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Manifest – Crosswinds (1×10)



The focus of the midseason premiere of ‘Manifest’ was on the Holy Grail and the Major.

If you’re wondering “who” and “what” the Holy Grail and the Major are, well, you can shake hands with Ben.

The Major, as we found out, is the head honcho behind this whole government entity. And in a twist that surprised not only Ben but also Aaron, an 828-conspiracy podcaster that Ben met at Vance’s funeral service, the Major is a woman!

Does anyone else think that the Major is Fiona? The captain piqued my interest when he mentioned that it may not be a coincidence she was on the flight. All of this could just be one major — no pun intended — experiment to help push her theory forward.

She’s experienced absolutely no callings of her own, which raises some concern, especially since most of the passengers have.

Ben first stumbled upon the term Holy Grail while giving Aaron’s podcast a chance. Aaron’s mission was finding out what really happened to the flight so, despite Ben’s initial hesitation, which was warranted, you knew they would eventually become good friends.

But it wasn’t until  Autumn used the term that Ben really paid attention to it. Saanvi eventually realized the Holy Grail wasn’t a thing, but a person. Red Hook was testing to find the passengers most sensitive to callings and there’s no denying that the most sensitive passenger of them all is Cal.

So, as it stands, a secret entity of the government run by a woman named the Major is trying to get their hands on Cal.

Ben was swift is persuading NSA Agent Powell to do some digging for him. Though Powell was understandably not interested in getting involved at first, he knew Vance would have wanted him to. While he didn’t get the Major’s name, he did confirm she was on her way to New York.

And before you knew it, Powell was snatched by the Major’s goons. After giving Ben the lead about what she’d overheard at the farmhouse, Autumn decided to ditch the government and her phone in the ocean. But in case you weren’t clear on how dangerous these people are, Autumn was approached by an ominous man in a public coffee shop because the Major was requesting a word. Yep, everyone in the Major’s way is screwed.

Ben finally went on record to talk openly about the government testing, the conspiracy, the Holy Grail and even the Major, much to Aaron’s delight. But he made it clear that the recording wasn’t allowed to go live. Ben’s a smart dude and he saw this podcast as an insurance policy. If anything happens to him, which I’m thinking it will, Aaron can expose everything and raise some deeper, more public questions.

Imagine the guilt Grace would feel if something happened to Ben and she realized this whole time he was doing everything to protect his family. That is if Grace could ever think about anyone except for herself for like five minutes.

Ben’s split from Grace didn’t let up on the obnoxious family drama for one bit. Olive and Grace have been the worst to Ben and thus, Cal. Olive called Danny the moment Ben left because “it felt like they died again.” Danny came rushing in despite Grace’s wishes for him not to be there. Cal was obviously overwhelmed because, despite Olive’s affinity for Danny, he’s a complete stranger to Cal. Again, nobody seems to care.

Ben came rushing into an already chaotic scene and was viewed as the villain. Grace may have finally taken some of the blame and echoed what the viewers were thinking about her, but again positioned herself as the victim with her “nothing I do is good enough” speech. Get over yourself, woman! I had a soft spot for Danny because this isn’t an easy situation for anyone but that went right out the door the moment he blamed Ben for the plane’s disappearance and then re-emergence! I’m sorry, it’s not like he wanted to disappear and abandon his family for five years. Dude, get out.

Grace then had the nerve to say that Ben expected to waltz back in like nothing had changed when it did. If I remember correctly, she didn’t want to tell him she moved on and then went along with pretending everything was normal. If she was upfront about it, Ben wouldn’t have had the allusion that things would be the same.

I felt for Ben, definitely, but even more for Cal who has been a complete afterthought. No one is checking up on his emotional well-being. He’s an eight-year-old with cancer whose life was flipped completely upside-down. I’m sure it’s not easy to assimilate.

And Grace and Olive pretend nothing is wrong, while Ben and the rest of the flight 828 passengers know Cal is in grave danger. Ben should have custody. How is he supposed to protect his son if he’s not with him at all times? I’m a little upset Ben didn’t try harder to take Cal with him as he clearly knows what’s at stake and how uninformed and ignorant his wife is.

