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iZombie Looking For Mr. Goodbrain part 2 season 3 finale iZombie Looking For Mr. Goodbrain part 2 season 3 finale


iZombie – Looking For Mr. Goodbrain, Part 2 (3×13)



D-Day is finally upon us and iZombie world will never be the same again.

We knew from the beginning that Chase Graves and the Aluetian Flu were somehow connected and bad news but the season 3 finale finally answered the how.

And it meant one thing for Seattle – the zombie secret was a secret no more. In fact, thanks to Fillmore Grave’s plan, Seattle was now the hub of all zombies, living peacefully alongside humans. Or so they hoped at least.



Carey Gold is Responsible For Everything

Liv and Clive have been working the Chase Graves angle for a while but this week, it was revealed that he was being framed by Carey Gold, a “low level” exec who worked alongside Vivian Stoll. Her true nature was revealed when Chase confronted her for killing Stoll, killing Clive’s zombie friends and making it look like the zombie truthers to instill fear, bringing the Aluetian flu to the US using the dog she gifted him and even killing Katty Cupp’s for snooping around.

All of this was done to set Plan B into motion. Originally, Stoll and then Graves wanted to build Zombie Island, a safe place for zombies to live out their days. Gold and her followers, which included many Fillmore Graves employees, believed it was a naivee plan that would get them all killed so they forced Plan B, a more militarized plan originally only intended to go into effect if D-Day came upon suddenly. Her plans probably would have succeeded but Graves killed her for turning against him.


Flu Injections = Zombie 

At the same time, Liv figured out that all the flu vaccines were being injected with zombie blood, thus turning everyone who got one into a zombie. She forced Johnny Frost, now a zombie himself, to warn the masses and announce zombie existence on live television! Chase Graves arrives soon after to take control of a narrative, airing a PSA that’s supposed to keep everyone in Seattle calm by reassuring them that the zombie population will be taken care of and will leave peacefully with their human neighbors. His plea goes on to ask everyone in America for brain donations to keep the zombies happy and contained to only Seattle. Unfortunately, his plan backfires and causes mayhem and riots in the streets and the Fillmore Graves officers, including a re-enlisted zombie Major, to retaliate. Sorry but peace and zombies just doesn’t seem to go hand in hand.


You’re a zombie and you’re a zombie! 

A zombie outbreak obviously means many of our friends are going to turn into zombies. One of the first people includes Agent Dale Bozzio, who was just informed of zombie existence by Clive after she busted Blaine’s associated smuggling brains in from overseas. Isn’t it crazy how in just a few hours, she not only knew of the zombie existence but also turned into one on accident? Clive feels responsible and takes care of her during the transition, helping her dye her hair. We know zombies and humans can’t have sex because the disease will be transferred so does that mean Clive will eventually become a zombie too?

Peyton was spared in D-Day and aside from Clive, will probably be the only human left in her group of friends. iZombie ended on one of the best cliffhangers – Ravi’s fate is left up to his zombie cure serum. After finding two vials of tainted boat party Utopium with Katty’s belongings, he managed to create a vaccine in the form of a pill. The only way to make sure it works and isn’t deadly? Test it out. Ravi used himself as a guinea pig and after taking the pill asked Liv to scratch him. When she hesitated, he went down memory lane to the first time caught her eating brains in his office and said that he wouldn’t have it done by anyone other than his best friend. Convinced, Liv scratches him and the screen fades to black as we hear Ravi’s groans.

Did he turn into a zombie? Will the vaccine work and turn him back into a human? Will it kill him? All things we have to wait until 2018 to find out.

With most of the humans leaving Seattle because of the zombie outbreak, will Plan B technically have backfired and created it’s own Zombie Island? Will the rest of the US accept Seattle as Zombie territory? Will Chase Graves and Liv be a couple since they clearly have a lot of sexual tension between them? Will Justin and Liv finally talk things through? Will Liv be with Major now that he’s a zombie? Will Blaine’s business succeed in becoming the sole brain provider?

