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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy – Anybody Have A Map? (15×07)



Life is a labyrinth riddled with tragedies and difficulties, and Grey’s Anatomy knows this truth all too well, especially in this episode. Between a death, a rocky relationship, a downward spiral, and a cancer diagnosis, they’re going to need much more than a map to get out of this labyrinth.

The nurses at Grey Sloan Memorial are truly the backbone of the hospital, the oil that makes it run smoothly, and despite this show’s primary focus on the doctors, there are a few times the nurses gain a little recognition.

Frankie is one of the head nurses and despite being 28 weeks pregnant she’s still giving orders and saving lives. That is until she’s admitted as a patient due to a wandering spleen. Weber tries to convince her to go into surgery to fix it, but she has her worries– protecting both her baby and her wallet. She tells Weber that she had always had a plan, and obviously, life doesn’t always go accordingly, so sometimes you need to take initiative. Instead of waiting for a man, she decided to pursue IVF and have a baby on her own, although not entirely alone, because she has her entire village of nurses ready to help raise the baby alongside her.

Meanwhile, Meredith and Koracick are called by Catherine Avery to help a patient who has a major spinal tumor. The patient, to their surprise, happens to be Catherine. They need to run a biopsy to test if it’s benign, and if it’s not they need to figure out a way to keep Catherine alive while also hopefully not turning her into a paraplegic.

The other Avery is having his own troubles when Maggie finds a very friendly text from another woman he met on his “Godquest”.  Immediately she concludes that he must have cheated on her, which to be fair, heart emojis are definitely a step beyond platonic. After explaining that it actually isn’t what it looks like —  didn’t physically cheat — he admits that he looks to other women he can be emotionally vulnerable with, one of which includes April.

Maggie doesn’t take this news too well, and she’s right in her anger. The fact that he’s talking to a woman he’s slept with and a woman who wants to sleep with him about some of his deepest emotions, would make anyone quite jealous, hurt, and skeptical. Though there’s really nobody who is in the wrong, it only highlights the flaws in their communication.

Frankie is in the woods again when they find fluid in her abdomen and need to rush her into the OR to take out her spleen. Thankfully, Weber’s able to remove it, but blood soon begins to flood her abdomen. Alex is forced to deliver the baby prematurely, and the baby boy ends up surviving strongly, however, Frankie does not. Weber is finally breaking down. He’s not healed from Ollie’s passing, and now with Frankie’s unfortunate death, he’s a mess of emotions. He takes himself to an AA meeting and learns about a bar that gives recovering alcoholics a shot for each chip they’ve earned.

Jackson is finally opening up to Maggie about everything. He tells her about his feelings for April and that he’s genuinely happy that she’s happy, but there’s still a part of him that wishes things could’ve been different for them. The one thing they could never see eye to eye was God, and now that Jackson truly believes, he’s too late and she’s moved on and married Matthew. (RIP, Japril for life!). And amidst all of this, he still loves Maggie. Right now their relationship status seems a bit ambiguous, but it’s not looking great. Love is crazy complicated.

Weber makes his way to the bar and trades the bartender his 8 years for 8 shots. As he contemplates whether he should take the shots or not, he stands up and goes behind the bar reaching for a bat and smashing the shelves lined with alcohol.

At Catherine’s ribbon cutting Koracick reveals that she does, in fact, have grade-three chondrosarcoma. And Meredith receives a call from Weber informing her that he’s in jail and needs her help…oh boy, this leaves so many cliffhangers.

It seems like a lot of trouble for the Avery-Weber clan, and we can only keep our fingers crossed for the road that lies ahead of them.

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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy- I Walk the Line (15×13)



A nice quick break was had from all the sadness and emotions lately. This lighthearted episode was definitely very much appreciated. No deaths, no tears, and really no drama!

Meredith and DeLuca are on the VERY slow uphill from their shared kiss, and DeLuca is patiently waiting for Meredith to receive the ok from Maggie before going forth with their relationship. I guess I’m starting to slowly warm up to the idea of MerLuca, we’ll see which comes first, their relationship or my acceptance. It’ll be a close one for sure!

As Meredith tries to discuss the DeLuca situation with Maggie, she is clearly distracted and distraught. Ironically she’s faced with an internal battle of ethics in regard to a difficult lifesaving operation on an old med school nemesis. The woman who used to emotionally abuse her is now asking her to save her life. Now that is taking karma to an entirely new level!

Owen and Teddy are handling patients whose realities smack both of them in the face.

The most drama this week was Britney’s parents arriving at the hospital! It wasn’t completely shocking, because they’re not the first long lost parents to turn up, but poor Owen. His love for Leo is so powerful, it is amazing to see his journey with fatherhood, from fighting to gain it and now fighting to maintain it.

