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Big Little Lies – Living the Dream (1×03)

Big Little Lies took a different approach this week, showing the secrets behind all the glamour and the wealth. We inspected each “wife” with a microscopic lens revealing that absolutely nothing was perfect under the surfaced. But some had it way worse than others.

Let’s start with the hardest pill to swallow. What we all suspected was finally confirmed  – Jane was raped by Perry, who is also Ziggy’s father.

The scenes in the blue dress were finally explained when Jane was forced to tell Madeline all about the one night she thought she put behind her. Ziggy’s homework assignment required the kids to create a family tree, something Jane was dreading mainly because it led to an explosive fight with Ziggy demanding answers he just wasn’t ready for. Who is his father? Even Jane didn’t know telling Madeline he said his name was Saxon.

Now we know for sure that she came to Monterrey looking for a fresh start but also with the hope that maybe she’d finally track the man that took her life from her, while giving her the greatest gift of all. I seriously cannot wait to see what happens when she realizes the man is married to Celeste.

Which brings us to the next couple – Celeste and Perry. The bickering and the abuse continued into this week’s episode with Celeste finally standing up for herself and barking “I’ll leave you if you ever touch me like that again.” The threat seemed to work because the next day, the two were sitting on a couch at a therapist’s office. At first Celeste didn’t want to admit to any abuse but Perry took the lead, confessing that they’re relationship was volatile and full of rage. However he never blamed it on his anger issues, he blamed it on the fear that Celeste would leave him and “she’d have a line of men waiting.” Some might find this flattering, I found it to be a form of slut shaming, insinuating that this woman wouldn’t leave him cause she was being abused and felt threatened, but because she wanted another man? Get a grip dude. Celeste seemed to think they made a breakthrough at therapy though because she finished the episode feeling optimistic… until the next time Perry’s temper would leave a bruise on her body, I’m sure.

We saw a more softer side of Renata as she struggled with being upstaged for her daughters birthday. Madeline bought all the kids super expensive tickets to Frozen on Ice the same day Renata was throwing Annabella’s birthday as a punishment for her not inviting Ziggy, who she still thinks tried to choke her daughter. She tried to bury the hatchet by offering alternatives but Madeline wasn’t having it and it was nice to see Renata go from on-her-knees-pleading to borderline threatening when she told her “you’re done in this town.” As Drake would say, zero to 100, real quick. Madeline sure knows how to get under someone’s skin.

The only time we saw Renata, the high power exec, feeling vulnerable and letting go was when her husband convinced her to have (loud) sex in the bathroom. Like I said, nice to see Renata experience a whole range of emotions instead of pretending to be someone who has it altogether. No one does… I don’t care how much money you have.

Not even Madeline, who was forced to give up control this week when her eldest daughter Abby revealed that she wanted to move in with her father and stepmother Bonnie.Abby admitted that she “didn’t feel like herself” at home and her grades were slipping. As much as she hated it, she knew she had to let this battle goal. If she felt like she was losing her children last week, this week she had to deal with the realization that she was literally pushing them away.

The emotional subject matters were heavy this week but very essential in exploiting the internal and external conflicts that each of these women deal with on a daily basis and making us relate to them on a human level.  With all the real action happening in the past, the murder mystery is almost an after thought. And when you do finally remember that all roads lead to one tragic end, you can’t even figure out who dun it. At this point, there are so many possibilities…  Did Renata kill Madeline? Did Celeste kill Perry? Did Jane kill Perry? Did Celeste kill Jane? Did someone kill Madeline? Did Madeline kill Bonnie? Did Nathan kill Ed? Any of these would have validation in the scheme of things and they’d all be well… justified.

Big Little Lies – Living the Dream (1×03) Reviewed by on . Big Little Lies took a different approach this week, showing the secrets behind all the glamour and the wealth. We inspected each "wife" with a microscopic lens Big Little Lies took a different approach this week, showing the secrets behind all the glamour and the wealth. We inspected each "wife" with a microscopic lens Rating: 0
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