Thoughts on the finale? Did every question you had lingering this season get answered? Are you excited to see the new Seattle when the series returns for season 4?!



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iZombie – Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Brain (4×07)



iZombie Don't Hate the Player, Hate the Brain

That iZombie title is pretty self-explanatory, right?

Truthfully, I didn’t hate this brain one bit. I actually really, really enjoyed. This may have been my favorite Liv of all time.

All the sexual jokes — coming onto Clive, hunting for the D — it was all so enjoyable. And really weird seeing a girl act like a typical douche guy. Not so fun when the tables are turned is it?

The case-of-the-week involves a love coach/wingman for hire who basically pimps out his clients. Well, he’s found dead right after picking up some really hot girl at the club. Initially, I thought that the killer would be his less confident client whose girl he just stole but the series never acknowledged that at all.

Instead, the case got a lot more involved with Fillmore Graves and the whole “too many zombies, not enough brains” epidemic plaguing New Seattle and leading Chase Graves to become a complete autocrat.

Matt, the slimy love guru, was poisoned by his own condoms which were given to him by Huma aka Zoe, a girl who dressed as a giant condom outside the club to make sure he took the pack. Why? Because Matt set her up with Marsh, an FG agent, who didn’t disclose he was a zombie and thus transferred the disease to her sexually.

Since Graves is on the kick of punishing anyone who does break the law and make more zombies, he put Marsh in a freezer. However, Zoe/Huma needed more so she went after Matt as well. When confronted with the truth, she admits that they took away her only chance at having children and she wasn’t sorry for what she did; she was protecting other women.

I can respect that. Consent and transparency are crucial in any sexual interaction.

Related: iZombie – My Really Fair Lady (4×06)

We saw what Graves did to Mama Leone and we saw what he did to one of his own guys who broke the law so Liv taking over as the new Renegade is very risky. Especially because she’s so closely involved with Graves — they slept together once!

Graves really is not playing around. When the local newspaper, 206 Weekly, wrote a piece glorifying Mama Leone he pulled a Trump card, called it “fake news,” and sent in Major and Roche to shut it down. He’s controlling everything including the press.

You can’t have people wandering around thinking what Mama did was honorable because then his problem with the brain shortage will only get worse. And remember what they said, if he can’t feed his own people, they’ll come for him.

However, none of this is stopping Liv. While working her case on douche brain, she still managed to sneak out a zombie I.D card maker so that she can get all her freshly-turned zombie’s new brains. I mean, she can’t really rely on Brother Love over there now that she knows he’s Blaine’s father. I’m actually surprised she never met Angus considering how prominent he was before Blaine threw him down the well.

Unfortunately, Peyton caught her printing these I.D’s so she’ll likely become an obstacle once she realizes her sister has a death wish.

The whole humans and zombies cannot have sex predicament could have unfolded really interesting with Clive and Dale. Unfortunately, they barely have an ounce of chemistry.

Since she recommended they pursue an open relationship, it seemed like she was sleeping with other people. Finally, Clive gave in and pursued someone else, even though he actually paid for sex. Clive… who knew? And now Dale is jealous and saying that she never slept with anyone else because she loves him too much. Is she trying to make him the bad guy so she has an excuse to break up with him and doesn’t feel as guilty about it? It’s unfair to ask Clive to stay abstinent! And Dale is such a bore, I could trade her in for someone more lively… no pun intended.

Other Thoughts

  • Was Don E hallucinating? If you behead anyone, even a zombie, that’s the ultimate kill isn’t it? That’s why if you want to kill a zombie, you aim for their brains. I may be completely wrong on this, so if you have an answer, let me know!
  • Major got quite the promotion but is being so close to Graves actually dangerous? When push comes to shove, who will he side with, Liv or Graves?
  • He’s cozied up to Roche to make sure he isn’t the one skimming brains and selling them on the black market which likely explains his “Chaos Killer” instincts during the newspaper takedown and again, why he lied straight to Peyton’s face.
  • For now, General Mills isn’t interested in nuking Seattle. When will his smuggled and turned daughter resurface?
  • Okay, so Liv made out with Levon. She was close to hooking up with him but he didn’t want it to happen on douche brain. It was romantic, I’ll give them that. Will this relationship flourish?
  • I really enjoyed watching Clive and Ravi on a bro-night. Also, Clive on Tinder? Epic. His profile picture? Hilarious!

