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Good Girls Taking Care of Business Good Girls Taking Care of Business

Good Girls

Good Girls – Taking Care of Business (1×05)



They are just normal women shopping… with fake money.

That’s the caveat on this week’s Good Girls as Beth, Annie and Ruby make good on their business proposal to Rio.

What seemed like a pretty grand idea last week, and I say that loosely because it never seemed like a good idea to me, is a nightmare now that they realize the FBI is onto them.

Beth gets a visit from Agent Turner, the man that’s been getting intel from Boomer. He doesn’t really reveal a reason for the visit just asks if there’s anything “weird” happening in the hood.

Dean is too clueless to really grasp the seriousness of the situation but Beth picked up on the fact that Turner kept eyeing her.

She tells the girls they should simply back out now but time and time again, they find themselves at the same crossroads — they need the money.

They’re smart women so I’m not sure why they don’t realize the takeaway isn’t more illegal money = more problems.

Since they’ve started on this “bad lifestyle,” nothing has gotten easier. In turn, they’ve just dug bigger holes for themselves, put their families in danger with some ugly people and have the FBI tailing them.

They try to return the fake 100k that Rio gave them, which he expects returned in real money, but he puts his foot down — this isn’t Girl Scout cookies, you can’t give the cookies back. They are now on the hook for distribution.

So, they get to business mapping out stores all over the city with the biggest ticket items. Seeing how organized Beth is and how she had a method to her madness, I can see why Rio believed they’d be a good fit for his, uh, business model.

My point, and I think it’s fair, is that most people don’t make large purchases with cash. Who buys a five-thousand dollar TV with cash? Why would you have that much money with you? It automatically raises a red flag!

Still, each of them is able to purchase their products without any hassle.Well, almost.

Annie takes them on an unnecessary segway after she takes the cashier up on his “hook-up” offer and then realizes he stole her receipt.

Without a receipt, she isn’t able to give back the product, which means they are out a ton of money.

Personally, I’d be more concerned that the dude would try to steal my money. After all, it isn’t every day that a woman walks in with a wad of several thousand dollars. My first instinct was that he saw a rich girl and wanted to capitalize.

Also, if you’re buying that many TVs and spending that much money at one time, wouldn’t the dude become suspicious that you lived in a little dingy apartment?

Doesn’t even matter because the dude was a complete tool who only stole the receipt so she wouldn’t call him again because he was married with children.

Annie wanted to bust his ass right then and there for being a cheating scumbag, but Beth didn’t allow it, which led to quite an interesting altercation while they were digging through the trash. Again, these problems DID NOT exist before they made deals with very bad people.

Beth, someone who has been cheated on herself, made it very clear to Annie that she didn’t need to embarrass the woman or tell her something she was already very aware of. The look on her face made it clear she knew her marriage was a sham and her man was stepping out on her.

We see Beth as this strong character; a leader of the pack. It’s easy to forget that she’s in this place to get her family out of a dark time.

The second time Agent Turner rolls around, it’s a bit more serious — he has a picture of Rio leaving her house. When Beth denies every seeing the gang banger, he suggests he’ll just go ask her husband.

Obviously, Dean would recognize him from the time Rio rolled up to a children’s party and had an argument with his wife in the bedroom.

“Don’t do that,” she retorts, using the “I can’t talk about this in front of the kids” excuse.

In a panic, she calls Rio to get some advice but he doesn’t seem too worried. He brought her on because she’s cunning so she’ll likely have no problem talking herself out of this one. He even recommends saying that they were sleeping together, which gets Beth all flustered.

Clearly, Beth is sexually attracted to this guy, she just doesn’t want to admit it. Even the girls realized it when they couldn’t remember his name and she said it proudly like she was talking about some celebrity crush.

In fact, when she went to Turner’s office and told him she had a one-night stand with Rio, his follow up questions could have easily put a dent in her story. But as we know, Beth is an impeccable storyteller and she hit him with a fully-detailed play-by-play of her night with Rio. And yes, she was definitely hot and bothered by it and it’ll likely lead her to make some kind of move on him.

And while I’m in full support of her embracing this side of herself, sleeping with a con who is hunted by the FBI may have some long-term implications.

As will Dean lying about cancer to her face. Can you believe he’s such a scum that he’s lying about something so serious to get his wife back after he CHEATED on her?

And all the money they made from their agreement with Rio went to Ruby, who is using it to pay for her daughter’s medical treatment. It was heartbreaking to see Sara refuse to take her meds because she knew her parents couldn’t afford it.

