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The Bold Type Pilot Oh Hell No The Bold Type Pilot Oh Hell No

The Bold Type

The Bold Type – “Pilot” + “Oh Hell No” (1×01 & 1×02)



If you are looking for a TV show about bad-ass, career-orientated women than The Bold Type is right up your alley.

The new Freeform original is every bit sassy as it is empowering, with a slight hint of realism. I mean slight because let’s face it, girls working as assistants in New York probably couldn’t afford those extravagant outfits. Yet the series’s playful tone understands the inner workings of millenials and what we go through in the workplace –  – Sutton hangs on to a $100 bill as a safety net but then refuses to take a well-paying job because she’s focused on her dreams. And dreams trump money, even when you’re so broke, you can’t afford to buy a round of drinks on a Friday night. I’ve yet not once met a millenial who settled for a job to pay the bills. Self-fulfillment is much more important to the current 20-somethings than it was to previous generations and the show get that.

Jane, Kat and Sutton are friendship goals in the modern world. They are bold and daring but sometimes unsure and in their heads. It’s a charming mix. They all met as assistants at Scarlet magazine (the fictional Cosmopolitan). Jane was just promoted to staff writer after 4 years of playing as assistant and she seems to be the glue that holds them together. Kat is social media director, the part that’s most unbelievable since it would probably never happen after just 2 years of being an assistant but let’s roll with it. Maybe her assertiveness and determination to fight for the right story, like the one about a lesbian ____, got her the gig. Then there’s Sutton who has been stuck working as an assistant for high-level editor (and mostly jealous of Kat) Lauren Park.

The first two episodes give us a feel of the culture of Scarlet and the obstacles and issues each girl has to deal with. We meet editor-in-chief Jacqueline Carlyle (based on Cosmo’s former editor Joanna Coles), who at first, gives off a “Devil Meets Prada” Miranda Priestley impression but soon becomes a mentor to most of them, specifically Jane. Thanks to Jacqueline, Jane finds the hook for her first piece, faces an ex who dumped her with no explanation and finds her inner-freak with the hot sex columnist a few doors down. She even turned down a call from Beyonce – yes, THE Beyonce, to give Jane some career advice. Definitely This series won’t ever be as bold as Girls or Sex and the City but at least it’s not selling the fantasy that everyone is getting down and dirty the way Sutton is – poor Jane never had an orgasm and she faced her fears to tell the world all about it so that other women could find a way to connect.

Sutton truly deserves all the sex she’s getting with Richard because she’s the one with the least going for her in terms of her career. Sleeping with an exec or investor shouldn’t be a big deal but I’m sure it will be when people start finding out, especially because he tried to get her a job. Thankfully, she rejected it but will that be the reason they break up? Did he pull some strings to get her in there?

Spontaneous and wild Kat struggled with her sexuality in the first two episodes because of Adena, a Muslim photographer, who also happens to be lesbian. Adena initially rejects a story Scarlet wrote about her because she feels Scarlet isn’t an appropriate medium for her feminist views. This forces Kat to pursue the lead, stand up for the magazine’s ideals and bond with Adena in a way she didn’t think she would. First, she helps her smuggle a bunch of vibrators into her country. When she’s arrested,  and get close to her. When Adena is arrested at an airport for smuggling in vibrators, Kat feels personally responsible and gradually begins to realize, she might have feelings for this girl. If only she could get past the “sex with a girl” stuff, everything would be fine. Jane getting a yoni egg stuck up her hoo-ha is the first step to getting her comfortable with female parts and while it all sounds ridiculous, it’s totally plausible and I’m shipping Adena and Kat (Kadena) so hard.

In summary, it’s a feel-good summer show about ambitious women who want to succeed in both their personal and professional lives and they’ll stop at nothing to get what they want. So really, if you want a motivational show about best friends chasing their dreams and screaming at trains when life gets too hard (which I have to try because damn, that’s a brilliant idea), then you should give this a shot.

For those who say “this isn’t the magazine industry at all” I say, when is a magazine show ever actually accurate? As Jacqueline said, if you think it’s about shoes and clothes and sex tips, you’re right but if you think it’s JUST about all that stuff, well, you are in for a ride.


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The Bold Type

The Bold Type – Carry the Weight (1×10)



The Bold Type Carry the Weight

When the first pumpkin spice latte appears at Starbucks, it doesn’t just mark the start of fall, it marks the end of our summer TV shows. And that includes fan favorite, The Bold Type. 

Fashion week is usually a mixture of couture outfits, skinny models and anyone that’s everyone sitting in the front row of these shows. On the season finale episode, it was a mixture of uncertainty, carrying your weight and proving your worth.

