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Manifest Turbulence Manifest Turbulence


Manifest – Turbulence (1×03)



Own your truth. It’s a phrase that gets repeated multiple times on this week’s Manifest, and it’s one that guides Michaela and Ben into pursuing the truth about Kelly’s murder.

Rather quickly, the idea that Kelly was attacked by some alien-like force is put to rest so we know that while something is happening to the passengers of Flight 828, it likely isn’t supernatural.

There are a few suspects when it comes to Kelly’s killer ranging from the most obvious one to the least likely one.

There’s the man who was found nearby with blood on his clothes, the husband, and the maid who got a little too comfortable and didn’t like that the obstacle returned and tried to take back her place in the household. Yep, you guessed it, it was the maid.

The husband, though a scumbag, doesn’t really add anything to the mystery.

However, the man that was spotted lurking around her house, claimed to have held Kelly as she died and then told Michaela that he will one day die and be pure like her, well, he knows something that could possibly help all of them.

He may be possessed by something, but in order to preach all of those things, he has to actually know something about what happened to all the passengers.

What does he mean by “you’ve returned for us.” And by us, is he referring to all the fanatics that were standing outside of Kelly’s home as if she were some goddess?

Weird, right?

None of that coincides with what Saanvi seemingly discovered, which offers up a scientific explanation to whatever is happening to them.

While testing Cal’s blood work, she noticed a marker that wasn’t present before the flight. She tested her own blood work and found the same protein. Further investigation revealed that elevated levels of said proteins could be a sign of ischemia. However, it doesn’t necessarily make much sense because none of the passengers, despite hearing callings, seem to be stroke victims.

In order to get a more detailed explanation, Saanvi needs to test brain tissue but unsurprisingly, she cannot get access to Kelly’s body because the NSA obviously knows something unexplainable is happening and took over what would have been a routine homicide so they can thoroughly examine the body.

What will they find?

My out-of-the-box guess is that somehow all of these passengers traveled back home and are walking zombies. And no, I don’t have any scientific results to back that up.

All we know for sure is that this force that’s infiltrated their minds wants them to forgive themselves for their past so that’s exactly what Michaela is doing; she’s making amends with Evie’s family including the mother who has Alzheimer’s and doesn’t remember her daughter’s death.

Everyone else has had a chance to cope with what’s happened and move on, but for Michaela the accident is so fresh in her mind that she’s still struggling with driving a car.

Aside from the integral mystery of the show, it’s interesting to see how Ben, Michaela and Cal adapt to their old-but-new surroundings.

Cal is struggling because while everyone else grew up, he remained the same age. His twin sister is older than him and dating his former best friend. Nothing is the same as he left it, but somehow, everything is the same.

Ben finally confronted Grace about the other man and there’s a lot wrong with how they are handling the situation.

I get that it’s hard for Grace to break it to her husband that she is dating another man but there’s nothing to feel guilty about — she thought he was dead.

Ben has no right to be angry because despite how fresh his relationship with Grace is, he has to realize that so much time has passed and she had every right to move on. In fact, he should have probably expected it and when he eventually meets Danny, he needs to be grateful that someone took care of his wife.

Grace has found herself in a quite the predicament because she dreamt of having her husband back, but she’s also in love with another man who doesn’t deserve to just be discarded like yesterday’s trash. She needs to pull it together and let go of one.

She may have decided to stick it out with Ben, but that’s a decision solely based on guilt and what she thinks she must do as a wife who is getting a second chance.

My guess is that she’s going to give up on trying to make it work with Ben eventually and pursue what she had with Danny. Those feelings didn’t replace her love for Ben, but she has made room for him in her life.

Ben will be heartbroken, of course, but he won’t want to break up something that was working. I think he’ll find solace with Saanvi. It seems like they are being drawn together through Cal’s medical research.

Jared is walking a very thin line by getting so close to Michaela. It’s natural that he wants to be the shoulder she leans on because that’s what he’s used to with her, but he should show some restraint out of respect for Lourdes.

Knowing how strong of a connection he has with his ex should be enough reason to stay away.

They are like magnets and he keeps feeding into it. I’m surprised Lourdes hasn’t picked up on it yet.

Director Vance figured Jared would be an easy target given his dedication to his ex-girlfriend, however, I’m glad Jared tore up the card and didn’t betray her trust.

She’s been through enough and if she felt like she could tell him even the slightest about what she’s experiencing, he shouldn’t sell her out the NSA.

Jared strikes me as a loyal man who has his wit’s about him so he realizes that the minute they find something peculiar and out-of-the-ordinary about a group that disappeared without explanation for five years, they are going to do their best to get rid of them.

What do you think is happening to the passengers of Flight 828? Were they sent back with a purpose to help save other folks? Michaela keeps getting lucky breaks in her cases because the answers just keep falling in her lap, but like Jared pointed out, they cannot be mere coincidences.

