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The Arrangement Long Game The Arrangement Long Game

The Arrangement

The Arrangement – Long Game (2×01)



The Arrangement is back and in full-on wedding mode!

Kyle and Megan are getting married but it isn’t based on love, it’s fueled by a pre-existing contract, a movie deal and a publicity timeline. Romantic, right?

Megan also isn’t fully invested; every since she left the Facility, she’d been detached. Understandably so. Her future husband is the man who gave her away to Terrence and dragged her to this place where she was basically brainwashed.

He knows it too and wants her to admit that she’s angry at him so they can learn how to fix it and move forward.

But Megan refuses because if she’s to move forward with her plan to take down IHM, she has to pretend like she’s fully invested.

It’s impossible to take on a such a task and not break a few hundred times. After spending some time at the Facility, Megan knows what they are capable of if they figure out what she’s doing. And despite her new fondness of the place, I don’t think Terrence fully trusts her.

Megan’s love for Kyle is real, however debilitating the PTSD may be, but she has to decide if she’s going to attempt to bring him on her team or take him down with the institute.

At first, it seems like Kyle’s ex-girlfriend Lisbeth was right, there’s no separating Kyle and Terrence.

But after their major fight, Megan notices that Kyle isn’t just blindly following what Terrence says; he takes control of the movie, pulling out as an actor and signing on solely as a director. Yes, his unfavorable decision comes with the possibility of funding being pulled but he’s that confident in making it work for them as a couple. Which means there may be hope to pull Kyle out of IHM after all.

Megan knows that Lisbeth isn’t telling the public the truth about why she broke off her engagement with Kyle. Ever since then, she’s been acting really sketchy and when Megan tries to hunt her down for answers, she looks terrified and pushes her away.

Eventually, she agrees to talk. What did Terrence do to her that made her give up on the relationship? Will these two work together to bring IHM down?

I really want to trust Ingrid but given as she’s IHM’s lawyer, she could very well be working against Megan and simply pretending to find out exactly what she’s planning to do. With Andres now accepting a job at the Facility, will she be able to find out where it’s located? You expose that, you can expose everything.

Terrene honestly gives me the heebie-jeebies — the way he controls Kyle, his vision on expanding IHM to the masses, and sleeping with all those young and impressionable women. It’s just disturbing.

And what’s up with Deann? They have an open marriage so her jealousy was a bit irrational, especially since she was sexting Mason, who appears to be a former lover. Honestly, why are they even together? Does it make for better business? I personally enjoyed seeing Terrence’s hook-up freak out after seeing Deann in the room and even more so when she wasn’t even phased by it.

Megan’s only saving grace would have been Leslie but she just fired her because she was a bit too chaotic for IHM and would likely thwart all of Megan’s plans. She was trying to give her a career but that’s not what Megan cares about at this point; it’s do-or-die, and she just doesn’t want to be a prisoner in her own, fake world.

Do you think she’ll go through with the wedding? With the plans to destroy IHM?

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The Arrangement

The Arrangement – Surface Tension (2×02)



The Arrangement Surface Tension

Is The Arrangement started to feel discombobulated to anyone else? I don’t even know where to start with all the oddities.

We have Terrence’s brush with death that has led him down the path of alcoholism and taken a toll on his already strained, open marriage.

It’s unclear what that attack was supposed to mean for his overall story because it didn’t make him a better person and it didn’t teach him any lessons. In fact, the only thing that he did realize was that whatever was happening with Megan wasn’t a “one-off” occurrence. Yeah, stress usually isn’t Terrence.

His marriage is falling apart and no amount of therapy can help if Deann doesn’t want to make it work. And from the looks of it, she really isn’t interested in being with him or sleeping with him, although she damn well got made about the tie on the door. Why is she still with him? Is there a reason other than their business with IHM? Is he more trustworthy with a wife? Cause he was definitely looking like a creep at the bar practically drooling all over the young girls.

Then there’s whatever the heck that scene with Lisbeth was. Megan’s sole goal has been to take down IHM for good, including Terrance. In order to do that, she has to know what the hell they did to scare Lisbeth away. It was surprising that Lisbeth all of sudden wanted to chat and even weirder when she just began repeating the same thing over and over. Is she programmed to say that? Is that her defense? Call me crazy but it seemed like she was trying to signal something to Megan. Maybe she’s still being watched by the Institute?

