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Designated Survivor

Designated Survivor – Bombshell (1×20)



President Kirkman tackled on his very first NATO summit and it was more proof that our United States needs to ditch Trump and elect him ASAP.

Moss joins Kirkman on the trip as his adviser, informing him on what the international arms reduction should look like. If there’s anyone that can help it’s someone who’s done this once or twice. Their preliminary meeting with the countries is in good standing until the next day when good ole’ Abe Leonard publishes his “Al-Sakar Not Behind Capitol Bombing” expose. If they didn’t, who did? And why is the President lying to the public?

Moss and Seth, who has recovered from the overexcitement and sickness of his first Air Force one ride, tell Kirkman to just deny the allegations but he simply can’t do that because “they’re true.”

This puts him in a bad place at the NATO meeting, especially with France’s Prime Minister, who isn’t too happy with his “can’t say anything” stance because she believes that the only way to trust the US is if they are transparent.  The other countries jump on board and pretty much hit pause on Kirkman’s initiative.

Kirkman knows that he has to convince France to be on his side so he presents his case again, this time just to the Prime Minister and she’s pleased with the idealism he executes. The trip may didn’t go their way but at least he was able to prove himself to his peers and prove that he was worthy of the position, despite not earning it and starting off as a lower-level cabinet member who ascended to the presidency because he was the last person alive in the government.

Abe is pleased with outing the truth, not knowing that all of his intel is being fed to him by the people that are behind the bombing. Seriously dude, 101 of journalism – never trust sources that are too eager to talk. And those ‘sources’ believe Abe has “served his purpose.” In other words, they are going to off him.

Before they get to him though, the FBI summons him to the White House. “Oh now they want to talk,” he retorts. I will admit, everyone waved him off when it was convenient for them but now, they all want to get to him for answers.

The FBI these answers will bring them closer to finding Agent Wells, who is thankfully not getting sea-sick while being held captive. She makes a break from one of the containers she’s being held in and navigates into the control room, where she successful radios a distress call. Her bold move proves risky because she’s caught by the “bad guys” who knock her out again, this time, not taking any more chances. Catalan confronts her and hands her Jason Atwood’s ring. “You took my family, I took yours,” he exclaims, much to her dismay. I guess that means Atwood really is kaput….

The Navy alerts Foretell about the call and he demands they do a better job at finding the ship that doesn’t want to be found. When they figure out it’s docking at the port of Baltimore, he gets there just in time but unfortunately, finds nothing useful.

That’s because she’s already been relocated to LAND. Catalan is the mastermind behind a Capitol bombing, I’m pretty sure he knows that if she successfully radioed for help, there were teams looking for her.

We then flash to Hanna, who wakes up in a van filled with explosives. As she opens the door, she finds herself in a parking garage at the FBI headquarters. As a team of agents approaches, she realizes the bombs are set to go off in 3 minutes. “Don’t come any closer,” she warns.

What’s the game plan here? Obviously Catalan knows that no one will assume she’s a terrorist.  Hanna and Atwood both believed that other landmarks were next on the terrorist’s list but did they use her kidnapping to veer the FBI away from their next plan aka bombing the headquarters? This is getting more interesting by the second – no pun intended.

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Designated Survivor

Designated Survivor – Fallout (2×16)



Designated Survivor Fallout

Is there ever not a threat to the D.C metro area?

During the last few episodes of Designated Survivor, it seems like everyone living in proximity of the White House is in the danger zone.

And by the end of the hour, things are looking grimmer as Kirkman has declared war, something we’ve seemingly been trying to avoid this whole time.

On this week’s episode, Kirkman’s team uncovered a “dirty bomb” somewhere in town, or in other words, a radioactive bomb that could take out several city blocks.

Since the threat comes on the heels of aggressive negotiations with East Hun Chiu, Kirkman’s administration pointed fingers at Chairman Kim who wasn’t too pleased especially when he found out he was being kept “prisoner” in the States until they could be sure this wasn’t his doing.

Hannah interrogated his son, Joon, who assured her his father wasn’t stupid enough, or suicidal enough, to pull a stunt like this. But she isn’t convinced as all the evidence, including radioactive shipping containers, have Kim’s name all over them.

