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Good Girls

Good Girls – Atom Bomb (1×04)



“Mommy, why is there a strange man in my bed?” That’s a sentence you never want to hear your 4-year-old daughter say to you. Ever.

And that’s how this week’s episode of Good Girls kicks off.

Beth deals it the only way she knows how — by asking if her kids want to go swimming at their dads.

This man isn’t just “sleeping” in her bed. He’s injured and there is blood everywhere staining her daughter’s sheets.

Beth calls Ruby and Annie who are shocked to find out she actually ASKED Rio for another job. This time, I don’t even feel bad for Beth for the mess she’s gotten herself in because she should have known better. Annie’s reaction is so priceless when she realizes this time, the terrible decision was made by her own sister and not her.

They call Rio thinking they have some leverage but he shuts them down really quickly — this isn’t live driving for Uber, you can’t pick and choose jobs you want to do and when. He finds the job and if you want that money, you have to do it.

At this point, if I was in their shoes, I would tell Rio to take his money and his boy out of my house. But when you are still having money problems and feel like your family is counting on you, the promise of wads of cash for nursing some punk back to health seems like an offer you can’t resist.

Of course, Rio’s dude doesn’t just wake up, thank them for the hospitality and leave. Nope. He finds his gun, points it at Beth and the girls and demands they give him a car so he can escape.

What’s worse is that Rio pops in during her son’s big, extravagant birthday party to pick up his friend. When she tells him that he already left, he tells her the only way she gets paid is if she does the job right. That’s a lot of pressure to put on a white suburban mother, just saying.

A gang leader showing up during a kids birthday party also isn’t the best. Not only is Boomer there and suspicious of the guy, so it Beth’s husband Dean, who believes the neck-tat guy is her new bf and gets wildly jealous.

When Dean realizes his wife is completely over him and probably won’t give him another chance, which he doesn’t even deserve, he breaks down and tells her she has cancer.

Obviously, something this serious makes Beth rethink how she’s treating him. Yes, he made a mistake and cheated but for the sake of the children, they should probably be close to their father again. So, she decides to let him move back in.

However, for those of you that thought the cancer diagnosis was a little too perfect, well, you’re right. Dean is faking cancer to get his wife back. That’s low. Especially because cancer is Ruby’s reality with her little girl.

And poor Ruby is now out of a job thanks to some entitled brats. Watching these kids belittle her just because she’s a waitress and therefore their “server” really ruffled me. Who raised these little assholes?

Ruby handled it like a pro. I was genuinely surprised she didn’t actually throw the plate of hot food in this kids face. Unfortunately, she also didn’t warn him that the steaming plate was “hot to the touch,” which was pretty self-explanatory.

I know her husband said to “suck it up” for the children but at some point, you have to stop letting people walk all over you just because you need to make that minimum wage. And her boss, the kid and the kid’s helicopter mom were doing just that.

Beth is dealing with trying to support her family and her cancer-ridden husband, Ruby can’t tell her husband she lost her job and needs to come up with cash fast to pay for her daughter’s medical bills and Annie, well she wants to keep custody of her daughter, which means she needs money. Nothing has changed since episode one, these ladies are desperate.

When they realized many stores have gratuitous return policies, they came up with a brilliant plan — they will buy things using fake cash, return it and get real cash for it instead. Rio isn’t floored with their business proposal, but he’s willing to give it a go and cut them a percentage of the profit.

While the plan does seem airtight, don’t you think retailers will check to see if the cash is real? If it’s fake money that has no value, how does it pass the inspection that Boomer did at his own store? Something can go seriously wrong with this.

Especially because Rio is already a “wanted man.” The FBI has been watching him for quite some time. When Boomer goes to talk to Agent Turner, the man believes this is just a guy who got friend-zoned. And that’s part of it. But Boomer is resilient because he knows these ladies are up to some shady things.

When he brings Turner the picture of Rio, the agent starts to believe his story and turns up on Beth’s doorstep. How is she going explain this one? Will they back out of their deal with him once they realize the FBI is snooping around?

Beth and Rio obviously have some sexual tension so it’s only a matter of time before they hook up. And when she gets that involved, how will she able to separate herself and do what’s best for her kids?

The van with bullet holes everywhere likely won’t help their story either because it’s a dead giveaway that Beth is up to something really sketchy.

Speaking of bullet holes, my heart hurt when Sadie told Annie that the kids at school were pulling down her pants to “see what she really is.” Kids are the worst.

However, Annie bringing in some gangbanger with a gun into the school to “teach the kids a lesson” was probably the worst idea ever. Especially because schools are such vulnerable places to begin with when they really should be safe spaces.

Not to mention the guy went overboard and broke a kids hand. You really want to root for these girls but they just keep getting in deeper and deeper.

