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Chicago Med – Lose Yourself (2×15)

There is no such thing as too much Chicago in your life. Following the success of last night’s #OneChicago, Chicago Med returned with a stand-alone episode that tugged at the heartstrings more than usual.

Dr. Rhodes was unwillingly thrust into the spotlight after being assigned a miracle patient that had the media in a frenzy. The skilled doctor attempted to treat a city worker who fell off a building, surviving the 33 story fall. But surviving does not mean thriving and the patient was in critical condition. Knowing that it might not be a “success” story, Goodwin advised Rhodes to refrain from talking to the media. After a few successful procedures, the man was in stable condition, living hour to hour instead of minute to minute.

Rhodes felt confident enough in himself and gave a positive statement to the media, which was immediately followed by a scolding from the boss. And even though everyone was rooting for him to have his hero moment, the man’s heart began failing. After one attempt at restarting it by hand, the parents asked him to just “give it a rest.” What kind of life could this man have if Rhodes continued to try “saving him” against his bodies will? And for what – the sake of a feel-good news story?

As expected, his heart failed again and Rhodes could do nothing more than stand by as the parents said their goodbyes and remembered a life well lived. The scene was a poignant reminder that sometimes, you have to step back and let fate take its course.

April was pushed to the limit this week to save a patients life that walked into her life at exactly the right time. The woman came into the ER thinking she had flu symptoms but she ended up having an infection that was stopping her heart from properly working. So as April saved one life, she got the devastating news that her babies heart had stopped beating. At the end of her shift, she walked slowly up to the OB department for a D&C as Maggie and Tate stood by her side, tears flowing at the loss. It wasn’t a secret that April would never have this baby – I think we all knew it from the complications with her TB and the fights she had with Tate about working while pregnant. Regardless though, no one could have emotional prepared for the moment. Do you think this will affect her relationship with Tate? Will he blame her? Will she try to have another baby?

Dr. Manning and Dr. Choi were an unlikely team up this time as they worked to save a paralyzed man who came in with an unknown virus. After running multiple tests they realized he was getting unauthorized STEM cell treatment in Mexico, which caused his infection. Both doctors tried to talk him out of putting his life in danger with the hopes of being able to walk again for his wife but he wouldn’t listen. He didn’t care if he was risking his life as long as he was trying to be the man she needed. It took Natalie a moment to accept the defeat because as doctor’s, it’s hard to watch a patient willingly hurt themselves.

Dr. Reese might not have all the answers but what’s great about her is that she never stops until she finds a solution. When a man wearing a superhero cape walked into the ED, she knew it was her duty to help him. The man admitted that his wife passed away from cancer a year before and he felt so helpless that putting on the cape made him feel like he could help others. Reese wanted to make him aware he didn’t necessarily need the cape to be a hero and came up with a solution that worked for the man, the hospital and the patients – a volunteer worker! Not only would he be brave enough to help others, people would turn to him in time of need.

Thoughts on this week’s Chicago Med?

Chicago Med – Lose Yourself (2×15) Reviewed by on . There is no such thing as too much Chicago in your life. Following the success of last night's #OneChicago, Chicago Med returned with a stand-alone episode that There is no such thing as too much Chicago in your life. Following the success of last night's #OneChicago, Chicago Med returned with a stand-alone episode that Rating: 0
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