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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy- Where Do We Go From Here? (11×09)



There are many reasons why I fell in love with Grey’s Anatomy nearly 10 years ago. The character stories, the patient stories, an the overall back story of the show.  I was a little confused on how we left things before the winter finale, since I have been rooting for Meredith and Derrick since season one. If you need a reminder things went overboard, and Mer told Derrick to leave for Washington, since he kept throwing it in her face that he stayed for her. I think thats rule number one for marriage, never throw things in your spouses face. So she tells him to go, and shockingly he does.

We are then brought to Derrick coming home and packing his clothes, and looking at the post-it where they promised each other they’d stay together forever. I was defiantly loving the flashback to the happy days. And when he leaves, Mer comes home to throw away the post-it.


Back at the hospital Jackson tells April the news about their baby, and if you don’t remember Stephanie saw in her ultrasound that he would be born with a fatal disease. April is in shock, and can only try to mend the pain with surgery. Jackson doesn’t want her in the hospital and suggests that they go home for the day, but with Grey’s there is always a trauma. A lady drove her kids off a bridge, and injured a lot of people doing so. April is disgusted since all she can think about is who would want to hurt their kids, and Mer just wants to focus on something other than Derrick leaving to numb the pain. She believes the lady was sick, and even find a tumor on her pancreas.

Speaking about tumors, Arizona and Amelia are convinced Herman’s tumor can be operated on. She is still stuck on the fact that Arizona stole her scans. But after tons of convincing and some tears being shed, she agrees to be operated on, but only on her terms.

The hardest parts of the episode were the emotionally moments with Jackson and April, and Mer. When Jackson cries about the fetal disease of his unborn child, it killed me.  And April letting him know it is a boy. Also, when Mer describes what she needs to the nanny, which turned out to be what she needs in a partner. No one said this life would be easy. In the end, she calls Derrick and tells him she loves him and that they could make it work. She then picks up the post-it and hangs it back on the wall. Hopefully our favorite couple and work on their marriage, and Jackson and April find strength to deal with this problem. Grey’s is back, so get your tissues ready!


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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy – Blowin’ in the Wind (15×08)



Greys Anatomy Blowin in the Wind

There is so much more than just dangerous debris (impaling unsuspecting citizens) in the air this episode as many feelings and secrets are finally revealed.

Finally, it only took a third of the season for Teddy to tell Owen that she’s pregnant with his baby. And in the operating room no less! I mean, talk about “not the time nor the place”. I’m just glad the patient was completely intact and unscathed by the giant candy cane before dropping that baby bomb.

Meanwhile, Meredith’s been sitting on Catherine’s secret. She rightfully doesn’t share Catherine’s information with Richard and instead tells him he’s going to need to figure out his issues so he can be there for his people. Although she does choose to tell Maggie about Catherine and advises Maggie that Jackson’s going to need all her love and support.

During the Teddy and Owen drama, Amelia attempts to take out a selfie stick that’s gone through Phoebe’s brain, unfortunately leaving her brain dead. Coincidentally Phoebe’s the perfect match for Cece, and hopefully, Cece will be receiving the organs she’s been waiting weeks for.

Betty returns with a few bumps and bruises and mega regret. She admits to having backtracked and gotten high but insists that she came back for Owen, Amelia, and Leo and is truly ready to turn over a new leaf in her sobriety. After having to tell Phoebe’s mom that she didn’t make it out of surgery, Amelia realizes how much time and effort is wasted being upset with Betty, so she gives her an emotional hug and tells her that no matter how far off the path she steps, she always wants her to come home.

Meredith’s love life is certainly escalating when she approaches Link and accepts his standing drink offer. A bit delayed, but I guess when you’re Meredith Grey there’s no such thing as an expired proposal. DeLuca witnesses the exchange and of course isn’t going down without a fight, so he propositions Meredith declaring his feelings for her. This love triangle is only getting spicier!

Of course, this episode ends on a typical Shonda Rhimes multi-dramatic cliffhanger when the power goes out leaving the doctors stuck in elevators. I guess Meredith’s time of logical contemplation about DeLuca is put at a standstill because the track record for elevator makeouts at Grey Sloan Memorial is off the charts. As for Owen, Teddy, and Amelia, maybe it’s a good thing the lights are out so they don’t have to visually reap in the uncomfortable situation.

I can’t even begin to imagine what the next episode is going to start with. Do you have any ideas?

Additional Sidenotes:

I love the small storyline between Nico and Schmidt and am glad they are finally bringing in another LGBT romance after the unfortunate exit of Calzona.