You always want to be strong for your kids, but your kids can also see when you are struggling and want to help. In this case, it came with a hefty price of her health.

Ruby and Stan are incredible parents though and played it off so well. I was in awe of the united and strong front they put up so their baby girl wouldn’t worry. Hopefully, when he finds out she lost her job, he doesn’t lash out too much.

Also, Beth needs to renegotiate the cut they are getting because in passing 25K seems like a lot, but when you have to do so much illegal stuff and it’s split three ways, it isn’t much at all.

The stakes are being raised — will they continue down this path or sell Rio out to the FBI?

Thoughts on this week’s Good Girls?

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Good Girls

Good Girls – Remix (1×10)



Good Girls/ Remix

We started Good Girls with the ladies robbing Annie’s grocery store and the season ends with the ladies, once again, robbing the grocery store.

Since the saying goes “thunder never strikes the same place twice,” people are less likely to suspect that the store will get hit again. Not these crazy bitches, though!

What seems like a ludicrous idea to most seems like a logical gameplan for them! But really, you don’t think people in a small community would recognize a redhead and a thicker black woman who always roll together. Ski masks are good but they aren’t THAT good.

The episode kicks off with Rio approaching agent Turner at the diner to let him know his boy “ain’t coming.” That seems like a foolish thing to say because well, you’re basically admitting to “taking care” of your boy, however, it also proves that Rio really isn’t afraid of getting caught.

There’s something really attractive about a man who can handle any situation and is fearless — I may or may not have a crush on Rio.

As the ladies brainstorm a way to get rid of Rio, they decide to lead the police right to him with the laundered money at the Shop n Save.

Beth’s plan: just give the FBI a reason to look there.

And during the heist, they plan to take just enough to cover Sara’s kidney which Ruby desperately needs.

Desperate times calls for desperate measures.

This time, they hit during Annie’s shift so that it wouldn’t look like she was involved. And after all the security updates following the first robbery, they needed her to open the safe.

Everything that happened after they held up the store was a blur for me because I was that anxious!

Ruby and Annie dropped the key to the safe in some gunky sewer, Beth left a letter for Agent Turner, Ruby left her mask in a bin, and both of them walked out of the store when police arrived pretending to be customers. Again, how did no one recognize them? It was all too much for me to handle, I needed a Xanax.

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And worst of all, Tyler the security guard caught Annie taping money to herself! We’re not sure how she convinced him to let her get away with promising to date him didn’t work since he’s gay but she managed somehow.

It’s a good thing Stan is on his way to becoming a cop because unlike the real law enforcement, he was able to put two-and-two together and link Ruby to the crime. In actuality, I’m surprised it took him so long. She’s been bringing stupid amounts of money home, corporate conveniently loaned her enough to cover the transplant (trust me, that doesn’t happen in life) on the same night Annie’s store got robbed, and it was two women.

While I understand that finding out about your wife’s double life is troubling, especially when you’re a cop, I wish he understood her point of view. She did all of this to save her daughter. It may not have been right and yes, it may have put them in an unfavorable position, but at least their little girl was healthy.

I hope he gives her a second chance before walking out on her because anyone would be lucky to have a woman as dedicated, loving and nurturing as Ruby.

Plus, they kind of need him if they don’t want to get messed up in all of this.

Annie realized that Sadie was doing a lot better in private school and unlike in her public school, actually making friends.

I don’t understand know why she continues to get together with Gregg to drink and reminisce on the good old days after what happened last time. It’s like they’re asking to get caught or something. And even that statement seems so trivial; these are adults who share a child. They both have obvious feelings for each other so I hope come season 2, Gregg calls it quits with his wife and gives it another try with Annie.

That is if she isn’t in jail or being hunted down by Rio or his men.

Right now, he’s more focused on Beth, the woman who tried to sell him to the FBI.

Beth is so naive, she really thought he plan was failproof and would ensure Rio would be in prison for years to come.

It’s unclear how he got out, but I’m guessing it was on a technicality or lack of evidence. Maybe the money wasn’t his anymore.

But now, Beth has to pay for what she did. Talk about ruining a business relationship, right?

When she arrives at home, she finds that Rio has beaten the living daylights out of Dean which I’m sure he deserved.

Given that Beth just found out he’s been lying about his cancer, Rio’s order to “shoot” her husband is probably something she’s considering… briefly.

