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Forever- The Wolves of Deep Brooklyn (1×12)

Greed is a powerful thing–one explored on this weeks Forever. Both the show and Dr. Henry Morgan returned from hiatus this week. Henry took a few weeks off to deal with the fact that he killed somebody–never an easy thing. He returns to work after finding out that the son of Abe’s military buddy, Marco, has been found dead. 

Jason worked for Wall Street CEO Oliver Clausten (guest starring Billy Baldwin)–a man he deeply looked up to since his days working at his fathers restaurant where he mustered up the courage to approach the CEO and impress him with a stock tip. Fast forward 5 years later and the two were super close and from the looks of it, Jason was leading the perfect life. He had a beautiful girlfriend, money, a great job, and now, Oliver gave him a new car– an Aston Martin nonetheless. But, that night, Jason is found dead. Why? Well, with these types of people, money is everything. Their greedy and they have no regard for human life. It’s a shady life to get into and Marco knows if his son hadn’t been so obsessed with making money, he would have still been alive and had a better life. 

The medical examiner replacing Henry determined the cause of death simply to close the case. He even told Jo figuring out the ‘why’ was her job not his. Thankfully, Henry returned just in time to save the day and make some key observations. Jason did in fact drown, but it wasn’t in the lake. He also had a blow to his head, broken ankle, stuff under his nails and a burn mark on his neck, all things the medical examiner felt were not important to the diagnosis.

Jo and Henry head down to Clausten’s firm, where they find a very hostile and vicious atmosphere. Clausten’s motto–which all workers chant to get pumped– is “kill or be killed.” In that case, anyone can be a suspect. They check out Jason’s office first and run into Val, a pompous employee moving into Jason’s office and looking to “redecorate.” His actions definitely put him on the detectives radar, but Henry notices a broke lamp and blood on the carpet, meaning a fight definitely broke out.

As Jo questions Clausten, an ass whose way to full of himself, Henry talks to Melanie, the receptionist in the front office who tells him that a man named Kevin came to visit Jason and the two got into a fight in his office. They track down Kevin, a mechanic, who admitted to visiting Jason and getting into a fight with him about getting back his 100k, which he lent him to invest. That 100k was found hidden in the floorboards of his house, along with a mysterious key. As they take a look around the shop, Henry finds parts of Jason’s Aston Martin right as Kevin takes off. Henry stops him by standing in front of the oncoming car, until Jo pushes him out of the way and Jason crashes.


Kevin isn’t guilty however. He explains that that night, he came by Jason’s apartment and waited. When he saw the Aston Martin pulling in, he thought it was Jason, but another man who liked like him was actually driving. He identifies Val and when Val is brought in for questioning, he admits he was an accessory to murder. Clausten called him up late that night saying Jason was dead and had him pull him out of the water, stuff him into the car and drive him home. 

Jo, Henry and a swarm of police show up at Clausten’s place, but he’s not worried at all. Instead, he invites them over for wine. Ass. As Henry is inspecting the pool, Jo gets a call from Lt. Reece. A person has just come in to confess. At the station, Jo interviews Melanie, who admits that Clausten invited her and Jason over to his place for drinks. Jason got really drunk and started to come onto her after Clausten went to sleep. That’s when she hit him over the head with a wine bottle and he fell into the pool. She’s all ready to sign her name on the papers, signing away her freedom, but Jo doesn’t really buy her story. At that moment she gets a call from Henry, saying that Abe and his buddies ended up finding the safe Jason’s mysterious key opened. Inside were the real financial reports of Clausten’s company, which revealed he was running a ponzi scheme. Jason must have found this out and Clausten killed him to keep it a secret. Jo tells Melanie that she might be getting paid a lot of money to lie and save Clausten–20 million to be exact– but the FBI will figure it out and when she’s done serving her long sentence for murder, she won’t see a penny of it. Is she really willing to go down? Definitely not. She admits Clausten was the murderer.

The whole swat team gets to Clausten’s company as things are falling apart. Stocks are crashing, investors are bailing, files are being deleted because Clausten is destroying his hard drive with all the evidence. As everyone splits up to go find him, Henry notices the elevator going to the parking lot, and takes the stairs. He sees Clausten trying to escape, so he stands in front of the vehicle hoping to stop him. Except, Clausten has no problem killing and thankfully Jo comes just in time, shooting out his tires. Case closed.

It was nice seeing Abe try to help out, despite doing it completely illegal. I loved the moment where Jo really stuck it to Clausten when he asked “where’s he going?” by replying, “he’s going down.” Ha. Henry and Jo really do make a good team, but it’s becoming difficult because she thinks she understands him, but she has no idea. Killing someone really did have an affect on Henry but only because he shouldn’t have killed him. He only did it because he thought dude was immortal. He wasn’t throwing himself in front of all those cars because he thought he should pay for killing someone. That wouldn’t be good enough as he can’t die. He was doing it to solve the cases knowing he would be just fine in the end. It seems once people know about his “gift” he might become very useful in police work.

I also really enjoyed the flashback scenes to when Henry was worried about Abe going off to war and thought they fit nicely with the case and Marco losing his son. Sometimes, I feel Abe forgets that at one point, Henry really was his father (instead of the other way around) and does know a thing or two about parenting. 

Next weeks episode surrounds a case that dives into Jo’s past because it involves her late husband. I’ve been waiting to learn a little more about her past. What made her the way she is? Who was she married to? Was he corrupt? Why did he die? Can’t wait to find out and have this bring her and Henry closer together. Small sparks flew between them today right?

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Forever- The Wolves of Deep Brooklyn (1×12) Reviewed by on . Greed is a powerful thing--one explored on this weeks Forever. Both the show and Dr. Henry Morgan returned from hiatus this week. Henry took a few weeks off to Greed is a powerful thing--one explored on this weeks Forever. Both the show and Dr. Henry Morgan returned from hiatus this week. Henry took a few weeks off to Rating: 0
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