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Extant- What On Earth Is Wrong (1×05)

Molly had a baby… that she doesn’t remember having and she’s having a hard time proving that the pregnancy even existed at all.

We pick up right where we left of this week. It’s safe to infer that the ISEA used the nighttime to operate on Molly and remove her baby, before her and Ethan back in a forest. When John begins looking for them the next morning, he finds them both unconscious in a ditch. Molly is rushed to the hospital, while Ethan is taken back to the lab for a reboot.


At the hospital, Dr. Beck informs John and Molly that she was never pregnant… um wait what? He’s so insensitive that it almost seems like he’s been paid off by the ISEA for all of his hard work. Molly doesn’t believe it and asks to see the ultrasound. Dr. Beck obliges and does the scan right in front of her, showing her that her belly is empty and there has been no sign of pregnancy. When John confronts Dr. Beck, he informs him that maybe Molly is suffering from a neurological disorder. Yeah, he’s basically calling her crazy and planting the seed of doubt in John’s mind. After all, the only information on the pregnancy he ever received was from Molly. Maybe she was imagining it all. She did admit to having hallucinations right.

Well, this seems to be Sparks whole plan. He wants Molly to come off as crazy. He doesn’t want anyone to believe her! Molly realizes there is one more person who knew of her pregnancy– Sam! The two drive over to Sam’s place, but unfortunately, it’s not a successful visit. Sam tells Molly that she was never pregnant and she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. She also tells John that maybe he should take Molly to get checked out. You know, the neurological problem from re-entry. Molly is convinced that Sparks already got to Sam. “They better be holding a gun to your head,” she tells her best friend. Well, sort of. Their threatening her psychologically unstable brother, so I guess that’s equivalent right? Molly sees that John is beginning to consider that maybe everyone is right and that really upsets her. If anyone should believe her, it’s her husband.

Extant - Episode 1.05 - What on Earth Is Wrong

She comes up with a brilliant plan. Sparks covered up everything he knew about. But what about the things he didn’t know about? The dog that bit Molly made her bleed. She calls her father and picks up the bloody towel, which she than uses to do a pregnancy test. It turns out that Molly was pregnant and she has proof of it. Unfortunately, the DNA is not John’s. It’s not DNA she’s ever seen before. What the hell did they inject her with up there, she wonders.

In order to get closer to the ISEA and find out what their really up to, she pleads with Sparks to get her job back. She pretends that she must have been going through some psychological problems upon re-entry and that she knows she was never really pregnant. Sparks accepts her back to work, thinking he’s fooled her and all is well. Molly is still on a mission to figure out what they did to her,  and her co-worker Danny notices some particles in the film from her Seraphim mission. Danny calls them “interlaced energy fields” and explains they move like energy, but contaminate. When Molly places the film over her footage, she sees those particles/energy fields attack her as Marcus (her hallucination did). How did they make her pregnant though? How did they make her hallucinate? What are they? What is her baby if not a full human? Side note: Molly’s baby is a boy, but like mentioned, not sure if 100% human. All we know for sure is that Sparks was motivated after the death of his daughter. Yasimoto on the other hand, wants to preserve himself as he only has a limited amount of time to live. I’m assuming that’s what all of this is about. Preserving life/bringing people back from the dead?


Meanwhile, Ethan was shut down by the ISEA, but Molly and John don’t know that. They think that whatever traumatic event met Ethan in the forest caused him to turn himself off. This caused damage to his core– aka put him into a humanich coma. They basically have to wait until he’s ready to wake up, but John simulates his wake up the first time which makes Ethan turn on and creepily repeat, “Who are you,” over and over again.A little while later, Ethan wakes up on his own and seems to be just fine. It honestly took much less time than Julie predicted. I think it’s safe to say that Ethan shut down and abrupt wake up is going to cause some malfunctions pretty soon and it’ll be projected through a personality change. A very dangerous personality change.

John and Julie also fought about Ethan this week. We found out she basically helped create Ethan and that’s why she’s so over protective of him. She views him as a son but John is very clear about the fact that they aren’t partners– she works for him. She’s oddly obsessed with John too and would probably love to take Molly’s place, so she’ll be an easy target for the ISEA/Sparks. The fact that she doesn’t have legs but uses prosthetics was probably suppose to make me feel more compassionate towards her, but I just don’t like her.


How long do you think Molly can play off that she’s back to trusting the ISEA before their onto her again? With the discovery of Danny’s film, I think it’s only a matter of like one episode! Sparks is watching her every move!

Extant- What On Earth Is Wrong (1×05) Reviewed by on . Molly had a baby... that she doesn't remember having and she's having a hard time proving that the pregnancy even existed at all. We pick up right where we left Molly had a baby... that she doesn't remember having and she's having a hard time proving that the pregnancy even existed at all. We pick up right where we left Rating: 0
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