One thing she did mention? Terrance was poisoning her. Now, it’s unclear if that was true or just a figment of her imagination. It’s easy to trick your mind into believing something when you think you’re in danger, which it seems like everyone at IHM is.

However, Megan also has some kind of stomach pains and paired with Lisbeth’s minuscule intel, you’d think she’d be a bit more concerned. Maybe go to a doctor on her own? Instead, she ignores the pain for a few months until she collapses at her own Women in Hollywood event. The press begins speculating everything from drugs to an eating disorder but the truth is, it’s just stress.

At least that’s what the IHM doctor said. And he’s obviously on Terrence’s payroll so he’ll say anything. Hopefully, she doesn’t have stomach cancer like her late mother but given how many times they brought it up, I’m beginning to worry.

It could very well be an ulcer she’s given herself from constantly obsessing over how to take this untouchable organization down and also, the fact that she’s constantly living a lie. How exhausting must it be to fake your happiness about a career you once dreamt of and pretend to love the guy you’re marrying. Okay, I know she loves Kyle but there’s a lot she’s keeping from him.

Shaun is putting herself in the line of fire with Andres. She really thought he would just show her the way to a top-secret location? That just shows you how much these ladies underestimate IHM. To get the clearance, I’m sure Andres had to sign his life away. He’s indebted to Terrence in ways I do not even want to know.

I mean, we’re talking about an organization that quite literally owns their own talent agency. And they make dreams more than happen, at Creative Partners dreams flourish. It makes you wonder how many levels of Hollywood IHM has infiltrated.

I can’t remember if season one was also this outrageously weird but there was a moment where I really thought Xavier and his girl were swingers. Thank god that wasn’t the case and in actuality, Kyle decided he was the perfect guy for the movie. While they were at the party and Kyle was so opposed to Logan, I had a hunch they would go for the blossoming jazz musician with soul. However, I still don’t trust his little girlfriend.

Thoughts on The Arrangement? When will Kyle and Megan get married? Hopefully, the series finds its flow before than!

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The Arrangement

The Arrangement – Sins (1×09)



The Arrangement Sins

It’s been a wild ride for Megan Morrison but it came crashing down on this weeks The Arrangement as her past came back to haunt her and Kyle turned to Terence for guidance.

We start off with Megan getting blindsided by the cover of a gossip tabloid, reporting that there’s trouble in paradise between her and Kyle, providing a picture of him in bed with Amelia Briggs, the co-star he’s rumored to be “moving on with.” Megan laughs it off because “it’s just Hollywood” but is surprised to learn it’s a PR stunt and Kyle knew all about it.

Well, not “all about it” but he knew of the road map without details. The “romance” between him and Amelia was faked by a marketing company in order to sell tickets to the movie. But no worries – they planned to have Megan and Kyle reconcile just in time for the premiere. I guess I always believed that certain relationships could be publicity stunts but I never actually thought about the process behind it; a whole team mapping out your life, just to advance your career? No wonder Megan was a little bummed about it. Between this and the contract, it seems like she’s just living this artificial life that’s planned by someone else.

Seeing how upset this all made her, Kyle decided to be spontaneous and planned a little date night at Nobu. This isn’t really relevant to the storyline but if a cover just teased trouble in paradise for these two, wouldn’t a public outing negate it, proving that they are still together and madly in love? Just saying.

The two never made it to Nobu because their motorcycle “accidentally” broke down by the beach – just in time for them to catch the sunset from a secluded little love suite. Turns out, Kyle planned the whole thing not as an apology, but as a proposal. See, sometimes Kyle can make his own decisions!

Somehow, word of their engagement got out to E! News and the only person that was happy about that diamond ring was Megan. Everyone else was peeved that Kyle had gone off course, thus botching their mastermind marketing plans. You know how much money is lost on a movie when two leads are in love? A lot. Which makes me wonder why they didn’t just give the part to Kyle’s actual GF Megan like originally planned if the goal was to sell a love story?

