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Good Girls

Good Girls – Borderline (1×03)



Borderline describes exactly what our three fearless heroines are tasked with in this week’s Good Girls — they have to cross the border.

No, not to Mexico, but to Canada, where Rio wants them to pick up a package.

“It’s better if you don’t know what it is,” he tells them, which makes their minds swirl with drug-induced thoughts.

Are they mules? Will they have to stuff cocaine packages up their butts?

Paying off a debt to a local gang is no easy feat. But, they have no choice; if they want him to forget about the money, they have to do this “one little favor.”

Annie doesn’t have a car at the moment and Beth doesn’t want to smuggle illegal substances in the same vehicle she uses to transport their kids so the obvious choice is to steal, or should I say “borrow,” a vehicle from Boland Motors.

I’m not sure why Beth didn’t just rent a vehicle from the local Enterprise or simply ask Dean to lease a vehicle for a weekend. I guess the logical option would have taken away from all the future entertainment.

While they’re trying to hijack a car, Boomer is off in the distance spying on them. He clearly knows they are up to something and I imagine he’ll become another obstacle for them in the near future. Maybe they would have been better off if they had just killed him?

Getting across the border proves uncomplicated, but of course, that’s where the good times end.

When they pull up to the pick-up location Annie declares that this is worse than smuggling drugs because it seems like they’re “scrapbooking.”

The contact refuses to give Beth the package, so Annie gives it a whirl and surprisingly fails to be persuasive enough. Yes, little Annie wasn’t able to get her way.

Finally, Ruby takes the matter into her own hands and brings her unloaded gun to guarantee they get what they want.

Keyword being “unloaded.” As Ruby approached him, swirling the gun in the air, it accidentally shoots the contact in the foot.

Reminder: don’t ever forget about that extra bullet!

While her attempt was risky, Ruby finally secured the package and they were on their way back home.

Why did they just keep all the packages out in the open when going back through border control, especially if they didn’t know what was inside? Beats me. Again, logic fails the show.

Regardless, it wouldn’t have mattered because once you declare you did some shopping, border control is going to check out your vehicle.

As they waited anxiously at the inspection point, the worst thoughts were going through their minds. And then, a look of complete shock when border control told them they were “free to go.”

Part of me was convinced, and really hoped, that the box was filled with vibrators. Can you imagine how funny that would have been?

When they arrived back home, they opened the boxes to find tons of wrapping paper.

At first, they were utterly confused until they checked the back to realize the wrapping paper was covering all the counterfeit money they just smuggled in.

Honestly, what’s worse? Fake money or drugs? It’s still a terrible crime!

As with the previous episodes, we’ve reached a point where it seems like these ladies are scot-free.


They did exactly what Rio wanted and delivered his package. No more debt.

The celebration is real for them, but then they realize that the car they “borrowed” has now been reported stolen.

It could have been as easy as cleaning the car down for fingerprints and DNA and leaving it on the side of the road. But you know, that would be too easy.

Annie connected her phone’s Bluetooth to the car leaving behind a technological footprint that could not be erased.

Torching the car would have been effective, but very noticeable. So they opted to SINK IT in a nearby creek.

Look, I’m no expert on fingerprints, but if that car resurfaces, which it will because of varying water levels, won’t they still be able to lift the fingerprints and tie it back to them?


Before they can even worry about that, Annie realizes she’s late for Sadie’s appointment with Child Services. If she actually wants a shot at fighting for custody, she has to prove that she’s a good parent.

Being late to the appointment is not the definition of a good parent.

I’ve mentioned that it sometimes seems like Sadies takes care of Annie. That’s exactly what happened here — when Annie arrived at home, Sadie took care of everything, even cleaning the house and setting out shrimp for the social worker.


Annie clearly hasn’t learned anything from her experiences and continues to make up some story for where she’s been. Helping cancer-stricken kids? Really.

Initially, the meeting seems to be going well until Sadie reveals a major gash on her hand.

