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iZombie Brainless in Seattle iZombie Brainless in Seattle


iZombie – Brainless in Seattle, Part 1 (4×03)



I don’t want to alarm you guys but there’s a brain-eating serial killer on the loose in Seattle. That does not look good for human-zombie relations.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to problems in this budding town.

Liv and Clive come to the realization during the case-of-the-week, which focuses on Annie, a hopeless romantic who snuck into Seattle for some man named Alex Fox.

Shortly upon her arrival, she escaped death by incineration but had her brains blow up and gobbled up by the very road runner she paid to smuggle her in.

That’s the problem with towns that have put up walls — some people want in and some people want out. And they are so desperate, they’ll do anything.

To get inside Annie’s brain, literally, Liv eats the few remaining pieces by adding them to her heart-shaped chocolates.

From the get-go, boy crazy brain is in full effect and when they bring Alex in for questioning, Liv’s has googly eyes for him.

To heck with being a possible murder-suspect, Liv wants to hang out with him at human-zombie night at The Scratching Post.

Liv drags Peyton against her will, who in turn, drags Ravi. Sure, bring your ex to a bar just because you don’t want to see your other ex.

Ravi turns out to be the life of the party — I’ve been waiting to see him boogie on down my whole life.

There have been such dark times in Seattle lately, it’s nice to see zombies and humans just getting along at the club, even if their idea of a good song is ‘Space Jam.”

Realistically though, maybe having zombies and humans together in a crowded space infused with alcohol isn’t the best idea. What if someone accidentally scratches someone else?

Alex never showed up, much to Liv’s dismay, but she quickly fell into the arms of some other breathtaking man.

More importantly, she saw Bozzio hooking up with some other man! I know they always say “not everything is as it seems” so I’m going to go out on a limb and say that maybe she’s just working a suspect? But still, Clive doesn’t deserve that.

And given how the inability to have sex has become quite an issue for them, it would be totally bogus if she was stepping out on him while he’s taking anxiety meds to decrease his libido in an effort to be faithful.

Then again, maybe this is a solution they both mutually agreed upon. All I know is, Liv won’t be able to bite her tongue for much longer.

Running Seattle is proving to be a bit challenging for Chase Graves.

Major finally told him about Jordan’s accidental scratching, which has landed them a lawsuit. Graves doesn’t seem interested in the slightest, especially since the video hasn’t leaked.

And it’s because he’s focusing on The Darwin Project, a group promising unimaginable wealth to zombies leaving Seattle and offering their bodies as research. He believes this is of the utmost importance but his team disagrees. They are more concerned with the zombie brain shortage, coyotes are scratching humans, brains are falling off of trucks, the whole ordeal.

In 4-6 months, there will be mass starvation because the brain to zombie ratio isn’t even and all those pissed off zombies are going to come for him.

Yeah, it’s safe the say there’s a reason for his displeased expression.

In an effort to track down the coyote Renegade, he turns to Blaine. In exchange, he’ll allow him to run his establishment in peace. Obviously, that’s an offer Blaine cannot resist so he reaches out to a man who can lead him to her and threatens to inject him with the cure.

Yep, Ravi’s missing cure (which isn’t foolproof) was actually stolen by Blaine. He definitely knows how to keep himself a “needed” commodity in town.

He may not have an in with Renegade, but Liv surely does and she arrives at her doorstep to help out with the serial killer coyote Bruce.

If you thought there were plenty of problems in Seattle before an outbreak of the zombie virus, think again.

Thoughts on this week’s iZombie? Did you love Liv on boy obsessed brain? Will Major help Jordan since Graves doesn’t care? Will Peyton and Ravi finally get together? Will Liv tell Clive about Bozzio?

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iZombie – Brainless in Seattle Part 2 (4×04)



iZombie Brainless in Seattle Part 2

The hunt for Seattle’s new serial killer is on.

After some intense stakeouts, Liv and Clive decide that the best way to lure their killer out is by setting up a trap.

Ravi is way ahead of them as he’s pimped himself out on some Craigslist-esque site as a rich doctor looking to leave Seattle and return home to England.

Honestly, Ravi doing an accent on top of his accent couldn’t have been more enjoyable.