As for Annie and her ex Gregg, there’s definitely still some chemistry there. They disagree on a lot of things when it comes to raising their daughter because of wealth and status. But I sense that there might be a reconciliation happening.

Thoughts on Good Girls? Are these desperate mommas going too far? Is the idea of cheap money on the fly too appealing and dangerous?

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Good Girls

Good Girls – Shutdown (1×08)



Good Girls Shutdown

Why do they have to continue going down this life of crime?

I say this every week but honestly, when is enough going to be enough?

On this week’s Good Girls, Rio shuts down his operation because the FBI is zeroing in on him and obviously, he understands the stakes are high in this life of crime.

Uhm, get normal jobs? Yeah, I know it isn’t as lucrative as robbing banks and using fake money to make real money in return but it is a lot calmer.

You don’t have to worry about being caught or paying back some soccer mom $10-thousand dollars a month.

They always say, the more money you make, the bigger your problems will be.

They’ve been complaining about having to do all this illegal stuff for several episodes so you would think the minute they got an “easy out,” they would take it and run for the hills. But nope, they look for more ways to get in too deep.

And why does Beth continuously meet with Rio in public? If the FBI is onto him, chances are they have people that are watching him. She’s already been connected to him once, why risk everything you have again?

Also, that sexual tension just keeps getting stronger and stronger! Rio even complimented her on her good looks which obviously Beth was really digging because she subconsciously has a crush on him.

After living normal lives for a few weeks, the ladies realize that they don’t feel “alive” anymore; it’s so banal. Seriously, housewife Beth was missing that hood life.

So, they plan to rob another store this time, something smaller like 7-Eleven. Look, I don’t know what world they live in, but in my world, 7-Eleven is a pretty major target. Not to mention completely obvious which they probably figured because eventually, they decided to hit three of Nancy’s beauty spas.

Yes, I said Nancy’s as in Gregg’s wife! Hey, she had it coming after she told Annie that her “hair oil” was getting the couch dirty.

Her controlling nature didn’t make much sense, nor did Gregg’s willingness to go along with whatever she said until she finally blurted out that the hormones have been making her crazy. Hormones from IVF which they’ve been trying for awhile now.

I never thought Gregg was a scum, however, this was a pretty low blow. He failed to tell Annie the truth and when the going go tough, he came by her place, got drunk and slept with her while his wife was injecting herself in hopes of having his child.

I’m calling it now, Annie is going to be pregnant from their drunken hook-up and it’s going to break-up Gregg and Nancy. Although, I don’t know if Annie should take Gregg back at this point.

Back to the beauty spa hit — instead of stealing money, the trio decided to move product this time as Annie had a “guy” who promised to sell injectables.

Except, she probably should have clarified what she meant by injectables because after all that work, he told her he could only push heroine, not beauty products for middle-aged women.

You’d think there’d be more of a market for affordable botox, right?

Beth decided to come clean to Dean about everything and he ended up pushing the product on his “fake cancer” doctor.

So hey, now Dean is personally involved in this mess. Although, I don’t feel too bad about that. He had it coming.

Also, why didn’t they every specify how much money they got for the product?

Hopefully, Ruby’s visit to the police station will set her straight because none of this is worth spending the rest of your life in a jail cell with shared bathrooms and wine made in toilets. Yeah, I never knew that and am forever changed by it!

I mean, realistically, they don’t have that much money after all is said and done. They are still struggling but now, they are struggling while also possibly being implicated for many crimes including money laundering!

Seeing how persistent Mary Pat is, Beth decided to handle her by being completely honest. Yes, they got her involved in some shady business and if she continues accepting money from them, she’ll go down with them. It’s called an “accessory.”

It seems like Beth is actually prepared to go down for all of this which is weird.

And Mary Pat isn’t scared straight which is also a bit odd considering she has four kids to look after. She may THINK she has a case because the ladies aren’t delivering on the money she requested, but she’s also extorting money in exchange for silence. I’m pretty sure that’s equally as illegal.

And not only is this hanging over their heads, Ruby’s daughter is now stealing and pushing fidget spinners. Yes, it’s a crime on a much smaller scale but a crime nonetheless. Like mother, like daughter.

I’m actually pretty upset with Ruby’s response because it’s so hypocritical. She’s been stealing and committing crimes to provide for her family and in her mind, that’s justifiable.

Poor Sara is stealing so the girls don’t make fun of her anymore and she fits in. It’s a different situation, but in her mind, the reward outweighs the prize.

Considering Ruby is *this* close to getting caught, you’d think her reaction would be something she’d want in return from Stan. She wouldn’t want him to punish her and turn his back on her.

And she should take some of her own advice — stealing doesn’t make you dope.