The social worker deems Annie irresponsible. Not only is she without a vehicle, she left her 11-year-old home alone and lied about her whereabouts when she arrived late.

Clearly, not appropriate behavior for someone trying to get full custody over a parent who has a nice house and funds to provide for his child.

Sadie is understandably upset with her mom. She tries so hard to help her mom and support her and she felt betrayed; her mom didn’t put her first. “What could have been important,” she asks.

Oh Sadie, girl, if you only knew!

Everyone is settling into their life post-crime.

Ruby, feeling invincible, tackles on another situation: the hoe at church trying to take her man.

When the preacher asks if anyone has anything they want to be thankful for, she stands up to thank man-stealing-thot for giving them the funds to help Sara, and also for volunteering her time to watch her, cook and clean the house. Ruby obviously made that last part up and cornered her into doing all those things.

She also let her know real quick that she wasn’t going to let her get away with trying to weasel herself into Stan’s life.

Beth seems to be having the hardest time assimilating. How do you go through such an experience and return to your regular life, especially a life that wasn’t interesting and is no longer really there?

She’s seen too much, done too much to be content working a regular 9 to 5 or going back to being a stay at home housewife.


When Dean pays her a visit and tries to coerce her into taking him back because they are both “broke” and have no choice, she realizes she’s been given the biggest opportunity: a fresh start.

She’s ready to take control of her life again.  So, she goes back to where they were producing all the money with the hopes of offering up her services. Instead, she finds an empty warehouse. Beth may know how to talk her way out of situations, but clearly, this world is above her head. Did she really expect everyone would still be there running an illegal operation? For this to work, they need to be mobile and keep switching it up so that no one can track them down.

Hoping to find her way in, she leaves behind her pearls, which is quite a symbolic moment for her; she’s leaving behind her good girl life and turning to the dark side.

Rio gets the hint and arrives at the house. Obviously, they’re resourceful so he’ll find a spot for them.

How much do you want to bet that Beth and Rio are going to develop into a thing? It’s so clear that she’s really drawn to him and his bad-boy side. It’s fresh, it’s intoxication and it’s intriguing.

As for the money, Annie uses the marker to check its validity and is shocked to see that it’s actually legit.

When I realized it was counterfeit, I assumed that all the money they stole from the grocery store was also fake.

But if they are producing real money, these girls are even deeper than initially expected. What’s the penalty for inflating the economy with money?

Do you think Beth should distance herself from all of this?

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Good Girls

Good Girls – Atom Bomb (1×04)



Good Girls Atom Bomb

“Mommy, why is there a strange man in my bed?” That’s a sentence you never want to hear your 4-year-old daughter say to you. Ever.

And that’s how this week’s episode of Good Girls kicks off.

Beth deals it the only way she knows how — by asking if her kids want to go swimming at their dads.

This man isn’t just “sleeping” in her bed. He’s injured and there is blood everywhere staining her daughter’s sheets.

Beth calls Ruby and Annie who are shocked to find out she actually ASKED Rio for another job. This time, I don’t even feel bad for Beth for the mess she’s gotten herself in because she should have known better. Annie’s reaction is so priceless when she realizes this time, the terrible decision was made by her own sister and not her.

They call Rio thinking they have some leverage but he shuts them down really quickly — this isn’t live driving for Uber, you can’t pick and choose jobs you want to do and when. He finds the job and if you want that money, you have to do it.

At this point, if I was in their shoes, I would tell Rio to take his money and his boy out of my house. But when you are still having money problems and feel like your family is counting on you, the promise of wads of cash for nursing some punk back to health seems like an offer you can’t resist.

Of course, Rio’s dude doesn’t just wake up, thank them for the hospitality and leave. Nope. He finds his gun, points it at Beth and the girls and demands they give him a car so he can escape.

What’s worse is that Rio pops in during her son’s big, extravagant birthday party to pick up his friend. When she tells him that he already left, he tells her the only way she gets paid is if she does the job right. That’s a lot of pressure to put on a white suburban mother, just saying.

