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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend I Will Help you Crazy Ex-Girlfriend I Will Help you

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend- I Will Help You (4×07)



As the season is coming to an end and the last episodes are on the horizon, it’s time to start winding down Rebecca’s storylines. This season has been less romance heavy, and more focused on Rebecca mending her past mistakes and focusing on becoming her true self beyond her disorder.

The last relationship she has to mend is her oldest and honestly, the one that I think that has had the most impact on her life and possibly instigated her mental illness. Naomi Bunch is a strong woman who is not easily crossed, and in this episode, you really gain a sense of their relationship.

Naomi is so focused on how everyone perceives her and her daughter that it has transcended into a toxic relationship and environment for Rebecca.

I’m glad they were able to have a moment of true understanding, and that Naomi was able to see Rebecca beyond her being just a child or a token of pride at an award ceremony. I appreciate, however, how relatable the writers created this relationship. Although it may be extreme, it’s still something that I believe many people can relate to– the fear of disappointing your parents along with them seeing you as a child no matter how old you may be.

The development of characters this season has been something I enjoyed very much. I am so proud of Josh for finally moving out of Hector’s mom’s house, or should I say room! Honestly, I found that tidbit too hilarious. Watching Josh grow up and figure out life beyond his boyish charm and mindset was amazing. Originally, I was not a huge fan of Rebecca and Josh, but seeing them both grow into mature humans has definitely made me do a 180 and I ship them so hard.

Nathaniel isn’t going down without a fight as he’s made clear in previous episodes, so this episode also provided a glimpse of the ways in which he is maturing. I don’t know how I feel about his reasons behind the good deeds he’s accomplishing, because we all know he’s trying to be a better person just for Rebecca. I hope he soon realizes that he wants to do the good deeds because he knows the positive impact they have, while also making him feel good. Not just in hopes of winning Rebecca back.

I feel like Rebecca will end up with Nathaniel in the end, it just makes the most sense. I hope they reveal it soon and give the happy couple more than just the final episode. Are you team Josh or team Nathaniel? Who do you think she’ll end up with in the end?

Additional Sidenotes:

  • Damn! Rebecca looks GOOD in Valencia’s black dress.
  • Naomi Bunch has got some serious guns! Workout regimen please?
  • I found it hysterical in the musical number how they only had the white mom say, “It’s fine.”
  • Valencia pays 8 grand a month for that shoebox?! In all honesty, it’s supposed to be an exaggeration, but I feel like it’s too realistic for New York!

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – I’m Not the Person I Used to Be (4×08)



Crazy Ex-Girlfriend I'm Not the Person That I Used to Be

Just as Rebecca’s beginning to feel smitten again by both Josh and Nathaniel another past flame adds another fork in her road. Greg is back for the rest of the season, the holiday season that is. They’re truly bringing the full cast back for a grand finale.

I loved how seamlessly they included a completely new actor to play Greg in a successful attempt to satirize other TV shows that try to slyly transition a new actor to continue playing a current character. *Cough cough, Riverdale…But I’m not complaining, Skylar Austin was an impeccable choice.

Poor Josh’s shattered revelation of his high school identity was a good thing for him though. Josh is truly having important lessons these past episodes that I think will truly shape him and mature him for the better.

Valencia’s also having her own crisis when she realizes that someone from her past is at the reunion and bringing back old feels. Heather’s relentless determination in trying to figure out who the past love is, beautifully shows how their friendship has blossomed into something so real and I’m loving it. Female friendship in TV shows is a must and I’m glad so many shows are making this an important focus.

The challenges Rebecca faces in trying to move forward with a healthy relationship with her past exes is eye opening. It shows the pros and cons of what that goes into a newfound friendship after love, and in my opinion, despite what I want to believe, there’s a slim chance exes can be friends unless both are truly happily in another relationship because there’s always going to be a different dynamic. The person you used to confide in, the person who saw you at your most vulnerable state, and your true best friend soon becomes a sudden stranger, and the most common ways we seem to deal with this is by getting angry. I guess the next time you make plans to grab coffee with an ex lover, make sure they’re on the same page to sing the duet “Nice to Meet You,” otherwise what are you all doing?

I would honestly be shocked if Greg swooped in out of the blue, I still think Nathaniel is Rebecca’s end game. Any thoughts?

Additional Sidenotes:

  • Rebecca’s typos while blindly texting was too accurate a representation
  • There was a slight moment when I questioned who “Jim” was…
  • Is West Covina really that small of a city for them to all have been alumni of the same high school?
  • If my best friend didn’t reply an entire day, I would’ve called 9-1-1 instantly
  • I was so hoping Valencia’s past love was a woman…they raised my hopes and dashed them
  • Was there another reason Paula wasn’t featured heavily this episode?
  • Heather going around to various women mouthing “her” while trying to figure out Valencia’s secret was a perfect scene
  • Kamala “Har-res” was too clever. The Emmy’s should add a new category for “Best Punny TV Show”


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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – I See You (4×06)



Crazy Ex-Girlfriend I See you Trapped in a Car

Anyone else feel as if this installment of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend was like a fluff piece that had no direction? The only thing it really provided was the unlikeliest of pairings as they shoved people into cars that really had no business together. I guess it offered a different comedic perspective, but other than that really nothing else.

Rebecca is adjusting to life without her best friends and has to find someone else to grab BBQ with, so she reaches out to her entire network of friends and acquaintances and receives a sad chorus of nos. That is until Daryll’s pushed out of the house by Hebby’s nanny who would prefer to take care of one baby rather than two. So Darryl and Rebecca hit the road for some life-changing BBQ.

