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Forever- Diamonds Are Forever (1×13)

This weeks case was connected to Jo’s late husband Sean and it proved to be a little hard to handle for the usually, composed and strong detective.

A man is killed in a hit and run accident just a couple of blocks from Jo’s crib and Henry immediately labels it a murder. This is Henry’s new favorite line and Mike’s least favorite. 

Henry believes the man was trying to run away from the vehicle, but got run down and than run over again to finish the job. Aaron Brown ends up being a man put in jail 3 years agon by Jo’s DA husband Sean.

The case has two parts. Major cases are also investigation because they believe Aaron was responsible for a diamond store robbery right before he died. But things aren’t always what they seem and Henry is all “lets check out that crime scene because I’m sure I can eff that investigators theory up.” And he did. Without even watching the surveillance video, Henry was able to walk through the whole crime, coming to the conclusion that Aaron was not the robber. Why? Well, Aaron was left handed and even though the robber did use his right hand to break through the glass, he wasn’t very good at it… because it wasn’t his dominant hand. And Aaron would not be able to destroy the surveillance camera with his right hand the way the robber did because of an injury to his right deltoid that Henry found from his exams. Sorry, officer Dunne.

Aaron’s wife believes someone is framing her husband, who turned over a new leaf since getting out of jail. Henry always gives everyone the benefit of the doubt and it proves to be beneficial in this case. After smelling the mask found at the scene, he gets a whiff of pancakes, which apparently means whoever wore the mask must have has diabetes. Apparently, that’s what it smells like. The things you learn.  They locate Diego, Aarons accomplice who was also arrested 3-years ago. He flees but gets gunned down and killed by Dunne after shooting Mike in the arm. An autopsy reveals the stolen diamonds in a condom inside his body. But the diamonds, according to Abe, are not worth much as at all.

Henry is left wondering why someone would go through such an elaborate plan in that case. Mike tells Henry to drop the case because the connection to Sean is stressing her out, but Henry can’t let the loopholes go. He wants to find out where the paint on Aaron’s knuckles came from and it leads him right to Jo’s door. She admits there was a knock on her door last night and they figure it must have been Aaron looking for Sean most likely from protection.


Turns out Diego stole the stones, but had no idea they were worthless. Someone set the whole thing up in order to benefit from being robbed by cashing in on the insurance policy. But that’s not it. As Henry is talking to Mike, he realizes the gunshot wound couldn’t have been from Diego. Instead, he had to have been shot by Dunne, who then planted the gun on the robber. 

The whole plot was pretty intricate and brilliant. When the two detectives make the realization, Jo is already in the car on the way to what she thinks is the store owners house. Spending loads of time with Henry proves to be beneficial because as she’s talking to Dunne, her old academy body, she picks up on his statement about Washington Heights, where she lives. It’s odd to her because her address has always remained a secret since her husband was a DA. She knows somethings up and puts in her ear piece secretly, calling Henry. Dunne realizes she’s onto him and comes clean explaining he caught the store owner pulling insurance plan scams, but instead of taking him to jail, he decided to cash in on it. The two of them planned for Diego to rob the store of the cheap diamonds and then decided to pin the whole thing on Aaron. But when Aaron saw Dunne he figured it out and Dunne ran him down with his super-fast car. 

Dunne pulls a gun on Jo, making it perfectly clear that he’s going to kill her. Clearly being outsmarted by a mortician is not something he deals with very well. Henry tells Jo to crash her car into a nearby barricade head first. He’s studied enough accidents to know she’ll come out of it completely uninjured. 

The moment is tense with Jo having to make a really hard decision. What sane person can just crash their car into a barricade? But she knows Henry and she trusts him. Plus she knows if she doesn’t listen to him she’s as good as dead, so she speeds up to 60 and goes in head first. Mike and Henry rush to the scene afterwards and it’s adorable to see Henry relieved to find his partner is a-okay! 

I’m not sure how much time has gone by since his death, but it doesn’t look like she’s ever dealt with it properly. It was nice to see her more vulnerable side because she’s usually the one holding it all together. Going through those tapes must have been really hard for her, and it was heartbreaking watching him call her and plan their movie night, while she was at home alone.  I literally had tears in my eyes when she told Henry that her last words to her husband were out of anger. They always say never go to sleep angry for this exact reason. Damn being so emotional. I was so happy to see Henry come at the most perfect time to cheer up his partner and spend the night with her on the steps as the snow fell romantically around them. Dealing with a loss is hard and who better than the person whose had so much experience dealing with it. I think Henry is also finally realizing that there may be something worth pursuing between the two of the, even if it is just to share his biggest secret with her. The only thing I wish we did get out of this episode was a reason for Sean’s death. I’m not sure if I missed that, but I’d love to know the full story. 

Abe dealt with his own mystery, when one of his artifacts ended up missing. He bothered Henry to solve it the whole episode, until the Asian boy who he suspected walked into his shop again. He called the police, but it turns out the kid is just an artifact geek who was coming and rearranging the objects. It was a surprising turn of events and seems like a new partnership for the both of them. 


I didn’t quite understand the flashbacks to Henry in jail with a Catholic priest. It seemed like it was just a moment of clarity for Henry, who finally realized that dying in that cell and escaping was all worth it because it led him to this life? Dying and resurrecting was fate. I may be wrong. Sometimes, I don’t think Forever’s flashbacks don’t quite fit the story, but their enjoyable nonetheless. 

Thoughts on this weeks episode? What did you think of Jo’s personal story? Will this be a major breakthrough for her relationship with Henry?


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Forever- Diamonds Are Forever (1×13) Reviewed by on . This weeks case was connected to Jo's late husband Sean and it proved to be a little hard to handle for the usually, composed and strong detective. A man is kil This weeks case was connected to Jo's late husband Sean and it proved to be a little hard to handle for the usually, composed and strong detective. A man is kil Rating: 0
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