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The Bold Type – Three Girls in a Tub (1×07)

Underneath the fashionable outfits and the allure of the extravagant publishing world, The Bold Type is just a show about friendship… a modern millenial friendship between women who get high at networking tea parties and drunk at Tinder-esque dates and then laugh about it while sitting in their rich boyfriend’s bathtub. Look, I said they were modern right? That’s what best friends do when they’re having a bad day. Each week, we fall more in love with these empowered women because we see glimpses of ourselves, our relationships and our work ethic in them.

E.m.p.o.w.e.r.m.e.nt, do you know what that means? These girls sure do after dealing with Twitter problems and boys problems galore. But this week, their problems, however upsetting, seemed minut on the heels of an episode that saw Jane being diagnosed at the carrier of the BRCA gene. Was anyone else surprised that this episode didn’t even mention it?

Instead, Jane’s testing out different angles with Pinstripes for his shower sex article when she slips up in the heat of the moment and makes things awkward by blurting out “I love you.” He isn’t too phased by it, which in Jane’s world means he’s probably, definitely, seeing other people. So when Jacqueline offers her a piece that involves her getting set up on a dating app by her best friends, she’s all in. For someone who doesn’t like to write about herself or her experiences, she sure does exploit herself a lot. After a few vodka soda’s, Jane’s locking lips with the hottie and doubting her relationship with Pinstripes, who in fact confirmed, he’s sleeping with other women. Eventually, Jane gives up the “I’m ok with seeing multiple people” charade after seeing Jacquelin happily celebrate 20 years with her husband. Pinstripes would love to “talk it out” but Jane is set on walking away, knowing that it won’t work if she has to change him.  Then, she fiercely marches out because this is her story, not his.  I do hope that this isn’t the end of Janestrip because truthfully, Jane was so dominating of the situation, she didn’t even give him the option of expressing his needs and desires. Maybe he does want to change for her?

The series dished out a double dose of heartbreak, which took viewers by surprise. Sutton realized there’s a right way to network and it didn’t involve sleeping with a board member. Everyone has been shipping this “forbiden” relationship but it was only a matter of time before it imploded. I don’t necessarily see why it’s such a big deal for a board member and a fashion assistant to date. Is it simply a conflict of interest? I don’t even really know how much older Richard is although this episode really drove the point home during the dinner party, showing that he just wasn’t as youthful as Sutton or her friends.

When Kat waltzed into Richard’s office to scold him for going above her head and reporting a Twitter incident, he realized that unless their personal and professional worlds were to collide, this would never work. Eventually, someone would out them and it would be bad for her rising career and his high profile position. It was hard to accept but both had to come to grips with the reality that even though you want something bad enough, it just isn’t meant to be. The bright side to this breakup, however, is that she’s free to pursue whatever chemistry she had with Alex. And I’m sure he’ll be happy that he can finally kiss her.

Kat’s love life was put on hold as she grappled with Natalie, a social media intern who just did NOT understand social media. Each week, the series tackles some of the biggest issues surrounding young women in the workforce and this week, Kat once again learned the power of Twitter and how speaking ill of THE Kylie Jenner could ruin your brand. After trying to take charge and coaching Natalie repeatedly on best practices, Jacqueline made the call and Kat was forced to be the “bad boss” and fire her.

Kat, Sutton and Jane are perfect examples that you will be forced to do the right thing daily, even if it’s uncomfortable, awkward or downright heartbreaking. But if you have your friends, some wine, and a bathtub, it’s bearable. Although I would love to know how these ladies scored a BATHTUB, no matter if it’s small, in New York! Impressive.


The Bold Type – Three Girls in a Tub (1×07) Reviewed by on . Underneath the fashionable outfits and the allure of the extravagant publishing world, The Bold Type is just a show about friendship... a modern millenial frien Underneath the fashionable outfits and the allure of the extravagant publishing world, The Bold Type is just a show about friendship... a modern millenial frien Rating: 0
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