Catching the rogue coyote Bruce — a storyline which I thought would span several episodes — was seemingly too easy.

Clive leapt from the staircase just as Bruce introduced himself to Ravi and Liv realized the burn mark on his hand connected him to the incinerator which he used to burn his victims. Whoop de doo.

On the topic of coyotes, Blaine ate the brain of a loose-lipped man who had dealings with Renegade. Aside from his desire to reach his goal, Blaine telling the truth and giving everyone a little too much information was hilarious. He was so unapologetic about underpaying his staff.

Through a series of visions, he was able to pinpoint her location. Once he did, he and his men busted into the laundromat, threw her in a bag and delivered her to Chase Graves. Girl, you know you’re in trouble. What will Graves do to her? Will he make an example out of her and use the guillotine? She’s the one that’s been scratching humans and turning them into zombies thus contributing to his brain shortage because there are more mouths to feed.

Surprisingly, we found out that we’ve seen Renegade before. She worked for Fillmore Graves and when she saw what they were doing, she wanted to tell someone. They murdered her husband Max, which is when she began doing this to feel needed.

Graves is also rallying up Major’s team to hit the streets and find that video of an FG agent scratching an unarmed human civilian. Until Major said “that’s American’s worst nightmare,” I just figured it would blow over. But he’s right — this is what the humans are scared of. If zombie agents cannot be trusted protecting the public, all hell will break loose.

So Major and his team hit up a few spots frequented by the humans and find the crew that had the video. The dudes are tools and insist that they gave the phone to their friend, you know, the one that was scratched and turned. Major tried to keep the dealings friendly and profesh but I’m here for a menacing Major too!

Tucker took the phone and the gun from his friends because they “needed him to do the right thing.” Seriously, how messed up is it that your own friends now think you should kill yourself because you got a disease? He finds himself unable to blow his own brains out, thank god, and in his lowest point, stumbles upon Angus’ church. Or should I say Brother Love’s church?

Angus is creating a team of angry monsters and it is scary. His belief is that humans aren’t friends they’re food, which is definitely the start of some kind of revolution. He’s also telling his followers that FG prioritizes humans over them while gorging on food and leaving the “lesser” zombies to starve. It’s a terrifying depiction of how easily people can be swayed and turn simply by hearing what they want to hear.

When Major and his team finally locate Tucker, they enter the church and quickly realize their mistake. The zombies close in on them because they’ve just been told that these agents are basically here to destroy their lives. Angus appears from above and recognizes Major. He’s disappointed at the wrong-turn Major’s life took as he was once better known for helping people.

But now, this opens up the storyline even more. Up until this point, no one has known about the church’s doing and how dangerous they may be to both FG and the humans. They have to neutralize them and fast. Chase Graves has to know about this but so does Blaine, considering that’s his father. He doesn’t even know homie got out of the well!

And speaking of zombies being influenced by the church, there’s Tim, the love of Liv’s life on hopeless romantic brain. She puts up a “missed connections” ad in hopes of finding him at the next human-zombie night at The Scratching Post. Much to her surprise, Tim does show up and they begin making up sloppily…. not romantically as the “She’s All That” mimicked scene would have us believe.

After confronting Major who is on wrestler-brain about her new love — okay, that was hands down the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life — she realized she didn’t know much about Tim. Instead of making out, she decided to “get to know him” and realized, Tim is a follower of the church who really thinks humans are inferior and thus, should be eaten. Can you say a mismatch of morals?

Liv was so disgusted as the bulk of her friends are humans who are way more evolved than he’ll ever be.

It was a nice ending to an episode; no cliffhangers, just Liv, Ravi, Major and Peyton having a dance off and enjoying each others company. As Liv said, if these were her soulmates, which I think they are, she’s the luckiest girl in the world.

Before we end though, we have to touch upon Clive’s open relationship with Bozzio. When Liv finally told him about seeing her with another guy, he looked defeated but not surprised. This man loves her so much, he’s willing to share her to keep their relationship afloat. There’s nothing wrong with open relationships, however, if only one person is benefitting, then it isn’t really fair. And it seems like Clive is the “one woman” type of dude. If he does finally take advantage of that open relationship, he’ll likely fall for the woman he’s seeing aka the officer Liv is so desperately trying to set him up with!

