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Extant- Wish You Were Here (1×03)

Things are getting super freaky on Extant as Molly deals with the surprise pregnancy by realizing that she’s pretty much losing her mind. Whatever they did to her in space is in full affect as she begins to see people who aren’t really there. Plus, she learns what it means when someone says “don’t trust anyone.” Episode 3 felt like the one that really set the tone for the season, juggling real-life human problems, with supernatural spookiness. 


Ethan starts his first day of school and it stirs up quite some drama between parents who are skeptical of having their children associating with a robot. One parent even refers to Ethan as a “toaster with hair”. Molly comes to Ethan’s defense saying that while to these parent’s he might be a toaster with hair, to her he is a son. They just have to accept that he’s different. Much of this is an example of real life problems we encounter in the LGBT, racial minority, etc. populations. Unfortunately, robots aren’t human and while they may be different, their also lacking human emotions. What if he malfunctions and proves to be dangerous the parent’s wonder? John is so blinded by his love for his son and the fact that humanics are his passion that he doesn’t realize that Ethan actually is sort of dangerous. He might be good and behaves around his parents, but some things about his are a little off. Last week, he may/may not have killed that bird when he got upset that Molly dropped his ice cream. Then he became really preoccupied with extinction; a concept that’s scary if a robot gets preoccupied with. This week, he didn’t listen to his father when he was left home alone for a little. Instead, he went outside and built a trap for a bird, which he later got caught hiding in the garage and explained he just wanted to play with him, not hurt him. It’s odd because John never asked Ethan if he wanted to hurt the bird. So.. what’s Ethan really thinking about up there?

Julie, John’s assistant and from what I’ve gathered, co-creator of Ethan is against enrolling him in school. She thinks that children are to cruel and vicious and will expose Ethan to too many negative experiences, which won’t be in a controlled environment. John of course disagrees saying he wants his son to have all the normal experiences. 

We got some flashbacks that dealt with Molly’s inability to get pregnant with John, which was hard for her since she was once pregnant with Marcus but a car crash caused her to lose the baby, killing her boyfriend in the process. After she finally accepted that she couldn’t have kids, John proposed the idea that they adopt Ethan as their child. This way he can assure that Ethan gets real-world experiences and he can monitor his creation.

The fact that Molly is pregnant now seems rather unbelievably, not only because of her infertility issues but also because she’s been in space alone for 13 weeks. How is she going to explain that to her husband? After Ethan tells John mom is keeping secrets, the two have quite the fight which pushes Molly to reveal that she’s pregnant. The secret is out! She explains that during her mission, the space exploration agency was conducting experiments without her knowledge. She basically repeats what space agency director Alan told her, because truthfully, it sounds really believable. They took some of her and John’s old fertility samples and implanted them in her, which resulted in her pregnancy. Thankfully, Molly doesn’t believe everything she hears and she asks that her bff/gynecologist Sam do a DNA test using her and John’s samples to see if the baby really is theirs. After all, she also remembers what happened in space between her and Marcus, or Marcus’s hologram or whatever.


Molly’s surprise birthday party event isn’t going well. She collapses on the ground after giving Sam her bolo for the DNA test and that weird symbolic thing rises from her stomach causing her abdominal pain. Sam takes the samples and goes to work to run the tests, but runs into trouble. The whole floor is closed and something seems off. She sneaks around to see officials removing things from her office and automatically warns Molly not to go anywhere with Alan.

Meanwhile, Molly she runs into Tim, Marcus’s brother who isn’t from the same town, outside. The two have a long conversation about Marcus and he even joins in on a group picture, before Molly realizes he’s not actually there. It’s quite terrifying to see Molly realize that the results of her brain scan are actually making her go crazy. She flips out on John and calls her friend to come take her for observation out of fear that she really is loosing it. Well, this was Alan’s plan all along. However they make these visions, hallucinations, holograms appear to just her, they did it in order to convince Molly that she needed their help and willingly come to the “hospital”. A.k.a they needed her to keep quiet about the pregnancy. It worked, until Molly got a text from Sam not to go anywhere with Alan. She quickly realized that she made a huge mistake and jumped out of the car. Thankfully, Sam also notified John and sounded really concerned when he told her she went with Alan, so right as she jumped out, John was behind her waiting to save her. This really could have gone both ways with John. He could have been the husband that got mad when Molly told him about the pregnancy questioning her faith and siding with the space station in the end. I’m glad we went with John, the supportive husband who is willing to do anything to protect his wife. 


Alan is done playing nice with Molly. Things have gotten out of hand and at this point she probably already knows too much for her own good. Alan and what looks like the SWAT/black ops army come busting into Molly’s house looking for her. Obviously she’s no where to be found. She knows something is up. She knows Harmin was right. She has to disappear and she’s taking her family with her. All this action really got me pumped for the rest of the season. How is she going to outrun this army that clearly has some wicked technology and needs to find her? 

There’s many questions I have after seeing this episode though. First off, where is Harmin? Did Molly ultimately lead the agency to him? I’m sure they’ve been watching her every move and she keeps trying to visit him kind of blowing his cover. What is the symbol that we see in her belly? It’s the same one she finds in Harmins abandoned trailer. What will the agency do to Sam? She obviously knows just as much as Molly at this point. Why is Alan betraying his “friend” like this? What does he want from her/what did he do to her in the name of his daughter Kate? 

Extant- Wish You Were Here (1×03) Reviewed by on . Things are getting super freaky on Extant as Molly deals with the surprise pregnancy by realizing that she's pretty much losing her mind. Whatever they did to h Things are getting super freaky on Extant as Molly deals with the surprise pregnancy by realizing that she's pretty much losing her mind. Whatever they did to h Rating: 0
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