She’s also working with some new agent because Aaron Shore is busy doing something in the underground bunker with all the other high-level government officials. And of course, there’s no mention of Damian because what’s the point of continuity?

Plus, they don’t really need his intel anymore when they can just bring Dr. Andrea Frost, an Elon-Musk type tech guru who suddenly has all the answers to Kirkman’s problems. We know what you’re doing writers, you’re slowly but surely creating an innocent relationship between these two characters that will eventually go from platonic to romantic when enough time has passed for Kirkman to mourn Alex.

I’m slightly irritated that there’s a “love interest” when Alex’s funeral is still fresh on everyone’s mind. They even went out on a “date,” which Kirkman claimed to be a publicity stunt. What will the kids think?

However, I like her and appreciate that she isn’t down for the “any means” approach that Kirkman’s administration has been following lately. Confidentiality measures are in place for a reason!

Yes, she’s willing to help her country but not at the cost of her own company.

Considering the show’s penchant for moles, I figured the fresh-faced FBI agent was probably aiding Joon in whatever it was he refused to tell Hannah about. Especially since the whole baking-soda fiasco occurred when she stepped out of the room for a minute. Thankfully, it was a false alarm and Hannah’s partners are all legit, for now.

Instead, Joon left on his own accord because he was trying to protect his girlfriend who had been kidnapped by the real bombers – the Kumani government.

In case you don’t remember (and why should you, honestly?) the Kumani’s haven’t been on great terms with America since that whole navy ship episode.

Still, there was no mention of them until now so it honestly felt a bit plastered together for the sake of any storyline.

Also, I can’t get over the fact that Hannah was fooled by a decoy bomb and allowed for the “big show” to actually happen. Isn’t this like 101 of bomb threats? There’s likely always more because bombers love to make multiple things go boom?

I’m surprised that while most of the DC elite were off-the-grid, no one warned the public. Invoking fear isn’t something they’d want to do but don’t the people deserve to know about things like this? It just doesn’t seem fair. (BRB going to build my underground bunker right now.)

Thankfully, no civilians died in the Metro explosion,  but six federal agents were taken out, including John Forstel.

I personally didn’t have a preference on whether John lived or died but when he was looking to make an atonement for how hard he was on the President’s wife in court, you could tell something bad this way comes.

And on top of that, he got the President’s forgiveness; making peace was a dead giveaway that he was about to be offed.

Kirkman isn’t a bad guy but he really has a problem listening to his staff and taking their advice. In actuality, he loves defying them at every turn which doesn’t make their jobs any easier. When he gets riled up, all hell unleashes on Earth and sometimes, hot-headedness isn’t the best quality for a President to have. When Kumani’s government refused to cooperate, acknowledge their role in the explosion, or admit that they were trying to stir the pot so that East Hun Chiu would be at war and thus, they’d make millions, Kirkman just about had it.

Understandably, this is just one of many bogus events piling onto his desk and like I said previously, one of many attacks on his country and administration. He was bound to snap sometime soon.  He’s done with negotiations and meetings, he wants action and he wants to show the world that he’s capable of revenge. Yikes.

Emily also pulled a Kirkman when she overstepped Kendra Daynes and leaked Moss’ betrayal of the White House to the press. It doesn’t seem like anyone thinks this is a good idea, and I’m not sure if Emily is so desperate for a win, any win, she’s willing to sabotage her position to get it. I don’t think this is even about the President or the White House anymore, I think she’s just a woman that’s been hurt by a breakup.

Thoughts? Is Kirkman unknowingly making more enemies than necessary? Is his good guy act simply a decoy for all his terrible decisions? Will his designated survivor (aka the new VP) come in handy soon? It felt like foreshadowing. Will Emily succeed in taking down Moss? When will Kirkman and Frost hook up? Do we even want to see that? I never had loyalty to Alex because she was a one-dimensional character, but I just feel a little bad about it all.

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Designated Survivor

Designated Survivor – In the Dark (2×14)



Designated Survivor in the Dark

Well, we finally have a VP! Designated Survivor finally fixed the problem that’s been looming over the White House and the American people for far too long.