Owen’s patient this week of course is a young boy. Remember Ethan from a few seasons ago, the boy Owen totally fawned over? It is kind of reminiscent of that situation. Owen’s heartstrings are pulled at the thought of the father losing his son, and it makes him fearful of losing Theo.

There is just a small part of me that does not believe his life is supposed to go this way. I can’t help but think this is just a small detour on his path to parenthood with Teddy. He may have legal status over Leo’s grandparents now, but I can’t help but think they can easily take that from him. And there is just a tiny chance he might lose Leo.

I am so thankful Grey’s focuses on Owen’s strong desire for fatherhood. It is such a shift from the male dominated society that portray women as the only beings who could ever want children.

It’s also important that they brought in a touchingly relevant topic. The Scottish father made such an important point about gun violence in the states, and all I was thinking was, “You go Shonda!” Thank you for throwing that not-so-subtle subtlety in there.

Teddy’s reality is mirrored back to her through a woman who seems to clearly be in a “throuple” with her husband and “best friend.” I put “best friend” in quotes because it is obvious there is much more to their relationship than just friendship feels. Honestly, I could not even tell which guy was her actual husband, until he came forward and explained the situation to Teddy.

This all feels way too close to Teddy’s situation. Although, by the end Teddy turns up at Koracick’s door insisting that she and Owen are just friends. I wonder how long this act is going to continue! I will always be unapologetically rooting for Owen and Teddy.

I guess Teddy’s genuinely happy with Koracick though, and I think he is a good guy who also deserves a woman like Teddy.

So, perhaps this is how it is meant to be … *big sigh*

Despite the drama-free Grey’s Anatomy we all have not seen in such a long time we almost questioned whether we had actually turned on the right show, we were gifted with some cheery and sweet moments.

Let’s talk about that smolder DeLuca gave Meredith across the room! Who else wouldn’t have been distracted as hell!

Additional Sidenotes:

  • I like to consider myself a Grey’s Anatomy super fan, but how could I have forgotten Maggie and DeLuca dated?!
  • Why is the struggle to keep a plant alive one of the most relatable things?
  • Jo’s photo op of her cutie husband next to his prized wall success was so precious. Alex’s grimace was too cute!
  • Bailey’s praise is so minimal, she hardly knows how to give it! But when she does, it is so meaningful

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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy – Girlfriend in a Coma (15×12)



Time as an imagined concept by scientists is the glue that binds the storylines together this episode, beginning with the holiday season (boy did it make me nostalgic for those December festivities) and ending with a current Valentines Day theme. Everyone seems to be fighting the war against time, and thankfully we’re left with more victories than losses.

The bulk of the plot centers around the patient Natasha and her fiance Garrett as Natasha’s recovery time wavers tremendously. One step forward, two steps back until her dramatic and unfortunate death at the end of the episode. Two hands up if you cried waterfalls! Those tears had no chance against the beautifully thought out wedding planned by none other than Alex Karev! Alex is honestly killing it with the most stable relationship on the show currently and as interim chief.

FINALLY. We received the long-awaited answer to the love triangle. Meredith chooses DeLuca, and I’m honestly a bit surprised. My spidey-senses were not entirely expecting this one. After DeLuca already reprimands her for standing him up, she continues to do the same thing to Link. Link has only ever been kind and adoring to Meredith, but when does the good guy ever win? Only the self-proclaimed good guys win apparently.

DeLuca has a bit of an impish side to him, but he finally puts his foot down to let Meredith know that although the chase was originally fun and games, he does not have time to fight for someone that does not treat him like a choice. His words really seem to hit Meredith hard, or perhaps it was his OR innuendo, “If you meet someone who lights you up you should fight for them.” Perhaps I’ll learn to accept MerLuca as a couple, but until then I will just sit on the sidelines wishing for Link to earn his happy ending.

Meanwhile, Richard and Catherine are struggling through her recovery. Catherine’s headstrong personality is fighting against her vulnerable physical abilities and despisement of feeling dependent. Richard and Jackson are having a seriously difficult time watching the woman they both love dearly suffer so greatly. The treadmill incident was hard to watch and seeing Jackson’s true empathic emotions was deep. He’s really opening up, especially with Maggie and that will only continue to foster positive growth in their relationship. Another Grey’s wedding on the horizon?!

Bailey and Ben recover from their break and just in time for some fun February 14th activities. Ben’s boundless love for Bailey and stand-in father figuring for Tuck is incredible. Bailey deserves all the love and support in the world, even though she has a difficult time expressing those needs. No matter how hard he tried, Ben could never walk away, so it didn’t take long for him to run back to her wide-open arms. Ben just shows us that we all just deserve someone who will build us a treehouse!

The timelapse is done beautifully and wow, do I wish I could timelapse through a pregnancy. Teddy’s growing belly acts as a great visual representation of the three months covered. I’m happy to finally see her truly happy, and Koracick and Teddy look to be a strong fit for each other. When Owen watches Teddy and Koracick walk away together for their romantic and sensual pedicures, Owen’s face portrays a look of acceptance. He has finally realized he must to let her go, even though he will always love her.