Do you think Clive and Bozzio are over? Will Liv and Major get back together? Will Peyton and Ravi? How will Blaine react to finding out his father is the leader of some underground cult disguised as a church?

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iZombie – Blue Bloody (4×02)



iZombie Blue Bloody

This week’s iZombie wasted no time getting to the murder mystery of the week — the death of entitled gossiper, Mrs. Brinks.

Normally getting hit in the eye with a golf ball would be chalked up to a mere accident, but when it comes to someone gravely disliked, it becomes a case of premeditated murder. Especially since the golf caddy saw someone shooting from a golf ball gun across the pond. Draining the pond proves a contraption like that does, in fact, exist, contrary to Ravi’s initial beliefs.

When it comes down to the mean-spirited woman, there’s no shortage of suspects. No one liked her yet when they interviewed her staff, everyone claimed Mrs. Brinks was the best person they’d ever met.

Clive knew they were all lying because Liv on Mrs. Brinks’ brain was the most repugnant and repulsive person he’s ever met. I’d also add she had terrible perfume and an outright ridiculous fashion sense.

Leave the Stepford Wife look to the professionals, Liv!

At first, I thought the help all banded together to take out Brinks, but when Clive finds out that each of the employees was left a million dollars in the will, one person had to be guilty.

Clive assumes he’ll be able to pinpoint who the murderer is by seeing who is the least surprised by the million dollar announcement.

However, none of them cracked, just like bitchy-Liv suspected.

Finally, the code to the safe led them to the chef, who needed the money to transport her son, who has a heart-defect, out of military-state Seattle.

“She’d rather die than loan me twenty-thousand,” the chef retorts.

Anyone else felt like we were playing a game of Clue?

I can’t even condemn anyone who would go to such great lengths to save their child. Even as she was writing her guilty plea, she begged Clive and Liv to deliver her child to “renegade,” which was on the “forbidden” side of town.

Clive refused to take on the task and Liv’s mean-woman brain made it “not her problem.”

That is until the brain wore off and she suddenly broke down crying and rambling about she needed to save this woman’s child.

The ever-fearless Ravi agreed to assist her on the mission and in the middle of the night, Mrs. Brinks’ remaining employees delivered the sick child, which they then put in the back of the hearse to smuggle across town.

At the checkpoint, their “we’re going to pick up a body” story wasn’t believable. Thankfully, the supervisor on duty was Major, who hesitated but allowed them to go roll through.

The child was safely delivered to renegade, although it’s unclear how she was able to get people “across the wall.” Still, the fact that there’s a market for escaping Seattle proves that even a wall can’t keep in those desperate enough to get out and vice versa. Sorry Trump, I definitely found a flaw in your “solution.”

Liv’s decision to assist the child put a major strain on her relationship with Major. It’s understandable that he was upset considering “human smuggling” is more than a fireable offense, but it was more than that – there is a conflict of interest in how they approach this New World Order. Liv isn’t too supportive of Major’s choices or his allegiance to FG, who brought upon this zombie epidemic in the first place.

Politics trumps love once again. Liv and Major could have been a great love story, but at this point, they were just sleeping together because it was convenient. It’s not what these characters deserve.

Major becomes further entrenched in FG and leading his own unit, while also guiding his two new recruits, who seem to think they’re way more advanced than they really are. The purpose of their shift is to keep the peace yet ___ fails to do that during an altercation. When the humans grab her helmet, the only thing keeping her safe, she goes into full-on zombie mode and scratches one of the humans, who then forces his friend to put him out of his misery.

So yeah, Major has had a pretty bad day. But to be fair, he tried to warn Chase that the newbies weren’t ready and training on-the-job wasn’t going to suffice.

Mimicking the current climate, someone captured everything on video thus showing that the FG soldiers aren’t really “for the humans” as they say they are. What happens to __ now that she broke the cardinal rule?

Clive brings the humor with his sexual frustrations. I don’t think there’s been anything better than Clive turning to Ravi for advice about not being able to sleep with Dale.