A gang leader showing up during a kids birthday party also isn’t the best. Not only is Boomer there and suspicious of the guy, so it Beth’s husband Dean, who believes the neck-tat guy is her new bf and gets wildly jealous.

When Dean realizes his wife is completely over him and probably won’t give him another chance, which he doesn’t even deserve, he breaks down and tells her she has cancer.

Obviously, something this serious makes Beth rethink how she’s treating him. Yes, he made a mistake and cheated but for the sake of the children, they should probably be close to their father again. So, she decides to let him move back in.

However, for those of you that thought the cancer diagnosis was a little too perfect, well, you’re right. Dean is faking cancer to get his wife back. That’s low. Especially because cancer is Ruby’s reality with her little girl.

And poor Ruby is now out of a job thanks to some entitled brats. Watching these kids belittle her just because she’s a waitress and therefore their “server” really ruffled me. Who raised these little assholes?

Ruby handled it like a pro. I was genuinely surprised she didn’t actually throw the plate of hot food in this kids face. Unfortunately, she also didn’t warn him that the steaming plate was “hot to the touch,” which was pretty self-explanatory.

I know her husband said to “suck it up” for the children but at some point, you have to stop letting people walk all over you just because you need to make that minimum wage. And her boss, the kid and the kid’s helicopter mom were doing just that.

Beth is dealing with trying to support her family and her cancer-ridden husband, Ruby can’t tell her husband she lost her job and needs to come up with cash fast to pay for her daughter’s medical bills and Annie, well she wants to keep custody of her daughter, which means she needs money. Nothing has changed since episode one, these ladies are desperate.

When they realized many stores have gratuitous return policies, they came up with a brilliant plan — they will buy things using fake cash, return it and get real cash for it instead. Rio isn’t floored with their business proposal, but he’s willing to give it a go and cut them a percentage of the profit.

While the plan does seem airtight, don’t you think retailers will check to see if the cash is real? If it’s fake money that has no value, how does it pass the inspection that Boomer did at his own store? Something can go seriously wrong with this.

Especially because Rio is already a “wanted man.” The FBI has been watching him for quite some time. When Boomer goes to talk to Agent Turner, the man believes this is just a guy who got friend-zoned. And that’s part of it. But Boomer is resilient because he knows these ladies are up to some shady things.

When he brings Turner the picture of Rio, the agent starts to believe his story and turns up on Beth’s doorstep. How is she going explain this one? Will they back out of their deal with him once they realize the FBI is snooping around?

Beth and Rio obviously have some sexual tension so it’s only a matter of time before they hook up. And when she gets that involved, how will she able to separate herself and do what’s best for her kids?

The van with bullet holes everywhere likely won’t help their story either because it’s a dead giveaway that Beth is up to something really sketchy.

Speaking of bullet holes, my heart hurt when Sadie told Annie that the kids at school were pulling down her pants to “see what she really is.” Kids are the worst.

However, Annie bringing in some gangbanger with a gun into the school to “teach the kids a lesson” was probably the worst idea ever. Especially because schools are such vulnerable places to begin with when they really should be safe spaces.

Not to mention the guy went overboard and broke a kids hand. You really want to root for these girls but they just keep getting in deeper and deeper.

As for Annie and her ex Gregg, there’s definitely still some chemistry there. They disagree on a lot of things when it comes to raising their daughter because of wealth and status. But I sense that there might be a reconciliation happening.

Thoughts on Good Girls? Are these desperate mommas going too far? Is the idea of cheap money on the fly too appealing and dangerous?

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Good Girls

Good Girls – Mo Money, Mo Problems (1×02)



Good Girls Mo Money Mo Problems

So the good news is: Beth and Annie didn’t kill Boomer.

The bad news is: they can add kidnapping to their newly minted rap sheet.

The worst news: they still have to come up with a lot of money to pay Rio and his boys back before time’s up.

