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iZombie – Zombie Knows Best (3×02)



The best part of this week’s episode of iZombie were Liv and Major’s personalities after eating the brain.

The brains came from their most recent victims, a father and teen daughter duo. Naturally, Major ate the 15-year-old girl brain and was *very* dramatic, like literally, so dramatic. Seeing his dynamic with Liv, who took on the stern but caring father persona (um Danny Tanner much?) gave a very serious and at times grim episode, a lighthearted feel. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to receive dating advice from Major on teen girl brain?

Much of the focus was on Wally and Anna, the family that we found dead last week. Clive tried to hide his personal connection to the family from Cavanaugh because he wanted to stay on the case but like any good detective, he quickly pieced it together and Clive had to come clean. Through flashbacks we saw Clive get close to the family next door after protecting them from their abuse father.

Their death’s came at – dare I say – the perfect time because Clive was just recently introduced to the world of the undead and still trying to stomach the idea of Liv making chili hot dogs out of victims brains. Having more than one friend that was a zombie is convincing him that maybe they weren’t all so bad, which is needed considering that there’s a war brewing between the humans and the zombies. Humans have been preparing for a zombie apocalypse since I can remember so it’s not a shocker that when someone found out the family next door was munching on brains, they took them out.

Who that person was is still a mystery. It can’t be Rick, Anna’s abusive ex, because he was sent back to jail almost immediately after being freed. They realize Wally and Anna’s neighbor is aware that zombies exist but he has an alibi for that night. He does however show them a message board of “conspiracy theorists” all of whom knew exactly where the brain-eaters were living. This narrows it down to a couple of hundred… although I’m still betting on Vivian doing the deed as to convince Clive that humans are a threat to zombies.

That is what Fillmore Graves has been training their zombies for – a day when humans figure out what they are and kill them because they don’t understand. We didn’t get much more insight into the company that purchased Max Ranger but like I said, Vivian was too eager to point fingers and humans and say “I told you so.” Is she counting on a war?

Now back to the case of the week involving Stanley and Cindy Chen. Through two separate visions by both Major and Liv, they’re able to locate Cindy’s friend Winslow, who Liv knows was sleeping with her step-father. As Major would say, GROSS!

Knowing that they can’t just make the case based on a “psychic vision” they try to find something that could incriminate Ken on Winslow’s phone. Finally, they’re able to pull up some text messages that reveal she came clean about the affair to her best friend, who told her father, who threatened to tell the police. When Winslow confesses that she never told Ken about Cindy’s threat, they realize the mother was behind the murder after spying on her daughter through a tracking app. She literally tried to frame her cheating ex so that they wouldn’t be exposed and disgraced in town.

While I love Blaine and Peyton screen time, it was kind of nice not to deal with the dramatics of the cure, his memory loss, her feelings for him and his *risen* father. I’m sure it’ll be front and center during next week’s episode though, since Ravi did mention he is working on a new version of the cure for Major, whose time as a zombie is limited thus his need to find Natalie.

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iZombie – Looking For Mr. Goodbrain, Part 2 (3×13)



iZombie Looking For Mr. Goodbrain part 2 season 3 finale

D-Day is finally upon us and iZombie world will never be the same again.

We knew from the beginning that Chase Graves and the Aluetian Flu were somehow connected and bad news but the season 3 finale finally answered the how.

And it meant one thing for Seattle – the zombie secret was a secret no more. In fact, thanks to Fillmore Grave’s plan, Seattle was now the hub of all zombies, living peacefully alongside humans. Or so they hoped at least.



Carey Gold is Responsible For Everything

Liv and Clive have been working the Chase Graves angle for a while but this week, it was revealed that he was being framed by Carey Gold, a “low level” exec who worked alongside Vivian Stoll. Her true nature was revealed when Chase confronted her for killing Stoll, killing Clive’s zombie friends and making it look like the zombie truthers to instill fear, bringing the Aluetian flu to the US using the dog she gifted him and even killing Katty Cupp’s for snooping around.

