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Crazy Ex Girlfriend I'm So Happy For you Crazy Ex Girlfriend I'm So Happy For you

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – I’m So Happy for You (4×05)



As the final season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is winding down, so are the character’s storylines. This episode is slightly emotional as it prepares us for what’s next for everyone.

Valencia and Heather both break the news to Rebecca that they’re moving. Valencia’s making her way to the opposite coast in New York  City, while Heather is moving to El Segundo with Hector. Just as Rebecca has finally started to gain a sense of stability, it feels like her support system is falling apart. It seems like the end of an era for the girl gang, but Valencia, Heather, and Paula all try and reassure her that simply because they’re following through with the next step in their lives doesn’t mean that their girl gang isn’t making that next step too. (Squad forever!)

It’s funny how quickly Paula connected with Brendan. Just a few episodes ago she had no idea what he was up to on the daily, and now they’re sitting together at the table devouring an entire apple pie– simply heartwarming. At that moment he tells Paula that he had applied and been accepted into the Peeps for Peace program (similar to the Peace Corps), and will shortly be hearing back with his assignment location. Paula attempts to balance her feelings of true happiness, for this incredible adventure he’s about to embark on, and her feelings of utter sadness as her oldest boy is about to leave the nest for a new country. So she does what any distressed parent would do, plans a way to keep him to stay. Although flawed, she has an endearing idea to try and get the girl he once loved to sway his decision to stay behind.

In an attempt to gain insight on her feelings, Rebecca goes to Dr. Akopian and concludes that she’s feeling jealous that her friends are steps ahead of her. While everything’s falling into place for them, she has just quit her job and is trying to make it as a small business owner, as well as trying to figure out her love life. She admits that she wishes there was a way for her to freeze their lives while she fixes hers so that they can all be moving through milestones together. Thank God Dr. Akopian tells her it’s human nature to feel competitive and I agree, I’ve because I’ve certainly felt the same way as Rebecca.

Rebecca’s simple solution to feeling less alone and less behind is to find replacement friends that are not only steps behind her in life but many years behind as well. She makes new friends with AJ and Maya and convinces them to bring their friends to crash Heather’s going away party. Honestly, it was overly entertaining watching Rebecca try and use millennial lingo– dope, frizzy, OTP, and dip.

While the three are sitting in the park getting to know each other, Daryll and White Josh make an appearance on an afternoon stroll with Hebecca. Maya and AJ express their approval of the couple and how they’re an absolute OTP. It cuts to the first musical number where everyone’s gathered to sing about their love for the couple and attempts to try and get them back together. I wish every OTP I ever shipped received a convincing serenade!

At Heather’s original party of about seven close friends, Maya and AJ arrive with their very large crew turning it into a “rager”. Rebecca has the revelation that she was, in fact, born as a 40-year-old and no matter how much effort she puts into trying, she’ll never be able to fully take on the persona of a millennial. Rebecca apologizes to Heather and Valencia and concludes that the future is inevitable and instead of trying to sabotage the last few days they have together, she needs to cherish it and spend it happily, not sulking around.

As suspected, Paula’s original plan is turned on her after her family figures out what she’s been trying to do. Vanessa and Brendan fake a pregnancy, while Paula quickly comes to her senses that she’s been ridiculous this whole time. Of course, she wants her son to go do incredible things regardless of how much she may have originally doubted his future success.

There was really no cliffhanger at the end of this episode, just loose ends ready to be tied up. So what do you think is the next step for Rebecca while her friends are going through big changes in their lives?

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – I’m Finding My Bliss (4×14)



Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Finding My Bliss

Less boy drama and more theater drama in this week’s episode. Rebecca’s finally hyper-focused on finding her own bliss beyond love interests, but that doesn’t stop the men in her life from hyper-focusing on her. Dare I say role reversal?

Just as Rebecca’s rose colored lenses used to fog her vision when it came to all her romantic love interests, she realizes unfortunately the same has happened for her love for musical theater.

Everyone’s onto the boys. They aren’t as sly as they think they are. “Oh ok, u-huh”

While Rebecca’s chasing her dreams Paula is finally living hers. She’s finally realized her worth as she’s receiving an abundance of offers from various law firms, and Darryl has to learn to fight hard.

Darryl and Paula’s friendship is emotionally sweet and Darryl realizes that Paula’s decision to advance in her career beyond his firm does not mean they can’t be friends. In fact, it might strengthen their friendship beyond the workplace.

Rebecca struggles with the internal debate musical theater is bringing her, and she quickly learns that sometimes you can’t place an emphasis on the thing itself, but instead you need to change your attitude about it to make it worthwhile. Otherwise it’s much easier to be let down.

After being fired and her dreams stomped on, she hears from Greg that he will be staying in West Covina to finish his thesis and continue his restaurant, specifically for her! Once again, her rollercoaster of men seems to be coming full throttle.

Is Nathaniel taking the lead once again? I guess his character development has been truly impressive, so I wouldn’t be as upset with him prevailing. I’m impressed by his decision to go forth with singing Rebecca’s rewritten song without any motivation other than his true care and love for her.

Same with Josh, he put so much thought behind purchasing an original program from their musical theater summer camp and having Rebecca sign it.

The boys are having some sweet one-on-one moments with Rebecca and we finally receive a cheesy picture of them at their core.

What’s Rebecca’s next dream? Do you think she’ll continue with her dream of musical theater? Who will be the man of her dreams, since at this rate it doesn’t seem like they’re going to leave Rebecca alone without a man by the end of the season finale. It would probably leave too many fans upset.