Can you believe that Kirkman’s administration let him go so long without naming one? Or that Kirkman actually believed he his presidency didn’t need one.

He may have the best of intentions but sometimes, he really does come off as a dictator, which is what a VP is supposed to prevent. There’s a reason we have a system of checks and balances.

Throughout the hour, the series teased a handful of potential candidates.

There was Trey, however, without any previous political background, his candidacy seemed unlikely. Also working against him was his relationship to the President. It wouldn’t look good to the people already weary of Kirkman’s decisions if he elected his own brother. That would really stir up the dictatorship talk.

However, I’m certain Kirkman will find a place for his bro, especially after he helped him out with the Prime Minister of Japan. Did anyone else find it odd that Trey knows people in high places?

The second candidate on the list was Emily, who after getting trapped in an elevator (another reason to always use the stairs) with Lyor, contemplated the idea of one day becoming President.  Lyor made some valid corroborating points — she’s the youngest Chief of Staff and she rocks at her job. Sometimes, she’s the only one holding up Kirkman’s whole Presidency. Without his team, I don’t think he’d really know how to approach any of this.

Quantico’s very own Miranda, who assumed the role of Mayor Eleanor Darcy, snatched up the role and it was a perfect fit. I’d agree with Lyor and Emily that the initial round of candidates did not fit into “Team Kirkman” or his ideologies.

In Kirkman’s administration, you cannot force something. We all remember when he was seemingly pressured into choosing a VP the first time and ended up putting the world through the terrible antics of Peter MacLeish.

I’m glad Kirkman didn’t rush through the process but simply followed his gut because life has a way of handing you exactly what you need. Yes, it came on the heels of a city-wide blackout that resulted in violent looting in the streets but still, happy ending.

Darcy proved that her head and her heart were in the right place and she wasn’t afraid to question Kirkman’s calls, especially when he jumped the gun and called in the National Guard. I mean, did he really think the only solution here was to invoke Martial Law? Together with Darcy, she saw that a little bit of light and peace really can go a long way. Sometimes, you have to trust your people.

Can anyone tell me why the writers insist on developing Lyor’s character by describing his past? I like his quirkiness and that he doesn’t conform to anyone’s idea of normal, but I really don’t get the childhood stories. And his explanation for being so particular when it comes to descriptions of Mentos colors? Daddy issues. Yeah, same.

Then we have whatever Damian is up to, which has something to do with the Russians. These hacks have been uneventful, for lack of better terms. You’d think the reasoning behind a massive blackout would be something more compelling… wait, what was the reason for the blackout?

There’s so much potential for a blackout to be full of suspense, intrigue, and unspeakable crimes, but all we get is some crap hack job that doesn’t make sense to anyone without any understanding of the internet beyond WordPress and a Damien-infused chase. How did Damien go from being a riveting operative to the dullest character on the series only next to Aaron Shore?

All I was able to get from all the code-lingo and political jargon was that this hacker keeps using the same patterns for all of his hack jobs. And somehow, Chuck was able to figure it out and restore peace. Still, they have absolutely no clue who is responsible. Damian could be behind it for all we know. He took advantage of the moment to break out of his ankle bracelet, visit his little friend at the Russian Embassy and kill a dude he claimed was coming after Hannah.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Hannah and Damian’s romantic dalliances are far from over, but I just don’t understand his positioning amidst all of these scandals. Who is he really working for? How does he know so much about the hacker’s job?

He apparently visited the Russian handler to tell her not to kill Hannah, which only irritated her more because as you know, she too fell for Damian. Seeing him care so much about another woman is excruciatingly painful.

Hannah made it clear she can take care of herself and confronted the handler to warn her that the next time she tries to get a hit, she better hope she doesn’t miss. Personally, I’d take her out right then and there but you know, that’s why I don’t have FBI clearance. It’s all about strategy.

Will these hacking jobs lead to something bigger? How deeply are the Russian’s involved? Will Aaron Shore ever actually get a storyline?

He was both the head of NSA and the interim Chief of Staff yet he was barely involved in any scenes. Where does he go when he’s not around?

