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iZombie – Looking for Mr. Goodbrain, Part 1 (3×12)

iZombie has found its footing with part one of its 2-part season finale, which set the stage for next week.

Seattle has no shortage of victims and dead bodies but this week’s “case of the week” hit close to home as Ravi’s old boss and former 1-night stand Katty Kupps turned up dead in a garbage can. We briefly saw her in the beginning of the episode, coming to the morgue to confront Ravi about Alt Weekly with a zombie’s “face” on the cover. She had very strong words about the hoopla surrounding this absurd claim and then proceeded to tell him about the “Aleutian flu” outbreak that she was investigating.

Finding her killer obviously included Liv eating some scrumptious Katty brains and retracing her steps. The investigation was really the trigger for most of the events that occurred thereafter. Ravi and Liv investigated all of the patients on a flight that could have come spread the disease, which really made Clive uncomfortable. You’d think he’d be used to “outbreaks” considering his partner was a zombie but you never know what can make someone squeamish.

Katty’s brain had an interesting effect on Liv, who took on her “one nighter” personality without even realizing. iZombie switched things up on us because they didn’t even reveal that Katty’s “thing” was to hang out at a swanky hotel and pick up a new guy each night but when Liv kept doing it without the ability to resist, it became clear she was channeling the brain. This, of course, caused her to pour her heart out to Justin and make things “official” right before CHEATING on him with Chase Graves.

With all the other men she’d encountered, she resisted going all the way not because it was the right thing to do and she had that much control but because they were all humans. And remember, humans and zombie sex is not allowed. With Chase though, she could give into temptation fully. Her flirty personality only highlighted the attraction the two already had the first time they met at that one party.

And while sleeping with him was a lapse in judgment brought upon the brain of the week, it did actually tie right back into Katty’s murder. Liv found Katty’s room number and name written on a napkin under Chase’s nightstand, pretty much revealing that he killed her because that “flu outbreak” is actually the zombie strain. I’m so confident, you can quote me on it.

Major has been suffering a bit of an identity crisis since his Chaos Killer fame precedes him and has found purpose at Fillmore Graves. Unfortunately, thanks to Shawna’s stupid Tumblr page, Chase realized that Major is now human because he’d been sleeping with a human and relieved him of his duties. He doesn’t have too much time to dwell on it because Natalie, the woman Major was crushing on and gave the cure too, comes back to share that she lived up to her promise and is moving to Italy. One thing leads to another and the two end up having mind blowing sex and he agrees to move with her. But first – his FG going away party.

The moment she asked Major to leave town with her and “start over” was the moment you KNEW something tragic and terrible was going to happen. Just like clockwork, Major and Justin step outside of the party to talk all things Liv, who hadn’t shown up because of her rendezvous with Chase, when Harley crashes donning a suicide vest and blowing it to smithereens while yelling something about “zombies being an abomination.”

Although our gut said things were going to get ugly, I definitely didn’t think the writers would bring back another love interest just to tear her away from Major. Give this dude a break, seriously, how much can he take? And even though Harley was very open about his hatred for zombies, even if he was one himself, I never imagined he would just take himself out. Even though he didn’t have any qualms about munching on his friends, who were his last supper.

Harley may have believed that his sacrifice would be the end-all to zombies but that’s just naive. You don’t honestly think a blast like that could actually kill them all. Do you think he unintentionally set off the zombie apocalypse everyone is so scared of? Is it finally D-Day?! Did he suceed in informing the world of these creatures?

Do you think that almost losing Major in that blast will make Liv realize she loves him? Will Justin forgive her for cheating after confirming their exclusive?

Other Memorable Moments

  • Katty’s case leads Clive to the doorstep of one of Fillmore Grave’s higher ups. Apparently, her daughter was the girl who switched seats with someone in first class. This is the same daughter who lives with Weckler’s daughter, the zombie that Peyton befriended.
  • Speaking of Weckler, Peyton still believes Baracus’ is to blame for his death and turning his daughter into a zombie to have leverage over him. So it’s very uncomfortable for her when the Mayor himself asks her to be his chief of staff. Sure, the offer is promising but on the other hand, what if zombie Mayor really is a big ole’ killer.
  • Both these points make a very strong case for Fillmore Graves and Chase Graves being involved in the spread of a zombie virus. Is their goal to have Seattle be overrun by zombies?
  • Bonus points for the hilarious visions Liv was having of Ravi being intimate. I could not stop laughing at her trying to shake the images.
  • Anyone else missed Don E. and Blaine this week? It’s no fun when all the “love to be bad” zombies are busy.
  • Rachel has some balls. She came to the morgue knowing that she’d used Ravi for her story and then tried to flirt him up for even more details. I couldn’t have been prouder to see him shut her down and kick her out with such pizazz. Ravi for the win.
  • Can we keep Rose McIver’s skin and hair for Liv please?

iZombie – Looking for Mr. Goodbrain, Part 1 (3×12) Reviewed by on . iZombie has found its footing with part one of its 2-part season finale, which set the stage for next week. Seattle has no shortage of victims and dead bodies b iZombie has found its footing with part one of its 2-part season finale, which set the stage for next week. Seattle has no shortage of victims and dead bodies b Rating: 0
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