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iZombie – Looking For Mr. Goodbrain, Part 2 (3×13)

D-Day is finally upon us and iZombie world will never be the same again.

We knew from the beginning that Chase Graves and the Aluetian Flu were somehow connected and bad news but the season 3 finale finally answered the how.

And it meant one thing for Seattle – the zombie secret was a secret no more. In fact, thanks to Fillmore Grave’s plan, Seattle was now the hub of all zombies, living peacefully alongside humans. Or so they hoped at least.



Carey Gold is Responsible For Everything

Liv and Clive have been working the Chase Graves angle for a while but this week, it was revealed that he was being framed by Carey Gold, a “low level” exec who worked alongside Vivian Stoll. Her true nature was revealed when Chase confronted her for killing Stoll, killing Clive’s zombie friends and making it look like the zombie truthers to instill fear, bringing the Aluetian flu to the US using the dog she gifted him and even killing Katty Cupp’s for snooping around.

All of this was done to set Plan B into motion. Originally, Stoll and then Graves wanted to build Zombie Island, a safe place for zombies to live out their days. Gold and her followers, which included many Fillmore Graves employees, believed it was a naivee plan that would get them all killed so they forced Plan B, a more militarized plan originally only intended to go into effect if D-Day came upon suddenly. Her plans probably would have succeeded but Graves killed her for turning against him.


Flu Injections = Zombie 

At the same time, Liv figured out that all the flu vaccines were being injected with zombie blood, thus turning everyone who got one into a zombie. She forced Johnny Frost, now a zombie himself, to warn the masses and announce zombie existence on live television! Chase Graves arrives soon after to take control of a narrative, airing a PSA that’s supposed to keep everyone in Seattle calm by reassuring them that the zombie population will be taken care of and will leave peacefully with their human neighbors. His plea goes on to ask everyone in America for brain donations to keep the zombies happy and contained to only Seattle. Unfortunately, his plan backfires and causes mayhem and riots in the streets and the Fillmore Graves officers, including a re-enlisted zombie Major, to retaliate. Sorry but peace and zombies just doesn’t seem to go hand in hand.


You’re a zombie and you’re a zombie! 

A zombie outbreak obviously means many of our friends are going to turn into zombies. One of the first people includes Agent Dale Bozzio, who was just informed of zombie existence by Clive after she busted Blaine’s associated smuggling brains in from overseas. Isn’t it crazy how in just a few hours, she not only knew of the zombie existence but also turned into one on accident? Clive feels responsible and takes care of her during the transition, helping her dye her hair. We know zombies and humans can’t have sex because the disease will be transferred so does that mean Clive will eventually become a zombie too?

Peyton was spared in D-Day and aside from Clive, will probably be the only human left in her group of friends. iZombie ended on one of the best cliffhangers – Ravi’s fate is left up to his zombie cure serum. After finding two vials of tainted boat party Utopium with Katty’s belongings, he managed to create a vaccine in the form of a pill. The only way to make sure it works and isn’t deadly? Test it out. Ravi used himself as a guinea pig and after taking the pill asked Liv to scratch him. When she hesitated, he went down memory lane to the first time caught her eating brains in his office and said that he wouldn’t have it done by anyone other than his best friend. Convinced, Liv scratches him and the screen fades to black as we hear Ravi’s groans.

Did he turn into a zombie? Will the vaccine work and turn him back into a human? Will it kill him? All things we have to wait until 2018 to find out.

With most of the humans leaving Seattle because of the zombie outbreak, will Plan B technically have backfired and created it’s own Zombie Island? Will the rest of the US accept Seattle as Zombie territory? Will Chase Graves and Liv be a couple since they clearly have a lot of sexual tension between them? Will Justin and Liv finally talk things through? Will Liv be with Major now that he’s a zombie? Will Blaine’s business succeed in becoming the sole brain provider?

Thoughts on the finale? Did every question you had lingering this season get answered? Are you excited to see the new Seattle when the series returns for season 4?!



iZombie – Looking For Mr. Goodbrain, Part 2 (3×13) Reviewed by on . D-Day is finally upon us and iZombie world will never be the same again. We knew from the beginning that Chase Graves and the Aluetian Flu were somehow connecte D-Day is finally upon us and iZombie world will never be the same again. We knew from the beginning that Chase Graves and the Aluetian Flu were somehow connecte Rating: 0
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