Additional Sidenotes:

  • My biggest question is why didn’t Valencia propose? She basically popped the question when she was asking Beth why she didn’t pop the question.
  • “Stuff, crap, things, junk. That’s exactly how they teach you to do it in business school.” Classic.
  • Is there something I’m missing about Nathaniel? He’s an above average looking human for sure, but not a 9.4? Maybe I’m being too harsh.
  • I used to be a huge Glee fan, but when did Michelle Obama perform on Glee?
  • Rachel Bloom’s southern accent is too cute.
  • Valencia’s song is so cringey and problematic, but Beth’s little fist bump at the end of her performance is adorable.
  • Anyone else agree that Honeycrisp apples are #1?
  • I always forget Greg and Heather dated.

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – I Have to Get Out (4×13)



Just as Rebecca was tired the entire episode as a side effect of her new antidepressants, this episode also felt a little lackadaisical. This week’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend paled a bit in comparison to last week’s episode, but I guess that is to be expected after a strong and emotional episode.

All I can say is that Rachel Bloom must’ve seen my prior request of bringing back the girl gang because the girl gang is back!! Unfortunately, they are not a large part of the overall arc, but hey they’re still back to support Paula and that’s all I can ask for. Paula’s recovery from her heart attack has her at 150% and ready to crush the bar exam. I wish I could be prepared even half as much for anything in life as Paula was for her exam. Fingers crossed for her success, although there’s no way she isn’t passing it with flying colors!

Rebecca realizes that Rebetzels is not her dream, merely a midway point between her career’s past and career’s future, and watching Paula chase after her own dream so intently seems to provide inspiration for Rebecca to pursue nothing other than, musical theater. What a surpriseee! Following the incredible La La Land themed musical number there’s no other option for Rebecca than musical theater. I mean c’mon, those moves during the tap dancing scene! Who knew Rachel Bloom had the rhythm in her feet!

The most important part for Rebecca is to find happiness within herself and her own life, rather than letting a love interest define it for her. The antidepressants seem to be working, and by the end we can see much improvement. Coming to the conclusion that her and Greg should stay friends at the moment is a huge step for her, certainly one in the right direction. I must admit it is a bit tiring how many times Rebecca realizes she loves one of them and wants to pursue them, and then decides against it, while they also take turns doing the same thing. It’s all a bit much, and at this point I’m hoping either a new and final love interest comes into the picture to swoop her off her feet, or that Josh prevails.

Darryl’s subplot was cute, although a bit of a time waster. It developed his character’s search for love, but other than that gave no greater enhancement to the episode’s advancement. His daughter’s rivalry with April’s daughter was a bit fleeting, and it didn’t show how they came to the agreement of getting their parents back together. Overall, I wish there had been more commitment to making this an important plotline for Darryl.

There are so many new and exciting things for Rebecca to figure out and with only a few episodes left in the season, I can’t imagine how things are going to turn out. What are your thoughts on Josh and Nathaniel’s new pursuit of Rebecca’s singledom? Who, if anyone, do you think will come out on top? Will April and Darryl get together? How do you think Paula’s exam outcome will be?

Additional Sidenotes:

  • CEG is on a role for performing musical numbers that highlight fragile masculinity. First through the miscommunications between father-son relationships and this time through a hilarious “fighting” scene
  • A wise reminder from Nathaniel, “The opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s indifference.”

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – I Need A Break (4×12)



Rebecca’s mental health seemed to have taken a lengthy backseat to her love interests, but this episode really brought the show back to its roots.

Instead of focusing on the 3 most important men in her life, Rebecca finally faced the other man who holds strong precedence in her life, darkness.

Sure, when your romantic life is in check it acts as a mask for the rest of the problems in life that you still need to deal with. But once those honeymoon vibes starting wearing off, the problems already there become more prevalent and cause strife. This is the important lesson Rebecca learned and seeing as Greg really does love her he stepped away for her to figure it out for herself.

I’m glad they shed light on the backslide of mental illness and how common it is for people who are struggling with it to ignore the work required. When in reality the most important part of the recovery process is doing the work especially when you feel fine.

Paralleled with the importance of mental health was Paula’s physical health. Initially, it was treated light-heartedly, but when she went to the doctor and found she was actually experiencing a heart attack, things became serious. Was anybody else expecting it to be a heart attack?

Seeing Rebecca turn back to her self-destructive ways was a bit frightening, but of course, Dr. Akopian’s mentioning of backsliding provided the foreshadowing of a progressive process this time. This night of throwing herself at anything that might provide her with a sense of comfort was one she truly needed. Although, ultimately the thought of losing Paula was Rebecca’s greatest wake-up call. Thank God they made that deal to get healthy together! Sometimes it’s easier to see the negative effects of downgrading physical health than downgrading mental health. So again, this side-by-side of both a physical and mental health issue provided Rebecca with a more clear picture of how important it is to take care of both.

This episode felt like a wrap-up episode of Rebecca’s mental health. She finally seems to be at a healthy place and wants to take the time to help herself, which I think will truly allow for a strong relationship with Greg.

The men in her life were doing something right. They didn’t let their immediate desires take the best of them, and instead turned down Rebecca’s advances. Honestly, this episode was a turning point for all characters!

One of the greatest takeaways from tonight’s episode is to make sure you’re taking all the necessary precautions to keep your mental and physical wellbeings up to par! So do it, eat those salads along with those buttery, creamy mashed potatoes (because life is a balancing act!) and make sure to check in with yourself about how you’re doing mentally. Take it from both Paula and Rebecca!

 Additional Sidenotes:

  • “Oh, I napped once, it was 1983.” Paula’s quick and snappy wit is perfection
  • Ovary-acting, how is this the first time I’ve heard this amazing phrase?
  • “Woah, I don’t think the dosage to anything is 8!”
  • Paula’s complaint of the coffee mugs being too small for her caffeine needs is surely going to become the next meme. It’s just too relatable to all those caffrodites!

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