Meanwhile, Paula’s preparing to study for the Bar exam and needs a legit and suitable study desk. She calls on a service to send her a “bro with a truck”, and to her dismay, she’s sent Josh. She sulkily makes the trek with him to pick up the desk, but when it’s time to load up the truck she’s petrified with fear and tries to delay the inevitable. Josh calls her out on her fear of success and proceeds to pick up the desk in one hand like it’s some sort of carrying tray rather than a 70 lb fancied plank of wood.

Heather’s on her way home when she sees Nathaniel on the side of the road with a dead car. All the jerk comments he makes about Heather’s car being a piece of trash, yet he’s the one having to rely on her car…? Heather tells him how she really feels about him and I couldn’t have been more supportive! I’m glad she made him think about his actions. After the envelope he’s been gripping onto for dear life busts open, he finally reveals to Heather that the dust she’s now covered in is actually the remains of his old Au Pair, Heidi. He shows the vulnerability that he’s lacked prior and tells her that Heidi’s the only other person besides Rebecca who truly loved him. Heather gives him advice on how being more emotionally open could offer him more deep connections with others. Maybe this is the change he needs to become the man Rebecca deserves. Now there’s a life lesson to all the dense jerks out there! I’m sorry, but no matter how damaging your childhood may have been, it still does not give you the right to be damaging to others.

After the almost kiss between Rebecca and Darryl– not going to lie I thought they were going to go there, they got me good!–Rebecca realizes that she’s ready to move on and fall in love again, and hopefully with a man who’s emotionally available. Although, we all know she’s going to end up with Nathaniel, don’t we?

Additional Sidenotes:

– Who else finds Darryl too wholesome?! And much better looking without his vaguely reminiscent pedophilic mustache.

-The scene where Heather and Nathaniel dust themselves of Heidi’s ashes into the ocean drain is priceless. Sadly, at this point, everything will eventually end up in the ocean. Honestly, comedy gold right there. Am I wrong to have found that hilarious?

-Why did I get a strong Scooby Doo vibe during the beach number? Nathaniel looked a bit like Shaggy and Heather was a mix of Velma and Daphne.

-I was thoroughly impressed by Dartyl’s dad joke, “We put the eww in barbeque.” I mean, that’s impressive writing there! Props CEG writers.

-Can I not be considered a true fan because I didn’t realize Paula wasn’t actually a lawyer?

-The almost kisses were laughable. I almost forgot Darryl is bi, yay to bi visibility though!

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – I’m So Happy for You (4×05)



Crazy Ex Girlfriend I'm So Happy For you

As the final season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is winding down, so are the character’s storylines. This episode is slightly emotional as it prepares us for what’s next for everyone.

Valencia and Heather both break the news to Rebecca that they’re moving. Valencia’s making her way to the opposite coast in New York  City, while Heather is moving to El Segundo with Hector. Just as Rebecca has finally started to gain a sense of stability, it feels like her support system is falling apart. It seems like the end of an era for the girl gang, but Valencia, Heather, and Paula all try and reassure her that simply because they’re following through with the next step in their lives doesn’t mean that their girl gang isn’t making that next step too. (Squad forever!)

It’s funny how quickly Paula connected with Brendan. Just a few episodes ago she had no idea what he was up to on the daily, and now they’re sitting together at the table devouring an entire apple pie– simply heartwarming. At that moment he tells Paula that he had applied and been accepted into the Peeps for Peace program (similar to the Peace Corps), and will shortly be hearing back with his assignment location. Paula attempts to balance her feelings of true happiness, for this incredible adventure he’s about to embark on, and her feelings of utter sadness as her oldest boy is about to leave the nest for a new country. So she does what any distressed parent would do, plans a way to keep him to stay. Although flawed, she has an endearing idea to try and get the girl he once loved to sway his decision to stay behind.

In an attempt to gain insight on her feelings, Rebecca goes to Dr. Akopian and concludes that she’s feeling jealous that her friends are steps ahead of her. While everything’s falling into place for them, she has just quit her job and is trying to make it as a small business owner, as well as trying to figure out her love life. She admits that she wishes there was a way for her to freeze their lives while she fixes hers so that they can all be moving through milestones together. Thank God Dr. Akopian tells her it’s human nature to feel competitive and I agree, I’ve because I’ve certainly felt the same way as Rebecca.

Rebecca’s simple solution to feeling less alone and less behind is to find replacement friends that are not only steps behind her in life but many years behind as well. She makes new friends with AJ and Maya and convinces them to bring their friends to crash Heather’s going away party. Honestly, it was overly entertaining watching Rebecca try and use millennial lingo– dope, frizzy, OTP, and dip.

While the three are sitting in the park getting to know each other, Daryll and White Josh make an appearance on an afternoon stroll with Hebecca. Maya and AJ express their approval of the couple and how they’re an absolute OTP. It cuts to the first musical number where everyone’s gathered to sing about their love for the couple and attempts to try and get them back together. I wish every OTP I ever shipped received a convincing serenade!

At Heather’s original party of about seven close friends, Maya and AJ arrive with their very large crew turning it into a “rager”. Rebecca has the revelation that she was, in fact, born as a 40-year-old and no matter how much effort she puts into trying, she’ll never be able to fully take on the persona of a millennial. Rebecca apologizes to Heather and Valencia and concludes that the future is inevitable and instead of trying to sabotage the last few days they have together, she needs to cherish it and spend it happily, not sulking around.

As suspected, Paula’s original plan is turned on her after her family figures out what she’s been trying to do. Vanessa and Brendan fake a pregnancy, while Paula quickly comes to her senses that she’s been ridiculous this whole time. Of course, she wants her son to go do incredible things regardless of how much she may have originally doubted his future success.

There was really no cliffhanger at the end of this episode, just loose ends ready to be tied up. So what do you think is the next step for Rebecca while her friends are going through big changes in their lives?

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