When Alex and Jo are stuck waiting for the storm to pass, and Alex mentions Izzie’s name, it’s definitely a sucker punch. I will forever be sad about the Alex and Izzie storyline…there was so much promise until there wasn’t! I’m all for the new characters and new relationships, but I will always be a fan of the OG pairings: Owen and Christina, Derek and Meredith, Izzie and Alex, etc.

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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy – Anybody Have A Map? (15×07)



Grey's Anatomy Anybody Have a Map

Life is a labyrinth riddled with tragedies and difficulties, and Grey’s Anatomy knows this truth all too well, especially in this episode. Between a death, a rocky relationship, a downward spiral, and a cancer diagnosis, they’re going to need much more than a map to get out of this labyrinth.

The nurses at Grey Sloan Memorial are truly the backbone of the hospital, the oil that makes it run smoothly, and despite this show’s primary focus on the doctors, there are a few times the nurses gain a little recognition.

Frankie is one of the head nurses and despite being 28 weeks pregnant she’s still giving orders and saving lives. That is until she’s admitted as a patient due to a wandering spleen. Weber tries to convince her to go into surgery to fix it, but she has her worries– protecting both her baby and her wallet. She tells Weber that she had always had a plan, and obviously, life doesn’t always go accordingly, so sometimes you need to take initiative. Instead of waiting for a man, she decided to pursue IVF and have a baby on her own, although not entirely alone, because she has her entire village of nurses ready to help raise the baby alongside her.

Meanwhile, Meredith and Koracick are called by Catherine Avery to help a patient who has a major spinal tumor. The patient, to their surprise, happens to be Catherine. They need to run a biopsy to test if it’s benign, and if it’s not they need to figure out a way to keep Catherine alive while also hopefully not turning her into a paraplegic.

The other Avery is having his own troubles when Maggie finds a very friendly text from another woman he met on his “Godquest”.  Immediately she concludes that he must have cheated on her, which to be fair, heart emojis are definitely a step beyond platonic. After explaining that it actually isn’t what it looks like —  didn’t physically cheat — he admits that he looks to other women he can be emotionally vulnerable with, one of which includes April.

Maggie doesn’t take this news too well, and she’s right in her anger. The fact that he’s talking to a woman he’s slept with and a woman who wants to sleep with him about some of his deepest emotions, would make anyone quite jealous, hurt, and skeptical. Though there’s really nobody who is in the wrong, it only highlights the flaws in their communication.

Frankie is in the woods again when they find fluid in her abdomen and need to rush her into the OR to take out her spleen. Thankfully, Weber’s able to remove it, but blood soon begins to flood her abdomen. Alex is forced to deliver the baby prematurely, and the baby boy ends up surviving strongly, however, Frankie does not. Weber is finally breaking down. He’s not healed from Ollie’s passing, and now with Frankie’s unfortunate death, he’s a mess of emotions. He takes himself to an AA meeting and learns about a bar that gives recovering alcoholics a shot for each chip they’ve earned.

Jackson is finally opening up to Maggie about everything. He tells her about his feelings for April and that he’s genuinely happy that she’s happy, but there’s still a part of him that wishes things could’ve been different for them. The one thing they could never see eye to eye was God, and now that Jackson truly believes, he’s too late and she’s moved on and married Matthew. (RIP, Japril for life!). And amidst all of this, he still loves Maggie. Right now their relationship status seems a bit ambiguous, but it’s not looking great. Love is crazy complicated.

Weber makes his way to the bar and trades the bartender his 8 years for 8 shots. As he contemplates whether he should take the shots or not, he stands up and goes behind the bar reaching for a bat and smashing the shelves lined with alcohol.

At Catherine’s ribbon cutting Koracick reveals that she does, in fact, have grade-three chondrosarcoma. And Meredith receives a call from Weber informing her that he’s in jail and needs her help…oh boy, this leaves so many cliffhangers.

It seems like a lot of trouble for the Avery-Weber clan, and we can only keep our fingers crossed for the road that lies ahead of them.

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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy – Flowers Grow Out of My Grave (15×06)



Grey's Anatomy Flowers Grow Out of MY grave

Grey’s Anatomy is known for its dance with death, and in this episode, they chose to not only dance with it but to really dig deep and explore the meaning of it. As other TV shows spent their time focusing on Halloween, Grey’s decided to pay homage to Dia de Los Muertos, which I thought was a great way to stay current and diverse in a less mainstream way.