It doesn’t feasible either. Annie isn’t able to muster up much from her minimum wage gig and Ruby’s $18 tips are a dent in the 60K that they owe.

In other words, they dug themselves deeper than before.

Not to mention the police are sniffing around the grocery store not only to get more info on the robbery but also to find Boomer.

Did I mention he’s now MISSING?

These women continue going down an unjust path as they try to clean up their mess. When they realize Boomer has an aunt who lives in a nursing home, they admit adding one more crime to their lengthy crime sheet probably won’t make a difference and thus, set into motion a plan to extort money from the older lady

I don’t want to be a stickler for details but who thought it was a good idea to wear an all black getup while visitng an old lady at a nursing home? Is that not suspicious AT ALL?

Once again, when put on the spot, Beth comes up with a quick cover telling the aunt that they are from some hospital program to clean her house.

All that work and when it comes down to grabbing the money, she takes a hard look at herself in the mirror. The guilt paired with a phone call from her nanny that Dean is mowing the lawn after she strictly told everyone to stay out because Boomer is in the tree house makes her rethink the plan. She’s not the type of person to rob an old lady!

She foils the mission without grabbing any of the much-needed cash, which doesn’t sit well with the other two.

Ruby speaks to my soul as she begins whipping up pans of lasagna to ensure her family is taken care of in case she turns up dead the next day. A woman who can’t her fam go without a proper meal even postmortem is a true keeper.

Thankfully, Annie’s klepto side kicked in and she stole some porcelain figurines before leaving the nursing home.

She threw those suckers on an auction thinking they weren’t worth much and was surprised to find out they came with a hefty price tag.

During the payback, they were obviously short on change but decided to gift Rio and his men with the figurines.

Yes, were these housewives simply desperate for some way out? Of course. But my blood boiled when Rio smashed Hans who was actually worth some real money!

Maybe it wasn’t about the money after all?

It’s almost like clockwork at this point. Things start unraveling and Beth turns a switch and is able to talk them out of any situation.

Beth was even able to convince Rio that he wouldn’t be able to keep the murder of three loved wives/ mothers under the radar.These ladies aren’t like the usual gangsters they deal with. They run errands, host PTA events, even go to soccer games. They would really be missed. People would come looking for them.

They won’t go silently; they’ll become a bigger problem. Was a couple of thousands really worth all the attention? Obviously not.

You have to commend her for her quick thinking, which probably spared them all. Especially while she still had a gun pressed to her temple.

Boomer may look dumb but he too can work his way out of a situation. He saw his moment and cut through the ropes, escaping from the treehouse. Unfortunately, the thud on his way down dew the attention of our ladies, who ransacked the neighborhood until they found him.

I wasn’t sure what revenge Annie had planned for him and I’m a little upset that my brain wasn’t able to come up with such a brilliant plan as quickly as hers was.

She pushed him into the ditch, took his pants off, cringed at his member (yes, girl!), and snapped a photo, which she then pretended to text to her 11-year-old daughter. He runs his mouth, she tells everyone he’s a perv.

Normally, I wouldn’t condone someone being innocently accused of being a sexual predator but let’s be honest, Boomer is not innocent. He tried to rape Annie because he thought he was entitled to it and couldn’t understand that “no” meant “no.”

Furthermore, he tried to use a situation to coerce her into having sex. None of that is okay. So yeah, the least she can do is use this as blackmail.

So that’s it, right? Boomer has been released and silenced, and the money has been returned to the rightful gang owners.

Wrong. Just when they thought they got away with it all, Rio came back asking for one more favor.

If they participated, he would erase their remaining debt. If they didn’t — well, it didn’t seem like opting out was much of an option.

Rio kept pretty mum on what the “job” would be, but whatever it was, they needed passports.

Could he be asking them to be mules? It seems like that would be quite a dark turn for a show, that despite a robbery, has been pretty light.

If this show is anything like The Good Place, it will quickly blow up its own premise and bring forth compelling and character-driven storylines.

And it has no choice — how long can a show rely on the “robbed a store” gimmick?

