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Famous in Love Look Who's Stalking Famous in Love Look Who's Stalking

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Famous in Love – Look Who’s Stalking (2×08)



Raise your hand if you thought that Paige’s stalker was, without a doubt, Eddie!

I thought it may have been too obvious, but the way he reacted when Paige told him she had a boyfriend made it very possible that he was at The Bixby only to lure her in and she just so happened to be at her lowest emotional state and fell for it.

In a shocking twist of events, the creepy home invader turned out to be bartender Shane.

Alright, it wasn’t that shocking cause the bartender was my third suspect. The second was the worker at Gold Brothers but if Eddie was obvious, the other guy was beyond.

And like Cassandra said, it’s always someone you know.

The bartender, in case you forgot, also served Paige a bottle of their finest alcohol one time from a secret-admirer so yeah, they alluded to it.

Paige’s self-defense was on-point; Shane didn’t stand a chance against her especially when she pushed him off the staircase.

Way to ruin her new house, bro.

When it comes to terrible boyfriends, Jake has to be at the top of the list.

He was so pre-occupied with what a flop the film festival was even though it was supposed to be since it was his first one, he didn’t reach out to Paige to see if she made it home safe.

Therefore, he knew nothing about the stalker situation.

And when he finally made it a point to come see her to “fix things,” he showed up after everything was said and done and the cops were there. We’re just so glad she picked Jake over Rainer (insert sarcastic tone here).

I’m still trying to understand what the writers are trying to achieve with their relationship given that he’s developing feelings for Billy. It’s only a matter of time before they act on that sexual tension.

Maybe he’ll run to her when Paige confesses that she slept with another man.

Despite how I feel about cheaters, it hurt me to see Paige regret her bad decision and state that Jake would hate her because she hated herself.

Sometimes, we’re harder on ourselves and less likely to forgive ourselves than those around us. I wish I  could say I hope that’s the case here, but I’m indifferent about this relationship.

Much like I am about Rainer’s with Harper. Since Sloane revealed that Harper goes wherever the wind blows, I’ve been skeptical of her.

This week, she brought Rainer the manuscript to “Redemption Ridge,” which she outbid the other studios, including Nina’s, for. Her idea is to star in the movie alongside Rainer which glosses over his decision to leave acting for good.

You can tell she’s in it for selfish reasons because she didn’t even ask how Rainer was doing following his relapse. And the only good outcome of that was that he made amends with Jordan who moved his deposition back a day to be there for his friend during a time of need.

Much of the story focused on Alexis who is on a downward spiral. Or at least Sloane wants everyone to think she is.

It’s a fact that Alexis is being overworked, stole a blouse, did some drugs and boozed it up way too much, but Sloane is loving every minute of it.

She’s putting on the act of being this concerned friend when in reality, she wanted Tangey to think Alexis was a mess so that she would call her mother and tell her to put the reality show on hiatus which would, in turn, allow Sloane to take over.

Yep, she’s sabotaging her own “bestie” for her personal gain.

Suddenly, I’m not even mad that Nina tried to sabotage Sloane’s chances of landing a role on that film.

Alexis can be catty, Tangey has had her moments but damn, Sloane is the worst of them all.

I really need Tangey to stop working with Pablo Money because honey, those songs are not money. That was the weakest song I’ve ever heard.

And why didn’t we acknowledge Jordan’s rekindled relationship with Tangey when it pertained to Maricel?

As for Cassandra, she’s getting a taste of what it means to be a Hollywood couple. Adam got an AD part on a new film in Iceland and while she was mad he didn’t ask for her approval, she was more scared that they would fall apart.

However, like Jake said, I think they might actually make it. I hope he doesn’t leave the show for good because he’s an enjoyable, neutral character.

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New Girl

Once Upon a Time – Leaving Storybrooke (7×22)



Once Upon a Time Leaving Storybrooke

And they lived happily ever after. Although it wasn’t really an end, it was a second chance.

Once Upon a Time closed the final chapter in the fairy tale and everything came full-circle — but not everyone made it out alive.

That doesn’t necessarily mean they didn’t get their happy ending, though.