This episode unpacked a lot, starting again with Teddy’s long outheld secret from Owen. Of course just as she’s about to tell him, Amelia bursts in with the news that Betty’s gone missing, sending them all on a wild goose chase for the rest of the episode.

The morning at the hospital starts as per usual with fun small gossip among the doctors. Jo is invested in the possibility of a romance between Link and Meredith, as she tries to pique Link’s faded interest telling him that just because Meredith may have rejected him before doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be persistent, because she’s a hard nut to crack.

As Bailey and Jo’s liver patient Roberta was receiving the almost good news about her liver, a nurse came in to tell them that she wasn’t going to be getting the liver as previously expected, which means back to square one.

Weber pulls Meredith aside to deliver the news that Thatcher her deadbeat dad is in hospice with terminal cancer with only a few weeks to live. Due to a very complicated past, or lack thereof, with her father, she wrestles with her conscious and whether or not she should say goodbye to him one last time.

Just as Bailey and Jo are starting to feel desperate, Bailey comes up with the ingenious idea to do a Frankenstein procedure of sorts, procuring the liver of a man who died 7 minutes ago and happens to be the same exact match as Roberta.

Alex and Meredith are working together to take out the gallbladder of a little girl whose family is all there to support her as well as celebrate Dia de Los Muertos and provide us with a little lesson on the actual meaning and purpose behind it. As the name suggests it’s a celebration of the dead, not a celebration of death. Alex and Meredith have grieved many deaths together in the last 14 seasons and honestly who would’ve imagined they would’ve stuck it out together to represent OG Grey’s? I’m all for it though, their friendship is truly Friends level!

Link approaches Meredith asking her out only to be rejected once again. But to be fair, Meredith’s been through so many traumas, that, of course, she’s going to need a little more persistence and umph from Link. DeLuca joins them and provides some friendly competition. It’s obvious there’s a typical love triangle forming. Who will prevail? Team Link or Team DeLuca?

Link, Levi, and Nico are presented with a case of a boy, JJ, who originally comes in with a fractured humerus, but later they find a mass in his arm that seems to be the initial cause of the fracture. Nico offers to show Levi the ropes of ortho as well as the ropes of other personal discoveries.

After telling Alex the miraculous news about the liver they saved, he immediately refuses to let Jo and Bailey go through with the liver transplant, only leading them to take matters into their own hands and continue with the procedure. Although Jo deliberately disobeyed Alex’s specific orders, he can’t help but find something sexy in it, and all is good. I mean with a brain and skills like that, you can’t stay mad at her for too long!

Mer is on a date with an English professor, another check on the list provided by her matchmaker, but this time it ends in her spiraling on about why she shouldn’t feel guilty about not wanting to say goodbye to a man that has never been a part of her life. Why is it always the child’s job to forgive and forget? Yeah, they may have given you life, but there’s so much more to being a parent than completing life’s most basic reproductive function. I honestly couldn’t agree more, she certainly has a point!

Link proves Meredith’s original assumption about him being just a pretty face wrong. He shows a greater depth by connecting with JJ in such a beautiful, sweet, and pure way. After explaining to JJ that he has cancer and that it might, in fact, lead him to baldness just like his grandfather, Link hacks off random pieces of his beautiful locks to show him that it’s going to be ok. I wonder if showing Link’s ability with kids is an added foreshadowing of sorts.

The long journey is over for Roberta, but not in that way. The liver transplant is a huge success and she can put off the funeral preparations for at least a few decades.

Nico and Levi are riding the elevator and engage in some typical elevator steaminess, but to Levi’s dismay when Nico finds out that it’s Levi’s first gay rodeo, he tells him that he can’t go through the entire process of coming out of the closet again, he’s been there done that looong process. Poor Levi, but that doesn’t mean it’s over, he just needs to go down his own path of self-discovery for a bit before bringing Nico into it.

As the episode is winding down Shonda decides to throw a curveball and celebrate the deaths of some old familiar faces. The reappearance of George, Lexi, Ellis, Derek, Mark, and even Doc, Mer’s old dog from seasons past, throws a wrench in our hearts. They all looked exactly the same and it was a beautiful moment. It really showed how far we’ve come as a Grey’s Anatomy family!

Of course, the last scene has to leave ambiguity for the next few episodes, especially concerning how Mer’s love story will play out. As of right now, it looks like Link’s pulling ahead in this love triangle. Mer’s always had a thing for men with beautiful hair, but after this cut, I think she’ll be able to look beyond the do after all his beautiful hair is just an extension of his beautiful face and personality.

Thoughts? Share them with us in the comments and on CraveYouTV on Twitter.

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