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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - I'm Making up for Lost Time Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - I'm Making up for Lost Time

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – I’m Making up for Lost Time (4×04)



In this episode, we were provided a deep dive into Rebecca’s childhood through the eyes of her half-brother Tucker. Honestly, only the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend superfans might vaguely recall she has a brother. Anyway, Tucker chooses to put on the shoes Rebecca previously gifted him for his 13th birthday and makes a trip to visit her. Rebecca’s surprised by his appearance, but ultimately happy to try and make things right with the last person in her life she holds unfinished business with.

Soon after she’s surprised with another grand gesture, this time by Nathaniel. He tells her that he’s still in love with her and wants her back, but she refuses to accept his proposal. This is a huge step-up from what she would’ve done in the past, and it truly speaks to her changing for the better.

There’s definitely something slightly off about Tucker and we are given a sneak peek of him deceptively responding to Rebecca’s text meant for his mom and snooping through her childhood diary. No wonder he continues to steal the words right out of her mouth! Of course, there’s no way an early aged teen boy is going to be as perfect as he led on to be.

As Nathaniel is feeling the burn of his latest “rebection” he takes it out on Sunil and Mrs. Hernandez who are fighting over the most recent case. It’s obvious that Mrs. Hernandez is much more qualified for the case, but Sunil sets out to win the case by promising Nathaniel that he’ll win him back Rebecca.

Rebecca invites Paula and her boys over to hang out with her and Tucker, but it’s obvious that Tucker isn’t a typical teenage boy, nothing like Paula’s seemingly lumps-on-a-log sons, so Paula takes them to the escape room alone. I guess being stuck in a room together offers unique insight into a relationship, and Paula realizes she’s been so caught up in Rebecca’s troubles for the past few years that she knows nothing of what’s going on in her son’s lives.

Meanwhile, Rebecca takes Tucker on a trip to see the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where they happen to “stumble” upon the location of an audition for Peter Pan,  of course, Tucker’s plan all along. Rebecca’s overtaken by the connection Tucker makes with her and her love for the musical Slumbered, so she takes him in for an audition.

Sunil stalks Rebecca and Tucker who have stalked the director of Peter Pan –dang is there a lot of stalking and sneaking around in this show. Sunil sees Tucker with Rebecca’s diary and reports back to Nathaniel, offering him the option of getting the diary so that he can finally understand the inner depths of Rebecca’s mind.

Nathaniel approaches Tucker and offers to get him the role of Peter Pan in return for Rebecca’s diary. This is some top-notch elementary-level drama!

Rebecca receives a call from the director of Peter Pan congratulating her that Tucker has received the part, and Tucker calculatingly suggests that they celebrate with some Rebetzels. As Nathaniel is on his way out he stops by and pulls out another “I love you” speech word for word from Slumbered. He’s a lawyer, he should know all about plagiarism! Tsk tsk, I would’ve expected better from you Nathaniel. Rebecca realizes that the only way he would’ve known that highly classified personal information was if he somehow had gotten ahold of her diary. She rightfully yells at him, and it doesn’t look like he’s any closer to winning her back.

Tucker and Rebecca have a real and heartfelt sibling bonding moment when Rebecca learns that although he may have been initially faking some of the similarities, they both came from the same deadbeat dad and Tucker too needs therapy. Additionally, she promises that she’ll pay for him to go to theater camp so that he doesn’t have to go through the long process of flying out and manipulating her just to start an acting career.

This episode really gave Rebecca a taste of what she’s been dishing out to others for the past few years. The manipulation, stalking, and overcompensation for insecurities. I can really see that this season is highly focused on her coming to terms with her past doings and making major adjustments to fix them and change. High praise for Rebecca and all that she’s been working through!

What’s next for Rebecca? I can’t imagine this being the last of Tucker we’ll see. And I wonder what Nathaniel will attempt to convince Rebecca that their mutual love for each other is the only thing that matters despite their difficulty and confusing history.

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – I Can Work With You (4×10)



It’s been a while since Crazy Ex-Girlfriend focused on more heartwarming emotions and storylines, so of course, they had to do that at least once more before the end.

