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Designated Survivor – Sting of the Tail (2×02)

Designated Survivor put an end to Patrick Lloyd, America’s most dangerous enemy but it wasn’t as triumphant as it was cracked up to be.

And unfortunately, that was about the best that happened in the series. I’ve always wondered why I have such a hard time keeping up with the plot of this show and that’s because there is virtually no point to anything that happens. Sans a couple of storylines, all the plot’s had holes in them and none of them pushed anything forward. The outcome would have still been the same had Hannah, Aaron and Kirkman just sat back and enjoyed the White House Correspondent’s dinner.

The FBI spots Lloyd’s ear and follows it to DC because apparently, ears are the new fingerprints.  Kirkman decides to break his promise to the American people and keep all Lloyd matters under wraps as to not compromise the investigation and manhunt. Since he’s back at the scene of the crime, he’s probably planning something major and who knows what atrocities he has planned. Or so we thought.

Turns out, he literally came back to DC to meet up with his son and then breaks into the First Lady’s mother’s house. His motives are unclear, however. But, we do get to meet Alex’s mother, who apparently has been living in France this whole time studying drawing. What’s the purpose of introducing her? We still don’t really know. The whole scene was really bizarre and we never actually found out why Lloyd barged into the house int he first place. What was he looking for? Kirkman gets all up in arms after he realizes this dude is after his family and that’s it. He gets mad and we move on because there’s nothing we can do.

The Homeland Security Council is upset that Kirkman didn’t ask for their opinions on keeping the public clues and simply told them a courtesy. One Senator is so peeved, he decides to leak info about his visit to the White House to the press. Kirkman takes time out of his already hectic schedule to meet with the man and tell him his actions weren’t cool. And that’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. No other repercussions except for the President literally getting mad at you.

Hannah and the hot Brit, Damian, track Lloyd’s most recent stolen car to his one remaining property just a few miles from the house. Upon arrival, they’re met with a round of shots, one of which grazes Damian. He’s fine though. Hannah doesn’t stop a beat as she chases down Lloyd, who locks himself in an impossible-to-break-in bunker. They really just cannot win with this dude.

Soon after, he sends his demands to the President – grant him amnesty during the dinner or he’ll release sarin gas killing hundreds in the city. Seems like a credible threat, I would say.

They need to keep this under wraps because a city in a panic is not what Kirkman’s administration needs at the moment. Not on a night of positivity. They don’t have enough time to evacuate, aerial drops would be too visible and that leaves them with their only option – a drone strike.

That proves to be a bit more challenging because as Emily points out, it’s unprecedented and probably not legal. The HSC gets wind of Kirkman’s plan and comes through hot, dragging them to emergency court. That poor judge. A bunch of legal talk ensues and Aaron is all “we’re running out of time people” and well, they are but thankfully Kirkman has figured Lloyd’s motive: family.

The President phones a friend, or in this case enemy, to talk about family. It seems that we’re to believe that Lloyd is the mastermind behind a major conspiracy that involved several political figures who helped him blow up the Capitol bombing and a bunch of their co-workers and the sitting President. Literally, he set all of this into motion because he blamed the government for putting his dad in jail, which in turn caused him to be a bad parent to his son.  I mean, that’s a stretch, right? That makes me not even care about anything that happened in season 1. That makes it seem like the former President died for nothing.

As everyone contemplates what to do, Hannah realizes that all this time tracking Lloyd, he’s outsmarted them because he always had an escape plan. They successfully find a way into the bunker but realize it’s a trap. Shockingly, they don’t even exchange a flirting word in the tunnels. Obviously, Damian was brought on as Nikita 2.0’s new squeeze so why have they been trying to keep thing strictly professional between these two? And are we going to ignore the fact that he took her to HIS house when he thought she was drunk?

Back to the HSC court-session, Aaron is finally able to talk some sense into the lawyer, who is later hired onto Kirman’s legal team. She hinted that instead of having the army ok a drone strike, which is illegal, they should have the FBI do it because apparently, then it’s perfectly fine. Aaron doesn’t hesitate because they are running out of time. Kirkman pulls the trigger and the bunker blows to smithereens.

They find his remains (probably not his because I think he faked it) inside but no sarin gas. He forced the President to make such a decision and now it’ll be on his conscience.

Before his “death,” he somehow found an internet connection and uploaded something to the cloud, which is our only storyline with some substance. Is it something he stole out of the house? Is it something on Kirkman? Is it part 2 of his plan set into motion?

And the only humorous moments focused on the fact that Seth isn’t funny. Dude has been struggling a lot lately. There was this one moment where I think they tried to change up the tone of the show by adding a comedic moment and let me tell you, it was weird.

I’m not sure if all these loose plots are the series trying to put an end to the ridiculousness that ensued in season 1 and get a fresh start but it’s really making me not believe in Kirkman’s administration. And I was always Team Tom man!

What did you think? Why did we meet Alex’s mom? Did Lloyd escape? Is Alex’s mom Russian and dating Llyod therefore making Alex a part of the conspiracy? Yes, I’m not giving up my theory that she somehow has been the mole this whole time!


Designated Survivor – Sting of the Tail (2×02) Reviewed by on . Designated Survivor put an end to Patrick Lloyd, America's most dangerous enemy but it wasn't as triumphant as it was cracked up to be. And unfortunately, that Designated Survivor put an end to Patrick Lloyd, America's most dangerous enemy but it wasn't as triumphant as it was cracked up to be. And unfortunately, that Rating: 0
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