Look, I have no clue how homegirl is going to get out of this one. If she shoots Dean, she’s shooting the father of her children and her former love. She’ll carry that with her until the day she dies. If she shoots Rio, she’s still going to go down for murder and his men will likely come for her and her family. Either way, she loses.

Or is the gun filled with a blank and the minute she points it at Rio, he’ll kill Dean.

Or maybe Rio will have some mercy on her and find some other form of punishment? We have to wait until season 2 of Good Girls to find out. All I know is, the situation Beth has found herself in is not pretty.

And Rio is right, she so desperately wanted to be the Queen. She wanted his spot, she wanted to be the one making the calls, but she failed to realize that you have to work your way up. You have to kill the King to be King.

I’m a bit upset that this means there’s absolutely no chance for a forbidden romance between Beth and Rio! I really thought there was something between them, but at the same time, Rio needed to establish himself as someone that can’t easily be messed with.

Who knows, maybe he’s even impressed with Beth’s eagerness to take charge. That’s wishful thinking because at this point, she seems like a traitor and we know how he deals with those.

What was really great about this episode is how the women aligned with their enemy, Mary Pat, to get take down their common enemy, Boomer.

After seeing Annie pay for Mary Pat’s groceries, Boomer befriended the desperate mother during church choir practice.

They hit it off right away, especially because Mary Pat was looking for a companion following her husband’s death, and even went line dancing together.

What Mary Pat didn’t know is that Boomer was using her to figure out what her arrangement with Annie and the others was. She finally found the recording device he planted in a bible on her bookshelf and went to tell Beth thinking he was some kind of agent that was onto their “secret shopping business.”

“Mary Pat, you need a drink,” Beth told her before explaining everything including how Boomer tried to rape Annie which Mary Pat mentioned when she confronted him.

Let’s just say, Boomer isn’t great at talking himself out of situations because every explanation he had only dug him into a bigger hole. Just give up, bro!

Mary Pat is an effective villain because you hate her and at the same time realize that she’s just as bad as Annie, Ruby and Beth. She needs money and she’s seeking an opportunity.

Who knows, maybe she’ll be in for all their crazy ideas next season!

What did you think of the first season of Good Girls? Did the anxiety-ridden plots get the best of you? Do you think Stan will leave Ruby? Will he out them to his police friends? Is Dean going to die? How will Beth get out of this one?

Watch the first season of Good Girls here! 

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Good Girls

Good Girls – Summer of the Shark (1×09)



Good Girls Summer of the Shark

On Good Girls, in order to survive, you have to be a shark.

Rio was back in business fairly quickly so it seems the FBI didn’t pose as much of a threat as he had first imagined.

Personally, I would have been happy to just have washed my hands off all the shady business but not these ladies. The moment Rio offers them another job, they jump on it.

And on one hand, it’s understandable considering Ruby needs a ton of money upfront to pay for Sara’s kidney transplant like yesterday.

But they need to be smart about it considering they have direct evidence from Stan that the feds have opened up a case into Rio and his people and even have a snitch, the same snitch that put those bullets in Beth’s mini-van.

Can you believe that these ladies are so far gone, they’ve honestly contemplated killing a man to save themselves? They sat down and had an actual discussion on whether or not they should tell Rio one of his dudes has been turned by the police.

Both Ruby and Annie seemed to realize that dealing counterfeit money and robbing grocery stores was a different ballgame than indirectly killing a man. Murder is not something you just bounce back from. “Then we don’t,” Beth said without even blinking an eye. How does she do that? Remain so damn calm in the face of intense stress.

It’s actually hilarious that Beth thinks she’s such a “big baller,” she’s the only one who can help Rio. She thinks she’s so invaluable. Wouldn’t you think Rio has ears on the ground since he’s running such a lucrative and illegal operation? This man’s fate was already sealed!

These ladies are capable of a lot but not murder. It’s evident when they agree to move Rio’s truck out of the parking lot without knowing what’s inside. Their plan to distract from the truck in question by using two identical other trucks was brilliant, however, unnecessary because the truck they were moving wasn’t filled with anything illegal like they imagined, it was empty; a test of their loyalty.

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However, Beth didn’t know that and when the cops started tailing her, she thought it was over. Yet even during those moments, she still held it together and kept a straight face to the cop but inside, she was no longer the fearless leader who was willing to cross any line. She was jumping to conclusions and telling the ladies to help Dean out with the kids!

Of course, she was simply pulled over for not having a license plate and uttering hashtag “time’s up” is probably what made her suspicious to the female cop.