Is this the purpose of her second chance?

Let us know your theory in the comments below!

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Manifest – S.N.A.F.U (1×07)



MAnifest S.N.A.F.U

If you missed out on any episodes of Manifest, don’t worry, this week’s episode reiterated the same message: it’s all connected.

We’re still unclear as to the “how” it’s all connected, but I guess it’s going to take a little bit longer to figure that part out.

We’ve seen Mic’s signs, visions and voices manifest themselves in various ways. The most recent was a Jumanji-sounding heartbeat that attracted her to a young boy whose grandfather was murdered.

During dinner, Mic heard the heartbeat and knew that he was plotting to get revenge instead of justice.

Similarly, she was able to locate the murderer after he’d been let go by following the signs.

In a rather unexpected twist, the kid had Evie’s heart. Does the mystery have something to do with the crash? Were they all destined to be on that plane?

The mystery surrounding UDS deepens. Ben suggests they follow a paper trail and gets a job he’s way overqualified for to do some digging.

Of course, UDS is restricted to supervisors because they have something to hide.

But Ben, a man on a mission to save his son who is telling him that something bad is going to happen, is willing to get caught in the crossfires.

He not only swipe’s his boss’ ID to look into USD, but he also manipulates an IT employee so that he can hack the system and get intel on Dr. Fiona Clarke and S.P.

I don’t want to be nit-picky but there’s no way in hell it would be that easy for Ben to get his hands on restricted information. And even if he was crafty enough, there’s no way it wouldn’t trigger some kind of alarms or red flags.

Like Cal told him, Vance is no longer the bad guy as he truly believes Ben is onto something an there is some covert agency that had kidnapped the passengers.

However, this also means Vance is going to get murder fairy soon, probably once he figures the whole mystery out.

Dr. Fiona Clarke is not fooling anyone when she says her studies were funded by a non-profit. Is it just a coincidence that she’s studying about how minds can connect with each other?

She knows more than she’s leading on. I can see her being responsible for kidnapping the passengers as a way to further the research into the Singularity Project.

Otherwise, why did she utter “we’re all in this together,” during a flight flashback?

So yes, while Ben finally got a job, figured out a little bit more about UDS and Dr. Clarke, and found out that Vance is on his side, we still don’t know what’s going on with Cal, where Marco is, what these signs are, or what happened to them on the flight.

We’re moving at a glacial pace here and while my interest is still holding, I really can’t figure out where this show is heading or if it still knows its own agenda.

Does anyone else think the hubbub surrounding the mystery is kind of dragging?

While tonight’s episode provided more answers about the core mystery, many of the “personal” relationships were lacking.

Also, I’m really hoping that after all is said and done, this isn’t a government conspiracy because can you say lame?

I’m with Ben’s new boss, I want aliens!

I also want more flashbacks from the plane that last longer than 5-seconds in total.

Other Thoughts

  • Ben and Saanvi spent more time together this week which means he didn’t have to deal with Grace’s uptight mindset about Cal.
  • It’s hilarious that Ben thought he could just blend in. Earth to Ben, you’re from Flight 828 dude.
  • Grace really doesn’t have any cares about her brother. Are these two even twins? She’s more concerned with her new family with Danny.
  • I don’t see how Mic and Lourdes are friends — there is absolutely no chemistry between them.
  • Jared is smitten with Mic and it’s beyond obvious. Also, I’m glad she’s letting him in on what’s going on with her and that he was honest about the NSA approaching him to be their spy.

What did you think about the episode?

Are you getting tired of not knowing what’s really happening to our passengers?

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Manifest – Off Radar (1×06)



Manifest Off Radar

Manifest is finally picking up speed and digging into the mystery that attracted us to the series in the first place.

It’s not that I don’t love all the character build-up and relationship development, but I’m dying to know what happened on Flight 828 and more specifically, to Flight 828.

We know Cal is being seen as the “chosen one.” A few episodes ago, a woman approached him in the streets calling him her savior, and since then, he’s had visions of the stowaway and was the only one who saw the flash of light outside of the aircraft.

On “Off Radar” we also find out that he had skin-to-skin contact with a Bulgarian man who was walking around the plane asking for help in his native language.

Ben’s pretty observant, so I’m surprised he didn’t pick up on the fact that Ben screaming “pomogni mi” wasn’t just jibberish, it was Bulgarian.

Thankfully, Saanvi recalled the moment on the plane and offered up some type of explanation as to why Cal was burning up with fever but displaying absolutely no underlying cause.

While they didn’t necessarily figure out what was happening to Cal, they did get further in solving some aspect of the mystery which hasn’t been a focus up until this point.