Of course, they’ve yet to find out who actually committed the crime or see any real repercussions for their actions, aside from owing the debt.

Moms have it hard. No matter what they do, they’re always the villains and the dads are always the favorite. I’m sure every mother was infuriated with the kids calling Dean the “fun dad.”. He had the nerve to ruin a family by cheating yet the kids still make out the mom — the one who will literally rob a grocery store to keep them safe — as the bad guy.

There were definitely moments where I truly felt bad for Dean because he clearly realizes the brevity of his mistakes and regrets them deeply. Who wouldn’t? Have you seen Beth? She’s a ten in comparison to the basic Amber, whose look is a dime a dozen.

His car analogy really resonated with me for about five seconds before I remembered he’s a piece of crap who cheated on his wife and put them in financial turmoil. I quickly got over it.

Also, why is Amber still in town? I swear Beth paid her a lot of money to keep it moving!

The lesson here is never to replace your old car for a shiny new car while it’s still working.

Although something tells me, he did Beth a huge favor.

They may be covering up a robbery and a kidnapping but she’s finally LIVING again. When it takes something so drastic to make you feel alive, you know your life was miserable.

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Good Girls

Good Girls – Pilot (1×01)



Good Girls Pilot

If you were to ask me to describe NBC’s newest show Good Girls, I’d say it’s Bad Moms but for television. A delectable mix of Breaking Bad and Thelma and Louise. 

Much like the big-screen film, the new comedy-drama focuses on three friends who are pretty fed up with the state of their lives and more importantly, all the money problems. (Aren’t we all?!)

Annie Marks is the single and young mom who got pregnant at 17. She works at a grocery store making minimum wage and getting hit on by her Harvey Weinstein of a boss, Boomer.

Early on, she finds out that her ex Greg is suing her for custody with his new desperate housewife.

It’s unclear how Greg was able to pull his life together while Annie is still trying to make ends meet and support their daughter, Sadie, who is “finding herself” and constantly being bullied at school.

Also, what kind of computer can she buy Sadie with a single bill that Greg half-heartedly threw at her like she was some kind of peasant? One bill obviously couldn’t be more than $100 so I want to know where he’s shopping for laptops!

Next, we have Beth Boland, Annie’s older sister, who leads the perfect life. Or so it seems.

We meet her in quite an intimate setting as she’s literally getting her lady parts waxed for her husband Dean.

However, at that same time, Dean’s face is literally in Amber’s, his airheaded, blonde co-worker’s, crotch. Yep, he’s cheating and seeing Beth go through the all that grooming pain just to know he could care less cause is enough to make your blood boil.

Pair that with her credit card being declined mid-wax because Dean was “too busy” to pay the bill and he’s literally a low-life loser that we’d rather see gone. And we barely even know the guy!

It doesn’t take long for Beth to put the pieces together and conclude that Dean is cheating on her. All those lingerie charges on the declined credit card means he’s been either buying her a sweet present or his side-piece one.

Almost immediately, we catch onto the fact that Beth is one hell of a liar, which is definitely a good thing considering what this show’s about.

Her sob story at the local Lover’s Lane was next level and proved her suspicion to be true — that ITTY BITTY THONG was definitely not for her.

After Beth trashes his room, she gets housewife wasted and waits for him to get home in the dark, like any sane woman would do.

Dean crumbles under the pressure, but even more worrying than his affair is the fact that he’s gotten them in some deep financial burden. I’m talking ZERO money. That’s not news a woman who blindly trusted her man with the family’s finances ever wants to hear.

Ladies, let this be a lesson to you, don’t even rely so much on a man that you end up having no idea what he’s doing with your money and your future.

Before I go on, we have to intro mommy number three. Ruby is a happily married woman who works at a diner and thus, cannot afford treatments for her cancer-stricken daughter Sara.

Ruby is such well-rounded character; she’s a no-nonsense woman but has to stand by helplessly while her daughter is dying. She can’t even find her voice to speak up and ask her doctor about clinical trials because in this world if you don’t have the money, they don’t have the time to listen to you.

