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Extant- More in Heaven & Earth + Incursion (1×07/1×08)

Extant is getting to be a little much for me. I really enjoyed the show in the beginning, but these last two episodes have really lost me, especially considering we keep elaborating on a story I don’t fully understand.


Molly continues to want to find out what happened to her baby boy. Something about without risk theres no reward. She enlists Sam’s help to find out if there was anything abnormal about the brain scans of the astronauts that went up into the arena secret mission. Sam is a little skeptical about looking them up because obviously it’ll alert Sparks but that’s exactly what Molly wants. She wants him to know that she knows and is digging. Sam finds that everyones brain scans were altered and the abnormality was a result of a mining chemical. Molly puts two and two together, making the connection to a mining company that bought Derek Searse his penthouse, probably to keep quiet about his findings. When Molly tries to visit him, he refuses to see her, so she sends him a picture of the alien sign and he asks to meet at 5pm. Unfortunately, when Molly gets there, the entrance is blocked off because Derek jumped from the roof of the penthouse and killed himself… or was pushed. I’m leaning towards the latter. Sparks, or whoever is making the real shots, ordered him dead after they realized he would talk and tell Molly too much.

Meanwhile, Gordon has Kryger all tied up in his basement. Kryger realized that Gordon didn’t fully believe in everything Sparks was doing. If he had, he would have killed him by now. Instead he was lying to Sparks telling him Kryger was taken care of. Deep down inside, he knew he had to help Molly and that’s exactly what he did after he got a call from Sparks saying there was an intruder in the building where the alien fetus was being held. Molly followed Sparks after paying him a visit, and flirted her way in the building. When the security forces (aka spaceship SWAT) came to take her out, Gordon saved her, further proving that he was their ally. Isn’t it funny how the bad guy turned into a good guy in like .5 seconds!? Gordon tells Molly that he’ll help her save her baby. She’s got some sort of maternal instinct towards this thing and keeps saying that it’s trying to reach out to her, but I don’t think she realizes this isn’t a human baby.. or is it? I don’t even know anymore. 


Gordon gets wind that since there was a security breach, their moving the fetus to a different building that night. The trio devises some complicated plan that involves explosives and more security breaching to try and steal the fetus. Molly leaves John a message just in case she doesn’t make it out alive. It seems pretty irrational of her. If I was in her place, I’d pack up my family and leave. Who cares about this fetus? Have you seen what it’s done to people? And don’t try telling me it’s just misunderstood! John leaves the house in a jiffy and calls Julie to babysit Ethan. She brings Oden along, as the two were out for dinner. I’ll get to that in just one second. Molly, Kryger and Gordon’s plan doesn’t go as promised. Of course, the fetus begins doing something creepy and out of the ordinary– smoking up the whole glass window case it’s being held in. When Sparks sends someone in to see whats going on, he never comes out. The smoke alarm is turned on and mayhem ensues. Gordon tries to go on with the plan, but is caught off guard and Molly and Kryger have to improvise, using Gordon’s finger prints to get on the elevator. This ultimately leads Sparks to the realization that Gordon has betrayed him. As he goes on a hunt to kill his friend, he ends up seeing that Molly is still alive and shoots her. Thankfully, this is just a hallucination and Molly’s body turns into Katie’s. Sparks freaks out that he’s shot his daughter ands killed her again, until she comes back to life and says “we need to help him.” Who is she referring to? The fetus?? Help him with what? Is Sparks going to turn his back on the mission? After all, the only reason he still cares is because it allows him to see Katie right? It gives him the real-life hallucinations. And as it gets stronger, Katie appears more prominently I’m assuming?


Much of the storyline surrounded Ethan who, as we expected, was being taken over by his robotic side. Robots are evil no matter how they are constructed. After his forced shut down, Ethan’s been acting strange. John has been concerned, but not as concerned as when he heard Ethan speak fluent Japanese to some girls at school that were talking about him. Humans don’t learn a whole language in one day so neither should Ethan, especially because he’s suppose to be a human robot aka humatich. John is further concerned when Ethan picks up bike riding without any lessons, but this is more so because he feels like he can’t actually be a father and teach his son anything. After a dinner at Yasimoto’s, he realizes that he is going to slow down Ethan’s development. Unfortunately, after he types in his password, his access is denied. He obviously thinks Julie went behind his back and denied him access and she’s against slowing down Ethan’s development, but a visit to her apartment only leads in a confrontation because she has no clue what he’s talking about. Could Ethan have blocked John himself? Highly unlikely.

All signs point to Oden, who was way to interested in Julie when he met her at the gym. After their “second date” things got hot and heavy, but he stopped by the door to her apartment and said he’ll come in next time. My initial reaction to this was that he’s obviously up to something and he stole something crucial from her while distracting her with his, well, you know. And I think I’m right. Right after their brief, but steamy hook up, Oden went to some meeting where he talked about losing his arm in battle, only the battle was unfair because it was against someone using a computer from the comfort of their own home. We have sold ourselves to technology he said, as he declared war on technology. And who better than to get interested in than Julie, the creator of the human robot. As Oden is making his huge speech, Yasimoto’s fling walks into the room, so clearly she’s also only with him because she wants to destroy the technology he’s passionate about. Personally, this storyline is WAY to much for me. I’m still trying to wrap my brain around the Molly, alien baby and lying ISEA. Than we have Ethan becoming a dominating, to smart for his own good robot, and he’s possibly controlled by these anti-technology people who want to declare war. Toooo much for my little brain. 


Onto my questions… what are Ethan’s capabilities? Can he turn evil? Declare world dominance? Am I being too cliche? What is Yasimoto’s ultimate goal? We know Spark’s wants to bring his daughter back, so ultimately, this alien baby has something to do with preserving life and/or bringing back the dead. But once again how? How did Molly get pregnant? What was she pregnant with? What was Katie pregnant with? How does this thing help out Yasimoto battle immortality? And why is he so interested in Ethan? He made this connection that Ethan’s heightened development can lead to information about the human existence and immortality? What does it all mean? Finally, what’s Oden got up his sleeve? When will Julie realize he’s actually the bad guy and she’s way to naive for a girl whose so brilliant and created something so many people want to destroy. Sorry doll, not everyone thinks a human robot is a grand idea. 

What do you think? Is Extant to much? Have you lost yourself in all the story lines? Is there too many questions and not enough answers? This especially frustrates me as I know the show might not get renewed and than I’ll forever be curious. Gah! 

Extant- More in Heaven & Earth + Incursion (1×07/1×08) Reviewed by on . Extant is getting to be a little much for me. I really enjoyed the show in the beginning, but these last two episodes have really lost me, especially considerin Extant is getting to be a little much for me. I really enjoyed the show in the beginning, but these last two episodes have really lost me, especially considerin Rating: 0
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