Rumpelstiltskin showcased a newfound bravery which we’ve never seen before. Becoming the Dark One stemmed from his cowardice, but he finally realized that his power didn’t equate bravery or strength.

Throughout his time trying to find his way back to Belle, he learned what it means to be a true hero which led to his selfless choice; the choice to sacrifice himself and give his heart to his former enemy, and now, truest friend, Hook. Or rather, Nook.

Personally, I like Nook a lot more than Hook.

There was no guarantee his death would reunite him with Belle but given that this is a fairytale, it was pretty obvious that heaven would be an eternity with his love who welcomed him with open arms in her iconic yellow dress.

Once may have lost its way on multiple occasions, but they’ve never faltered when it came to really great love stories.

Even though it may have been sad, Rumpel needed to die. It was his biggest fear, yet Belle always taught him that life was less about how much time you had and more about the moments and the sacrifices.

Admittedly, the timeline/realm situation was pretty confusing, and I wish we hadn’t wasted so much time focusing on Wish Henry’s redemption storyline. Out of all the characters, he never needed redemption because, well, he wasn’t the real Henry.

Yes, it speaks volumes to Regina’s character arc to give this Henry a second chance. Being ready to die to prove to her son, whatever version of him, that she loved him unconditionally is not something the old Regina would do. And if it hadn’t been a series finale that was tight on time, this would have probably been an epic storyline that showcased the power of true love.

I found that both the scene of her discussing her fate with Wish Henry before he takes her blood to doom everyone to their own personal hell in isolation and the duel between mother and lookalike son took up too much time. I would have preferred some actual screentime with Emma. Or even the old Henry for that matter. Let’s face it, the truest believer was never meant to be evil and he didn’t pull it off all that well.

Maybe it’s because deep down inside, even alter-ego Henry wanted to simply be loved?

When Regina decided to cast one last curse — one that would negate all the bad that she’s done and unite all the realms so they could all be together — she insisted that her two boys could finally be in one place together.

But what happened to that Henry and that Regina? When Robin and Alice took the yellow beignet truck to Storybrooke, they came back to when Robin was five-years-old.

Did Regina’s curse send them to the present and thus, that Henry was now Hyperion Heights Henry? It’s really confusing just trying to explain it.

I’m glad Regina finally got some closure with Robin Hood through the dream-scene, which apparently happened in reality since she woke up with a feather in her hand. I didn’t realize how much I missed them as a couple almost like I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed the quaint little town of Storybrooke.

Regina is right; their love story was short-lived but it doesn’t make it any less epic.

Still, I wish that Regina found her happiness like everyone else. I know that she was crowned the Good Queen which means her character development was complete, the people loved and accepted her, and she was surrounded by her closest friends and family, but something was still missing for her.

She always wanted true love and all of the men she did love — Daniel, Robin, Facilier — ended up dead.

Becoming Queen of all the realms is still a pretty badass feat and proves what they were fighting for in the Wish Realm; their stories aren’t set in stone. They ultimately control their destiny.

I do wish that Regina’s coronation doubled-up as Alice and Robin’s wedding. Given that the writers made it a point for Robin to ask Nook for his blessing for the marriage and then how she pointed out that he would walk his daughter down the aisle, I was betting we’d see it.

Understandably, a series finale is supposed to pay tribute to the key moments from the original and honor the original fans but with this revamped season, I’ve grown a liking for the new generation. It would have been a nice touch to honor both fans, old and new.

If they weren’t going to do it, why even bring it up?

Emma Swan arrived at the coronation a bit late with Hook and baby Hope in tow. The minute Snow mentioned that “the baby got fussy,” I hoped we’d see their little bundle of joy. Next to Regina, Emma has always deserved a happy ending.

And can you believe how big Neil is already?

The finale as a whole wasn’t gripping nor was it shocking but that was the whole point. We’ve had several seasons for the finales that made us cling to our seats and worry about the fate of these characters. This wasn’t the time.

These characters have told their stories, they’ve lived their adventures. Whatever happens now, I’m sure it will be as thrilling as it always has been but sadly, we won’t be a part of it.

