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Jane the Virgin Chapter Fifty Three Jane the Virgin Chapter Fifty Three

Jane The Virgin

Jane the Virgin – Chapter Fifty-Three (3×09)



Jane was way too stressed out on this week’s Jane the Virgin and it led to one of her first fights with Michael.

Michael finally made the decision to become a lawyer but passing the BAR exam wasn’t as easy as it looked. The constant studying, the practice tests, it all became a huge weight over him, especially because Jane too was going after her career, writing her first novel.

Two goal-oriented and working parents? A recipe for disaster. Both began getting on each other’s nerves and Jane worried that with law school, their relationship would crumble and end in divorce. Thanks for putting the idea in her mind Bruce!

To unwind, Jane brought whole back some essential oils from her yoga instructor and the next morning, Michael’s eye was so swollen, he looked like a puffer fish. How could he go to his law school interview looking like this? Thankfully, he didn’t have to worry about it much because he never even made it after getting stuck in 3 hours of traffic.

Eventually, Jane and Michael had to camp out in the woods, one of her least favorite activities. Lying underneath the stars, they realized that life wasn’t going to get easier but they needed to make time for themselves and do something relaxing. When Jane finally let it all go, the stars began aligning including Mateo saying his first word other than mama and papa!

Rafael was still dealing with the addendum in his father’s will. He finally told Jane about it and was going to get it verified when Catalina whisked him away on a day long vacation, at Petra’s request. We’ve always seen Petra do sneaky and cunniving things so it seemed like this would be no different. When Catalina realized that Rafael was actually struggling, she refused to go along with the charade and ratted Petra out.

Rafael came storming into her room, upset that she had cameras and was spying on him. But turns out, after being attacked by her sister, Anezka, she was having a hard time coping and distinguishing between fiction and reality. When she heard about Rafael’s will, she decided that she couldn’t let him lose any of the money so that the twins would always be taken care of, so she shredded it. I was so surprised by Petra’s kindness.

The will however isn’t completely off the radar. Petra might have thought she fooled Scott by posing as her sister but really, he was playing her. In fact, after she shredded the will, he taped it all together and gave it to Anezka on their wedding day as their “way out.” Oh boy.

Despite getting along with Catalina on a deeper level for the first time ever, Raf told her she had to leave because things were just too hectic and well, he couldn’t trust her. After all, she did lie multiple times, not only to him but to Jane.

Catalina’s departure was welcome news to Jane, who finally finished her novel about Abuela and even got her blessing. Maybe something good finally came of it after all?

As for other relationship news, Rogelio and Darci finally decided to give love a chance after they both had “emoners” aka emotional boners for each other. Before their first date however, Darci realized his bond with Xo would always be a barrier so she acted way to critical of him. That made him want to impress her more and he literally rewrote the final episode of Tiago multiple times. While Darci seems like a lovely lady, I’m glad the baby stuff is on hold for now and I hope their relationship fizzles out because I need him to be with Xo. Like, who even is this Bruce guy? He’s no good.

Overall, the episode seemed a bit surface level for me. There were no major plot twists aside from Scott and Anezka, who are the lamest villains ever! I need more of that pazzaz the earlier season had!

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