New friendships and relationships blossomed between unlikely characters, as it seems they’re getting ready to tie up loose ends, alongside deep seeded issues that were brought to the surface, as is typical in any Crazy Ex-Girlfriend episode.

Rebecca is still struggling with the ruins leftover from her “hot mess” and Hebby only seems to be a reminder of that time. So she’s magically compartmentalized Hebby into some other dimension until Darryl suggests a babysitting bonding night for them.

The whole baby surrogacy event was very rushed and impulsive, so I’m grateful they addressed the situation more in depth. Rebecca keeps reiterating how they’re related and she’s terrified that she’s not stable enough to be any sort of role model let alone an adult presence in Hebby’s life.

Darryl, on the other hand, has much more confidence in her abilities, or perhaps he is truly just desperate for a babysitter. But whatever the reason is, Rebecca is able to truly bond with Hebby thanks to the helpful baby whisperer Greg.

I now wonder if they’ll explore this new bond throughout the rest of the season. Will it spark a new motherly desire in Rebecca?

The entire babysitting gig: boy comes over to keep girl company while baby sleeps, is such a romantic cliche and I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s fantasized about it?

I shouldn’t be so surprised that Greg seems to be Rebecca’s choice. However, they did leave a good mini-cliffhanger with Nathaniel listening in on Rebecca’s conversation with Paula.

Greg is the most emotionally stable out of all her choices at the moment, although I almost beg to argue that Josh is following in second, while Nathaniel still has many issues of his own that he needs to work through.

I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that they addressed the unspoken daddy issues many men experience. Nathaniel’s daddy issues obviously run deep, and I hope he’s able to heal them somehow because otherwise, he will not truly become a “nice person.” I’m hoping they leave him at the end of the show truly working on himself for himself and not as a means to try and win Rebecca back.

At Paula’s secret celebratory party the mashup all those different personalities was truly strange at first, especially without Rebecca, who honestly is the link that connects them all together. But a game night is certainly the best option to get people to feel more comfortable together. Perhaps creating more cooperative teams to start off the rounds would’ve been a better choice.

The bromance that sparked between Nathaniel and Josh was sweet. It showed that there’s always something that connects you to someone else, and sometimes you just need to break down your own barriers to figure out the commonality. This serves as a metaphor for religious, racial, and gender differences!

I’m relieved there were finally some answers to this love quadrangle. It was about time some questions were answered and some tensions were resolved. How do you feel about Greg being the current choice? What do you think Nathaniel’s going to do? Back off or fight?

Additional Sidenotes:

  • Hebby inducing everyone’s baby fever this entire episode with those precious eyes
  • The Fett Regoso photoshoot warmed my heart and had me smiling just as much as Paula
  • Look at Darryl for getting back out on the dating playing field! My fingers are still crossed for him and White Josh to have an ending of some sort
  • I’m glad Darryl was clueless to Greg’s “generous” offer of cleaning Hebby’s baby toys … they need a few deep cleanings!
  • Anyone else extra curious about Hector’s past with Valencia?!
  • Hooray Cary for completing law school!

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – I Need Some Balance (4×09)



The platform Rachel Bloom provides for openly and unapologetically highlighting subjects that are usually pushed under the rug in a lighthearted way is the reason most of us come back for more.

Discussing the taboo topics of yeast infections, vaginas, and women’s sexuality all through the play-on-words of the entirely plotless musical Cats was truly the epitome of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

I’m sure most women have experienced the terrible tribulations of a yeast infection and as Rebecca portrays it all too well, they always seem to come at the most inconvenient of times — although I guess there’s never an ideal time for a yeast infection.

Allowing for women to realize that a yeast infection does not make you gross, unclean, or unwanted is important and is something that can be easily cleared up with some quick antibiotics.

Except, please learn from Rebecca’s mistake and don’t try to speed up the process, no matter how badly you want to jump into bed with someone because you could potentially reinfect yourself with bacterial vaginosis, apparently!

With recent (past few years) trends of media coverage of gender equality, I think it’s truly relevant that the topic of women’s sexuality is brought into the conversation.

Rebecca simply wants to get laid this episode and I’m positive, again, so many women can relate. Has anyone else also had the same epiphany stem from a dream? The mind is truly a mysterious place.