After she was pulled over, though, Beth completely lost it. Beth is feisty, which is probably what Rio likes about her. What he doesn’t like? Being yelled at and having keys thrown in his face by some desperate housewife who thinks she’s tough all of a sudden cause she did one run for him.

I’m not surprised he doesn’t want to work with them anymore — it’s been a pretty dramatic and bumpy ride. Yes, they bring in the dough and yes, they are clever but there’s always something more. They always want something, they come with baggage and their a handful. Since he just had on traitor in the group, he needs to be more cautious and eliminate anyone that could pose a threat to him.

That’s actually what upsets Beth. When she realizes he “took care” of his rotten egg, she thinks they are next on the list because they know too much at this point but aren’t useful.

Which is why Beth’s next grand scheme is to eliminate the threat… Rio himself.

Now, her logic is a little twisted. She believes that all the crimes they committed were irrelevant because they are suburban mom’s who meant and that Rio is actually the bad guy because he’s the mastermind behind all of this. I don’t think the cops will see it that way, however, they will probably give them leaner sentences for cooperating.

And if they plan to set up Rio and lock him up, they have to come clean and be willing to take the fall and do the time. It’s the only way this works. They’ve all been saying their goodbyes so, in a sense, they know that end, whenever it comes, is bleak.

Selling out Rio is dangerous, though, because he isn’t stupid and he won’t get easily caught up. And what’s to say he isn’t going to come for their families as revenge? Don’t bite the hand that feeds you!

And if they burn bridges with him, that means Beth and Rio will never hook up, and I can’t get behind that at all! The sexual tension between them needs to be resolved before they all go to jail.

The only way any of this works is if Beth seduces Rio in an attempt to catch him in the act but then realizes, she actually has feelings for him.

Boomer is so desperate to find out what Annie is up to he went to a religious choir meeting to befriend Mary Pat. Honestly, these two deserve each other so I can’t even say I felt bad that he was preying on her vulnerabilities. She mentioned she lost her husband and he found his way right into her apartment.

She thought she was putting herself out there again and moving on but sadly, Boomer was only interested so that he could put a recorder in his fake bible and leave it on her bookshelf. He is the worst. And how long does he think that recorder will stay on?

He’s definitely remorseful, but at the same time, he’s so hellbent on taking Annie down that he doesn’t care who he hurts.

The best part of Beth and the gals potentially getting caught is that Mary Pat goes down with them. She is a manipulative nightmare. And worst of all, she claims to be a religious, good person.

Other Thoughts

  • I hope Stan doesn’t turn his back on Ruby when he finds out because what they have is so genuine and loving. The couple that gets faded together, stays together. I think he’ll definitely remember that she asked him about a truck when it comes up in evidence.
  • I’ve waited so long for a TV show to just acknowledge the fact that girls poop!
  • Gregg clearly still has feelings for Annie! Can he just fess up to them already so we can stop pretending to care about Nancy? He’s so alive when he’s around her!
  • Why is Dean encouraging Beth’s life of crime by giving her a desk where she can stash her dirty money?

Good Girls has me on the edge of my seat every single week! Sometimes, I think I know what direction the show is going to take and then bam!, it’s completely different.

Next week is the season finale — how do you think this suburban life of crime ends for now?

Since the narrative is being set-up in a way that incriminates Beth and the gals, I think they’ll likely find a way out of this until next season. They are the anti-heroes but we root for them because, despite their terrible decisions and the crimes they commit, they are doing it for the right reasons. They are fighting a system of injustice; getting their power back and getting their seat at the table. Hopefully, they find a more legit way to do it eventually.

Watch Good Girls on NBC!

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Good Girls

Good Girls – Shutdown (1×08)



Good Girls Shutdown

Why do they have to continue going down this life of crime?

I say this every week but honestly, when is enough going to be enough?

On this week’s Good Girls, Rio shuts down his operation because the FBI is zeroing in on him and obviously, he understands the stakes are high in this life of crime.

Uhm, get normal jobs? Yeah, I know it isn’t as lucrative as robbing banks and using fake money to make real money in return but it is a lot calmer.

You don’t have to worry about being caught or paying back some soccer mom $10-thousand dollars a month.

They always say, the more money you make, the bigger your problems will be.

They’ve been complaining about having to do all this illegal stuff for several episodes so you would think the minute they got an “easy out,” they would take it and run for the hills. But nope, they look for more ways to get in too deep.

And why does Beth continuously meet with Rio in public? If the FBI is onto him, chances are they have people that are watching him. She’s already been connected to him once, why risk everything you have again?

