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Extant- Shelter (1×04)

Molly, John and Ethan escape their luxurious home and visit Molly’s father in order to hide from Sparks and his army, but with such advanced technology, they stand no chance. Extant took things from timid, to strange, to completely bonkers in the matter of 45 minutes.

Molly’s past is dark and it includes a father who has a problem with alcohol. Visiting him isn’t something she enjoys doing, but without anywhere to go, it’s her only choice. Molly and John ask grandpa to take care of Ethan for a little while they take care of business– that being the DNA test that Sam wasn’t able to complete. As the two work together to gear up the machine, Molly continues having visions/hallucinations of Marcus. The creepy hologram keeps tilting his head oddly and repeating, “don’t give up on me.” The space agency sure knows how to mess with someones mind.


Sparks is trying to keep everything under control. He tried getting Molly to come in for quarantine out of her own free will, but now, different precautions need to be taken. We learn that Yakimuto is conduction life sustaining experiments but the substance keeps failing and apparently, killing his people when they are around it without an air mask. Time is running out and according to him, the answer is in what Molly brought back. I’m assuming the “what” is not actually a baby as Sam and Molly thought. That’s kind of depressing considering Molly and John were actually really excited about it. But feelings aside, what does Yakimoto want? Does he want to find a cure for death? A way to keep himself alive forever? That’s what it seems like.


Sparks sends his army of minions to the island when Molly is hiding out and they have their eye on Ethan. He knows sure enough that the way to get to Molly is to threaten her son. Meanwhile, Sparks is taking care of Sam. He catches her trying to dispose Molly’s blood in the toilet, so he knows she was trying to find out the DNA of the baby, which is something that apparently cannot happen. Why? Whose DNA does the creature have? He digs up dirt on Sam and uses it against her. If she doesn’t do what he wants he’s going to do something bad to her brother Billy, whose locked up in the mental institute. Apparently, Billy killed someone while he was in college, but instead of going to jail, a well-respected physician transferred him into the mental institute and the judge never knew the physician was related to the convict… his sister. Sparks threatens that Billy is in a very weak state and could totally wreck havoc if pushed to the limit. He lets Sam FaceTime with her brother and knows she’s taken care of. She’ll do anything to protect her brother.


Meanwhile, Ethan was spending some quality time with his grandpa that was everything but fun. After teaching Ethan to skip rocks, he realized since Ethan was a robot, he learned really quickly. He decided to cash in on his skills and took him to the bar to swing some rings and win some money. The pressure was really on Ethan and in the final round, with the most money bet, he missed, really aggravating grandpa, who had succumbed to a drink. On the ride home, grandpa really nailed Ethan about how he lost him all of his money and wondered why he missed the last shot. “Nobody’s perfect,” Ethan responded. Truthfully, I was really stressed watching this old man yell at Ethan because you don’t know how he could react. He’s programmed to react like a human and children get hurt when someone tells them they messed up. Ethan is especially sensitive. I was scared that maybe he would flip out or get really upset. Instead, he got kidnapped by the agency. When grandpa came home to tell Molly and John, it seemed like Ethan just ran away and Molly was upset that her father used her son at a bar and drank around him. She and John split up and went to search for Ethan in the woods. Grandpa called the police, but when they arrived and realized they were looking for a humatic, they called the search off explaining that they wouldn’t risk their men in these dangerous woods for a robot who would most likely survive because he didn’t get cold and wouldn’t get hungry.


Molly goes into the forest to find her son and finds him laying the road, shut down. It’s obviously a trap by Sparks. The minute she reaches her son, the ISEA kidnaps her and takes her onto some ship, where she later wakes up in a medical gown. It’s all really weird and surreal. Theirs people experimenting on her and she’s getting prepped for some big surgery– probably the surgery to remove her baby.

What do you think of this summer show? Why do you think Sparks wants Molly’s baby? Sound off below!

Extant- Shelter (1×04) Reviewed by on . Molly, John and Ethan escape their luxurious home and visit Molly's father in order to hide from Sparks and his army, but with such advanced technology, they st Molly, John and Ethan escape their luxurious home and visit Molly's father in order to hide from Sparks and his army, but with such advanced technology, they st Rating: 0
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