The one underlying theme here is that these are three strong, brave, independent women who will do anything to save their children.

Thus, the bank robbery plot is born.

Annie convinces them into thinking robbing her grocery store will be super easy and that there’s about 30 thousand, give or take, in the vault located in the back.

Desperate, they all agree and before you know it, they’re donning black ski masks and pointing sharpie-filled-in toy guns at innocent shoppers.

I can’t say it’s going well, but it’s not terrible until Annie gets frustrated with Boomer and leans over to shove more cash into the bags, revealing her tramp stamp, which Boomer DEFINITELY recognizes.

Look, I don’t know what’s worse: getting caught by the cops or having a creepy boss know about that crime you committed and holding it against you. Because obviously, Boomer is going to use this to his advantage.

The cops might not be too keen on finding 30K like Annie said, but they’ll definitely care about the half million that these ladies just brought back home with them.

The agreement is to sit on the money before they can come up with some logical solution. In theory, that sounds great. In reality, these are three broke women with needs and desires not only for themselves but for their families.

Annie spends her sum on a brand new car, a fancier version of Nancy’s, which impresses Sadie.

Despite not having the means, Annie and Sadie definitely have a thriving mother and daughter bond. Sometimes, I’m not sure who is taking care of who.

Ruby uses her money to get Sara into a better doctor and into one of the promising clinical trials.

They say money doesn’t buy you happiness but it definitely cleans up messes.

Seeing the difference between a low-income doctor and a doctor who actually takes the time to treat her patients and even offers cucumber water is striking. This is our reality people.

Beth heads over to the dealership and gives Amber some “go away” money. At first, I assumed she was doing it to save her marriage, but after Amber opened her mouth, she realized her husband made a grave mistake because homegirl was dumb with a capital D.

In a twisted way, she knew they were both better off without the cheating scum, plus she wanted him to suffer without his precious side-piece She’ll probably become a porn star in Hollywood or something and make lots of money.

But just when you think things may be shaping up for them, aside from the whole “we stole half a million” dilemma, things take a turn for the worse.

Money doesn’t buy you happiness, it creates more problems!

Boomer comes knocking on Annie’s door and threatens to go to the police if she doesn’t sleep with him.

Sex in exchange for silence? Nothing new but still just as disgusting.

It’s nerve-wracking seeing Annie realize that they’d been made out by probably the worst human being ever.

As for the money, they didn’t steal it from a grocery store. Why would a local chain hang onto that much money? Nope. The money in the vault belonged to a local gang led by Rio, who demands all the cash back with interest.

Dang, we’re in deep and this is the first episode!

The three leading ladies are so contrasting; you can relate to each one of them or all three at different times, for different reasons.

They are warriors and in a time of crisis and will do whatever it takes to protect their own. They learn fairly quickly that breaking the law comes with grave consequences but as they try to dig themselves out of this, they develop into their own.

They are anti-heroines in the “taketh no bullshit” sense, which definitely speaks to women in our society who need real role models, edgy women who won’t be silenced.

There is no better time than now for women to fight back; for our television to have such versatile leading women who are no longer going to stand idly and be hopeless, but who will take the narrative back. It starts with women feeling like they’re at the bottom, and let’s be honest, what woman doesn’t feel that way.

The series acknowledges that.

We’re always competing against our male counterparts, juggling multiple jobs, balancing the household and half the time, we still can’t afford to live.

And I love that a series is basically telling us, “don’t rely on the men!” Because as great as having a husband that provides for you is, you always have to be ready for the worst.


Beth’s transformation is one I’m looking forward to the most. Out of the three, she’s the one who seems the most conservative and has the most room to grow. She’s newly single, a woman scorned and out for blood, but what happens when she gets a taste of the “good life.” It has the potential to be dangerous.

Thoughts on the first episode of Good Girls? Was it everything you imagined it would be?

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