Thoughts on this week’s iZombie? Will Dale and Clive break up? Will we see more of Peyton and Ravi together? Will Liv live to see another day?

Watch iZombie right here on The CW!

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iZombie – My Really Fair Lady (4×06)



iZombie My Really Fair Lady

Rachel Bloom on iZombie was vastly underused. If you’re going to use characters on multiple shows, at least give them a good part!

Yes, the opening of “Rent” the zombie-version was enjoyable, but I wish we’d actually seen her interact with Liv a bit.

Anyways, Liv has secured the title as the new Renegade which means there’s an expiration date on her life.

We all saw what happened to Mama Leone when she was caught. Chase Graves executed her brutally to set an example and discourage others from following in her footsteps.

But now, more than ever, Liv sees the importance of the work she was doing. She gets to decide who lives and who dies; she gets to save all these people. She’s found her purpose.

How long do you think it’ll be before Fillmore Graves get wind of Liv’s new mission? She does live with Major after all so if she’s hoping to pull this off, she has to be really stealth. She can’t let anyone know. And if he does find out, would he enable her and risk his own life?

Not that Mama Leone wasn’t important but Liv definitely has more pull in this town and has many folks in her corner who wouldn’t go down without a fight.

Guys will do anything for the girl they love even if it means eating a heroine addicts brain. Since it was Ravi’s “time of the month,” he decided to help Peyton score win by putting himself physical and mental torture in hopes of getting a vision and finding some kids dog.

I commend him for doing that, even if it wasn’t completely selfless. I also enjoyed Ravi begging Blaine for heroin and roughing up Don E. Also, how awkward must it have been for Peyton to save Ravi from her ex-boyfriend’s grasp.

Hopefully, Peyton and Ravi can find a way to work it out in the long run because I really do like them as a couple.

Blaine went through a major shock when he arrived at Ramero’s to find that Papa had escaped the well and was the man behind the church of crazies frequenting his restaurant. And he was obviously outnumbered by his worshippers so he had no choice but to oblige to the demands — lunch every Monday, on him.

Blaine will undoubtedly look for ways to kill his father again but this time, he has a major obstacle standing in the way. Angus aligning himself with a whole group of people who will die for him was the smartest thing he could have done.

Clive really gave this open relationship idea a shot but most people just aren’t into the idea of sharing their significant other with multiple people. Or being second best next to that person’s actual girlfriend which was the case for Michelle. After she realized that Clive and Dale were a thing, Michelle told him that she wasn’t interested in getting caught up in this whole star-crossed lovers dynamic.

Clive was understanding, but Dale was also eavesdropping and it’s only a matter of time before she sets Clive free. It really isn’t fair to him to be with someone he can’t be intimate with. He deserves better and unfortunately, this is the situation they’re in. Unless someone decides to break the cardinal rule in New Seattle and scratch him.

Liv on actor brain was a joy since Rose McIver nails every single “personality” she’s given, but nothing was better than her at the sexual harassment training getting into a scene with Johnny Frost.

Anyone else think Liv is going to hook up with Levon? They definitely have some chemistry and he seems really impressed with Liv’s dedication to the cause.

To end on a really random thought — what happened to Liv’s family aside from Peyton? Where are her mom and brother? Did they escape Seattle before the zombie apocalypse? Are they zombies? Do they now realize that Liv was a zombie this whole time? Why don’t we see more of them? It’s a bit bizarre.

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iZombie – Goon Struck (4×05)



iZombie Goon struck

Chase Graves may be the most hated person in New Seattle right now. And he definitely deserves it.

Graves has found himself at an impossible crossroads and he’s learning what most leaders have already figured out — there’s no winning.

