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Extant- Nightmares (1×06)

Nightmares are what I’m getting after watching this weeks episode of Extant. Whatever the ISEA is up to, it’s about more than just preserving life and helping Yasimoto stay youthful.

Earlier in the season, Sparks said that Molly’s mission was in Katie’s name. We never really knew what that meant, or what happened to Katie, except for the fact that she died. Well, thanks to Kryger, we know that whatever was up in the space station the day Katie and her team perished, was the same thing that impregnated Molly. How do we know that? By that distinctive bee-hive symbol. Katie had it appear in her stomach in the video to her father, which means that she was also pregnant. They sent Molly there specifically to get pregnant and bring back that thing to earth, but why?

index1Why did they lie about the mission that killed Katie and cover it up?  It’s obviously powerful as it’s thriving in it’s little “cell” and motivating other scientists to kill each other through hallucinations. The symbol was a huge focus this week, but what does it really mean? All we really know is that whenever the thing is “active” in ones body, that little alien box symbol pops up. The scientist had it on his head before going crazy and killing his colleague. This thing is really powerful, thriving in it’s little “cell”.  If it has all this power as a fetus, what happens when the thing is ready to be born? How do they control it, if it’s even compelling the people who are trying to protect it?

My problem with Extant is that we’re being told things are bad and weird, but we don’t know why or how any of it works. How did particles impregnate Molly? How did the scientist get infected?  What is the use for this thing? For right now, Kryger is our best bet– our lead. He knows the most and unfortunately, the ISEA knows it, which is why they had him wiped out as soon as they realized he broke into the building and stole classified information. Did they kill him? Capture him to use as bait? Thankfully not before giving some of his findings to  Molly. Although she’s going to get busted really quick as she’s snooping in places she shouldn’t be.

indexThe theme of family was really constant throughout the episode. First, Molly found out that the only reason Sam was acting weird towards her and lying was because Sparks was threatening her mentally ill brother. When she went for her gynecologist appointment, she let Sam know subtly that she understood that family comes first. It was a touching moment between the best friends who have had a wedge placed between them. Their chemistry is really great no matter what the scene. Sparks also had a moment where he asked the “it baby” to help him see his young daughter. This strongly emphasizes the point that we’re willing to do anything for the ones we love.

index2Meanwhile, Ethan’s shut down has started taking a toll on him. He experienced his first nightmare, which was something John had not programmed Ethan to experience and it’s not something he should learn to do.  The humatich was visibly shaken by this experience, but so was John, who took him in for extensive testing and observation where we realized that he was much faster at his game than last week. By the end of the episode, Ethan revealed that his dream was about the bee-hive alien symbol that he first saw on his moms stomach when she fell a couple of episodes back. Why is Ethan dreaming about it? Is the thing infiltrating Ethan’s brain or motherboard or whatever.  If that isn’t the freakiest dream, I don’t know what is.

index3Julie is also getting her own story arc, but I think it’s only going to get her in more trouble with John. After trying to apologize to him, she’s left babysitting Ethan. She goes to take her anger out at the boxing bag and meets a man named Odin during her boxing session and it becomes clear that it wasn’t a coincidence. She invited him over to her office, offering to replace his faulty prosthetic and he shows much interest in Ethan. Julie is oblivious to the fact that people can actually be bad and tells Odin that she created Ethan. We’re left with Odin eyeing the young boy creepily. Whats his deal? Is he working for Yasimoto? Sparks? 



Extant- Nightmares (1×06) Reviewed by on . Nightmares are what I'm getting after watching this weeks episode of Extant. Whatever the ISEA is up to, it's about more than just preserving life and helping Y Nightmares are what I'm getting after watching this weeks episode of Extant. Whatever the ISEA is up to, it's about more than just preserving life and helping Y Rating: 0
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