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The Bold Type – “Pilot” + “Oh Hell No” (1×01 & 1×02)

If you are looking for a TV show about bad-ass, career-orientated women than The Bold Type is right up your alley.

The new Freeform original is every bit sassy as it is empowering, with a slight hint of realism. I mean slight because let’s face it, girls working as assistants in New York probably couldn’t afford those extravagant outfits. Yet the series’s playful tone understands the inner workings of millenials and what we go through in the workplace –  – Sutton hangs on to a $100 bill as a safety net but then refuses to take a well-paying job because she’s focused on her dreams. And dreams trump money, even when you’re so broke, you can’t afford to buy a round of drinks on a Friday night. I’ve yet not once met a millenial who settled for a job to pay the bills. Self-fulfillment is much more important to the current 20-somethings than it was to previous generations and the show get that.

Jane, Kat and Sutton are friendship goals in the modern world. They are bold and daring but sometimes unsure and in their heads. It’s a charming mix. They all met as assistants at Scarlet magazine (the fictional Cosmopolitan). Jane was just promoted to staff writer after 4 years of playing as assistant and she seems to be the glue that holds them together. Kat is social media director, the part that’s most unbelievable since it would probably never happen after just 2 years of being an assistant but let’s roll with it. Maybe her assertiveness and determination to fight for the right story, like the one about a lesbian ____, got her the gig. Then there’s Sutton who has been stuck working as an assistant for high-level editor (and mostly jealous of Kat) Lauren Park.

The first two episodes give us a feel of the culture of Scarlet and the obstacles and issues each girl has to deal with. We meet editor-in-chief Jacqueline Carlyle (based on Cosmo’s former editor Joanna Coles), who at first, gives off a “Devil Meets Prada” Miranda Priestley impression but soon becomes a mentor to most of them, specifically Jane. Thanks to Jacqueline, Jane finds the hook for her first piece, faces an ex who dumped her with no explanation and finds her inner-freak with the hot sex columnist a few doors down. She even turned down a call from Beyonce – yes, THE Beyonce, to give Jane some career advice. Definitely This series won’t ever be as bold as Girls or Sex and the City but at least it’s not selling the fantasy that everyone is getting down and dirty the way Sutton is – poor Jane never had an orgasm and she faced her fears to tell the world all about it so that other women could find a way to connect.

Sutton truly deserves all the sex she’s getting with Richard because she’s the one with the least going for her in terms of her career. Sleeping with an exec or investor shouldn’t be a big deal but I’m sure it will be when people start finding out, especially because he tried to get her a job. Thankfully, she rejected it but will that be the reason they break up? Did he pull some strings to get her in there?

Spontaneous and wild Kat struggled with her sexuality in the first two episodes because of Adena, a Muslim photographer, who also happens to be lesbian. Adena initially rejects a story Scarlet wrote about her because she feels Scarlet isn’t an appropriate medium for her feminist views. This forces Kat to pursue the lead, stand up for the magazine’s ideals and bond with Adena in a way she didn’t think she would. First, she helps her smuggle a bunch of vibrators into her country. When she’s arrested,  and get close to her. When Adena is arrested at an airport for smuggling in vibrators, Kat feels personally responsible and gradually begins to realize, she might have feelings for this girl. If only she could get past the “sex with a girl” stuff, everything would be fine. Jane getting a yoni egg stuck up her hoo-ha is the first step to getting her comfortable with female parts and while it all sounds ridiculous, it’s totally plausible and I’m shipping Adena and Kat (Kadena) so hard.

In summary, it’s a feel-good summer show about ambitious women who want to succeed in both their personal and professional lives and they’ll stop at nothing to get what they want. So really, if you want a motivational show about best friends chasing their dreams and screaming at trains when life gets too hard (which I have to try because damn, that’s a brilliant idea), then you should give this a shot.

For those who say “this isn’t the magazine industry at all” I say, when is a magazine show ever actually accurate? As Jacqueline said, if you think it’s about shoes and clothes and sex tips, you’re right but if you think it’s JUST about all that stuff, well, you are in for a ride.


The Bold Type – “Pilot” + “Oh Hell No” (1×01 & 1×02) Reviewed by on . If you are looking for a TV show about bad-ass, career-orientated women than The Bold Type is right up your alley. The new Freeform original is every bit sassy If you are looking for a TV show about bad-ass, career-orientated women than The Bold Type is right up your alley. The new Freeform original is every bit sassy Rating: 0
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