In addition to the brain shortage and looming threat of mass starvation, both which will be his fault, he has to properly Renegade, who has been breaking the cardinal rule set by Fillmore Graves and turning humans into zombies and thus, contributing to his problem.

When Blaine delivers Renegade, Graves is stunned to see it’s an “elderly woman” and locks her up in zombie jail. However, there’s chatter of her capture and eventually, he realizes that she must be used to make an example so that others will know his decree stands. If you break the law and scratch someone, you’ll suffer the same fate as Renegade. It’s the only way to ensure cooperation from everyone.

And cooperation is key when there’s talk of generals wanting to nuke everyone in Seattle for the abomination they’ve become.

Cue the guillotine. Beheading scenes are always hard to watch, but they’re especially hard when even the executioner doesn’t want to go through with it because deep down he knows what Mama Leone was doing was brave and good and noble.

Liv comes to the public execution and bravely holds Renegade’s gaze to be with her in those final moments. Then, she promises to continue what she started and her legacy.

FG taking such a public anti-scratching stance will likely cause an uproar when the video of one of his own soldiers scratching a zombie, now a member of Angus’ church, leaks.

And to continue the trend, Major is forced to scratch an innocent girl who overdoses as her and Donny are attempting to smuggle her out of Seattle.

Not scratching is going to become a major issue going forward.

Really, Major is to blame for this one; why would you ever trust Donny with anything? He couldn’t even go into the store without going full-zombie mode on the cashier and it was blatantly obvious he’d fall asleep while watching their “victim.”

Major and Donny may have failed their mission but it actually worked out in Graves’ favor. The girl they kidnapped and turned into a zombie is the daughter of General Mills. If his daughter is a monster and living in Seattle, he likely won’t nuke them. And that gives them some kind of leverage to work with.

On a lighter note, Liv on hockey player brain was a delight to us all, including Ravi and Clive.

The case of the week revolved around several dead bodies, three zombies and 1 human.

FG took charge of the autopsies as it was their jurisdiction but there was more to it — they were hiding something, which Liv and Clive later figured out was that Blaine was responsible for the slayings.

Sadly, visions are inadmissible as evidence, but at least now they know that he’s in cahoots with FG and working to keep them happy.

I can understand why it’s scary being a human in this new city and why protections need to be put in place to keep the zombies at bay.

Fed zombies may be happy your friends but what about starving ones?The ones who simply aren’t quenching the hunger on those measly, rationed brain tubes?

That’s the situation Peyton found herself in when a case of a zombie bus driver was brought to her attention.

She wouldn’t fire the zombie because an FG mandate didn’t allow it. And rightfully so. Protections are put in place so people don’t lose their jobs cause of discrimination.

However, passengers were concerned with his thin and frail state, which he admitted was because he’d been giving his portions to his starving children.

Imagine how distressed she was to find out that the same bus driver passed out behind the wheel, smelled brains and went full zombie-mode before a passenger shot him dead.

Considering many people are underfed, this isn’t a one-off problem. It all goes back to FG, Chase Graves and the food shortage!

It will also likely put a strain on human and zombie relations and that means, no more human-zombie nights at The Scratching Post!


Other Thoughts

  • “We used to be the ogz’s” – Blaine to Liv as he’s trying to get out of the interrogation room. Ah, the good ole’ days when there were only a handful of zombies in Seattle.
  • Donny being a complete opportunist and serving snacks during the execution as if it were a frickin’ baseball game was true to character.
  • “Which one’s yours,” a parent asks Clive who proudly points to a feisty little blonde on the ice and explains, “the little blonde one.”
  • Liv taking out the FG soldier at the police station was badass. She wore her missing tooth like a badge of honor!

Do you think Graves did the right thing by executing Renegade? How will Liv continue her life’s work while also keeping her full-time job?

Are you surprised that Major and Blaine’s crew are working together? Did Major standing by during the execution only strain his relationship with Liv more?

iZombie keeps reinventing itself with every new storyline so much so that it almost feels like a brand new show; iZombie 2.0!

How would you solve this brain crisis? And will the public fall in line or rebel following Renegade’s execution?

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