Ben’s been trying to find out as much as he can about every passenger on the flight, but Marko was one of the few he couldn’t crack.

And there’s a simple explanation — the government doesn’t want Marko to be found.

Saanvi remembered a translator who helped Marko on board, and the translator led them to the case of the missing shuttle bus.

She told Michaela that Marko boarded the fifth shuttle heading to a shelter, but a deep scan of the database reveals that only four shuttles were logged in the system.

Are the plane’s disappearance and the mysterious return all part of a government conspiracy?

Ben pieced together street camera footage to pinpoint the exact location where the shuttle may have diverted from the path.

Impressive, right?

Though Jared asked Michaela to leave him out of whatever rouge business she was involved in, he couldn’t resist helping her when she asked for it.

Surprisingly, they were able to find the government’s secret bunker pretty easily which tells me they didn’t focus too much on remaining off the radar.

But based on the black SUVs, automatic weapons, security guards and drones, they were definitely hiding something.

Oh, and how could I forget they found the red door that Cal was mumbling about in his sleep!

When the doctors couldn’t bring down Cal’s fever, they recommended stopping the cancer treatment and giving him antibiotics which didn’t sit well with Ben.

Grace is hands down the worst character on the show at the moment because she has no faith in her husband at all.

She wanted him to be honest with her about what was going on and assured him that after all they’ve been through, she was ready to believe anything.

Then, the moment he started telling her his theory about how he knew deep down that whatever was happening to Cal wasn’t medical in nature, she accused him of spiraling and clinging to theories.

Seriously, woman?

If I could have slapped her, I would have.

I know it’s a mothers job to worry and she wanted to find the best course of treatment but man, if Ben was asking her to trust him and hear him out, why wouldn’t she?

Especially after she said to “try her.”

When she told him to focus on saving his son, I wanted to scream at her and be like “that’s exactly what he’s doing.”

In fact, Ben was the only one getting any real answers!

During her mini-breakdown, I expected her to call Danny for support which would have been a low blow.

For now, Ben, Michaela and Saanvi only have a few pieces of the puzzle while we know exactly what’s going on — Cal is somehow experiencing the effects of electroshock just like Marko is.

It seems that whenever a passenger is in trouble, they reach out to Cal for help.

The USD’s experiments were so barbaric we know that if Ben and company don’t figure it out soon, Marko and Cal will die as a result.

Probably the most surprising moment of the episode was that Ben went straight to Director Vance at the NSA to get some answers and was upfront about everything he knew.

Not only was it a bold move on his part, but it was also incredibly stupid because they could have very well never let him out after seeing just how informed he was.

However, Vance had absolutely no idea what Ben was talking about. You could see it in his eyes.

I don’t know what kind of ship Vance is running here that he needed one of the passengers to point out that eleven people have been unaccounted for.

It also means that Vance isn’t necessarily their enemy as we previously thought. He’s just as out of the loop as the passengers, relying on their intel because the larger powers at play aren’t telling him much of anything.

Vance immediately assumed something odd was going on when all of the reports and scientific panels were coming back inconclusive.

The moment the UDS realized the NSA had been poking around, they closed up shop and moved their experiment somewhere more discreet.

I expected Vance’s own team member to turn on him and knock him out or kill him in that barn, but I’m glad he didn’t. Vance will inevitably die during his quest for the truth but hopefully, he can give Michaela and Ben some hope that they aren’t going completely crazy.

After all, the bandaid he found will prove that one of the eleven passengers was in the shed at some point and it also proves Ben isn’t lying about some experimental trials being conducted off the radar.

It doesn’t even matter if Jared gives Vance any intel from Michaela cause he’s already one step ahead thanks to Ben.

In fact, they’d do more good if they just came together to try to figure it out.

At least Ben was right about one thing — this isn’t over. It’s only the beginning.

How stupid do you think Grace will feel when it turns out Ben was right the whole time? Will Vance work with Ben towards finding out the truth? Will Mic and Jared get together?

Share your thoughts and theories in the comments!


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Manifest – Connecting Flights (1×05)



Manifest Connecting Flights

“It’s all connected.”

That’s the vague statement Ben kept hearing and Cal kept repeating on Manifest “Connecting Flights.”

It stands to reason that whatever these visions and feelings are, they are connected to Flight 828 and will eventually reveal what happened to them.

Up until now, Ben, Mic and Saanvi were the only ones experiencing the side-effects, but now Cal is being drawn to Thomas, the stowaway we met on Manifest “Unclaimed Baggage.”

Is Thomas the secret to all of this? He wasn’t supposed to be on the flight so maybe he upset some supernatural balance or caused some kind of rift.

The mystery surrounding Flight 828 continues to loom, however, we’re not learning anything concrete that can help us figure out the truth.