Michaela kept hearing a calling, though this one was more realistic and accompanied by visions of a blizzard. She assumed the “find her” was referring to Paul’s wife, Helen, as the vision happened the moment she touched his hand. Helen never appeared at the hanger to pick up her husband, but tracking her down wasn’t too difficult for Mic and Jared. Helen’s story was a bit of a dead end — she didn’t show because Paul was abusive. However, Paul didn’t remember any of that so I guess it’s a win-win for everyone. Unless there’s more to his story and he’s actually a danger to all the passengers.

The calling continued and throughout it, Mic kept seeing the blizzard and someone crawling. Eventually, she realized she was experiencing someone else’s vision. Sure enough, Cal was seeing the same vision, though his revealed a person with grimy hands clutching a photo of Michaela.  While he was experiencing the calling, his hand also began turning blue from frostbite. Remember when I said he’s in danger and his own mother has no idea? Yep, this is a prime example.

Who is the person in the calling? Is it another passenger? Why do they have a photo of Mic? And why is Cal experiencing these callings as well?

The juiciest part of the episode came when Jared finally professed his love for Mic. The back-and-forth tension between them has been accumulating since she returned. When Helen mentioned that the passengers’ return was like a “wrecking ball” coming to destroy the new lives that they’d built, Michaela tried to distance herself from Jared. In her opinion, he’d found happiness and she didn’t want to destroy that. But did she really believe that? I mean, these two are like magnets. And thus, Jared swung by the house later to tell Michaela that she was his soulmate and that he didn’t come to the hangar because he’d never go home. “We didn’t cheat death to live half a life,”  he said as they then cheated and fell into bed with each other.

And man, I can’t say I blame them. Sure, I feel bad for Lourdes who was at home ovulating and waiting, but she’s the other woman! Jared got back something that he thought he’d lost forever — the woman that he loved. That doesn’t just go away. Lourdes knew she was a second choice so I’m surprised she hasn’t picked up on it yet. Now, the only way this triangle intensifies is if there’s a pregnancy involved. Jared and Lourdes have been trying so that would be more likely and the messier announcement because it would force Michaela to surrender her feelings. However, Mic being pregnant would force Jared to tell Lourdes and finally give him and Mic the happy ending they’ve been holding out for.

I definitely think the series took the cliche way out with these triangles and cheating scandals instead of digging in deep to the core of the story. Lourdes and Danny have been set up as the enemy/ the obstacles for the Stone’s which isn’t fair to either of them. There’s so much to be explored with a 5-year-gap.

What are your thoughts? Are Grace and Danny the worst?

Who is the Major? Will she get her hands on Cal? Who is the “her” in Cal and Michaela’s vision? Will Lourdes find out the truth about Jared and Mic? Is Cal really the Holy Grail? How are the test-subject passengers still being controlled? And what does the government really want from them?

We’re still perplexed with questions, but it seems that this is exactly where Manifest wants us to be.

A promo for next week reveals the captain trying to re-create this occurrence with dark lightning. Does that mean whatever happened to them was manufactured? If so, it would go along with my theory that Fiona is behind all of this for her own science experiment.

And what about Adrian who was upset that they’d disrupted his life but then gave into the fascination of the 828  “Believers.” It’s a moment that had no real importance, but it’s inclusion hints at future storylines. It may seem like Manifest is all discombobulated at times, but this proves the writers have a clear pathway and direction for what’s to come.

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Manifest – Contrails (1×11)



Manifest Contrails

Dark lightning.

No, it’s not a CW superhero, it’s the latest clue to unravel in the mystery of Flight 828.

Melissa Roxburgh, who plays Mic on Manifest, promised answers in the second part of the season and we’re inching closer and closer to fully understanding what happened during the flight.

Captain Daly may have been obsessed and desperate, but he was also right.

Flying into the eye of the storm might have been extreme, but it was also the only way to see if lightning could strike the same place twice.

The outcome of the Captain’s rogue mission was unclear though that may be the beauty of it. We won’t know if the Captain and Fiona survived until about five years TV time.

Ben and Mic are now forced to experience what their loved ones did in terms of believing Daly and Fiona were shot down.

You have to think that in his manic state, Daly was certain of the outcome because he was right about everything else.

