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Manifest – Turbulence (1×03)



Own your truth. It’s a phrase that gets repeated multiple times on this week’s Manifest, and it’s one that guides Michaela and Ben into pursuing the truth about Kelly’s murder.

Rather quickly, the idea that Kelly was attacked by some alien-like force is put to rest so we know that while something is happening to the passengers of Flight 828, it likely isn’t supernatural.

There are a few suspects when it comes to Kelly’s killer ranging from the most obvious one to the least likely one.

There’s the man who was found nearby with blood on his clothes, the husband, and the maid who got a little too comfortable and didn’t like that the obstacle returned and tried to take back her place in the household. Yep, you guessed it, it was the maid.

The husband, though a scumbag, doesn’t really add anything to the mystery.

However, the man that was spotted lurking around her house, claimed to have held Kelly as she died and then told Michaela that he will one day die and be pure like her, well, he knows something that could possibly help all of them.

He may be possessed by something, but in order to preach all of those things, he has to actually know something about what happened to all the passengers.

What does he mean by “you’ve returned for us.” And by us, is he referring to all the fanatics that were standing outside of Kelly’s home as if she were some goddess?

Weird, right?

None of that coincides with what Saanvi seemingly discovered, which offers up a scientific explanation to whatever is happening to them.

While testing Cal’s blood work, she noticed a marker that wasn’t present before the flight. She tested her own blood work and found the same protein. Further investigation revealed that elevated levels of said proteins could be a sign of ischemia. However, it doesn’t necessarily make much sense because none of the passengers, despite hearing callings, seem to be stroke victims.

In order to get a more detailed explanation, Saanvi needs to test brain tissue but unsurprisingly, she cannot get access to Kelly’s body because the NSA obviously knows something unexplainable is happening and took over what would have been a routine homicide so they can thoroughly examine the body.

What will they find?

My out-of-the-box guess is that somehow all of these passengers traveled back home and are walking zombies. And no, I don’t have any scientific results to back that up.

All we know for sure is that this force that’s infiltrated their minds wants them to forgive themselves for their past so that’s exactly what Michaela is doing; she’s making amends with Evie’s family including the mother who has Alzheimer’s and doesn’t remember her daughter’s death.

Everyone else has had a chance to cope with what’s happened and move on, but for Michaela the accident is so fresh in her mind that she’s still struggling with driving a car.

Aside from the integral mystery of the show, it’s interesting to see how Ben, Michaela and Cal adapt to their old-but-new surroundings.

Cal is struggling because while everyone else grew up, he remained the same age. His twin sister is older than him and dating his former best friend. Nothing is the same as he left it, but somehow, everything is the same.

Ben finally confronted Grace about the other man and there’s a lot wrong with how they are handling the situation.

I get that it’s hard for Grace to break it to her husband that she is dating another man but there’s nothing to feel guilty about — she thought he was dead.

Ben has no right to be angry because despite how fresh his relationship with Grace is, he has to realize that so much time has passed and she had every right to move on. In fact, he should have probably expected it and when he eventually meets Danny, he needs to be grateful that someone took care of his wife.

Grace has found herself in a quite the predicament because she dreamt of having her husband back, but she’s also in love with another man who doesn’t deserve to just be discarded like yesterday’s trash. She needs to pull it together and let go of one.

She may have decided to stick it out with Ben, but that’s a decision solely based on guilt and what she thinks she must do as a wife who is getting a second chance.

My guess is that she’s going to give up on trying to make it work with Ben eventually and pursue what she had with Danny. Those feelings didn’t replace her love for Ben, but she has made room for him in her life.

Ben will be heartbroken, of course, but he won’t want to break up something that was working. I think he’ll find solace with Saanvi. It seems like they are being drawn together through Cal’s medical research.

Jared is walking a very thin line by getting so close to Michaela. It’s natural that he wants to be the shoulder she leans on because that’s what he’s used to with her, but he should show some restraint out of respect for Lourdes.

Knowing how strong of a connection he has with his ex should be enough reason to stay away.

They are like magnets and he keeps feeding into it. I’m surprised Lourdes hasn’t picked up on it yet.

Director Vance figured Jared would be an easy target given his dedication to his ex-girlfriend, however, I’m glad Jared tore up the card and didn’t betray her trust.

She’s been through enough and if she felt like she could tell him even the slightest about what she’s experiencing, he shouldn’t sell her out the NSA.

Jared strikes me as a loyal man who has his wit’s about him so he realizes that the minute they find something peculiar and out-of-the-ordinary about a group that disappeared without explanation for five years, they are going to do their best to get rid of them.

What do you think is happening to the passengers of Flight 828? Were they sent back with a purpose to help save other folks? Michaela keeps getting lucky breaks in her cases because the answers just keep falling in her lap, but like Jared pointed out, they cannot be mere coincidences.

Is this the purpose of her second chance?

Let us know your theory in the comments below!