Since they now know Stan and his team captured the dude that was bleeding out in Emma’s room, they realize they are closer than ever to getting caught.

Should they tell Rio his boy is snitching? I understand the “eat or be eaten” mentality here, however, what makes her think Rio wouldn’t sell them out? They are the lowest on the totem poll and they have the most to lose.

I really can never foresee where the plot is headed because the show continues to surprise me each week. All I know is that these ladies are running out of time. Will Stan help them out of this? Will he try to erase any evidence that leads back to him?

Annie mentioned he’s a good guy so it seems like he’d let his wife and all of the accomplices go down for it.

Maybe Beth will take the fall for everything so that her sister and bestie have a real chance at a normal life?

Other Thoughts

  • Why won’t Annie find another job? I’d never return to a grocery store when I knew my boss set me up with drugs and made me lose custody of my daughter.
  • Sometimes, the solutions these ladies come up with for minor situations are ridiculous. Annie really pulled out a gun on people to get their parking ticket. How was that necessary?

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Good Girls

Good Girls – Special Sauce (1×07)



Good Girls Special Sauce

As Ruby put it, there’s no going back from this.

I don’t necessarily think her ‘special sauce’ story was anything like the situation they’re currently it nor did it warrant a whole episode title but it was gross, so I’ll take it.

The show keeps finding ways to get these efficient, yet naive, women into constant problems and all of us at home are sitting there going, “well, duh.”

Admittedly, they’ve made all the wrong choices, but they’re aware of that. They also aren’t quitters and will see things through to the end. And they’re relatable as hell, which is why you root for them. If you were given a shot at making $100k, would you pass it up?

Ruby mentioned that the sky keeps caving in on them but it’s because they tried to find a shortcut for their problems. All of their problems are self-created and obvious from the get-go. Robbing a grocery store is never a good idea, no matter how desperate. And we knew they’d run into hiccups with their secret-shopper business because despite the “plan,” they never think through all the possible cracks. If they didn’t log the money going out and the money coming in, how could they guarantee that everyone was actually shopping? Submitting receipts could have avoided this issue but clearly, Beth didn’t come up with that.

They also didn’t think it through in the sense that firing someone would obviously mean an employee scorned who would investigate and realize there was no corporate and what they were doing is shady.

While it makes sense that the woman would try to blackmail them for money, being too greedy is going to be her downfall.

They are eventually going to have to take care of her because of the whole “one bad egg” analogy Rio offered up. 

And unfortunately, Beth’s way didn’t work. If they don’t give her what she wants, she can take them down or expose them. There’s really only one what that ensures she’ll be quiet forever and that’s Rio’s way. 

Now, I know saying that someone needs to be offed is drastic but these are dire times. You could have Rio rough her up a bit but that’s just allowing her to put a face to the gang so that she could lead the FBI to him.

Just add murder-for-hire to their lengthy rap sheet.

Honestly, the fault of getting all these other innocent women roped in without their knowledge is that they are all witnesses to the crimes.

And their whole system was set up on the hope that women were too stupid to realize what they were doing. Isn’t that the stigma Beth keeps trying to fight? Kind of hypocritical if you ask me.

They are no better than the men who think they are fragile little flowers who can’t take care of anything.

They also got way ahead of themselves when it came to celebrating their successes. Unless you’ve cleared all the money and have no more debts to this street gang, don’t be frugally spending money and drawing attention to yourself. I mean, they spend that hard earned, dirty cash on a damn grape. Rich people will pay for anything, I swear.

Beth definitely isn’t even doing it for the kids anymore but to fluff her own ego. She’s addicted to the rush and enjoys being this badass mastermind who plays with the big dogs. However, it’s only a matter of time before the police get involved and when the only life she’s ever known is threatened, will she able to stand tall? Or will she cave under pressure?

Seeing her stand up to Rio even when there’s a gun pointed at her head seems like she’ll be confident enough to take the fall for this, however, there have been some obvious cracks with the three leading ladies in terms of their relationship. When the stakes are raised, it’ll be interesting to see if that “we’re in this together” mentality sticks or if they’ll all turn on each other. I know Annie would be the first one to cave.

Right now, they all have men who are willing to vouch for them, but when these men realize just how deep the hole they’ve dug for themselves is, will they also step back?

Dean is supportive as long as Beth is doing it for the right reasons but he doesn’t know the full gist of the story. Ruby and Stan are the Bey and Jay of the series, but he’s also the one that could take them down. He’s working the task force that’s looking into Rio. It’s only a matter of time before they connect the ladies to Rio. Do you really think they don’t have pictures of Beth’s late night meetings with him?

Stan very well could stay on their side and serve as an aid to not getting caught up, however, his morals seem intact so it’s unlikely.

