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5 Major Moments From “Scandal’s” ‘Vampires and Bloodsuckers’

The Gladiators were all gathered — yes, even Olivia Pope — to celebrate Quinn and Charlie’s wedding day. Except notable missing was the bride-to-be. And that’s what started QPA’s real-life game of “Where in the world is Quinn Perkins.”

1. Quinn Goes Missing: It’s normal for a bride to get cold feet but this is Scandal so it seemed like Quinn left because she was going to expose who really murdered Rashad the President of Bashran. For the record, that would be Olivia and Jake’s doing. Normally, I’d say that’s a shocker but given how high and mighty she’s gotten this season, I wouldn’t put anything past her. Not even a kidnapping. I’m sure it crossed everyone’s mind that Liv may have been playing everyone because she was responsible for Quinn’s disappearance. After all, a mere hours before the wedding, Quinn confronted Liv and threatened to out her. Heck, she even called Pryce to give him the exclusive, which he was all ready for cause he is a journalist with a capital J! But if she really was to blame, would she spend most of the episode trying to cover up her tracks as the best sleuths in town — she should know, she trained them — tried to crack the case. Probably not. So while it probably isn’t Liv, it could very well be Jake. Because really, there’s only a handful of people here that could be responsible. And if it isn’t Liv or Jake, it’s either Fitz, Rowan, or a combination of both. Less likely, but also possible, it actually is the Bashranian rebels.

2. Liv’s Redemption: The first half of the season seemed like the ultimate goal was to make everyone despise Olivia Pope. But slowly, we’re bringing love and light back into her character, even if she did just assassinate a President. Quinn’s disappearance really impacts her and for most of the episode, she’s hiding out in the bathroom holding onto the sink for dear life. Part of me thinks she feels responsible for all this negativity, the other part of me thinks she’s pregnant. Look, that would be one hell of a storyline — who is the daddy? She’s slept with Fitz, Jake and Curtis in a short period of time so they could all possibly be the father and honestly, whichever one it would be, it would be drama-filled!

We never got to explore Liv’s pregnancy because she terminated it but now would be the perfect time. She needs something substantial to bring her back from the cliff of her power trip and a baby would definitely ground her and give her some much-needed love; the kind of love Rowan has told her multiple times she won’t have if she continues down this path. And since she’s trying to cover up all the horrendous things she’s done in her short time as Command from her friends, she still cares about them. So really, there’s hope for her.

3. Glackland Is The Weakest Link: If you weren’t really too certain about where Cyrus’s love story was going well, apparently, to the dogs. Cyrus knows so little about this man, who so quickly jumped into his bed, that he totally believed he could have been the one who BLEW UP A PLANE AND KIDNAPPED LIV. Glackland, the dude wearing a naked and buff breakfast apron. I mean, give me a break. And Charlie was over there beating him with a bag of oranges like he was trying to make freshly squeezed orange juice. It was all a little much but glad to know Charlie still has it in him to throw down. And props to him for using Quinn’s favorite tools!

4. MOH and Best Man: Huck took on not only the coveted role of Maid of Honor but also Best Man. Which was probably a good thing because they needed his certain set of er, skills, to help locate the bride.

5. Mellie Almost Ruins Everything Liv’s Worked So Hard For: Honestly, what an ungrateful President, am I right? When it was revealed that Liv and Jake orchestrated the explosion she mentioned that the rebels would honor the Peace Treaty if Mellie honored them as the countries new government. Liv assumed Mellie would be on board because really, she just wanted to keep the peace but Mellie was all “hell no, I will drop every last American bomb on you m-effers,” to which Jake rolled his eyes because come on Mellie. And with Liv a little pre-occupied with finding Quinn, she turned to Marcus for advice. He abided because you serve your President but homeboy did NOT want to be there. I’m not sure if there’s bad blood between them or if he knew Mellie had the hots for Rashad, which is why she wasn’t thinking rationally. After their little chat, she agrees to make the rebels the new world leaders because like it or not, Rashad is dead and she still has a country to run. There’s also a moment when Mellie tries to ask Jake for some B-613 favors (even though she wasn’t down with the cause at first until it fit her agenda) but he shoots her down because she doesn’t have the authority to make demands. Dang, low blow when your PRESIDENT! At least she has Olivia, you know. Overall, Mellie fell from Grace this week seemingly falling into the trap that Liv laid out for her and not making much progress herself.

Bonus #6 – Abbie and David are back together. Because if true love exists for anyone in Washington, it’s these two!

Thoughts on the winter finale? Will we find Quinn? Is she still alive?!


5 Major Moments From “Scandal’s” ‘Vampires and Bloodsuckers’ Reviewed by on . The Gladiators were all gathered — yes, even Olivia Pope — to celebrate Quinn and Charlie's wedding day. Except notable missing was the bride-to-be. And that's The Gladiators were all gathered — yes, even Olivia Pope — to celebrate Quinn and Charlie's wedding day. Except notable missing was the bride-to-be. And that's Rating: 0
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