He knew about the meteorologist, he knew that it was a government cover-up and he had the paperwork to prove it.

However, there’s always a missing link.

That’s the one thing Daly got wrong. Fiona had no involvement with what happened during that flight; she wasn’t the missing link.

But something did happen to them and the government does know what it is. Obviously, that’s why they are looking into all the passengers in the first place with a major emphasis on Cal.

As we learned last week, Cal is special. He experiences the callings on a greater, more personal scale.

Whatever this is, he’s the key, which is why the Major wants to get her grubby hands on him.

Manifest is unearthing one clue at a time so we didn’t get much about the Major in this week’s episode which was unfortunate following the emphasis on her running the show in the previous episode.

However, whatever the Major and her team have on Autumn, it has to be good enough to convince her to manipulate Mic and kidnap Cal.

Yep, the inevitable finally happened. And while everyone saw it coming, Grace was beyond surprised to see that her son wasn’t in his room. Hmm.. maybe if you had just listened to your husband once in a while.

We have seen Autumn struggle with the weight of the Major’s request so obviously, there is a good person in there somewhere.

Maybe the “friend” she had Mic lookup is some kind of clue?

I’m glad Manifest isn’t one of those shows where the main characters are clueless and take way too long to piece together a puzzle.

Mic trusted Autumn at first, which made me cringe when she turned her back and left Cal alone with her, however, when the meteorologist died, she immediately realized she had said the place in front of Autumn thus labeling her the “mole.”

With Cal gone, Grace has no other choice but to trust Ben and Mic.

And she won’t be able to argue with Cal’s vision drawings of the future. There wasn’t much of an emphasis on Cal’s psychic abilities until this episode when he knew that Ben would be meeting with the man from the plane before it happened.

But knowing that his visions go beyond just a connection to the other passengers, that he can actually predict what’s going to happen, it makes sense why he’d be a hot ticket item for the Major.

At the same time, it doesn’t explain why Cal wouldn’t warn his father or Mic that he was about to be kidnapped.

Wouldn’t he have seen it if his drawing showcased them all standing in his room looking for him?

The promo revealed that Cal drew them a map leading them to him so at least they know how to find him.

Sadly, the visions that both Cal and Mic were experiencing in which a man in the mountains looking for Michaela weren’t explained either.

Could this be Captain Daly in the future?

Much like the other passengers in the plane, Mic and Ben are juggling personal situations as well.

Things aren’t exactly going great between Ben and Grace since she kicked him out of the house, but she just told Mic she hopes the love she has for Ben is enough to fix things.

I’m honestly confused about the status of her relationships. Does she want to be with Ben? Does she still love Danny? What do you want, Grace?

Mic knows exactly who she wants, but she can’t have him without hurting her best friend. I use the word best friend loosely because since she’s returned, Mic has seen Lourdes a total of one time. Maybe they used to be best friends, but they are far from it now.

Still, sleeping with Jared despite being with him first is still considered cheating now that they are married.

I respect Michaela for trying to put an end to it before it becomes even messier than it already is, but Jared really won’t let up.

He knows he has a wife at home yet he’s openly caressing Mic’s hand and talking about their “fresh start.”

If he’s serious about pursuing Mic again and giving their romance another shot, he needs to first end things with Lourdes. It won’t be pretty but the heart wants what it wants.

To summarize: Captain Daly and Fiona may or may not be in 2024. We won’t know for a while unless the series does a time jump. Autumn helped the Major steal Cal. Cal is psychic. Fiona had nothing to do with anything. There wasn’t enough of Saanvi in this episode. And Mic and Jared are trying not to go there, but will undoubtedly go there again.

Other Questions

  • Why did the government allow the co-pilot to go back to Jamaica like nothing ever happened?
  • Are we just dropping the connection the other passengers all shared?
  • Why isn’t Ben talking to Aaron from the podcast?
  • What is the government trying to cover up?

In order to figure out the true mystery, Ben cannot lose sight of what’s happening or what’s real.

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Manifest – S.N.A.F.U (1×07)



MAnifest S.N.A.F.U

If you missed out on any episodes of Manifest, don’t worry, this week’s episode reiterated the same message: it’s all connected.