There’s something comforting in knowing that the stories will keep on going and that really, there’s no happy ending; the happiness has always been within us.

And as we leave behind characters that are stronger and more resilient than ever, we say goodbye to curses and departed Storybrooke, a forgotten town tucked away somewhere in Maine where incredible things are happening, one last time.

Other Thoughts

  • I love how the dwarves and Granny attacked the intruders. They aren’t too welcoming around these parts of town.
  • The Blue Fairy has always been so underutilized. And even in her final scene, she was just a prop to showcase just how bad Rumpel’s new curse could be.
  • Why did Wish Henry want everyone to pay when his gripe was with Regina?
  • Maleficent’s baby daddy was Zorro. I don’t know why we needed to know that, but I’m a better person because I do.
  • Not only was Alice and Robin’s lovestory never finished, we never even got a proper sendoff for Henry and Jacinda. It’s as if they were pining for each other during the curse and had about 3% of chemistry and then after that, poof, it was all gone.

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New Girl

Famous in Love – Guess Who’s (Not) Coming to Sundance (2×07)



Famous in Love Guess Who's (Not) Coming to Sundance

Okay, I’m just going to come out and say it — Paige and Jake just aren’t on the same page anymore. No pun intended.

Their relationship has fizzled out simply because of where they are in their professional careers and that’s okay.

It feels like for the past few episodes of Famous in Love, they’ve been trying so hard to salvage something that simply wasn’t there anymore.

Paige has more chemistry with her stalker at this point. I found it a bit surprising that Paige completely ignored her mini break in until she finally realized that this fame thing meant that people were a little too obsessed with her. I’ll bet all my money that the stalker leaving her risque lingerie is the dude from the Locked wrap party.

Also, how does she have such an expensive home but no cameras?

Jake finally made it to a film festival that was a step down from Sundance. It still counts, okay?

Since they’ve been a bit rocky, Paige decided to go surprise him but things weren’t as romantic as she envisioned they would be.

For starters, Billy has been quite the cock-blocking third-wheel. And she doesn’t even realize she’s doing it.

There’s definitely some misunderstandings happening between Paige and Jake. She should have known this was his big moment to mingle with film execs and get ‘er done. Yet, it seems that everytime he has to do something concerning the movie she was booted from, she gets really upset and defensive.

As someone in the industry, she should know better than that; she should know how it all works!

Yes, the film director stating that Billy was the better choice because Paige was simply famous for being famous was uncalled for but we can’t really argue with it. So far, no one has actually seen her acting in the big feature film, all they’ve seen is her relationship splashed across the tabloids.

I’m sure it hurt being “second best,” but she could have taken it in stride especially since Jake doesn’t actually believe that. It’s easy to say that he should have come to her defense but as someone trying to set up his roots in the industry and get the funding, he can’t burn any bridges for just anything.

But Paige put the determining nail in the coffin when she decided to hook up with her ex who just so happened to be at the Bixby. They reminisced on old times, she had a little too much wine, she was hurt and so she hooked up with him to “find out what they’d missed out on” when they ended their long-term relationship.

Even if the paparazzi didn’t catch that — which I find highly unlikely because she’s such a huge star and the Bixby is such a celeb hangout, you’d think it would be crawling with paps — it’ll likely eat away at Paige’s consciousness. She defended her decision to pick Jake over Rainer to the US Weekly interviewee so chances are, without the red wine boosting her confidence, she wouldn’t have allowed herself to cheat.

But, what’s done is done. And really, it’s a low blow especially because Jake and Billy have had so much chemistry and they still haven’t hooked up. They even had the perfect, low-key opportunity while sharing a hotel room and still, they respected Paige and Jake’s relationship too much.

However, the minute Paige tells him about Eddie, I can see him pouncing on Billy. My guess is that they’ll start dating, become a beloved Hollywood couple, she’ll rise to stardom for her role in Stealing Georgia, Jake will become a hot director and Paige will watch from the sidelines as someone else steals her whole life from her.