All of this was done to set Plan B into motion. Originally, Stoll and then Graves wanted to build Zombie Island, a safe place for zombies to live out their days. Gold and her followers, which included many Fillmore Graves employees, believed it was a naivee plan that would get them all killed so they forced Plan B, a more militarized plan originally only intended to go into effect if D-Day came upon suddenly. Her plans probably would have succeeded but Graves killed her for turning against him.


Flu Injections = Zombie 

At the same time, Liv figured out that all the flu vaccines were being injected with zombie blood, thus turning everyone who got one into a zombie. She forced Johnny Frost, now a zombie himself, to warn the masses and announce zombie existence on live television! Chase Graves arrives soon after to take control of a narrative, airing a PSA that’s supposed to keep everyone in Seattle calm by reassuring them that the zombie population will be taken care of and will leave peacefully with their human neighbors. His plea goes on to ask everyone in America for brain donations to keep the zombies happy and contained to only Seattle. Unfortunately, his plan backfires and causes mayhem and riots in the streets and the Fillmore Graves officers, including a re-enlisted zombie Major, to retaliate. Sorry but peace and zombies just doesn’t seem to go hand in hand.


You’re a zombie and you’re a zombie! 

A zombie outbreak obviously means many of our friends are going to turn into zombies. One of the first people includes Agent Dale Bozzio, who was just informed of zombie existence by Clive after she busted Blaine’s associated smuggling brains in from overseas. Isn’t it crazy how in just a few hours, she not only knew of the zombie existence but also turned into one on accident? Clive feels responsible and takes care of her during the transition, helping her dye her hair. We know zombies and humans can’t have sex because the disease will be transferred so does that mean Clive will eventually become a zombie too?

Peyton was spared in D-Day and aside from Clive, will probably be the only human left in her group of friends. iZombie ended on one of the best cliffhangers – Ravi’s fate is left up to his zombie cure serum. After finding two vials of tainted boat party Utopium with Katty’s belongings, he managed to create a vaccine in the form of a pill. The only way to make sure it works and isn’t deadly? Test it out. Ravi used himself as a guinea pig and after taking the pill asked Liv to scratch him. When she hesitated, he went down memory lane to the first time caught her eating brains in his office and said that he wouldn’t have it done by anyone other than his best friend. Convinced, Liv scratches him and the screen fades to black as we hear Ravi’s groans.

Did he turn into a zombie? Will the vaccine work and turn him back into a human? Will it kill him? All things we have to wait until 2018 to find out.

With most of the humans leaving Seattle because of the zombie outbreak, will Plan B technically have backfired and created it’s own Zombie Island? Will the rest of the US accept Seattle as Zombie territory? Will Chase Graves and Liv be a couple since they clearly have a lot of sexual tension between them? Will Justin and Liv finally talk things through? Will Liv be with Major now that he’s a zombie? Will Blaine’s business succeed in becoming the sole brain provider?

Thoughts on the finale? Did every question you had lingering this season get answered? Are you excited to see the new Seattle when the series returns for season 4?!



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iZombie – Looking for Mr. Goodbrain, Part 1 (3×12)



iZombie Looking for Mr. Goodbrain Part 1

iZombie has found its footing with part one of its 2-part season finale, which set the stage for next week.

Seattle has no shortage of victims and dead bodies but this week’s “case of the week” hit close to home as Ravi’s old boss and former 1-night stand Katty Kupps turned up dead in a garbage can. We briefly saw her in the beginning of the episode, coming to the morgue to confront Ravi about Alt Weekly with a zombie’s “face” on the cover. She had very strong words about the hoopla surrounding this absurd claim and then proceeded to tell him about the “Aleutian flu” outbreak that she was investigating.

Finding her killer obviously included Liv eating some scrumptious Katty brains and retracing her steps. The investigation was really the trigger for most of the events that occurred thereafter. Ravi and Liv investigated all of the patients on a flight that could have come spread the disease, which really made Clive uncomfortable. You’d think he’d be used to “outbreaks” considering his partner was a zombie but you never know what can make someone squeamish.

