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Jane The Virgin – Chapter Fifty Two (3×08)

Jane the Virgin returned from its winter hiatus and taught us a good lesson – don’t meddle. Unless it has to do with your husband… then please do meddle.

Jane’s a meddler so this was a hard lesson for her. She can’t help it honestly, she always thinks she knows what’s best for everyone, even if it might not be.

Xo’s ex-boyfriend, the one Jane hated because he broke her mother’s heart several times, was officially back in the picture. I mean bringing muffins for brunch at the house type of in the picture. Abuela was surprisingly giving him another chance and Xo couldn’t understand why Jane just couldn’t let go fo the past. Uh, maybe because she didn’t want to watch Beaches for the 14th time? But seeing how set her mother was on this, she agreed. That is until she saw her mother crying at the studio. As Bruce was leaving she gave him a little piece of her mind thinking that he’d once again broken up with Xo.

Unfortunately, she was wrong. Turns out they were in a great place but he wasn’t sure their relationship could continue because his daughter Tess didn’t approve. Xo promised they could make it work but after Jane revealed that she wasn’t Team Bruce, he felt like the relationship was doomed. So Jane meddled some more and visited the bratty Tess, who had every right to be mad about this relationship considering Xo was the home-wrecker in her eyes, and tried to convince her to give her mother a shot. This time, the meddling actually worked.

That wasn’t the only relationship Jane put herself in though. As she was dropping off Mateo, she decided to pay her cousin Catalina a visit and ended up finding out that she had a much older, secret husband hiding out in her room. Yes… husband. This obviously took Jane by surprise considering she was dating Rafael. Catalina explained that she was actually preparing to divorce her husband of a few months and Jane believed her… that is until she saw her kissing him later on. She told Rafael who ended things with Catalina and this broke the cousinly bond. Jane was certain she made the right choice sticking up for her baby daddy except the next day as she was dropping off Mateo, Catalina opened the door. Apparently Raf had gotten back with the ex and based on her expression, she was declaring war on Jane. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Abuela did try to warn Jane.

Jane might not know why Rafael went back to her but we know it’s because he’s going through some serious things with his family. In a shocking twist – although this is a telenovela so maybe not that shocking – Rafael found out he’s not actually the biological of Emilio and Elena. And while that in itself is enough to complete wreck a person, he finds out that his father probably knew all along which is why he amended his will to include a line that gives assets to only his “biological children.”

This means, Rafael is technically piss broke. Um… whoa! The good news is that no one knows about this testimony clause except him. Or so he thinks. Here’s one thing that was very clear to me since day one that Rafael hasn’t been able to learn yet – never cross Petra.

You see Petra has been pretty paranoid since she was drugged by her twin sister Anezka. When she saw that Scott bought a pricey car, she began wondering if Rafael was working with him. He denied it all but she one-upped him going to talk to Scott dresses as the twin he loves so that he could tell her everything. When he admitted that he made a deal with Rafael, Petra came to tell him off and secretly install cameras in his penthouse. So now, she knows everything that he’s been trying to hide and that makes for perfect blackmail. Although I don’t know why you’d try to bankrupt your baby daddy… I’d want that money for the kids and myself, you know? Maybe she can use this to cut herself a bigger piece of the pie?

And speaking of baby daddy’s, Rogelio is so set on becoming a father he made a business agreement with Darci so that she could have his baby. The two were perfect matches when it came to statistics and despite some push back from his family, they got the green light. It seemed like everything was about to work out when suddenly, Rogelio realized he had feelings for her. Of course the realization came while he was shooting a naked scene and something went up… if you know what I mean. That poses a bit of a problem since “falling for each other” or any other physical feelings were strictly prohibited from the contract. Any Rogelio storyline is hilarious but it sucks cause I’m secretly still rooting for him and Xo to figure it out.

When Jane wasn’t meddling in everyones life she was busy supporting Michael, who quit his job on a whim after getting sick of working desk duty and being removed from cases. While searching for his “thing” he gave stand up comedy a try, a testament to the actors versatile talents. In the end, Michael realized that maybe becoming a lawyer and still working with the law in some capacity would be the right thing for him. Considering Jane didn’t want him to be a cop after he was shot on their wedding day, I don’t think there was anyone happier with his decision!

Thoughts on this weeks Jane the Virgin?

Jane The Virgin – Chapter Fifty Two (3×08) Reviewed by on . Jane the Virgin returned from its winter hiatus and taught us a good lesson - don't meddle. Unless it has to do with your husband... then please do meddle. Jane Jane the Virgin returned from its winter hiatus and taught us a good lesson - don't meddle. Unless it has to do with your husband... then please do meddle. Jane Rating: 0
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