Also having relationship woes? Jordan, when Marisol sees the fan pictures of him cozying up to ex-Tangey. Admittedly, they did get a little too close for comfort but he’s hit such a rough patch. You’d think people would be praising him for speaking his truth and defending his mother from an abuser on GMA but instead, the Chicago DA served him and may possibly charge him with second-degree murder. That’s Chicago for you.

Rainer was a complete asshat to Jordan during the move. His anger is understandable but really, Jordan is clearly suffering enough? Watching him back up his things all while Rainer pretended not to even remember the past and broke his surfboard was heartbreaking.

When you come to a moment where you have no one to call when the bottle is calling your name, maybe the problem is you.

I feel bad for him because he got so caught up in this fantasy of New York and Harper but in reality, she’s a snake! She stole that rights to Redemption Ridge right from under both Nina and Steven. Is she hoping this will be the role that convinces Rainer to stay in Hollywood? How did she even manage to convince the lady when Nina couldn’t?

Nina is one delusional lady, let me tell you. She actually tried to play the victim card after she lost the movie she STOLE from Steven, her boyfriend, and then cried about why he lashed out and broke up with her? Um, maybe because he told you about the manuscript in confidence and you when behind his back and tried to double-cross him?

She thought she was doing him such a favor! Does she even believe her own bullshit at this point?

I don’t think Harper deserved the win because let’s face it, she’s terrible in her own regard, but neither did Nina. And neither did Steve for that matter because he would have given the role to two-faced Sloane. Wow, Hollywood really is ugly.

Nina is self-destructive and I’m interested in digging deeper to figure out why that is. There’s no question about her brilliance since she got this far in the industry, but why is she so scared to let herself be happy? And why does she think she has to buy everyone’s happiness?

My one caveat, okay, that’s a lie, I have many, but the biggest one is that it’s completely fake. You can tell simply from the set-up. How many times can you use that WB lot until we all figure it out? That fake snow and lack of cold breath when the characters talked set me off. I’m from Chicago, we know what it looks like when it’s cold.

You’re telling me they didn’t have enough money to go film somewhere that maybe had a more realistic vibe to Utah?

The other problem is with the lack of effort when it comes to acting. Tangey barely delivered an angry tone when chewing out her fans, Jordan looks like a lost puppy half the time, I’m surprised he even knows who he is and Paige’s feeble attempt at “surprise,” just about sent me over the edge. Not to mention her lackluster arrival that just exuded fakeness.

Let’s at least try to make this seem believable, you guys!


Other Thoughts

  • Does anyone even care about Tangey’s storyline? The songs Pablo Money made her were lowkey kind of whack.
  • Her “fandom” picking sides between her and Alexis and trolling is the most accurate depiction of fandoms ever. They don’t even care about the art or the music, as long as there is some good drama to gossip about.
  • Another great episode without Alexis. Girl, bye.
  • Sadly, I missed Cassie and her horror-movie screams.
  • Seeing Rainer hit the bottle that hard was deeply disheartening. Alcoholism is such a problem and if you don’t have anyone to turn to, it’s easy to fall back into the habit.
  • Why did the writers make us think a Rainer and Paige reconciliation was near if they brought back her vain ex?

Thoughts on this week’s Famous in Love? Will Paige alert anyone besides the bartender (and possible stalker) about the situation at home? Did Rainer really fall off the wagon for good? Are Paige and Jake done?


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New Girl

Famous in Love – The Goodbye Boy (2×06)



Famous in Love The Goodbye Boy

Rainer’s announcement that he’s leaving Hollywood for good on Famous in Love was a mere test for Harper, right?

His decision to leave behind his well-established career came right after Nina called Harper out for ot having Rainer’s best interests at heart.

Rainer’s “love goggles” were finally removed and he began to see Harper for what she really is: an opportunistic gold digger. She doesn’t care about him as much as she cares about his money and fame.

Sloane was right when she told him that Harper is a chameleon willing to change and adapt to whatever role will get her what she wants.

How convenient that at the first sign of the lavish lifestyle being taken away, Harper seemed disinterested!

He gave away his pricey car to help a man pay off his children’s tuition, a hasty decision that most would commend but Harper was simply irritated that she had to take an Uber home.