Katty’s brain had an interesting effect on Liv, who took on her “one nighter” personality without even realizing. iZombie switched things up on us because they didn’t even reveal that Katty’s “thing” was to hang out at a swanky hotel and pick up a new guy each night but when Liv kept doing it without the ability to resist, it became clear she was channeling the brain. This, of course, caused her to pour her heart out to Justin and make things “official” right before CHEATING on him with Chase Graves.

With all the other men she’d encountered, she resisted going all the way not because it was the right thing to do and she had that much control but because they were all humans. And remember, humans and zombie sex is not allowed. With Chase though, she could give into temptation fully. Her flirty personality only highlighted the attraction the two already had the first time they met at that one party.

And while sleeping with him was a lapse in judgment brought upon the brain of the week, it did actually tie right back into Katty’s murder. Liv found Katty’s room number and name written on a napkin under Chase’s nightstand, pretty much revealing that he killed her because that “flu outbreak” is actually the zombie strain. I’m so confident, you can quote me on it.

Major has been suffering a bit of an identity crisis since his Chaos Killer fame precedes him and has found purpose at Fillmore Graves. Unfortunately, thanks to Shawna’s stupid Tumblr page, Chase realized that Major is now human because he’d been sleeping with a human and relieved him of his duties. He doesn’t have too much time to dwell on it because Natalie, the woman Major was crushing on and gave the cure too, comes back to share that she lived up to her promise and is moving to Italy. One thing leads to another and the two end up having mind blowing sex and he agrees to move with her. But first – his FG going away party.

The moment she asked Major to leave town with her and “start over” was the moment you KNEW something tragic and terrible was going to happen. Just like clockwork, Major and Justin step outside of the party to talk all things Liv, who hadn’t shown up because of her rendezvous with Chase, when Harley crashes donning a suicide vest and blowing it to smithereens while yelling something about “zombies being an abomination.”

Although our gut said things were going to get ugly, I definitely didn’t think the writers would bring back another love interest just to tear her away from Major. Give this dude a break, seriously, how much can he take? And even though Harley was very open about his hatred for zombies, even if he was one himself, I never imagined he would just take himself out. Even though he didn’t have any qualms about munching on his friends, who were his last supper.

Harley may have believed that his sacrifice would be the end-all to zombies but that’s just naive. You don’t honestly think a blast like that could actually kill them all. Do you think he unintentionally set off the zombie apocalypse everyone is so scared of? Is it finally D-Day?! Did he suceed in informing the world of these creatures?

Do you think that almost losing Major in that blast will make Liv realize she loves him? Will Justin forgive her for cheating after confirming their exclusive?

Other Memorable Moments

  • Katty’s case leads Clive to the doorstep of one of Fillmore Grave’s higher ups. Apparently, her daughter was the girl who switched seats with someone in first class. This is the same daughter who lives with Weckler’s daughter, the zombie that Peyton befriended.
  • Speaking of Weckler, Peyton still believes Baracus’ is to blame for his death and turning his daughter into a zombie to have leverage over him. So it’s very uncomfortable for her when the Mayor himself asks her to be his chief of staff. Sure, the offer is promising but on the other hand, what if zombie Mayor really is a big ole’ killer.
  • Both these points make a very strong case for Fillmore Graves and Chase Graves being involved in the spread of a zombie virus. Is their goal to have Seattle be overrun by zombies?
  • Bonus points for the hilarious visions Liv was having of Ravi being intimate. I could not stop laughing at her trying to shake the images.
  • Anyone else missed Don E. and Blaine this week? It’s no fun when all the “love to be bad” zombies are busy.
  • Rachel has some balls. She came to the morgue knowing that she’d used Ravi for her story and then tried to flirt him up for even more details. I couldn’t have been prouder to see him shut her down and kick her out with such pizazz. Ravi for the win.
  • Can we keep Rose McIver’s skin and hair for Liv please?

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iZombie – Conspiracy Weary (3×11)



iZombie Conspiracy Weary

Liv channeled her inner conspiracy theorist this week and while they didn’t necessarily have to worry about the FBI spying on them, her skepticism was valid when it came to two particularly good looking women getting closer to Major and Ravi. And the boys, well, they’re about to learn the hard way that trusting people when there is growing suspicion of zombies in the world is not a wise decision.

