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The Good Place – Leap into Faith (2×08)

I never realized how much I missed the cast of The Good Place until this winter break.

We pick things up with the arrival of corporate, which no matter where, is never good for anyone.

However, Shawn is really impressed with the good work Michael’s been doing on his second attempt in the neighborhood. I’ll let that sink in — his second attempt, not his eight-hundred-something attempt.

Obviously, Michael doesn’t correct him but accepts the praise and plays along. This is his dream, his whole life’s work coming true.

But to play the part, he also has to “turn” on the humans. And while I use quotation marks for that, the humans aren’t actually sure that they aren’t being played again by Michael. He’s a demon for crying out loud, he could be throwing them under the metaphorical train for his big break.

Eleanor believes Michael is putting on an act but when he roasts them in front of all of the monsters in the neighborhood, she isn’t so sure.

Hopelessly, our four humans attend the “doomsday party,” which literally plays like three songs on repeat and looks rather lit, without any expectations. (Bad Janet is a pretty dope DJ!)

They contemplate a few different options for saving themselves, one which includes trading secret information about Michael’s real number of re-dos for a lesser sentence.

Out of nowhere, Jason brings up something Michael said during the roast and Eleanor realizes that Michael is on their side. In fact, the whole roast included him dropping hints for them to pick up.

As the foursome tries to figure out what Michael’s intended plan was, Vicky is snooping around. She doesn’t believe Michael is going to give credit where credit is due, even though the “success” of this final neighborhood has nothing to do with her, and she wants to know what he keeps whispering in Janet’s ear.

This, of course, is part of Michael’s masterplan. It’s evident why he ended up a demon trying to find new and creative ways to torture bad souls.

The next morning, a train departs to the middle place where Mindy St. Claire is safe from eternal damnation, and Shawn + Michael believe the foursome is on it.

Vicky doesn’t believe it so Bad Janet scans the whole neighborhood and proves that they are nowhere to be found.

Gayle, a resident clearly annoyed of Vicky, tells Shawn that she tried aiding the humans by removing Janet’s “stupid cuffs.”

Almost immediately, Shawn turns her into a goopy caterpillar, which is just a snippet of what to expect if you ever disobey him.

Remember that masterplan I told you about? Well, it was to throw Vicky under the proverbial train.

Now, if you’re like me, at this point, you are freaking out as to where our four friends could be.

Did they really hop on the train with Janet’s former-lover as the conductor and leave behind Michael?

Of course not! That would be too easy. Plus, with these four being so “woke,” Shawn definitely cannot let them just live out peaceful lives in the middle place.

Michael is so thrilled to find them hiding under the train, which is how they were able to evade Bad Janet’s body scans, that he bursts into tears. Is it me or is he starting to express human emotions more and more each episode? Those ethics lessons are really paying off!

“Your my friends and I want to save you,” he tells them. Literally, there is nothing cuter than finding a group you just click with. The only thing cuter? Eleanor’s evident feelings for Chidi. Ugh, why won’t he just love her back!?

Not only is Michael lying to corporate about whose side he’s on, Shawn is now withholding information from them because well, he’s embarrassed that these alleged stupid humans were able to outsmart them and escape. How the tables have turned.

This buys them some time, especially cause Shawn believes Michael is hanging back to “erase every trace of the neighborhood.”

With all the other demons gone, it’s just Michael and his friends and they have less than 24-hours to find a way into the good place for good.

As for that decoy train? It did have a destination — it went to Mindy St. Claire’s house and boy, is she going to enjoy the windchime sex and cocaine.

I don’t know how this series does it honestly; just when you think they’re going to run out of ideas, they get even more creative and the stakes get higher.

They keep climbing this ladder and eventually, they’re going to reach the top. For now, I’m enjoying the journey.

And more so, the fact that Jason never knows where he actually is or what is actually going on.

The Good Place – Leap into Faith (2×08) Reviewed by on . I never realized how much I missed the cast of The Good Place until this winter break. We pick things up with the arrival of corporate, which no matter where, i I never realized how much I missed the cast of The Good Place until this winter break. We pick things up with the arrival of corporate, which no matter where, i Rating: 0
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