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Designated Survivor – Home (2×08)

President Kirkman spends his time secretly overseas on this week’s Designated Survivor but despite the bombs going off in Afghanistan, the war, as he jokingly said, really is happening right at home.

And by home I mean the White House. Things are actually sort-of peaceful for the American people right now.

Seth gets pulled over probably because he’s drunk-in-love with Emily, who he hooked up with briefly last week and he is now officially “I want to meet your mother” dating. It seems like a regular traffic stop but the next day, Kendra bails him out of jail and its revealed that he was caught with 200 tabs of an illegal drug, which seems very unlike Seth.

Kendra begins brainstorming ways to get him out of this mess when it dawns on Emily — these weren’t Seth’s pills. Seth took the heat for his brother who just passed his MCATS. And while he was trying to protect his brother’s career, he put his in jeopardy. But the reason Kendra got her job in the White House is because she’s good at her job. Like really good. She finds a way to deflect all the blame to the arresting officer, who was so desperate to make an arrest and meet the quota, he broke protocol. Seth’s case is dismissed but he’s still in the hot seat with Emily and probably Kirkman when he finds out. Although he seems to have had it pretty hard so could they cut him some slack?

Everyone was told not to attract any attention while the Prez was away on his secret mission so obviously, that’s all they did.

Reporters, specifically that one little nosy blonde, began asking why Lyor was filling in for Seth. A bit of a heads up — if you’re trying to be inconspicuous, Lyor probably isn’t your guy. Everything he said during his brief time as Press Secretary raised eyebrows.

Not to mention he was in a little legal trouble of his own. He’s married. Yep, Lyor managed to lock a lady down. And she’s actually pretty decent! The problem is that since their wedding was technically a “Vegas” wedding, they didn’t consider themselves a married couple, therefore, he didn’t pay taxes. Someone working at the White House that’s cheating on their taxes doesn’t exactly bode well for Kirkman’s problematic administration.

Kendra drafts up the annulment papers but neither of them actually want to end the marriage. Emily figures out an alternative solution and I’m not really sure if that’s the end of the story or if we’ll see Julie again. I hope we do honestly, it would give Lyor more depth instead of just snarky, sarcastic, and sometimes intellectual one-liners.

Then, of course, Alex and her mother are still being set up and Kendra’s working on that too by trying to figure out why Eric Little opened an account in Alex’s name and who killed him. Who is after the Kirkman’s?

So while that’s happening at the home base, Kirkman is visiting the U.S troops in Kabul. He’s shaking hands, serving breakfast and trying to pinpoint which high profile leader is a terrorist and which one they can strike a deal with. If they choose the wrong one, Kirkman warns they could be responsible for the next 9/11.

Mulla Barhi aka “the young one” and Mullah Fayed both meet with Kirkman and exchange pleasantries.

Shortly after, a suicide bomber strikes near the base. Secret service wants to bring Kirkman back home but he refuses to leave because he’s a thrill seeker and he’s getting what they came for!
With word that one of their agents is down, Hannah, who is also in Afghanistan because where isn’t she, and Mike head out. It’s no secret that these two dont’ get along and quite frankly, it’s the first time I’ve seen Mike actually dislike someone. It’s understandable since, for the most part, it feels like Hannah is doing everything but nothing. What happened to the British dude? Is she done investigating Pax Americana?
As they drive through the city, an IED explodes and retrieving their friend just got a lot more difficult. Thankfully, Hannah served with him so she knows how he operates and the breadcrumbs he left behind lead them right to him.
Bahri points fingers at Fayed explaining that the chemicals used in the suicide bomb that killed American soldiers are a product of his company. Fayed then says that while he manufactures the chemical, it’s only used for medical purposes.
It’s a good thing Agent Dean is alive because he was able to pick up some intel from his kidnappers, which steered Kirkman in the direction of the trustworthy man.
Bahri planned the attack but tried to frame his enemy. When he realizes he’s been compromised, he tries to blame Americans for always coming into his town and causing trouble. Kirkman isn’t interested in it though because once again, 9/11.
It’s unclear if Kirkman really struck a deal with Fayed, which really is my one sore spot with the show. Oftentimes, I feel like the characters do things for the sake of doing things and then nothing connects, nothing gets fleshed out.
Will Kirkman return following this trip and never acknowledge what happened here? Will it just be forgotten and this episode thus a waste, just like Aaron Shore’s whole storyline? You have to admit, he’s been pretty useless.
Watching the episodes is enjoyable. But when you go back and think about the purpose of each storyline, it becomes a little fuzzy just like Kirkman’s presidency and really, every conspiracy on the show.
At least Kirkman bonded with Harry and was able to drop some wisdom about home and family in return for a cheesecake.


Designated Survivor – Home (2×08) Reviewed by on . President Kirkman spends his time secretly overseas on this week's Designated Survivor but despite the bombs going off in Afghanistan, the war, as he jokingly s President Kirkman spends his time secretly overseas on this week's Designated Survivor but despite the bombs going off in Afghanistan, the war, as he jokingly s Rating: 0
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