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Gossip Girl- The Princess Dowry

“I love you but I’m not in love with you”

For a winter finale Gossip Girl took their plot to a whole new level and each character had a distinctive storyline… Except for maybe Serena and Nate who have become rather irrelevant in the world of Blair Waldorf.

The Van der Woodsen family celebrated CiCi’s wake instead of mourning it. Cici  took the family on a wild ride proving that although she has passed away she can still stir up some drama. As a woman who knew everyones secrets it is no doubt that she appointed Serena’s father as the lawyer in charge of everything.  Serena’s father is also the father of the real Charlie Rhodes, which means that the feud between the Rhode’s sisters is about to get much more intense and this explains why Lily’s sister never wanted the family to meet the real Charlie. Aside from the fact that she thinks the family is a materialistic lot she also wanted to avoid the baby mama drama. We also know why she never asked for money from the baby’s father but instead chose to get the money from her daughters trust-fund, via starving actress Ivy Dickens. I truly feel bad for Charlie. One minute she finds out that she has a cousin named Serena and the next she’s going to be finding out Serena is actually her step-sister. Talk about keeping a family secret.

But starving actress no more because if its one thing Ivy picked up on the Upper East Side its how to play the game better than anyone else. After she was sucked into this world, she created an alliance with the one woman who loved her unconditionally. The wonderful thing about CiCi is she apparently knew Ivy wasn’t the real Charlie but that didn’t stop her from giving a huge portion of her will to Ivy. Could it possibly be that she was just embarrassed at how screwed up her real family was? Did she see the authentic side of Ivy and realize that she was just a girl that lost too much and wanted something real and stable? Whatever it was CiCi saw in her it has created Ivy the monster, who basically bit the hand that fed her. After Lily took her into her home and gave her everything, she had the nerve to kick Rufus and Lily out of the their home, a home that technically was given to Ivy after CiCi’s death.

Blair Waldorf is not the smartest when it comes to making choices of the heart. Her heart is confused and I think she’s starting to loose it being locked up in a marriage that doesn’t even exist. Whats the point of Louie even being married to her at this point when he’s never with her, not even for publicity. She has already damaged the royal name by having blasts of her locking lips with Humphrey posted all over Gossip Girl. Another lesson we can take from this is never settle for second best. Sure she fell for Humphrey but thats temporary. Don’t push away the person you have loved for so long for a feeling of momentary happiness. And that Dair make-out scene at the end…. YUCK. At this point, Chuck shouldn’t even degrade himself to that level anymore. She will realize what she gave away soon enough.

Georgina is classic. She is the epitome of mischief and blackmailing. She is perfect at finding peoples weak spot and using it against them. But to break up a royal marriage and avoid having Blair pay the dowry seems like an impossible mission, even for Georgina. Has she made friends with the family of Monaco? Perhaps the return of a sister or better yet, a priest?  It’ll be interesting to see how she keeps her promise to set Blair free and what will she want in return?

Memorable Quotes

  • GG: They say we should carry our secrets to the grave but on the Upper East Side secrets are the one thing you can never bury. Even when we think we know everything about the ones we love theirs always a skeleton in the walk in closet. 
  • Nate: The entire Van der Woodsen clan is pretty overwhelming on a good day.
  • Nate: Are you sure you want to start world war Waldorf now?
  • Ivy: Your mother knew all of my secrets and she knew all over yours too. Thats why she left me everything. 
  • Georgina: I’ve been so good for so long. Its time for me to be bad. 

Gossip Girl- The Princess Dowry Reviewed by on . "I love you but I'm not in love with you"For a winter finale Gossip Girl took their plot to a whole new level and each character had a distinctive storyline... "I love you but I'm not in love with you"For a winter finale Gossip Girl took their plot to a whole new level and each character had a distinctive storyline... Rating:
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