We’re still unclear as to the “how” it’s all connected, but I guess it’s going to take a little bit longer to figure that part out.

We’ve seen Mic’s signs, visions and voices manifest themselves in various ways. The most recent was a Jumanji-sounding heartbeat that attracted her to a young boy whose grandfather was murdered.

During dinner, Mic heard the heartbeat and knew that he was plotting to get revenge instead of justice.

Similarly, she was able to locate the murderer after he’d been let go by following the signs.

In a rather unexpected twist, the kid had Evie’s heart. Does the mystery have something to do with the crash? Were they all destined to be on that plane?

The mystery surrounding UDS deepens. Ben suggests they follow a paper trail and gets a job he’s way overqualified for to do some digging.

Of course, UDS is restricted to supervisors because they have something to hide.

But Ben, a man on a mission to save his son who is telling him that something bad is going to happen, is willing to get caught in the crossfires.

He not only swipe’s his boss’ ID to look into USD, but he also manipulates an IT employee so that he can hack the system and get intel on Dr. Fiona Clarke and S.P.

I don’t want to be nit-picky but there’s no way in hell it would be that easy for Ben to get his hands on restricted information. And even if he was crafty enough, there’s no way it wouldn’t trigger some kind of alarms or red flags.

Like Cal told him, Vance is no longer the bad guy as he truly believes Ben is onto something an there is some covert agency that had kidnapped the passengers.

However, this also means Vance is going to get murder fairy soon, probably once he figures the whole mystery out.

Dr. Fiona Clarke is not fooling anyone when she says her studies were funded by a non-profit. Is it just a coincidence that she’s studying about how minds can connect with each other?

She knows more than she’s leading on. I can see her being responsible for kidnapping the passengers as a way to further the research into the Singularity Project.

Otherwise, why did she utter “we’re all in this together,” during a flight flashback?

So yes, while Ben finally got a job, figured out a little bit more about UDS and Dr. Clarke, and found out that Vance is on his side, we still don’t know what’s going on with Cal, where Marco is, what these signs are, or what happened to them on the flight.

We’re moving at a glacial pace here and while my interest is still holding, I really can’t figure out where this show is heading or if it still knows its own agenda.

Does anyone else think the hubbub surrounding the mystery is kind of dragging?

While tonight’s episode provided more answers about the core mystery, many of the “personal” relationships were lacking.

Also, I’m really hoping that after all is said and done, this isn’t a government conspiracy because can you say lame?

I’m with Ben’s new boss, I want aliens!

I also want more flashbacks from the plane that last longer than 5-seconds in total.

Other Thoughts

  • Ben and Saanvi spent more time together this week which means he didn’t have to deal with Grace’s uptight mindset about Cal.
  • It’s hilarious that Ben thought he could just blend in. Earth to Ben, you’re from Flight 828 dude.
  • Grace really doesn’t have any cares about her brother. Are these two even twins? She’s more concerned with her new family with Danny.
  • I don’t see how Mic and Lourdes are friends — there is absolutely no chemistry between them.
  • Jared is smitten with Mic and it’s beyond obvious. Also, I’m glad she’s letting him in on what’s going on with her and that he was honest about the NSA approaching him to be their spy.

What did you think about the episode?

Are you getting tired of not knowing what’s really happening to our passengers?

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Manifest – Off Radar (1×06)



Manifest Off Radar

Manifest is finally picking up speed and digging into the mystery that attracted us to the series in the first place.

It’s not that I don’t love all the character build-up and relationship development, but I’m dying to know what happened on Flight 828 and more specifically, to Flight 828.

We know Cal is being seen as the “chosen one.” A few episodes ago, a woman approached him in the streets calling him her savior, and since then, he’s had visions of the stowaway and was the only one who saw the flash of light outside of the aircraft.

On “Off Radar” we also find out that he had skin-to-skin contact with a Bulgarian man who was walking around the plane asking for help in his native language.

Ben’s pretty observant, so I’m surprised he didn’t pick up on the fact that Ben screaming “pomogni mi” wasn’t just jibberish, it was Bulgarian.

Thankfully, Saanvi recalled the moment on the plane and offered up some type of explanation as to why Cal was burning up with fever but displaying absolutely no underlying cause.