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Manifest – Unclaimed Baggage (1×04)



Manifest Unclaimed Baggage

Visions come to life for a few members of Flight 828.

Saanvi and Michaela both experienced symptoms resulting from their mysterious flight when they began seeing a woman set in stone appearing as if lifelike right before them.

Understandably, Saanvi immediately assumed she was going insane and consulted a top neurosurgeon while Michaela, who had a few “calling” experiences prior to this assumed this was just another sign that would help her crack a mystery.

When the voice popped up and insisted “help him” during a stakeout, Michaela ordered Vasquez to botch an undercover investigation to save an agent.

Michaela was right about the vision urging her to do something, however, she went in to save the wrong man.

Vasquez took the fall which, in all honesty, was the right call because he asked to be in this situation with Michaela by giving her other partner tickets to a game so he could take the day off.

As I said in my Manifest review from last week, Vasquez is playing with fire. Michaela is no longer his responsibility yet he still wants to offer assistance and figure out what’s wrong with her.

Michalea obviously has every right to be upset that he forced her into a situation where she had to spend six hours with him.

This isn’t your place anymore, dude.

They stare at each with such lingering in their eyes, it’s only a matter of time before they cross that line. For Michaela, it’s not what she would want to do given her path of redemption.

Saanvi’s medical avenue revealed that her brain, which she told the doctor was her patient’s scan, was experiencing signs of schizophrenia.

This is the second diagnosis that’s worrisome in regards to all the members of the mysterious flight. Her first diagnosis was that there were markers in their bloodwork that would suggest they all suffered a stroke.

A stroke and schizophrenia? Are they going to just keep getting worse? It seems that there shouldn’t be a medical explanation for it yet their symptoms are mimicking ones that are either impossible or insane.

Saanvi and Michael’s abnormal hallucinations led them to Thomas, a stowaway on the flight that was harbored by the head flight attendant.

When the plane landed, Thomas escaped and ended up in the psych ward at Saanvi’s hospital because as you’d imagine, he didn’t take the fact that they were missing for 5 years very well.

The flight attendant said Thomas left Jamaica in fear for his life because as a gay man, he became a target.

Naturally, the government wanted to get their hands on Thomas because he’s the perfect guinea pig: he has no family which means no one is looking for him and there’s no record of him on the flight.

The visions led Saanvi and Michaela to Thomas’ side, however, by the time they were able to forge discharge papers, Thomas has already escaped.

They found him by a fountain with a statue of that same stone woman with wings sitting atop.

Is it too easy? Are the signs leading the survivors to certain people and events a little too cliched?

Up until now, there was an element of mystery looming but these visions made me a little skeptical that there is a logical outcome to all of this.

Ben spent most of his time trying to make up for all the things he’d missed.

He was feeling a little un-important and it’s no surprise since both his wife and daughter moved on and found a way to live without relying on him.

It’s especially difficult because he’s not well-versed in Olive. He remembers they used to have a great bond when she was a little girl but since then, nothing. He wasn’t there for her and he’s not able to connect with her the way he used to. He’s no longer her hero.

They were thrilled with his return but they didn’t actually need him for anything. And as we all know, feeling like you’re not needed is the worst feeling.

He set his sights on trying to figure out how to pay back the half a million dollar life insurance because that’s how petty the insurance company is.

I guess they should have prepared for it because if someone that they paid for ends up not dead, the money needs to be handed back.

Grace, however, spent all the money paying off the mortgage, loans and used the remaining to open up her business.

It’s an impossible situation to be left in so Ben is very understanding for a husband who just found out he’s in major debt and can’t get a job.

While he’s brainstorming in the basement, he stumbles upon a box filled with pictures of Danny and Grace.

It hurts, but not as much as it hurts when he goes to pick up Olive from the store and finds out she’s been picked up for shoplifting.

Even worse, instead of calling for him, she called for Danny and his first meeting with his wife’s lover is really uncomfortable.

Olive begs her father not to tell her mother anything and he agrees, but of course, Grace finds out because Danny tells her.

Addressing the elephant in the room was long overdue for Grace and Ben and finally, Ben admitted that maybe he shouldn’t try to change what they are used to. Maybe it wasn’t fair for him to ask either of them to give this man, who filled a major void and took care of his family, up.

Again, this is what I said in last week’s review — we can’t write off Danny simply because he filled a father figure for a family who lost their father.

In fact, Ben should be thankful that Danny sacrificed so much and took care of his girls and even continues to take care of them now.

And with Ben calling Grace out on it, maybe she’ll make the right choice and follow her heart to Danny making room for Ben to forge a relationship with Saanvi. It’s almost inevitable at this point.

Though a lot happened in this episode, nothing was really resolved. We aren’t any closer to figuring out what is happening to the passengers medically, we don’t know what the NSA knows, we haven’t made any steps in Ben’s relationship, we haven’t actually met Danny, and we don’t know what’s happening between Vasquez and Michaela except for the fact that she got him suspended.

Let’s pick up the pace Manifest or you’re going to lose viewers!

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