a way, he’s admitting it. When she corned him about it the first time it was more of a “fix it or lose us.” So he tried to stuff it down, punch it out, forget about it. Now, he needs everyone on board to help him get through it. And he’s even attending AA meetings. He’s serious about it because he loves his family and he knows this is probably his one and only chance to fight his demons. It’ll be interesting to see how this man, the leader, the head, the patriarch of the family, handles becoming the one who relies on them, who has to hold out his hand for help. He’s vulnerable and weak but something tells me, to the kids, that only makes him stronger. That’s part of why Kate resents her mom – even when things were bad, she held it together and made it seem perfect. She never let her guard down.


4. Take the Risk

It isn’t worth it without a little risk right? How else do you know your living? For Randall, a man that lives off of calculated decisions, taking a risk isn’t as easy as it is for someone like Kevin who just hopped on a plane and moved to LA for a movie. Randall knew one thing – he wanted to adopt a baby. An infant that they could once again mold and structure just like with their previous 2 children. But Beth, knowing that Randall wanted to help give someone a better life like his parents once did for him, advised that they should foster a teenager. This obviously stressed Randall out because you have this perfect home and now you’re bringing in a child or teen with prior problems and addictions and he’s just not sure he can handle it. At first, Beth was irritated but a heart-to-heart with Kevin made her realize that the two of them have overcome obstacles before and they can do it again. The love that these two have is like no other; there’s trust and passion and romance. I’m jealous, no doubt.


5. Bros for Life

We don’t see Kevin and Randall actually have each other’s backs often. For most of middle school and high school, they literally avoided each other because it was “embarrassing.” If they weren’t brothers, they probably wouldn’t have anything in common. Which is why it was awesome to find out that Kevin helped Randall take the one and only risk in his life and ask Beth out. Randall knew he wanted this girl and knew that he could get her with the help of his brother. And his brother was his wingman. Something about that picture is so amusing and I definitely need them to do a flashback scene. Beth in dreads, Randall in sweater vests, Kevin whispering pick up lines in his ear – it’s just too perfect.



4 Major Moment’s From This Is Us “A Manny-Splendored Thing” Reviewed by on . The Pearson family reunited in LA for a special taping of Kevin's sitcom The Manny. Who would have thought we'd get so much joy out of seeing a man crawl around The Pearson family reunited in LA for a special taping of Kevin's sitcom The Manny. Who would have thought we'd get so much joy out of seeing a man crawl around Rating: 0
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