We spent more time watching Seth buy health bars from the vending machine for his 6-month anniversary with Emily. If you’re surprised they’re still a couple, you’re not the only one. Seth was shocked by the realization as well.

And when he finally did figure out the perfect present, I couldn’t care less. The kiss felt like it was two best friends trying to force some kind of spark as their last chance at love.

And the hand holding in the hallway? Come on, guys. This is a place of business, not high school.

What were your thoughts on Designated Survivor? What does this show need to bring back the same oomph that followed the Pentagon bombing?

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Designated Survivor

Designated Survivor – Original Sin (2×13)



Designated Survivor Original sin

If Tom Kirkman remained the President who chastised and intimidated his wife’s killer, a part of me would become reinvested in this show. Kirkman needs some edges, man!

As always, by the end of the hour, Kirkman found himself apologizing to the nation for his behavior.

A make-good on behalf of his out-of-line actions. Because god forbid a President wants to grieve.

Heck, I would even be content if he owned up to his actions and decided to launch a campaign to highlight the dangers of texting and driving. Anything. But his Liam Neeson moment was simply a push along for another “is Kirkman as good a President as he seems” moment adding absolutely nothing to the narrative.

On this week’s Designated Survivor, Kirkman was being dragged and vilified by the media and once again, no one on his team could handle it because Kirkman wouldn’t allow being handled.

When a group of indigenous people posted up in the White House hallway in a peaceful protest, Lyor saw an opportunity to either thrust Kirkman back into a good light or a bad one. Had he not stopped the security guards from arresting and forcefully removing everyone, it would have been bad.

But Lyor put on his Olivia Pope hat and decided to spin it to Kirkman’s advantage. The leader of the tribe, Ms. Cousins, requested a meeting with Kirkman and while unprecedented, it was encouraged.

At first, Kirkman couldn’t understand why she had come to him for help when it wasn’t a federal matter but then he realized the reason her people were being displaced again was due to an architectural plan that he put into motion almost 18-years-ago. I didn’t even know Kirkman was a brilliant architect and that’s a testament to how little we really know about this man. They could tell me he used to save ponies for the sake of the narrative and i’d be like “yes, he did that.”

Realizing his grave error, Kirkman does everything in his power to remedy the problem, even calling in his former business partners, which he finds out knew what his plan was doing to the tribe and failed to let him know so that he could achieve success.

And much like last week, Kirkman kicked them right out of the Oval office.

Once again, it seems like Kirkman has found his footing again until the next mess hits unexpectedly.

Although given what Hannah Wells is dealing with, it’s obvious it will be a cyber attack that aims at both the US and Russia.

It’s possible Russia could be doing this to themselves in order to throw the US off of their scent.

If you thought you’d seen the last of Damian, well, shame on you for being so gullible.

Damian’s story arc was way from over, mainly because he knows too much. At this point, he’s the most hated man in the world and multiple agencies want him dead for being a traitor.

Hannah would rather see him dead as well, but for now, she needs him to find out who the hacker behind the failed NASA launch and Kirkman’s video leak is.

Without his knowledge, she used Damian as bait and like clockwork, a hitman came to take him out.

She neutralized the situation just in time but unfortunately, the laptop they found in his car was a dead end due to the firewall and the actual fire that occurred when the hacker hacked the battery.

While I wasn’t certain if Damian was also playing Hannah, when she met with his Russian handler, it became evident that this isn’t his first rendezvous for intel. Imagine her surprise!

He tried to convince Hannah that eventually, his feelings were real, but she knew better. He knows she still has feelings and he’s playing her to possibly avoid doing real-time for espionage.

Back at the White House, Kirkman also reconnected with his brother, who came to town for a meeting involving Alex’s charity. If you didn’t know Kirkman had a brother, you aren’t the only one — most of the people in the White House didn’t either.

It’s no secret Tom and Trey don’t get along because of things that happened during their childhood. But really, I have no interest in getting involved with another family member just to fill some Alex-void in Kirkman’s heart, which is exactly why they made up.

Do you think Trey will stick around? Does Kirkman need to put the country first and stop trying to smooth things over for everyone? Does Damian need to be removed? Does he know more than he’s letting on?

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