“Have you tried mutual masturbation,” Ravi hilariously recommends.

Clive shoots down his obvious solution and asks for an SSRI to decrease libido.

Of course, shortly after, Dale finds the pills and immediately figures out that they aren’t for Clive’s anxiety but to decrease his sex drive.

“We’ll figure this out,” she assures him, but it’s obvious that if there’s no intimacy, this relationship is doomed. Or will Dale and Clive risk the death-penalty for a moment in the sun?

The fun ends with Angus, who has taken over the church and grown his following ten-fold.

“Join us, come and be fed,” he preaches, which to the underfed zombies are words straight from God’s lips.

And really, Angus is selling a pretty convincing story: he’s telling them to take back what’s theirs and giving them something that they all want and he does so by welcoming everyone, including the most impressionable youngin’s.

His silent revolution is starting and soon, they will be unstoppable.

All it takes is one man to say the right thing, use the right influencers and build up his own army to become unstoppable.

They always say, “be the change you wish to see in the world,” and hell, Angus took that to HEART.

I’m surprised FG, who seems to have their hand in every pot in this under-surveillance city, aren’t yet aware of this.

At this point, they’ve taken a direct hit at them by attacking their “black market” supply.

This new season is really trying to make a statement about our current world through the use of a zombie apocalypse.

A revolution stirred by God-loving people who have been suppressed, a wall to keep citizens in and aliens out, human smuggling over the wall, youth being disowned by families for being different, and embracing who they are, youth trading sex for a hit, a virus being spread through physical contact, a death penalty for loving someone that’s different. It may seem ludicrous and sensationalized in the context of Seattle’s zombie-infested world, but in reality, these are situations torn right from reality. And that’s the scariest part.

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iZombie – Are You Ready for Some Zombies (4×01)



iZombie/ The Cw

“It’s called beast mode.”

Zombie lovers, we’re baaaaack!

And this new Seattle is nothing like we remember. It’s a zombie-infested, military state where everyone is pretty much walled off from entering or leaving. I mean, it’s Trump’s dream world — they even have his dream wall. And no, people aren’t liking it.

With zombies having been exposed to the world, it’s like we’re watching a completely different show.

Liv and Major don’t have to hide who they are anymore, which is great, but now, we’re seeing whether zombies and humans can co-exist. The answer? Nope.

You have the zombies, who are being fed mass-produced brains that are distributed by Fillmore-Graves, the people responsible for the zombie epidemic, which was distributed through those annual flu shots. And you thought we were having the worst flu-season of all. Despite creating zombies, FG is determined to spread the message of “zero tolerance” and even has a death-penalty (did you see that guillotine?) if a zombie scratches a human/spreads the virus through sexual intercourse.

That makes it pretty difficult for human-zombie relationships to thrive. For example Clive and Dale, who are still going strong, even though they have to keep things PG.

In these confusing times, most humans aren’t “down” with the zombie-ism or their new leaders, which leaves Seattle a state-divided.

This new world is going to take some getting used to or as Clive put it, “Why bother? Someones probably gunna nuke us any day now.” Way to be optimistic Det. Babino!

The one thing that remains the same and gives the viewers a sense of familiarity are the murder-mysteries of the week. It’s nice to know that even when everything is in disarray, we can always count on our dynamic due to keep us composed.

This week’s mystery takes place in one of Fillmore Graves’ brain production factories. How else did you think they were getting brains out to the masses?

Employee Clint Hicks, a man that has been vocal about his distaste for zombies, is found shredded in the grinder.

Or according to Ravi’s cause of death: “ground to death in a mixing bowl.”

While the go-to suspect is Hicks’ work enemy Doc Greeves, a slew of visions reveals his killer is someone a lot closer to home.

When homes of zombies start being tagged with red ‘Z’s’ (very original humans), Liv remembers Clint’s home was tagged the mark that was covered up by a poster.

Upon arrival, Liv gets a vision of Hick’s finding out that his son slept with his zombie girlfriend and turned. His hatred for zombies overpowered his fatherly efforts and his son threatened to “east his brains,” if he touched him.

That night, his wife went to the factory to kill her husband and protected her son by framing the co-worker he was openly feuding with.