Sutton, Kat and Jane all had their sights set on goals. Kat was aiming for that 2 million mark on Scarlett’s Twitter, Sutton wanted to make fashion week her B to prove to Oliver that she’s not your average assistant and Jane wanted to write a profound piece and impress Jacqueline one last time. As always, life got in the way.

Sutton found herself in quite an HR mess. Amidst running errands and picking up designer clothes, she finally gave her relationship with Alex the green light. And 30 seconds into it, she was caught making out with him in the fire-escape, which prompted a very serious meeting with the big wigs. One of those big wigs being Richard, her ex. Awkward right? I mean, can you imagine confessing to having “sexual relations” with a co-worker in front of your ex?  This definitely put a damper on the allure of an office romance and proved how dangerous her relationship with Richard really was. If a co-worker was SUCH a big deal, imagine a board member!

With all that being said, Sutton soon realized honesty was the best policy and she owed it to Alex, since she really did care for him, just not in that way. They could never be anything more because he’d always be second best. No matter how hard she tried to fight it, she was in love with Richard and it didn’t help that he believed their break up was a bad decision and he should have fought harder for her instead of his job. The last scene shows them smiling each other in the elevator, which comes right after she proved herself to Oliver and was allowed to cover a fashion show by herself. Winning!

Kat found herself obsessing about her Twitter metrics in lieu of the Fashion Week party she was throwing for the company. But it quickly became apparent that her obsession with reaching a social media milestone was to keep her mind off of Adena, specifically all the fun she was having on her spontaneous, adventurous life. It was kind of eye-opening to watch Kat get everything she THOUGHT she always wanted when it came to defining success from her job and realizing that it was empty. I feel like we, millennials especially, get caught up in this idea that reaching our career goal will somehow fulfill us. When Kat realized that there is more to life than climbing the corporate ladder one escalator step at a time, she found the courage to do the unexpected and booked a ticket to Peru, I’m guessing. Chasing the adventure, chasing the relationship, chasing the real meaning of life. Really, I couldn’t be more proud.

Both Kat and Sutton found their happiness and their balance but it was Jane’s story arc that carried all the weight. And Jacquelines, quite literally. After trying and failing to tell her boss that she accepted a job at Incite, Jane was assigned a powerful story, the kind she’d been hoping to write since the minute she was offered a writing position. Jacqueline admitted that at the time, she wasn’t sure Jane was mature and experienced enough to write a story about a sexual assault survivor but she was willing to give her a chance, under her guidance of course. And that meant, Jacqueline got a little brash about the whole experience, which left Jane conflicted and feeling like she wasn’t meeting expectations.

Even after the girls organized a live stream of the survivor’s art display in New York through Scarlett’s Twitter, Jacqueline still wasn’t pleased. She wanted more, she wanted to story to have an impact, to relay how important the message was. Finally, Jane decided to just be upfront with Jacqueline that she was leaving the magazine, which understandably took her by surprise. It seems like Jacqueline considered Jane sort of her protege but it was Jane’s bravery that helped her really own her truth.

As the girls met up in the park to join the sexual assault movement, Jacqueline left the Fashion Week party and offered to take the Lady Justice weights from the survivor, revealing that she too was a survivor. It was such a powerful scene. If you were at all in tune with Jacqueline’s usual demeanor, you could have figured this out by her involvement and sensitivity to the assignment but it was a statement. Such a powerful woman accepting that she was a “victim.” Jacqueline’s vulnerability allowed Jane to see her in a new light and eventually, she came forward with her story, owning it so that it could help another woman in the future. The moment that really sent chills down my spine was when she said that you never really go back to feeling normal after being abused, you just find a new normal that feels so real and don’t even realize how heavy this secret is becoming.

I guess you could say, Jane’s last piece for Scarlett was her best work yet but it does feel premature considering she just got this job and bonded deeply with her boss. Hopefully, she continues being a mentor in the future. Those wanting answers on Sloane’s love life, particularly when it comes to Pinstripes, have to wait until season 2 unfortunately.

So what life lessons can we take away from some of the boldest women? Love trumps career but it’s nice if you can balance since both are equally important. Seek adventure. Be wild. Speak your truth. Sleep with the wrong people… and the right people. And always follow your heart.

I’ll surely miss these ladies over the fall season but I hope we catch up with them in a few months. There’s no official word from Freeform on whether or not the series is getting a second season but a show that’s creating buzz as being modern-day Sex and the City while being socially conscious and tackling important issues like the BRCA gene, sexual assault and immigration is a show I’d like more of. Don’t let us down, our society, our women need this empowerment.

