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Forever- The Ecstasy of Agony (1×08)

“There is a fine line between pleasure and pain.”

S&M hit Forever hard this week… no pun intended.

One of pain therapist Iona Payne’s (guest starring Peyton Sawyer Hilarie Burton) clients is found dead in an alley. Initially Henry and co. think that the man was killed during a s&m session with the dominatrix. Henry suggests he was strangled in a crime of passion. Kinky stuff. However, when Iona is brought into the precinct for questioning, she reveals that there is no way Richard could have died being choked. His neck muscles were to strong. Instead, he died because he stopped breathing…  Someone skilled would have realized he died it was caused by electrocution. The fact that Henry didn’t see this obvious cause of death, but Ms. Payne did, really got under his skin. It’s quite funny to see Mr. Know It All wrong for a change.  


Henry is totally smitten with Ioana. It’s hard not to be, she’s got this allure about her. She offers people pain, so they forget about their real troubles and problems– their true pain. Henry can’t figure out how electrocution can turn deadly.. or at least he doesn’t want to, so he visits Ioana’s offices for a little step-by-step demonstration. She shows great interest in him, seeing his weaknesses.. his avoidance of human intimacy as a result of betrayal by someone he once trusted.  She wants to help him tap into that pain, but Henry isn’t really invested. He’s definitely got his restriction but that doesn’t mean he isn’t slightly curious. We’ve never really seen Henry out of his element…. So seeing him turned on by this uncomfortable situation is quite refreshing. “Be gentle” he asks as she straps him into handcuffs. When she reaches for her electro-rod though, she realizes it’s missing. At that exact moment, Jo and her partner come to the office to arrest Ioana, real name Molly, on murder charges after an electro-rod found at the scene of the crime, came back with all of her prints.

It’s obviously a mistake, but Ioana’s past record doesn’t help the situation. She was a therapist before becoming a pain therapist and she began dating one of her client. When she attempted to break off the relationship, he committed suicide. The police think she’s completely capable of murder given she has no problem beating people, but Henry sees otherwise. “People think my job is about what I do to my clients. It’s about what I don’t do,” she tells Henry, explaining when they are completely vulnerable, and she can do anything, she stops. That’s control. He begs her to give up the clients name that she was seeing at the time of the murder but staying true to her rules on patient confidentiality, Ioana refuses.  


A deeper look into her office, aka Jo snooping around a bunch of kinky objects she’s probably never experimented with before reveals that the office is bugged. They track down the P.I responsible for it and after offering him immunity, he admits he was hired by Richard’s wife. See, in the end the wife is always involved.Fearing that they were having sex, she got the place bugged. She however didn’t kill her husband. She admitted that she couldn’t understand the therapy and how some other woman was satisfying him in ways she couldn’t so she wanted to see for herself what all the hoopla was about. She was the patient Ioana was seeing that night. She was the patient whose identity she was protecting.

Jo finally clears Ioana of murder charges. Outside of the jail she sees Henry, tells him she’s interested in him as more than a client and asks for a phone number, email address or social media contact. Henry doesn’t have any of those… and she likes that, telling him never to change. She gives him a quick kiss on the cheek before leaving. As he walks to his bike, a black van pulls up and taser him. The man stuff his unconscious body into the van and drives away. 


Meanwhile, Abe has been rekindling his love with ex-wife Maureen. The two are twice divorced but still giving their relationship another go. He decides that it’s finally time for Maureen to meet Henry, but when he doesn’t show up to dinner, he gets worried. He calls Jo, who admits she hasn’t heard from Henry since he left. By his bike, she finds signs of struggle and Henry’s pocketwatch on the ground. She looks back through surveillance videos and sees that the man they saw back at Ioana’s office, kidnapped her partner. With Ioana’s help, their able to track the mans cellphone. Henry is a victim of a jealous mans wrath. Ioana is his woman and Henry shouldn’t have been kissing her. Seriously, when you give people that much pleasure without actually going all the way, some can’t handle it. Henry begs for the guy to just kill him quickly knowing he would just resurrect safely in the water, but he’s out for torture. As he’s getting ready for round two of electric shocks, Jo and her team bust in, saving Henry’s life. 

After his crazy day, Henry decides to go out to the bars with his colleagues for the first time ever. If you live long enough, I guess anything is possible. Lucas is thrilled to see his boss finally out with everyone… even giving him a joyful hug, crossing many personal space lines. Henry doesn’t seem to mind.  It seems his encounters with Ioana helped him turn over a new leaf. He’s realized that  feeling nothing might be the worse pain of of all. Being alone is shitty and sharing pain is something that connects others, brings them together. At least they can numb their pain in some good old scotch, or whatever their poison of choice. 


Other Memorable Moments

-Despite all the fun he’s having with Maureen, Abe tells her he cannot run away with her because his place is here with his son “Henry.” He’s definitely sad but there’s no way he’d be happy without dad.

-Ioana hit a touchy subject with Henry who had flashbacks to his time right after being shot for the first time and realizing that he was immortal. He told the love of his life Nora about his immortality, but she didn’t believe him. He wanted to kill himself to prove it to her, so she pretended to believe him, later turning him over to the insane asylum so he could seek “help.” Yes, she betrayed him which explains why Henry has been so resolved and kept to himself. No wonder he never wanted to tell his love Abbie the truth, and he won’t tell Jo either. He’s scared they’ll just do the same thing Nora did. What a bitch.

– For a moment, I thought A crossed over to Forever… black hooded people have really become more terrifying than monsters.

– Henry did share a personal moment with Jo which might be his first step into letting her in. He told her his chest scar was a result of getting shot. Unfortunately, he didn’t go into details because Lucas interrupted, but I’m sure she’ll ask again in later episodes.

– Can Hilarie Burton become a regular cast member and full-time love interest for Henry? I used to be team Jo but after seeing Ioana’s magic on him, I’m officially Team Ioana. Can we start like a movement or something? Hashtag #IoanaForeveronForever or something? Literally… she’s probably been one of the best guest stars of the season mainly because she developed such a tight relationship with Henry. 

Forever- The Ecstasy of Agony (1×08) Reviewed by on . "There is a fine line between pleasure and pain." S&M hit Forever hard this week... no pun intended. One of pain therapist Iona Payne's (guest starring Peyt "There is a fine line between pleasure and pain." S&M hit Forever hard this week... no pun intended. One of pain therapist Iona Payne's (guest starring Peyt Rating: 0
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