While they didn’t necessarily figure out what was happening to Cal, they did get further in solving some aspect of the mystery which hasn’t been a focus up until this point.

Ben’s been trying to find out as much as he can about every passenger on the flight, but Marko was one of the few he couldn’t crack.

And there’s a simple explanation — the government doesn’t want Marko to be found.

Saanvi remembered a translator who helped Marko on board, and the translator led them to the case of the missing shuttle bus.

She told Michaela that Marko boarded the fifth shuttle heading to a shelter, but a deep scan of the database reveals that only four shuttles were logged in the system.

Are the plane’s disappearance and the mysterious return all part of a government conspiracy?

Ben pieced together street camera footage to pinpoint the exact location where the shuttle may have diverted from the path.

Impressive, right?

Though Jared asked Michaela to leave him out of whatever rouge business she was involved in, he couldn’t resist helping her when she asked for it.

Surprisingly, they were able to find the government’s secret bunker pretty easily which tells me they didn’t focus too much on remaining off the radar.

But based on the black SUVs, automatic weapons, security guards and drones, they were definitely hiding something.

Oh, and how could I forget they found the red door that Cal was mumbling about in his sleep!

When the doctors couldn’t bring down Cal’s fever, they recommended stopping the cancer treatment and giving him antibiotics which didn’t sit well with Ben.

Grace is hands down the worst character on the show at the moment because she has no faith in her husband at all.

She wanted him to be honest with her about what was going on and assured him that after all they’ve been through, she was ready to believe anything.

Then, the moment he started telling her his theory about how he knew deep down that whatever was happening to Cal wasn’t medical in nature, she accused him of spiraling and clinging to theories.

Seriously, woman?

If I could have slapped her, I would have.

I know it’s a mothers job to worry and she wanted to find the best course of treatment but man, if Ben was asking her to trust him and hear him out, why wouldn’t she?

Especially after she said to “try her.”

When she told him to focus on saving his son, I wanted to scream at her and be like “that’s exactly what he’s doing.”

In fact, Ben was the only one getting any real answers!

During her mini-breakdown, I expected her to call Danny for support which would have been a low blow.

For now, Ben, Michaela and Saanvi only have a few pieces of the puzzle while we know exactly what’s going on — Cal is somehow experiencing the effects of electroshock just like Marko is.

It seems that whenever a passenger is in trouble, they reach out to Cal for help.

The USD’s experiments were so barbaric we know that if Ben and company don’t figure it out soon, Marko and Cal will die as a result.

Probably the most surprising moment of the episode was that Ben went straight to Director Vance at the NSA to get some answers and was upfront about everything he knew.

Not only was it a bold move on his part, but it was also incredibly stupid because they could have very well never let him out after seeing just how informed he was.

However, Vance had absolutely no idea what Ben was talking about. You could see it in his eyes.

I don’t know what kind of ship Vance is running here that he needed one of the passengers to point out that eleven people have been unaccounted for.

It also means that Vance isn’t necessarily their enemy as we previously thought. He’s just as out of the loop as the passengers, relying on their intel because the larger powers at play aren’t telling him much of anything.

Vance immediately assumed something odd was going on when all of the reports and scientific panels were coming back inconclusive.

The moment the UDS realized the NSA had been poking around, they closed up shop and moved their experiment somewhere more discreet.

I expected Vance’s own team member to turn on him and knock him out or kill him in that barn, but I’m glad he didn’t. Vance will inevitably die during his quest for the truth but hopefully, he can give Michaela and Ben some hope that they aren’t going completely crazy.

After all, the bandaid he found will prove that one of the eleven passengers was in the shed at some point and it also proves Ben isn’t lying about some experimental trials being conducted off the radar.

It doesn’t even matter if Jared gives Vance any intel from Michaela cause he’s already one step ahead thanks to Ben.

In fact, they’d do more good if they just came together to try to figure it out.

At least Ben was right about one thing — this isn’t over. It’s only the beginning.

How stupid do you think Grace will feel when it turns out Ben was right the whole time? Will Vance work with Ben towards finding out the truth? Will Mic and Jared get together?

Share your thoughts and theories in the comments!


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