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The Bold Type

The Bold Type – Before the Tequila Sunrise (1×09)



The Bold Type Before the Tequila Sunrise

Is it a coincidence that we’re faced with an episode that deals with deportation, visas and immigration issues all while Donald Trump pays a visit to The Bold Type, or rather, New York City? Probably not. The two go hand-in-hand, allowing us to venture further into the Kat and Adena storyline while bringing up subjects that resonate with current events. The Trump jokes were plentiful, flowing just like the tequila and scotch and the scenario – the Steinam building being placed on lockdown because the President was dining next door and protesters were flooding the streets – provided an interesting scenario in which most of the team was trapped in the Scarlet offices.

Our throple, as the narrator called them, were seriously conflicted about love and life this week. Kat was eagerly awaiting Adena’s return from France, only to find out that she was being held by customs and sent back “home,” where her people didn’t have the best opinion of her lifestyle. It’s a straight-from-the-headlines story with a personal twist. We often see people being deported, specifically under Trump’s reign, back to their home countries and oftentimes, these home countries are actually foreign to them.

Kat’s determined personality doesn’t allow her to just sit around so she purchases a first class ticket for $11 thousand dollars to get through to security and see her. Talk about not letting any obstacles keep them apart any longer. Seriously though, even with her parent’s points, how did she have THAT MUCH cash?!

Her plan is crazy, wildly romantic and also borderline unrealistic because when she arrives at the airport, she’s let in through security a day early, finds Adena just hanging out at the gate by herself and spends the whole night with her, taking her on a date in the first class lounge, where they also hook up. As someone who has worked at the airport and knows how seriously immigration officers take their jobs, it’s certain that they wouldn’t let her out of their sights and escort her on board to make sure she didn’t run away. So while I applaud the show for trying to raise awareness to an issue that affects many of our friends, family, and colleagues, they romanticized it a little too much for the sake of the storyline. Odds are, no one would be able to speak with Adena until he was finally back home. And I’ve never seen a lounge that allowed people to openly get it on.

Logic thinking trumped spontaneity (pun intended) the next day because Kat decided not to board the plane with Adena for their next big adventure. Still, I think Kat has caught the ‘travel bug’ that tends to go around at airports and will be surprising her, we can call her GF now, right? Before she leaves, she’ll hopefully arrange a leave at work and actually say bye to her girls.

Just like Kat, Sutton and Jane were spending the evenings with the two dudes they just couldn’t shake. Jane’s conflict wasn’t so much with Pinstripes guy although him getting fired did bring him back into her life and possibly opened up the door for a second chance. Most of her internal struggle had to do with Scarlet and whether or not she’d stick around writing magazine quizzes and sex tip. Even though her dream was always to work for the magazine, Incite’s offer was compelling. It was a fresh-start up that offered her more political angles and didn’t have a board of old men dictating what young women wanted to read. Isn’t it crazy that we’re still dealing with that?!

Being the over-thinker, Jane wrote out a pro-pro’s list, which didn’t help much because really, this wasn’t about what the universe wanted, it was about what she wanted. Who did Jane Sloane want to be? Did she want to keep it safe all her life and stay at Scarlet? Or did she want to become a risk taker, regardless of the consequences? After some tequila and a push from Jacqueline, who may or may not have taken a peek at Jane’s list after she left it lying open on her desk, she decided that she needed to feel the fear and the uncertainty. Much to my surprise, and I’m sure everyone else’s, usually calculated Jane made a bold move and took the job.

Sutton may have been calling Richard last week but when he was hitting her phone up this week, she was pressing “IGNORE” and that’s mainly because she had Alex by her side to distract her. Distractions are good but not when they turn into office romances. Sleeping with your distraction while still having feelings for the other guy in the office that you can’t publicly date because you’d get him fired is bad. Especially because Alex is actually really into Sutton. And while she may also feel something towards him, she’s still in love with Richard and this will more than likely result in Alex being a rebound, which would give him a reason to out Richard and jeopardize his career. And none of them deserve any of it. Thanks a lot alcohol!

Love triangles, specifically the tough choice ones, are essential to the health of any TV show and we’re presented with two men that Jane would throw in the pros-pro list. Alex is the one that Sutton has a deep connection with; they have fun together, they make each other laugh and they can be open with it. With Richard there’s passion, love and the allure of the forbidden. We’ll have to wait and see who Sutton chooses but I’ll say this –  if her only dilemma is that she has to choose between two hot men who are in love with her, well, she’s better off than most in NYC.

Thoughts on this week’s Bold Type? Do you like that the series took a bold stand against Trump and revealed what they actually think of POTUS? Should Jane get back together with Pinstripes? Should Kat follow Adena? Should Sutton pick Alex or Richard?