I’m thinking his decision to end his career and move to New York will prove his suspicions and he’ll finally be able to confront his feelings for Paige.

It’s also why he’s so drawn to Paige again; she’s the girl-next-door who has morals, values and a promising work ethic.

In fact, the jealous lovers who accused them both of cheating after the party is what will bring these former lovebirds together. If other people notice chemistry, there must be something.

The way Paige longs after Rainer and the way he smiles when he sees her prove there are feelings involved.

It doesn’t help that Jake’s just a complete tool. If I were Paige, I’d be regretting choosing him over Rainer in the first place.

Since that moment, Jake has never put Paige first. And his excuse for cutting her out of everything is that he’s scared she’ll leave him because he’s less successful. That’s bull.

He told Shane that he’s set on submitting his movie to this year’s film festival because Paige’s careering is skyrocketing and if his doesn’t, she’ll leave him.

When did Paige ever say that or even convey that in her actions?

At no point did Paige look “down” on him for making indies instead of blockbuster hits nor did she ever assert herself as the “better” one.

She even got drunk so that he could get the necessary funding which caused her to miss her Scorcese screen test and Jake couldn’t even be bothered to see if she made it home safely. What a douche!

In fact, she’s been nothing but supportive this whole time and even wanted to star in Stealing Georgia except that he wouldn’t push production back.

This whole “Paige needs an equal” mentality is something he’s made himself believe. Of course, it’s easier to blame other people than admit you’re the problem.


His own feelings about being less-than are going to ruin this great thing they have and again, push her right into Rainer’s arms.

It could be that he submitted the initial version to the film festival’s to surprise Paige but I highly doubt it. He seemed pretty set on cutting her out and I get it, he found a new actress and it worked better. But he shouldn’t have given his girl false hope than. Why even consider it if you knew all the work you’d put in the second time around was better?

Shane is just an added layer of trouble to Paige and Jake’s already damaged relationship. He’ll eventually turn to her for comfort after things with Paige hit the fan. I just hope she’s smarter than being second best in both the professional aspect ad the public one.

Jordan Wilder went wild during his GMA appearance and told the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Marisol was on the money when she told him about his secrets being used as a weapon against him. With everything out in the open, reporters could no longer ambush him in an attempt to break the story.

He owned the narrative. Considering he killed his mother’s ex-boyfriend in self-defense, he should be free from serving jail time so I’m not really sure why he’s been so concerned with protecting his past in the first place.

I do think it’s a bit weird all the reporters started getting his personal information the minute he began dating the sweet teacher. Look, I’m not saying she’s to blame, per say, but there are no coincidences in Hollywood.

Maybe she has a hidden agenda? Maybe she’s connected to his past in some way? They both had terrible upbringings it seems.

An episode without Tangey Turner and Alexis is one I can watch all day long. I never realized how much I despised them both until they weren’t even an afterthought.

Nina’s relationship with Steve could be a chance for her to really start over and prove that she can be a better person. But, unfortunately, she’s too caught up in the business.

After she read his script for Sloane, she immediately saw money signs and a potential Oscar role for Rainer. You know she’s going to try to undermine Steve and get her son the part and it will get messy considering Sloane’s motives for Rainer and Hollywood.

When it comes to this cast, I’m rooting for Cassie the most because she works hard and doesn’t take any of that Hollywood crap.

And the driven people are the ones who get rewarded. Or in this case, promoted to Dead Girl number six.

Props to Marlene King for attempting to address how ugly and dangerous Hollywood can be for young, and female, actors.

And lastly, did that creepy ass tour guide break into Paige’s house? She did tell him she had the old car in her garage.

Which guy is going to come to her rescue? My money is on Rainer because he’s been more of a gentleman to her — even after their public spat — than Jake has ever been!

Can someone also explain to me why Paige didn’t run out the front door when she realized her alarm was triggered by an open back door? I mean, don’t walk towards the danger!

What do you think the cast is going to do now that production is over? Will Rainer and Harper call it quits? Is he really done with Hollywood?

Hopefully, we get to see Locked and the horror movie when they’re finalized.

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