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Jane the Virgin Chapter Sixty Eight Jane the Virgin Chapter Sixty Eight

Jane The Virgin

Jane the Virgin – Chapter Sixty-Eight (4×04)



New baby, termites, Xo’s new business partner – there’s a lot happening on Chapter Sixty-Eight of Jane the Virgin.

Still, the question of who is going to die this season is on everyone’s mind and we may have just narrowed down a list of suspects.

Here are the biggest moments!

1. Baby De La Vega Factor – Now that’s a mouthful. And we even left out the middle name! After welcoming his second daughter, and first with Darci, Ro is at a loss for a baby name. He goes through a variety of questionable choices; Amada, Delilah, Fiona, but eventually, they come to the conclusion that naming a baby Baby seems rational. We’ll got with it only because the middle name, Michaelina, after his best friend and Jane’s late husband Michael, redeems him. It’s such a reminder of how much we actually miss Michael.

2. Dance, Dance, Baby – Ro might not be the brightest one on the show but he quickly realizes that Xiomara is not a fan of his newborn. Everytime he brings the baby near her, she finds some excuse to leave, namely her dance studio, which is down on enrollment. After running into her high school nemesis “slutty” Crystal, who opened up a school in the neighborhood, she decides to go into business with her. Obviously, this is all a distraction from the real problem – Xo doesn’t want to get too close to the baby because she’s scared she’ll lose sight of her own goals. It’s understandable considering she flat out said she didn’t want to be a mother again and now, she kind of has no choice. Although you have to admit, her pictures with Baby were adorable. Although nothing beats sister bear Jane and wise-owl Alba.

3. You’re Going to Break Up in 7 days – Just kidding! After Adam told Jane he was “panicking” last week, they decided to pump the breaks and give each other a week-long break to see where they are headed. Namely, if Adam can get on board with having a kid. Of course, it doesn’t help that Mateo steals her phone and video chats Adam a day early asking to come over leaving Jane in quite an uncomfortable position. Mateo has a hissy fit, proving that kids are a handful and a full-time commitment, but that surprisingly doesn’t scare Adam off. He tells Jane he can “tolerate” that, which isn’t re-assuring to a mother who knows she needs to put her son first and find someone who can do more than tolerate him. She tries to end things but Alba comes through with her “owlba’ advice; Adam taking a step back was a sign of maturity. Kids are a huge responsibility so it’s understandable that he needed a minute. But if he wasn’t being pushed away by child kicking and screaming “I hate you” in his face, maybe it was worth a shot? That’s when Jane realizes she was deflecting her emotions because she was scared he was going to break her heart again. I think Adam is here to stay guys!

4. Kathord – I can’t explain the name Mateo gave Rafael’s new GF but that wasn’t Jane’s main concern; she was more frustrated about the fact that Raf introduced their son to this woman he was simply using to buy his hotel back. In a short amount of time, Kathord managed to cause so many problems for Jane and Raf, I mean more than they already had so clearly Jane needed to intervene with this deal before it was too late. Interestingly enough, Petra didn’t have a problem with Raf using her twins to make a business deal, which just shows the difference between these two baby mommas.

When it seems like Raf is going down the road of self-destruction again, which you’d think Petra would care about – he’s day drinking with his new girl and not picking up Mateo from school, ditching family brunch to go sail – Jane writes a letter explaining that she knows he’s better than this. The next day, when she tries to deliver it, Petra comes for her, I mean, they duke it out in the ball pit while their children stand by idly, a half-smirk spread across their face. This was hands down the best Petra and Jane moment ever.

Jane is committed though and tracks Raf down in person, which he’s not too pleased about. “I’m doing this for my family,” he barks at her before telling her to ‘get out.’ Petra, the scene-stealer of the episode, stands by with her “I told you so” expression.

However; when Raf starts packing up his things to move out and tells Alba about how “the Villanueva women don’t care about money,” she finally cracks. It’s not that these ladies don’t care and don’t appreciate all his money has done for them, they just know that some things, like moral integrity, are more important. Abuela convinces him with a story about her late husband, who gave up his wealth for love and never once lost sight of who he was. While wanting to provide for your family is noble, what happens when you lose yourself and your family in the process? And really, was Raf even happy with all that money? Going from rags to riches might be a little uncomfortable but it builds character and allows you to see the world in a new light. Plus, he’s knocking the women who took him in during his hard times even if they didn’t have much to offer aside from love.

Raf is really inspired by Alba and when Katherine hands him the deal for the hotel, he comes clean, telling her that they need to “cool off.” Of course, he wants her to go through with the deal if it’s good for business but not because they’re sleeping together. In return for his honesty, Katherine RAMS him with her car and drives away. So, potential dead man walking #1 – Rafael!

Maybe he’s been such a hypocritical jerk this season because the show wants to kill him off and they think it’ll be easier on our still-healing-from-Michael’s-death hearts if they make us hate him. But, I’ll hate the show if they do that to me.

5. Luisa is luisa-ing it – The Marbella was evacuated due to termites – gross! And as predicted, Luisa is responsible for the infestation. It was “creepy dude’s” idea because logically if the hotel is evacuated, there will be no casualities when Luisa burns it down for insurance money, which she will then use to free Rose. Here’s the fun and diabolical twist that honestly, might be the best for the series yet: creepy dude is a figment of Luisa’s imagination! She’s literally loosing it. Anezka surprisingly realizes Luisa’s plan and told her mother Magda, so now these two are either targets and potential dead people walking #2 and #3 or they’ll stop Luisa before she messes everything up. And in that case, Luisa is potential dead person #4!

Thoughts on Jane the Virgin? Luisa might be the best villain thus far because she’s just an unpredictable looney doing batshit crazy things in the name of love. Do you think Raf will die? From such a light hit, I doubt it would even be possible but you know, telenovela. If this was the case, I don’t think my heart or Jane’s could handle another loss. As for Adam, he seems like the real deal – that is if Jane doesn’t realize the reason she hates Raf so much is cause she actually loves him.

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