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Chicago Med – Love Hurts (2×23)

Instead of broken bones, Chicago Med’s ER saw a lot of broken hearts during the season finale. Can someone call the love doctor!?!

Robin was committed after suffering a psychiatric break; thankfully, Dr. Rhodes was able to get her down from the balcony before she jumped. Immediately, Dr. Charles began to blame Colin for going against his decision and taking her out of treatment, which she obviously needed. The push and pull of two men who really love this woman was intense but turns out, they were both blindsided; Colin with wanting everything to be okay with Robin and Dr. Charles with assuming she’d inherited his mental illness. It was thanks to Dr. Reese that they finally realized, Robin’s break was due to a tumor. It wasn’t mental, it was physical. After they removed the tumor, she started going back to her old self and even her relationship with her father ended up stronger for it.

Unfortunately, on a show like this, that should have been foreseen as a warning sign. After his day from hell, Dr. Charles left the ER with a clear conscience and mind, knowing after all these years, he was finally on the right track with his daughter. He was ambushed by a patient we met in a previous episode, who pretended to kill himself to seek Dr. Charles’ attention. The patient stopped by Med in a panic, demanding to see the psychiatrist and was told that he was busy with family matters, which he took personally. When he confronted the doc, he asked to continue the session tomorrow and he felt personally attacked so he shot him in the leg, then turned the gun on himself. This marks the second suicide on Med this season but also showcases the sensitivity psych cases have on both patients and doctors. Will Dr. Charles survive? The show wouldn’t be the same without him but seeing as Dr. Reese proved to be his best student, it could be a possibility.

While dealing with Robin’s situation, Colin gets off to a rocky start with his new colleague, who is a little too straightforward for his taste. And by straightforward I mean she’s going to want to make the moves on the good ole’ doc with lines like “I like dangerous men.” Get it together girl…

Elsewhere in the E.D Dr. Choi and April were avoiding each other after their near kiss on the hospital’s rooftop. The sexual tension was pretty obvious because April’s brother Noah quickly picked up on it. She tried to deny it playing it off like she wasn’t ready for love after her failed relationship with Tate but if the feelings are there, it’s kind of hard to pretend they aren’t.

During Noah’s graduation party, Dr. Choi finally made his move on April and it was both unexpected and satisfying. We haven’t seen him in a romantic capacity really so this will be new territory for him but much needed for April after all the pain she’s endured recently.

Another hot new couple? Noah and Sarah. Sarah has been focused on her work lately after breaking up with Joey. When he told her he was dating another resident and she wished him all the best, genuinely, you knew that meant there were no hard feelings and she was ready to move on. Personally, I didn’t see her moving on with Noah but now that it’s been brought up, I have to admit, it’s cute.

Dr. Halstead finally came clean to Nina about his feelings for Dr. Manning. ABOUT TIME, am I right? We all knew it but he tried so hard to deny it until his jealousy came to the surface when Jay told him he was going to go to Noah’s grad party with her. In all honesty, Natalie is smart for trying to push Will to the truth using his brother. Jay then told him to “make up his mind” and he had no choice but to break things off with Nina and follow his heart’s desire. She was crushed, understandably, and I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ve seen of her jealous wrath. You know she has one, she’s always been trying to mess with Natalie for “taking” her man. Will #Manstead finally get together? Or will something else come between them?

The focus was very much on relationships rather than the usual patients this week and it was welcome because as much as I love to watch them try to save lives, I enjoy getting to know them on a more personal level.


Chicago Med – Love Hurts (2×23) Reviewed by on . Instead of broken bones, Chicago Med's ER saw a lot of broken hearts during the season finale. Can someone call the love doctor!?! Robin was committed after suf Instead of broken bones, Chicago Med's ER saw a lot of broken hearts during the season finale. Can someone call the love doctor!?! Robin was committed after suf Rating: 0
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