Owen has enough drama of his own with the Betty, or should I now say Brittney, situation. I’m not particularly invested in Be-Brittney’s plotline, and I was wishing for something a bit juicier than the information she reveals. But I guess it does its job of creating turmoil for Owen, Amelia, and Theo.

I have to say, this was one of the strongest episodes of the season. The storyline was impeccable and it was perfectly emotional in every which way. Perfectly fitting for the Valentine season as it centered around the love lives of doctors. I’m interested to see where the MerLuca story goes, Koracick and Teddy’s love story progressing, and Schmitt and Nico’s newly out and proud relationship. Wahoo, love for all!

Additional Sidenotes:

  • Meredith’s joke about being in a love triangle with her food hits way too close to home
  • “Kiss the one who turns back time for you,” made my heart of cheese melt. Lying on a deathbed seems to impart much wisdom
  • Teddy and Owen really trying to act like friends is sweet, but honestly, they are so in love with each other it is painful

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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy – Help, I’m Alive (15×10)



I know it’s Seattle, but sheesh there seems to be an extra somber “grey” cloud hanging over the hospital this week. There were a few sweet storylines, particularly between the third angle of Meredith’s love triangle, but beyond that mostly sad and disheartening news for many people.

For starters, the biggest ongoing mess currently is the whole Amelia, Owen, and Teddy drama. This episode finally gave Teddy the courage she needed to stand up for herself and not let everyone else’s petty judgment overtake her right to feelings. Personally, as said previously, I am team Teddy all the way and everyone’s harsh thoughts about the situation are unnecessary.

Teddy’s intentions were not to happily host Owen’s bun in her oven, fly out to Seattle, watch as Amelia and Owen started a family, and then jump in as a home wrecker. No, no, no. At this point, everyone should understand that timing isn’t anyone’s strong suit here, but of course, it’s a TV drama so all we can do is sit in front of the screen shaking our head.

Don’t get me wrong, I do sympathize with Amelia. I would feel incredibly awkward and out of place if the man I loved was expecting a baby with the woman he’s loved his entire life. But Owen, Teddy has no time for your sass! Thank God she let him have it and made him realize that she wasn’t going to be the only one sacrificing for the baby. Another job switch-a-roo on the horizon?

Meredith’s ride on the DeLuca wave was certainly short-lived as this episode let Link show his soft underbelly. Meredith’s snappiness toward him at the beginning, of course, flip-flopped after he revealed his bout with cancer as a child. Who would have seen that one coming? It’s always the people you assume to have the most amount of privilege that are the ones with the most intense backstories.

Once again he shows his unadulterated compassion and love for children, specifically Meredith’s children, which will certainly win him brownie points, leaving poor DeLuca to solo ride his personal celebration of success. Link seems to be the right choice. He seems more mature and settled in life, whereas DeLuca still seems like a young boy. I’m open to any counter-arguments because I’m still not entirely sold on Link either!

The next triple threat at hand is the one boiling between Catherine, Jackson, and Richard. I am a huge fan of Catherine choosing to have her possible last surgery go down in history under her maiden name “Dr. Fox.” How empowering! And damn straight does she have all the right in the world to play the cancer card.

Her breakdown with Jackson and Richard was grounding as she expressed that the realness of the tumor only amplified when they found out. So keeping the people she loved the most in the dark was pertinent to keeping herself in the dark as well.

I’m preparing myself by stocking the house with boxes of tissues, just in case we’re treated with another important death this season. Not to say I don’t have faith in Amelia and Koracick’s tumor removal abilities, but sometimes even the well-renowned surgeons of Grey Sloan Memorial are no match to Shonda’s impeccable writing capabilities.

What do you think is going to happen to Catherine? Do you think Teddy, Owen, and Amelia are going to create one big modern family? What’s going to happen with Meredith’s love triangle?

Additional Sidenotes:

  • Alex’s and DeLuca have come a long way. Watching Alex teach and praise DeLuca in the OR was simply heartwarming
  • How is Meredith’s son, Bailey, already 5?! The children aren’t focused on much in the show, so they age FAST
  • Alex and Jo, honestly relationship goals! “Thank you for marrying me.”
  • Owen needed accidental paralysis to finally slow down and take a moment. These doctors and their inability to take a sick day! I don’t know whether to be amazed by their dedication or worried by their stubbornness
  • Koracick and Teddy? Seems promising, but now I expect Owen will realize how much he wants Teddy after he realizes he may not be able to have her
  • Is it just me or does DeLuca seem so much younger than Meredith?
  • Honestly, I’m right there with Meredith on the gap in knowledge about superheroes. “The Hulk” and “Hulk” same difference … I’m sure I just offended so many people



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