The engagement is quickly pushed to the backburner when Megan is blackmailed by the same dude who broke into Kyle’s apartment and has been stalking the outside of the lavish Hills home. As Kyle takes a call making sure that Amelia’s rehab check in was merely a PR stunt, Megan is approached by a man who is all sorts of unsettling. At first she doesn’t recognize him but he gets right down to the point – he went to jail after taking the fall for Evan’s death, after Megan killed him.

Need a refresher? Evan was Megan’s handsy step-brother. She told Kyle all about him during a trip back home for her best friends wedding. At the time, she admitted that Evan passed but never revealed cause of death.

After the confrontation, Megan is sick to her stomach, not because she killed a guy but because she was about to be exposed and it could potentially threaten Kyle’s whole career. She couldn’t tell him the truth because then she’d reveal that she was dishonest when signing their contract and a breach could cost her a career when she’d only just started.

She decides to turn to Shaun for advice and considering she’s a lawyer, it seems logical. That is until she finds out that her BFF is actually working as a counsel for Terence, aka the one person you absolutely don’t want to find out about something like this. It’s no secret that he’s not a fan of Megan and would take this and run with it.

Realizing she’d exhausted all her options, Megan finally comes clean to Kyle, who is more peeved about the fact that she lied and now he has to pay $5 million dollars than about her killing someone. Hollywood you know. How can a man who has lied about a majority of their relationship get mad about his partner doing the same thing? You tell me.

He assures her that he still loves her and tells her he’ll handle it. I was surprised that Megan went to seek advice from Kyle but after all the recent events, it seemed like he really was in her corner, backing her up and taking on the “we’re in this together mindset.” Oh, you don’t even know how wrong Megan was.

Soon after, Terence calls Megan’s agent and she knows that it’s #GameOver. Instead of trying to find a solution, Megan decides to pack her things and leave Kyle a goodbye note. As she’s finishing up, Deann appears at the house telling Megan “it’ll be okay” before a man throws a bag over her head and kidnaps her. Who else is surprised that sweet and provocative Deann is actually siding with IHM? When I saw her sit down after literally ordering the kidnapping of Megan to scheme with Terence some more, who confidently admitted that Kyle would trust him again, I was disgusting.

There’s question about who told Terence about Megan’s predicament. While the series tried to make it seem like Shaun ratted Megan out, I’m confident that her best friend is still weary of IHM, even if she’s slowly buying into all the hoopla. Kyle, however, knew he had limited options and acted the only way he knew how – by turning to his mentor to solve his problems. The good news is that we know he still cares about Megan because he could have just kicked her to the curb to deal with her own problems while ordering the contract void. On the other hand, is it really love or just a further extension to protect his own brand? Megan making the front pages for murder and a breakup would inevitably take a toll on his career, especially since they just got engaged.

After a long trip, stuck in the back of a van, Megan finally arrived at her final destination, a secret Shutter Island-esque facility belonging to IHM. Basically, they want her to undergo a full-on IHM transformation so that she becomes more controllable, aligning her thoughts and ideas with theirs, so she poses less of a problem. In other words – she’s being brainwashed and it proves everything we thought about IHM (and Scientology, I’m sure).


Does Kyle even know where Megan was taken too? Has he been here before? Has he secretly been wanting to make Megan into someone that doesn’t challenge anything that his guru Terence recommends? Have we all been fooled? Despite the illusion that Kyle has been grounded and living on the same planet as Megan, he’s still very much stuck in la la land… and not the musical.

The series establishes the IHM for what it really is – a place that eliminates problems when they don’t fir the narrative. And it turns The Arrangement into a semi-horror, semi-love story, semi-tell-all-about-Hollywood. We’re almost at the finale and I’m shocked to say, I can’t wait to see what next twisted turn the series takes.

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The Arrangement

The Arrangement – The Betrayal (1×08)



The Arrangement The Betrayal

Hollywood, specifically Kyle and Megan’s IHM-influenced Hollywood, is full of betrayals.

This week’s The Arrangement kicks off with the biggest one – the break in at Kyle’s house. After the scary incident, the actor is getting a new system installed at his home, which obviously makes sense considering he’s the ‘it’ actor in Hollywood right now. What doesn’t make sense? That Kyle still hasn’t realized Terrence broke into his place to send him an “I’m always watching message.” Or maybe he has realized it (that dream, am I right) and just doesn’t want to say it, letting his fears give him the courage to ask Megan to finally make the leap to move in with him.