And then we have Annie’s relationship with Gregg. How obvious was it that they were going to hook up? Add a little vodka and old feelings come rushing back. Gregg obviously isn’t happy with Nancy and realizes that despite Annie’s immature lifestyle, there’s a reason Sadie would rather live with her. He’s always been in her corner, even after the divorce, so I think he’ll probably drop the custody battle altogether and help her fight those drug charges.

I can’t wait to see how they handle their drunk sex, though. Will he tell Nancy? Will he leave her? Was it a one time thing or will it happen again?

And lastly, Boomer needs to be handled ASAP. I get that he has it out for Annie but he’s literally the reason she lost her daughter. Not cool man. I hope they find a way to return the “favor” tenfold.

Thoughts on this week’s Good Girls? Will they ever just find a way out of this mess?

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Good Girls

Good Girls – A View From the Top (1×06)



These Good Girls just keep digging a bigger hole for themselves.

And the pros are starting to outweigh the good. Their motivation is very clearly money but at the cost of everything they hold near and dear.

Ruby wants to help her sick little daughter but did she ever consider what would happen to her marriage and her family if she got caught? The blowback would be way worse than simply not being able to afford all the treatments.

Same goes for Annie and Beth. Yes, having money to pay your lawyer to gain custody and enough money to prove to your husband that you’re independent seems great but none of it will matter if they are behind bars for dealing with counterfeit money.

The view from up top is nice until you know, you come crashing down.

At one point Beth tells the other ladies that in six months, they’ll be done with the illegal activity and will have enough money for all their expenses and then some.

However, considering Agent Turner is onto them, I’m going to call her bluff.

Realistically, they should have pulled out of their deal with Rio when they initially turned over a profit. If they had stuck to the plan, they would have been in the clear. But they just keep getting deeper and deeper with this gang. Since they don’t look like the common “gang members,” Beth thinks they can get away with it.

And that’s really the problem — Beth. She’s a naive suburban woman who needed to reinvent herself and found this illegal way of making money to be a thrill. She’s crafty and brilliant, sure, but she’s also way in over her head. If her life was so boring, she could have tried bungee jumping or something.

The second problem is that she continues to get her girls messed up in this against their will. Yes, they may have agreed to rob a grocery store together and also, to smuggle something illegal across the border, but they never wanted to keep the charade up. Beth ignored their wishes and volunteered them to clear even more money. Again, just because you can and did it once without being caught, doesn’t mean you should or that it will work out every time.

Beth has been the shot-caller behind all of this so I think she definitely should take the fall when they finally get caught up. And she’s not incriminating Ruby and Annie, she’s also roping in other innocent soccer moms under the rouse that what they are doing is “secret shopping.” Sorry, but no one should ever be signed up for something without the disclosure that what they are doing breaks several federal laws. Come on, Beth.

And on top of the secret shoppers, she’s also roping in the husbands. As of right now, Annie’s ex is the only one that isn’t involved. Ruby was forced to lie to Stan about where she got all the cash from which sucks because they have such a healthy and rooted in honesty relationship.

He may have been thrilled with all the cash — a nice feeling for a bit — his first question was whether or not she got it illegally. She lied to him, and she’s putting their whole family in danger by bringing in this “dirty” money into their house.

Meanwhile, Beth tried to stick it to Dean who was treating her like a poor, defenseless woman by dumping all the cash on him. It may have been a good “screw you” moment, but she also just revealed that she’s been up to shadier things than just stealing his car, smuggling something in from Canada and dumping it into some swamp.

Dean may have lied to Turner for her this time, but what’s to say he’s going to continue when he realizes just how far-gone she is?

It’ll likely only get messier when she realizes he’s been lying about his prostate cancer. Can you believe he stooped so low as to pay off a doctor with a new car?

Agent Turner has a lot of evidence stacked up against them and the minute some store reports suspicious activity, he’ll be able to pull up video footage and connect it to Beth and her friends, as well.

I truly enjoyed seeing Annie bond with Marianne — it shows that she’s actually a good person deep down. Marianne is a true boss, too. She didn’t care that Annie stole from her, she just wanted to know if she had a good reason for it.

And it’s awesome that even she knows Boomer is a loser! She called him out for pretending to be engaged to Jessica Alba, which didn’t sit with him well, and to get back at Annie, planted drugs in her locker.

You might think the stock-boy would confess to selling him the product but since it’s illegal, Boomer will probably get away with it.

Jokes on him though, because without Annie close by, he won’t be able to pay as much attention to what she’s doing thus making himself useless to Turner.

Thoughts on Good Girls? How close are they to getting caught? Do you think Beth and Rio are still going to hook-up? I swear, I thought Turner told Dean about Beth’s affair with him.

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