Also, that sexual tension just keeps getting stronger and stronger! Rio even complimented her on her good looks which obviously Beth was really digging because she subconsciously has a crush on him.

After living normal lives for a few weeks, the ladies realize that they don’t feel “alive” anymore; it’s so banal. Seriously, housewife Beth was missing that hood life.

So, they plan to rob another store this time, something smaller like 7-Eleven. Look, I don’t know what world they live in, but in my world, 7-Eleven is a pretty major target. Not to mention completely obvious which they probably figured because eventually, they decided to hit three of Nancy’s beauty spas.

Yes, I said Nancy’s as in Gregg’s wife! Hey, she had it coming after she told Annie that her “hair oil” was getting the couch dirty.

Her controlling nature didn’t make much sense, nor did Gregg’s willingness to go along with whatever she said until she finally blurted out that the hormones have been making her crazy. Hormones from IVF which they’ve been trying for awhile now.

I never thought Gregg was a scum, however, this was a pretty low blow. He failed to tell Annie the truth and when the going go tough, he came by her place, got drunk and slept with her while his wife was injecting herself in hopes of having his child.

I’m calling it now, Annie is going to be pregnant from their drunken hook-up and it’s going to break-up Gregg and Nancy. Although, I don’t know if Annie should take Gregg back at this point.

Back to the beauty spa hit — instead of stealing money, the trio decided to move product this time as Annie had a “guy” who promised to sell injectables.

Except, she probably should have clarified what she meant by injectables because after all that work, he told her he could only push heroine, not beauty products for middle-aged women.

You’d think there’d be more of a market for affordable botox, right?

Beth decided to come clean to Dean about everything and he ended up pushing the product on his “fake cancer” doctor.

So hey, now Dean is personally involved in this mess. Although, I don’t feel too bad about that. He had it coming.

Also, why didn’t they every specify how much money they got for the product?

Hopefully, Ruby’s visit to the police station will set her straight because none of this is worth spending the rest of your life in a jail cell with shared bathrooms and wine made in toilets. Yeah, I never knew that and am forever changed by it!

I mean, realistically, they don’t have that much money after all is said and done. They are still struggling but now, they are struggling while also possibly being implicated for many crimes including money laundering!

Seeing how persistent Mary Pat is, Beth decided to handle her by being completely honest. Yes, they got her involved in some shady business and if she continues accepting money from them, she’ll go down with them. It’s called an “accessory.”

It seems like Beth is actually prepared to go down for all of this which is weird.

And Mary Pat isn’t scared straight which is also a bit odd considering she has four kids to look after. She may THINK she has a case because the ladies aren’t delivering on the money she requested, but she’s also extorting money in exchange for silence. I’m pretty sure that’s equally as illegal.

And not only is this hanging over their heads, Ruby’s daughter is now stealing and pushing fidget spinners. Yes, it’s a crime on a much smaller scale but a crime nonetheless. Like mother, like daughter.

I’m actually pretty upset with Ruby’s response because it’s so hypocritical. She’s been stealing and committing crimes to provide for her family and in her mind, that’s justifiable.

Poor Sara is stealing so the girls don’t make fun of her anymore and she fits in. It’s a different situation, but in her mind, the reward outweighs the prize.

Considering Ruby is *this* close to getting caught, you’d think her reaction would be something she’d want in return from Stan. She wouldn’t want him to punish her and turn his back on her.

And she should take some of her own advice — stealing doesn’t make you dope.

Since they now know Stan and his team captured the dude that was bleeding out in Emma’s room, they realize they are closer than ever to getting caught.

Should they tell Rio his boy is snitching? I understand the “eat or be eaten” mentality here, however, what makes her think Rio wouldn’t sell them out? They are the lowest on the totem poll and they have the most to lose.

I really can never foresee where the plot is headed because the show continues to surprise me each week. All I know is that these ladies are running out of time. Will Stan help them out of this? Will he try to erase any evidence that leads back to him?

Annie mentioned he’s a good guy so it seems like he’d let his wife and all of the accomplices go down for it.

Maybe Beth will take the fall for everything so that her sister and bestie have a real chance at a normal life?

Other Thoughts

  • Why won’t Annie find another job? I’d never return to a grocery store when I knew my boss set me up with drugs and made me lose custody of my daughter.
  • Sometimes, the solutions these ladies come up with for minor situations are ridiculous. Annie really pulled out a gun on people to get their parking ticket. How was that necessary?

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