The title of this episode is a nice two-sided reference expressing the needs of a pH balance, as well as a balance between all the men in Rebecca’s life.

Nathaniel is continually trying to state that he’s now a nice person. Josh is walking around in his briefs looking like a diagram of the pinnacle male body. And Greg is still trying to sit with the fact that Rebecca slept with his dad. I’m starting to think Rebecca needs to branch out and open herself up to a new pool of men.

Although I have enjoyed that this past season has veered away from an entire focus on chasing a guy, it really shows that Rebecca has come a long way and is learning to figure out her needs in life, aside from men.

The side plots of the supporting characters seemed like a waste of time. Darryl’s fight to win back the office was a bit cheesy and really had no substance in my opinion. Most of the other characters were wallflowers this episode, but I wasn’t too bummed. However, I did miss the girl gang. I hope they bring them back before the season’s end.

Rachel Bloom has truly lived up to her feminist comedic predecessors, and we’re looking forward to the last final episodes and the power-packed punches she has yet to throw.  Again, who will Rebecca end up with? Maybe nobody?

Additional Sidenotes:

  • The feminist porn site that Rebecca was looking at reminds me of the website Bellesa. If you’re looking for porn focused more on the woman, give it a try!
  • Darryl’s comment about a “millennial startup taking over” was a cheap dig that I couldn’t help but chuckle at. It works but at this point using “millennial” to describe anything nontraditional fits
  • How is it that simply adding a mustache on Bert made him look like Darryl’s doppelgänger? I guess all white men look the same
  • Jason’s curiosity about the fish odor was pure. I don’t think I’ve ever smelled a yeast infection that could be truly confused with a pan-fried trout
  • Is anyone else sort of confused by “the other Rebecca’s” comments in the opening credits?

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – I’m Not the Person I Used to Be (4×08)



Crazy Ex-Girlfriend I'm Not the Person That I Used to Be

Just as Rebecca’s beginning to feel smitten again by both Josh and Nathaniel another past flame adds another fork in her road. Greg is back for the rest of the season, the holiday season that is. They’re truly bringing the full cast back for a grand finale.

I loved how seamlessly they included a completely new actor to play Greg in a successful attempt to satirize other TV shows that try to slyly transition a new actor to continue playing a current character. *Cough cough, Riverdale…But I’m not complaining, Skylar Austin was an impeccable choice.

Poor Josh’s shattered revelation of his high school identity was a good thing for him though. Josh is truly having important lessons these past episodes that I think will truly shape him and mature him for the better.

Valencia’s also having her own crisis when she realizes that someone from her past is at the reunion and bringing back old feels. Heather’s relentless determination in trying to figure out who the past love is, beautifully shows how their friendship has blossomed into something so real and I’m loving it. Female friendship in TV shows is a must and I’m glad so many shows are making this an important focus.

The challenges Rebecca faces in trying to move forward with a healthy relationship with her past exes is eye opening. It shows the pros and cons of what that goes into a newfound friendship after love, and in my opinion, despite what I want to believe, there’s a slim chance exes can be friends unless both are truly happily in another relationship because there’s always going to be a different dynamic. The person you used to confide in, the person who saw you at your most vulnerable state, and your true best friend soon becomes a sudden stranger, and the most common ways we seem to deal with this is by getting angry. I guess the next time you make plans to grab coffee with an ex lover, make sure they’re on the same page to sing the duet “Nice to Meet You,” otherwise what are you all doing?

I would honestly be shocked if Greg swooped in out of the blue, I still think Nathaniel is Rebecca’s end game. Any thoughts?

Additional Sidenotes:

  • Rebecca’s typos while blindly texting was too accurate a representation
  • There was a slight moment when I questioned who “Jim” was…
  • Is West Covina really that small of a city for them to all have been alumni of the same high school?
  • If my best friend didn’t reply an entire day, I would’ve called 9-1-1 instantly
  • I was so hoping Valencia’s past love was a woman…they raised my hopes and dashed them
  • Was there another reason Paula wasn’t featured heavily this episode?
  • Heather going around to various women mouthing “her” while trying to figure out Valencia’s secret was a perfect scene
  • Kamala “Har-res” was too clever. The Emmy’s should add a new category for “Best Punny TV Show”


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