Speaking of “always watching,” Megan tells the system’s expert that she’s definitely not comfortable with a camera inside the house. While I get where she’s coming from, it’s a bummer she’s not looped in on the fact that there’s a secret camera in their house where Terrence can watch EVERYTHING they do, including what they do in the bedroom. Seriously, homeboy is gross.

Quinn, the security expert, respects the whole “no camera’s in the house” rule but offers Kyle so advice – get a handgun. It’s the only way to protect yourself from stalkers, she tells him. Even though like I said, his stalker is someone working for Terrence. The stalker is technically already inside, infiltrating Kyle’s life.

With Megan moving into Kyle’s luxurious place, she calls her best buds over to help her pack up the old apartment. At first, the ladies are having a really great time together, joking and laughing but the fun ends where the secrets begin. Hope is convinced Terence is behind Kyle’s break in (this would be the first time she’s ever been right) but Shaun gets defensive, confessing that she’s actually been getting involved with IHM and even offering up law advice, which you know Terence needs considering all the shady stuff that goes on there. Megan is blindsided but it’s nothing compared to finding out that Hope was actually the one who leaked her nude photos and embarrassed her because she was jealous. “I messed up,” Hope pleads with Megan who basically says #ByeBitch. She definitely doesn’t have time for this kind of drama.

Terence is giving Kyle some space to “just be” after their tiffy last week. Everyone’s noticing it, including Deann, who wants to know why the two best buds are suddenly estranged. Obviously, he won’t tell her the truth about the sham of a business he’s running  (although I’m sure she knows)and she’s not any better, keeping her romance with dominatrix Annika a secret. There’s a clear disconnect between the two lovebirds and it might not be reparable, especially when she realizes she can go on without him and be successful.

There’s also betrayal when it comes to her working relationship with Kyle. She apparently lost the rights to a movie he really wanted to direct. She tried to pretend that it wasn’t her fault but Adam later reveals that she did it because she wanted him to direct a play not run by the studio with Megan as the lead. Kyle’s upset about this but I’m not sure why considering this is what he wanted, right?

When Kyle won’t listen to her, she gives the play to Megan, who immediately falls in love with it. Both fall in love with it and it seems like DeAnn really hit the mark her with “Ann Torren. (She paid Annika a hefty sum of money for that screenplay too!) Megan even thinks the “writer is the real deal,” oh if only she knew the truth! Even though Annika won’t be associated with the project, I have a feeling her real identity will get out causing even more drama for all involved.

Speaking of the truth, sometimes it hurts. Megan focuses her energy on shooting a guest role on a TV show with her childhood idol, Charlotte Banks. Her first day is quite the disaster when she gets rewritten notes from the showrunner Patrick. She spent all night preparing to nail the script only to be taken aback by a brand new one. He offers her cue cards or an earpiece, which Charlotte kindly advises against because it will damage her credibility as an actress. Fair enough.

All the advice from Charlotte is actually helping ease Megan’s nerves. “Us girls have to stick together,” Charlotte says, which is slightly different than her motto for the next day, “millenial bullshit.”  The next day when Megan realizes Charlotte is in fact behind all the rewrites. It’s unclear what Charlotte’s goal was but I’m thinking it was to make Megan look bad and give her a reality check about the industry. Rude. All she proved though was that sometimes, idols aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Seriously sorry about this Megan.

His first night alone at home after the break-in, Kyle is pretty paranoid. He’s like me when I have to stay home alone and hear random noises that are usually made by my fridge but attributed to the paranormal. Turns out, he actually does have something to fear. We see either his or Terence’s secret camera, checking out the property and there’s a MAN in the bushes. Just standing. Creepy as all hell. It’s chilling to the core. Somehow, The Arrangement has turned into a horror show and I’m intrigued yet tempted to turn it off before I have nightmares similar to the ones Kyle had.

Who do you think broke in? Was it Megan’s ex? Was it Megan’s step brother who should be dead but is probably still alive? Is it one of Terence’s henchmen? Ugh, I need answers.

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