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iZombie – Eat, Pray, Liv (3×03)

Liv managed to stay zen on this week’s iZombie as she and Clive investigated the murder of a yoga studio owner. Not getting in on the zen? Ravi, who’s jealousy and bad decisions got the best of him. You know it’s serious when Blaine starts looking like the better dating option.

The crime of the week involves murder victim Topher, who under the zen lifestyle once led a life of shady business deals. Basing their investigation on the word of a drunk homeless guy, they find Topher’s business partner, Mitch, who points them into the direction of a third business partner, Devin. Devin is the owner of the shoes, which were found in a stinky dumpster with Topher’s blood on it, but based on his aura, Liv determine’s that he’s not their guy.

After a stakeout in the alley, they find a neighborhood watch woman who assures them the only person “running” that night was the homeless man. Turns out the “homeless man” was actually Mitch this whole time and he was trying to get his revenge on the business deal gone south.

Major’s  realizes his time as zombie is limited, which isn’t ideal considering the only cure that Ravi has available causes memory loss, as seen on Blaine. As he continues to train in the “zombie army,” he finally indulges in the yogurt pouch brains, makes a friend and invites him over for the “real stuff” because he has a hook up. Yes, this show treats human brains like illicit drugs. It’s wonderful yet disturbing and twisted all rolled into one. He also realizes that despite the setbacks – the Chaos Killer stigma being one of them – he actually enjoys his life and loves the people in his life, namely Liv, who he looks at with great admiration and dare I say love. (Major once again wins for best scene of the week with his dance moves while on “zumba teacher” brain.)

That’s why he’s 100% on testing out Ravi’s unpredictable serum that MAY reverse the effects of the cure’s memory loss. Ravi tries to persuade Blaine to be the first test subject, asking him to repent for all the bad stuff he’s done. Blaine rejects the offer admitting that he’d rather not remember who he was in the past. And we really can’t blame him – from what he’s heard, he was a terrible person.

Everyone seems to understand Blaine’s unwillingness to take an untested serum except for Ravi. When Peyton finally pushes back, defending Blaine, Ravi admits that he’s being such a “dick” because he’s in love with her. His confession ultimately causes Blaine to change his mind and he allows Ravi to inject him with the serum, thus proving to Peyton that he can be the better man that she keeps seeing in him.

It’s no secret that Peyton has a “thing” for Blaine. She slept with him before she knew who he was and was disgusted with herself after finding it out but with her, he’s always been a better version of himself, even when he was going around killing people for profit. With his memory wiped, she’s seeing a whole new side of him that is making her fall even more and seek comfort when Ravi isn’t around.

And even when she did give Ravi a chance, he went and actually like a “dick” again. After his love confession, Peyton shows up at his house and tells him that they could give this thing another go but he needs to step up. Ravi goes for the kiss but they’re interrupted by a noise coming from the kitchen. That’s when Peyton finds Katty, Ravi’s former boss from the CDC.

I have always felt for Ravi and been his cheerleader, especially when it came to Peyton but this was a low blow. How are you going to makeout with your ex-gf and tell her you’ll be a better man when there is ANOTHER woman in your kitchen wearing your t-shirt. Disgusting. No amount of apologies will fix this.

Bringing Katty back home where Liv and Major both reside is also dangerous especially because this woman is getting closer and closer to uncovering the “zombie” theory, which would be dangerous to zombies all over Seattle. This week, she uses the morgue as a lab to research her plane crash patient, found with brains in her digestive system. Through research, she’s able to connect that victim to the boat party that turned Liv and Ravi has to lie about all the corpses he examined.

Speaking of zombies (when are we not) Blaine attended a meeting with his dead un-dead again father. He wasn’t aware the man at his father’s will hearing was dear old pops because you know, memory loss, but Peyton was on-hand to drop the bomb. Without hesitation, Blaine returned all the money he would have inherited from the will to his father, hoping to restore their relationship but daddy dearest resented him and had other plans in mind.

Along with Pig, who wanted to stick it to his former boss, they open “The Scratching Post” a nightclub and supplier of high-end brains to rich clients. Poor clients are also welcome as Angus explains he just bought a high mortality rate hospital in Bangladesh to supply to goods. Basically, he’s trying to undercut his son and run him out of business. Things have to be rough when your own dad wants to screw you over.

Thoughts on this week’s episode? Will Ravi be able to make it up to Peyton? Will this push her further to Blaine? Will Ravi’s serum work? What’s happening at Fillmore Graves?

iZombie – Eat, Pray, Liv (3×03) Reviewed by on . Liv managed to stay zen on this week's iZombie as she and Clive investigated the murder of a yoga studio owner. Not getting in on the zen? Ravi, who's jealousy Liv managed to stay zen on this week's iZombie as she and Clive investigated the murder of a yoga studio owner. Not getting in on the zen? Ravi, who's jealousy Rating: 0
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