Ruthless? Yes, but it seems cases are heightened when there’s a struggle between human and zombie relations.

This leads into Major’s new “job” within Filmore-Graves.

Major has finally found a place where he fits in and is no longer plagued by the Chaos Killer stigma.

Chase leans on Major’s background in youth counseling to take care of the “dead-enders,” young zombies who have been kicked out by their unapproving parents. He tells Major that he wants to help integrate them into the experimental city to help keep the peace and while it isn’t a lie, it isn’t as innocent as it sounds.

At first, Major is stoked to go back to his line of work but soon realizes that Graves basically wants him to recruit young soldiers.

And of course, these soldiers are very eager to work there considering anyone that isn’t a soldier is being skimped on brains.

In Seattle, despite how morally corrupt FG is, it is the company you WANT to latch onto.

These young adults Major is nurturing are being ostracized by their parents, much like LGBTQ youth are in our world. And the brain industry is boomin’ much like the drug industry.

The young are trading sex for brains in an attempt to get their fix and feed their families.

Filmore-Graves is keeping all to themselves, rationing only small amounts to the zombies they created. Basically, they are keeping these zombies indebted to them and under their control.

And where there is a demand, there is an opportunity to control the market and make tons of money.

Graves and Russ Roach, his FG bud, are operating a black market; withholding brains from hungry zombies and up-charging those who crave them desperately to make a fortune.

Which brings us to dear Blaine, who has found himself smack dab in the middle with a brand new business model.

Cemetary-to-table dining for the 1%. Now there’s a man who knows how to cater to ever-changing demands.

In addition, he’s still running The Scratching Post, but staying afloat only by being a snitch for Graves, which as you can imagine, is the bane of his existence.

I’d also make note that even after all that’s happened, Blaine still isn’t over Peyton and even though she knows how despicable he is, and even when she’s dating some new bougie dude named Derek, she’s still not over him either. I’m calling a mid-season Blaine and Pey hook-up, which will place her amongst the zombie ranks.

When I said it was a weird new world to get used to, I wasn’t joking. Peyton brings Derek home to find a sports-crazed Liv (on sports brain) with her face fully painted and Ravi (on nudist brain) walking around completely nude.

And literally, ZERO EFFS were given.

Right, Ravi — I did, in fact, say nudist brain. After he took the cure and forced Liv to scratch him in the finale, we’ve been wondering if he’s gone full-blown zombie.

The answer is kind of.

The vaccine worked, but the caveat is that once a month, Ravi turns into a zombie for about 72-hours. We’re talking white hair, cravings for brains, brain-induced side-effects, the whole shabang.

Liv lovingly refers to this as Ravi’s “time of the month.”

There’s an interesting dynamic between the Filmore-Graves soldiers and the actual Seattle PD, who don’t seem to have the highest authority anymore, as seen by Clive’s interaction with Russ, on Shakespeare brain nonetheless, at the Scratching Post.

It’ll be interesting to see how both these departments operate and who has the final say when it comes to the law. With FG untouchable, is there even a need for the detectives and police?

And onto the most unpredictable but definitely believable moment of the episode — the rise of Angus, Blaine’s papa!

If Blaine thought Chase Graves was a pain in the ass, wait till he realizes daddy dearest was released from his well, thanks to Chief. I knew he never had any real loyalty to Blaine, especially when he treated him lesser than.

And even though Angus is a man reformed, he’s not one to shy from killing anyone who stands in his way, even the man who saved him. It was so obvious he was going to kill him.

Angus obviously missed the zombie outbreak, but he hasn’t skipped a beat.

He waltzes right into a church claiming to have heard God, which in actuality was Blaine coming with his daily musings and complaints.

Look, the man has always given me the heebie-jeebies on Prison Break, but seeing him inhabit a “godly” persona with his evilness and rally up al the zombies with promise of what they really want — freedom and brains — was chilling.

And so good.

He’ll become FG’s biggest obstacle and when that happens, I wonder if Blaine will team with daddy dearest to take back control of Seattle or stick with FG and take his father out.

Regardless, there will be a revolution led by Angus and the pissed off zombies. Screw keeping the peace.

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