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The Arrangement – Trips (1×07)

This week’s episode of The Arrangement shows us the other side of the perfect Hollywood relationship; a side where both actors are acting in bed while making love to each other because they’ve both done “things” they’d rather forget. Megan’s mind is distracted because she’s guilty about kissing and having slight feelings for her director Nate. Kyle’s is a little darker as he’s traumatized by having to live out Detective Gaffey’s sexual fantasy in order to save IHM. *Shudders*

And despite how gross Kyle’s latest “assignment” was, it was actually effective because it shined a new light on the Institute and his dear friend Terrence. Up until now it seemed like Kyle was under Terence’s spell and backing IHM because they “saved him” and he owed them. He didn’t see how twisted and corrupt the Institute was, which is something Megan was skeptical about since day 1. But after being pimped out and realizing that Terence didn’t even fight for him, he pulls up looking like a badass, pins the manager to the wall and tells him he’s done with him. No amount of threats from Terence about “I made you and I can destroy you” can scare Kyle anymore. But on a serious note – what does that mean for Kyle’s career?

The emotional distanced “lovebirds” are brought together again after attending the wedding of Tessa, Megan’s childhood best friend. Initially Kyle was set to skip the wedding to mingle with some big wig executives for his new movie but after his altercation with Terence, he blows it off and skips town (his favorite “I’m stressed” activity) with his girl.

I’ll admit, in a normal setting outside of the fake Hollywood life, Kyle is actually pretty charming. Tessa’s parents, who are like Megan’s second family would agree, especially when he accepts the challenge of building a gazebo to prove he isn’t just a pretty face. You go Kyle.

Megan seems to be in good spirits but her best friend knows something is up. For one, she’s not as giddy about dating Kyle West as she was in the beginning and Tessa just can’t figure out why. I kind of want to tell her about the whole IHM controls his life, I signed a contract, and I might have feelings for another dude, situation but really, that’s not my place. Plus, Megan is sworn to secrecy and that right there just shows you how far removed she is from the simple life she led not too long ago.

But the uncertainty of her relationship isn’t the only thing that’s bothering. Kyle is quick to realize that there’s something from Megan’s past that’s bugging her. We quickly find out that it has to do something with a girl named Rebecca, who Tessa reveals is actually coming to the wedding. At first I thought this was an “ex best friend” situation until the series took a horror-movie twist when Megan sees a reflection of a guy named Evan in her kitchen window. Whoever he is, whatever happened with him, is enough to give her a panic attack.

The day of the wedding, Megan remains uneasy, freaking out whenever she runs into Rebecca. During her last break down, Kyle is able to squeeze out the truth from his girlfriend – Evan was her stepbrother that molested her several times when she was a kid.

This is the first time we’re hearing anything about Megan’s family and since it’s so dark, it’s no wonder she’s haunted by her past. When Kyle asks what happened to Evan she simply says “he died.” And that’s that. Megan telling Kyle the truth somehow brings them closer together and they even exchange “I love yous” again.

While I feel for Megan, I have to admit that the story comes out of left field as she’s never really exhibited any signs of past trauma. It does however explain why we’ve never heard of her family and definitely opens up more story possibilities for the future. Yet for an episode that was supposed to be focused on her best friends wedding, Megan’s attention was everywhere but with Tessa. Even when the newlyweds were leaving their own party, Megan was too focused on her relationship to care. I’d say someone didn’t take their maid of honor duties too seriously.

Kyle and Megan’s getaway brilliantly paralleled what was going on in Hollywood, particularly with Terence. You think the wedding was dramatic? Terence was so thrown off by his fall out with Kyle, he took some “safe shrooms” and hallucinated in an isolation tank. I guess the whole purpose was to clear his mind and face his subconscious in hopes of getting back to being the great and mighty cult leader.

All I know is, it was one hell of a trip. He was basically Kyle, dating a very vain version of Megan. Apparently, Terence crafted Kyle in order to live out his own failed dreams. He also realizes that he’s created this institute to help people but he actually doesn’t care about anybody except himself… and money I suppose. Kyle was right, he is a fraud.

I’m not sure what the purpose here was but regardless, Terence emerges rejuvenated and refreshed and goes back to IHM and teaches a profound and touching workshop. It’s all so weird that I’m kind of sitting here wondering how the hell Kyle never saw any of this and thought “what the eff man.”

Meanwhile, Deann is embracing her new relationship with Annika, who is apparently a professional dominatrix. She’s giving Terence’s wife a massage to “reset” her after taking her body to extremes. I don’t really want to know what that means. When I see these two together though, the only thing on my mind is “trouble.” Imagine when Terence realizes he’s losing his hold on both Kyle and his wife. No amount of shrooms will be able to bring him back from that anger-fueled episode.

And while it seems like both Deann and Terence were busy “resetting,” someone had enough time to come and trash Kyle’s sleek apartment. Whoever did this didn’t steal anything they were merely making a point that they can come in whenever they please. Definitely sounds like something a post shrooms Terence would do to establish his authority over Kyle yet again.



If you thought things were messy when Megan signed that contract, you had no idea.

The Arrangement – Trips (1×07) Reviewed by on . This week's episode of The Arrangement shows us the other side of the perfect Hollywood relationship; a side where both actors are acting in bed while making lo This week's episode of The Arrangement shows us the other side of the perfect Hollywood relationship; a side where both actors are acting in bed while making lo Rating: 0
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