In fact, the only new development is that Cal is the only person on board who saw some kind of beaming light envelope the plane.

Does Cal subconsciously know the truth?

There have been moments where other people, the believers, on the street have bowed down to him.

Many viewers have pointed out that the strongest part of the series is the relationships between the family members and how they are all dealing with being separated for five and a half years.

Ben, Cal and Mic had to come to terms with the world, and Grace and Olive, moving on without them.

For Grace and Olive, they had to suddenly restructure the life they were used to with Danny upon Ben and Cal’s return.

If we’re talking about the real victims of Flight 828, I’d say it was the ones left to pick up the pieces. The ones who were left thinking their loved ones were dead because there were no other explanations.

For the passengers, it was a mere few hours; for those back at home, it was almost another lifetime.

And it’s tricky to pick sides here because no one did anything wrong. No one stepped out of line and nothing was done maliciously.

Up until now, the series only showed us focused on the passengers and how their lives looked like when they returned from what they thought was an innocent trip.

On “Connecting Flights,” we’re seeing Grace, Olive, Jared, and Lourdes’ side of the story and their perspective on coping with such unfathomable, sudden loss.

The episode begins with them learning of the disappearance.

It evolves into Grace realizing she’s been cooped up in bed for six months and not around for the one person she has left to finally, Grace going to therapy and meeting Danny.

Grace was respectful of Ben and didn’t even think about another man till at least two years after his presumed “death.”

The same can be said for Jared who remained single until he finally clicked with Lourdes, the last of the three musketeers left, and seemingly, his last connection to Michaela.

Neither of them meant to overstep boundaries, but they both found love and comfort in each other after grieving for a few years.

As Mic’s late mother said when her husband clearly disproved of Jared and Lourdes’ engagement — love is always a happy occasion.

If Mic and Ben really were dead, they’d probably be grateful to the people taking care of their loved ones.

But alas, they are back and both Lourdes and Danny are a now a pesky problem standing in the way of their true happiness.

Jared has been very protective of Mic, even taking the blame for the call that ruined it all which she told him to make in last week’s episode.

When Michaela tries to convince Lourdes that Jared cannot continue covering for her, she realizes he didn’t even loop Lourdes in.

Of course, Lourdes’ first instinct is that Jared’s keeping his true feelings from her and despite his denial, a woman should always trust her gut.

Jared is doing everything to stay relevant in Mic’s life as we saw by his meddling and staging a stakeout with her. And he won’t think twice about cheating on Lourdes if the opportunity arises, which it will. It’s unfortunate because it just proves her biggest fear — she was always second best.

On the other hand, should she even be surprised? That’s his one true love, a love he would have been with if it hadn’t been for some freak accident.

Mic has been trying to push her feelings for Jared down up until now, but after acknowledging them, it’s only a matter of time before she tells him.

Besides for Lourdes, there’s another obstacle standing in the way and that’s NSA’s very own Vance.

It’s unclear why everyone has deemed Vance the ultimate enemy when he’s just doing his job and trying to solve a mystery that’s pretty much unsolvable.

Yes, the fear that he is going to lock them up and institutionalize them or make them his guinea pigs is a real threat, however, they don’t even know what’s happening to them.

The voices, the feelings, the callings, the connections — maybe someone needs to get to the bottom of it before it becomes dangerous to society or themselves.

Vance pushed Jared into a corner by securing his punishment as 10-day’s without pay in exchange for information on Mic’s whereabouts and doings.

And while Jared initially had a choice in the matter, if he wants to keep the one thing that matters to him, his job, he has to bite.

Danny doesn’t seem to be going anywhere even if it gets under Ben’s skin because as Olive stated, she has two dads.

It’s unfair to take Olive away from Danny when again, he stepped up to be there for both of them.

But how can Grace go on loving two men? It’s impossible. As it stands, the storyline is clearly pushing Ben and Saanvi together, and if Grace has a say, well, she’s been pushing her mother to be fair to Danny.

In fact, Ben doesn’t even seem to be too concerned with his wife or daughter because now that his son is looped into the plane drama, he realizes there’s no avoiding or outrunning it.

He has to face the “feelings” and figure out what’s going on.

Hopefully, his very detailed board and all the intel he gathered on every single passenger will offer up a lead soon.

We’re now four episodes in, and I’m still not sure if what happened is supernatural or has a scientific explanation.

Are we dealing with aliens? The work of God? A higher intellectual being that is using the passengers as test subjects? A glitch in the atmosphere? Something caused by the government itself?

Without a clear direction soon, I don’t know how long Manifest can sustain on just the mystery aspect. As we’ve seen with similar shows before, it’s easy for things to get out of hand rather quickly. I wouldn’t want to series to forego it’s strongest points for something that cannot be defined or explained.

Let us know what you thought and comment your theories below!

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