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The Bold Type

The Bold Type – The End of the Beginning (1×08)



The Bold Type The End of the Beginning

What would you do if you were laid off from your dream job? The job that provided you with health care, a steady albeit measly income as far as New York City goes, but made up for it with fashion perks galore.  Would you shrug it off and accept the adventure? Do something crazy that you perhaps always wanted to do? Or would you be devastated and let this one setback affect you forever?

The ladies of The Bold Type were faced with that dilemma this week as rumors of layoffs hit Scarlet. And whenever I hear the word layoffs, I’m filled to the brim with anxiety, as were these employees. Being in the magazine industry, you’re programmed to expect them at any given moment due to budget cuts, underperforming publications and a hit on the print side. No matter how well you do your job, layoffs are inevitable, but that didn’t mean they were going down without a fight.

After being clued in by Richard, a trusted board member, Jacqueline immediately notified the directors, which included Kat, the social media guru of the company. But letting Kat in on such privileged information put her in an awkward position when it came to her best friends. How was she going to keep this from them knowing that they could get blindsided at any minute while her job was safe? It definitely drove a wedge between the girls, who felt like Kat should tell them what she knows since she’s their “best friend.” Although, I don’t think the BFF excuse works when your detailing personal company information and breaking protocol.

Still, it didn’t take long for the rumors to spread like wildfire and instead the weekly Kat, Sutton and Jane meet-up in the fashion closet, Jane, Sutton and Alex were problem-solving in the lobby. Would they go gently into the dark night? Alex knew the company was in trouble after getting to go-ahead from Jacqueline to accept an interview with rival publication, Incite. His professional “I’ve been through layoffs before” advice was to put out feelers, interview for new jobs to have a “back up” in case the worst were to happen.

Jane’s a fighter through and through so giving up her dream job wasn’t exactly an option. After finding out that her numbers and shares were down, she offered to steer away from the political vertical and write some “sticky” stuff that was sure to get the much-needed clicks. She literally went from writing about the Congresswoman use of fashion to distract voters during major decisions to writing about butt facials. And hey, I’m not one to discredit any type of journalism but you know Jane, despite saying that Scarlet is her “dream job”, she’s always wanted to write the more hard-hitting pieces. So when Incite called, she answered and quietly took a meeting. And that meeting intrigued her enough that even when she found out her Scarlet job was secure, she contemplated accepting their offer. that she was also hired at Incite, she was at a crossroads. Play it safe or take the plunge into a modern and forward thinking company?

To play it safe or take the plunge into a modern and forward thinking company? That was the question that not only Jane, but Kat was also faced with. Her job was “safe” but she liked to think about the “what ifs.” What if she could be bold? Would that change how she approached this “friendship” with Adena? Of course it would because she obviously had feelings for her and we saw her deal with repressing them on this weeks episode of Keeping up with Kat. Adena felt it too since she was calling twice a day despite being in Paris to fix things with GF Coco. Eventually, after Kat got promoted in the layoff frenzy because she’s a social media director at a major magazine in New York at the age of 26 and digital is not going anywhere, Adena decided to make the bold move back to NY to give this relationship another go-around. Sorry Coco.

Last hired first fired proved not to be true for Sutton because Scarlet and Oliver could not bare to lose her. These are trying times for fashion and finding an assistant that’s dedicated and good at her job are slim. She proved her worth by jumping at the opportunity to help Cassie with a major fashion photoshoot after Oliver got stuck out of town. As the pressure of the layoffs got to Cassie, she skipped the shoot leaving Sutton to take charge and call all the shots and she did so eagelry, channeling her inner Olivia Pope and handling it. Seriously, Sutton was MADE for this – it all came to her so naturally and she was so confident in it all, she knew she had it. But her confidence wavered when Cassie took all the credit for it in front of Jacqueline. How could she not speak up for herself? In a predictable yet necessary twist, the photographer praised Sutton to Jacqueline scolded her for not speaking up about her contribution to the shoot’s success. And after that, you know she’ll be speaking up from here on out. It’s an important lesson to ladies hustling in the workplace – work hard, get the recognition and speak your truth, especially when someone tries to take from you what you worked so hard to achieve. If we don’t fight for ourselves, who will?! Especially when your job is on the line!

Yet another week has gone by with the ladies taking a grim situation and turning it into a learning experience that not only grows their careers, but also their personal lives. And hey, they did it all while being single and not running back to any exes… although both Jane and Sutton had their weak moments! Shoutout to Pinstripe guy and Richard – we’re excited to see you again next week but it’s always nice to reiterate, these girls are no damsels in distress.

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