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Designated Survivor – Warriors (1×11)

Designated Survivor returned this week and it was an intense hour of television since we picked up right where we left off last – someone getting shot during MacLeish’s swearing in.

To no one’s surprise the gunshot victim was none other than the intended target, the President. As chaos ensued, secret service rushed him to the hospital. Since he was coherent the whole time, it was a good sign that his injuries weren’t severe. Doctors confirmed the bullet went in and out, missing all the vital organs.

That however was not good news for MacLeish and his wife. As you probably remember, MacLeish, who is now Vice President, is the show’s evil, but not genius, villain. He’s behind the Capitol bombing, he’s behind all the stuff happening to Hanna, and he’s behind Kirkman’s shooting. He’s pretty much a little weasel that’s trying to get to the top of the ladder by taking everyone out. Except now, since the mission was botched, he’s having doubts because he’s scared they’re going to get caught. His wife assures him that they were all trained for this exact moment and no one is onto them but little does she know, everyone is.

Hanna is taken into custody since she fired a gunshot during the inauguration. The agents don’t believe that she’s actually crazy even though evidence points to her working with the hit man to try to take out the President. I mean, that’s conspiracy and punishable by death. And then she killed that man at the log cabin, which is manslaughter.

Despite all the allegations piling up against her Hanna refuses to say anything knowing that any one of these “agents” could be working directly with MacLeish and Catalan. We all saw what happened to the director of the FBI – he got set up and no one even thought twice about it, they just locked him up and threw away the key.

Things change when Kirkman’s personal security detail comes to get intel. Hanna refuses to disclose anything to anyone other than the President but that all changes when she finds out that Tom went into emergency surgery and temporarily transferred power over to MacLeish. Yes, the enemy is now the acting President of the United States. Scary right?

Hanna leads the secret service to her friend Chuck, who helped her out when they arrested Atwood. He tells him everything about Catalan aka MacLeish’s old army buddy and current partner in crime. The storytelling is a bit messy but in the end, it leads Hanna to Kirkman’s bedside where she’s finally able to speak one-on-one with the President and disclose everything she’s known without any danger or threat. The moment will be the launch of the overall storyline in season 2 with everyone finding out that they willingly put a traitor into a position of power. Their really raising the stakes.

Since Hanna got her meeting, it obviously means Kirkman made it through the surgery and returned as POTUS. He’s not only a survivor, he’s a warrior and the minute he returned to the Presidency, he was ready to stand up for America and give the people what they deserved… unlike MacLeish.

During his brief presidency, Peter made some rash decision including opening the stock market and allowing it to plummet and killing Catalan during the raid. Despite Aaron’s advise to bring back Kirkman’s shooter alive for questioning, MacLeish gave the order to shoot to kill. It seemed very strange to everyone involved except us since we know MacLeish is trying to save his own ass. With Catalan dead, there’s no one to incriminate him… at least that’s what he thought. Except that he didn’t tie up all the loose ends and they will definitely begin unraveling quickly.

Other Memorable Moments

  • While Tom went through surgery Alex blamed herself for everything, regretting ever encouraging him to accept the government position.
  • It was nice to see someone who now holds the highest position in the government actually reminisce about the simpler times. I often wonder if politicians, especially the POTUS and FLOTUS, wish they could just go back to how things were.
  • Emily is still weary of Aaron not knowing if his intentions and loyalties to the President are in the right place. When he calls her out on it, she directs him to talk directly to Tom.
  • Hookstraten may have started out as the villain in season 1 but Tom has grown to trust her and before he went into surgery, he even asked her to keep an eye out on MacLeish. Obviously she doesn’t buy his game one bit and she’s watching his every move.
  • It seems like public opinion of Kirkman has really taken a turn for the better. I guess that happens when your President is shot…

Sometimes, political shows can get pretty confusing, especially when there’s an underlying conspiracy… I’m looking at you Quantico. Thankfully, Designated Survivor has kept it pretty simple to follow along without ever making the show dull.

Designated Survivor – Warriors (1×11) Reviewed by on . Designated Survivor returned this week and it was an intense hour of television since we picked up right where we left off last - someone getting shot during Ma Designated Survivor returned this week and it was an intense hour of television since we picked up right where we left off last - someone getting shot during Ma Rating: 0
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