It’s getting harder and harder to keep this “zombie” secret at bay as more and more people are becoming informed. One of those people being Ravi’s new “love interest,” Rachel. As I said last week, Rachel is up to something.  She was too adamant to stay out of it all at the truthers meeting but then suddenly showed up at Harley’s live stream because she was “interested.” She played the “innocent” act well and Ravi fell for it, thinking he was doing the right thing by telling her that zombies exist, hoping she’ll understand his world. Of course, she KNEW that – she witnessed Don E. go full zombie and then the whole army shoot up his followers right after Blaine and Liv turned into their zombie forms to save him.

What I didn’t see coming is that she’s a reporter gathering evidence and sources for a STORY exposing the new zombie reality. It’s a noble effort I’m sure, but not one I can’t get behind considering these “zombies” are technically our friends and Liv’s bloodshot picture ended up on the front of a magazine, outing her to the world. I’m not complaining since this will finally force her to get a tan and change up the hair, meaning Rose McIver can finally don her real locks! Who knew shades of skin and color could change a character so drastically.


One of the best moments of the episode included Liv giving into her instincts and sharing a bite of brain with her bretheren, Don E. and Blaine. Not only did they bond on that level but then they all shared a vision together – a three way if you will. Blaine might be a terrible person who hurt Peyton but he’s still in the zombie family and it’s fun to watch. I need more of it, please.

The Philmore Graves Army took out all of Harley’s zombie truthers but he somehow managed to escape. During the episode, they were on a mission to find him and even made it to his “cabin,” which Liv then warned was a trap set up for the zombies. Thankfully, neither of her men, Justin nor Major, were hurt in the blast.

The cabin wasn’t as deserted as Harley wanted them to believe and Liv and Clive found him hiding out in the underground room in the outhouse. The surprising part? Harley turned into a hungry zombie! Isn’t that the sweetest payback? This hateful man now turned into the very thing he hated. Clive figured it out after he shot him, which was also the same moment that Liv had a vision clearing Harley in the murder of Wally and his family.

It’ll be interesting to see how Clive and Liv proceed now that they know Harley is innocent. He may have spared Wally but he’s still a terrible person, even if his motives of exposing the truth to the world, where in the right place. Will they spare him? Will Harley want to continue living and feeding on brains? Or will he despise it so much that he’ll want them to kill him?

Seattle isn’t just having a zombie problem, it’s having a Mayor problem as well. Liv’s excitement for voting in a zombie Mayor lasted about 3 seconds before the paranoia set in and Peyton was on her way to discovering a new and dark theory – he’s involved in multiple murders.

Remember Weckler’s daughter? Peyton realized she was a zombie after she saw her having a vision so she did some convincing and scored the drive from the Dominatrixes room. She believes it proves that Weckler was blackmailed into killing her.

So how is the Mayor involved? She thinks Baracus turned Weckler’s daughter to have control over him, then said he’d provide her with brains so that he would do the dirty work for him. It’s a logical theory and one that would tie in the case with the other storylines, making us care about what Peyton does, for once.

Liv’s paranoia also came in handy for Major, who is just having a hard time with life recently. His fun sex-forting fling came to an abrupt end after Shawna turned out to be a psycho, as we (and Liv) predicted. All those suspicious “selfies” she took ended up on her Tumblr page – props to iZombie for being down with the Tumblr. She claimed it was to repair his image and maybe her intentions were in the right place but no one else is seeing any redeeming qualities in the Chaos Killer. Except for his Phillmore Graves buddies who are laughing at the whole picture being turned into a T-Shirt with the words “Killer Abs.” Meanwhile, I’m wondering how he’s still allowed to be a “soldier” if he’s a human.

His notoriety as this killer could become potentially dangerous since it doesn’t seem like it will stop anytime soon. He can barely leave the house without being recognized and I’m sure someone will want to give him a piece of his own medicine, especially if he’s spotted with zombie Liv.

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