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The Originals season 4 finale The Originals season 4 finale

The Originals

The Originals – The Feast of all the Sinners (4×13)



Just as tragically as the Mikealson’s arrived in New Orleans, just as tragically they left.

In the season finale, although let’s be honest, it felt more like a series finale, the Original siblings made the biggest sacrifice of all in the name of family, finally putting an end to the thousand-year-old promise of “always and forever.”

With the Hollow growing stronger in Hope’s body and racking up followers, the cities most powerful family knows that they have to save their little girl. Vincent realizes that the only way to defeat this evil is to separate it into four parts, each inhabiting the body of an undead vampire with blood ties to Hope. Translation? Klaus, Elijah, Rebekah and Kol have to accept their fate and go their separate ways, never seeing each other or Hope again as to not give the Hollow power to take over her body again.

With barely any time left and Kol not picking up his phone, Vincent offers an alternative – putting the 4th piece of the Hollow into Hayley. Freya knows she can’t let another little girl grow up without a mother like she did so with Keelin’s blessing, decides to turn and be the 4th sacrifice but Kol shows up in the knick of time. His whole “thing” is always to be very last minute so it’s nice to see him stay in character, even when the fate of New Orleans is at stake.

Marcel and Sofiya aligned with the right side this time, helping the Mikealson’s steal back Hope’s body by pretending to call a “truce.”  Then the most glorious moment – Klaus used one of Cami’s dark objects to trap her followers while Elijah lit them up in flames. I don’t think it’s normal for someone to enjoy Klaus and Elijah’s cold-blooded murders this much but they had it coming. Klaus knows that Elijah’s weakness is his devotion to his brother so he asks him to promise not to come for him when he goes off the rails, which will inevitably happen without the moral support. Elijah nods knowing that too much is at stake for his moral compass to screw things up.

Before they could complete the spell, it was time for goodbyes and apologies. Klaus knew that Elijah’s weakness was his devotion to his brother so he made him promise not to come to his rescue when he went off the rails, which will inevitably happen without the moral support.

Despite the support for Elijah and Hayley, he finally realized that they were always “doomed.” He could never be the man she wanted him to be and even though she too has done horrible things, she wanted better for Hope… a fresh start. That isn’t him because he can never change who he is, he can mask it in suits but his killer instinct, the one she has in the pendant, is there. Sometimes love doesn’t equate destiny.

The most touching goodbye came from Klaus, who confronted Marcellus with an emotional apology. “I failed you,” he admitted to the man he always called son. Seeing Klaus so vulnerable really put the severity of the situation in perspective but also reiterated how important his journey has been. He was never able to be the father to Marcel because he didn’t have that example from his dad. With Hope, he’s become a better man, a man that wants to be her hero and that will sacrifice everything for her. We’ve come a long way.

And yet, despite all these realizations, Elijah pointed out that this one good act does not erase all the evil and heinous acts they’ve committed in the past. That being said, they did finally choose to do the right thing mainly because they had no other option. This time, they couldn’t sacrifice someone else, someone less valuable than family. And it was a hard lesson to learn but one that was necessary. It didn’t negate everything they did for the past 100 years, which is why they accepted their fate knowing it was about time they paid up.

When the goodbyes were said and done, Vincent completed the spell and the siblings scattered. They didn’t just have to leave the same room, they needed to leave New Orleans to silence the Hollow’s whispers. It’s hard for everyone but mainly Klaus, who knows he won’t ever see his baby girl again. The moment is powerful as she wakes up from her slumber screaming “dad” as he runs off into the unknown.

Rebekah ends up in New York and much to her surprise, Marcel follows her there. She begins to tell him how she’s done playing games but after he found out that Klaus only tried to keep them apart because he was jealous they’d stop loving him, he knew that this was their time. He ended things with Sofiya and left New Orleans, finally, to be with her so at least she got a happy ending in the relationship department. Lose a family, gain a lover.

Kol was in California turning a big diamond into an engagement ring for Davina. We already saw them drive off into the sunset but it was nice to see him finally be there for his family ahead of his own agenda for once. It proves that maybe Kol, who has gained some purpose by being a witch, really can change for the better and stay this better version of himself. And really, San Fran doesn’t seem as morbid as New Orleans for Davina right?

Elijah quite possible had the most tragic end of it all but he won’t really remember any of it. Knowing that the Hollow would play on his weakness and try to bring him back to Klaus, he decided to erase all of his memories and have a clean slate. He would finally be “free” from his demons and even though watching Marcel compel him to forget a thousand years of history was unbearable it was poetic at the same time.

Without any recollection of his family, Elijah went off to France where ditched the suits for a button down shirt and began playing piano at some hipster bar. In a way, it seems that Elijah is living the life he was always meant to have if he hadn’t been bothered with all the vampire mumbo jumbo. During one of his sets, he gets an unexpected $100 tip for a stranger – the man is Klaus but once again, Elijah has no idea. As the two lock eyes for a moment, Klaus smiles, knowing his brother is finally free from the burdens of saving him from his mistakes. He probably shouldn’t have been that close as to not tempt the Hollow but he couldn’t move on without checking on his brother, the way Elijah always checked up on him.

And if all of that didn’t make you cry a river, Hayley followed through on her plan and enrolled Hope in Alaric and Caroline’s school for supernatural children in Mystic Falls. Here, Hope would get the proper education and learn to use her magic wisely. Not to mention she’d have friends who were going through the same thing she was so she wouldn’t feel like an outsider. I don’t know about you but I really hoped that we would get to see her chatting with Lizzie and Josie. They’re obviously going to be best friends right? This also gives the possibility of yet another Originals spinoff the platform to do so. If there is to be a show focused solely on teenage Hope than it would allow Klaus and Caroline to finally be together.

That, however, would require Vincent’s spell to be reversed so that Klaus and Hope could be together again. This finale was written as a possible series finale, with the writers not knowing if they would be renewed for a 5th season, but with a secured renewal, they have to find a way to bring all the siblings back together again right?

If it were up to me, I would say that the time jump would show that the siblings lived a good chunk of time separated and finally came to terms of being “alone.” This would also offer up Elijah a more direct storyline not involving him playing second fiddle to Klaus or Hayley. Now that he’s forgotten all about them, he’s clearly started a new life, which means he’ll eventually fall in love again right? And coming back for a 5th season with Elijah in love with another woman when he finally gets all his memories back? That’s what I call good TV.

The Originals

The Originals – Where You Left Your Heart (5×01)



Originals where you left your heart

It’s the beginning of the end and for longtime fans of The Originals, and it’s such a bittersweet feeling.

After such a long hiatus — seven years have gone by — it feels really good to see these familiar faces again.

Seven years and the damned Hollow’s curse is still threatening “always and forever.”

The Mikealson’s have all managed to keep their distance from each other offering Hope a real shot at this thing called life.

But you know these siblings can’t actually stay away from each other and like Kol said, eventually, something is going to bring them back to New Orleans.

That something is definitely Hope who upon just got suspended from the Salvator Boarding School after selling vials of her blood to some werewolf named Henry Benoit.

How did beyond brilliant hope become a blood dealer?

Anyways, Henry isn’t exactly discreet and jumps out of a window at school which turns him into a hybrid, one of only three in the world.

Hayley is understandably upset with Hope, who doesn’t really understand the severity of her actions. Her intentions were in the right place as she thought she was helping an outcast fit in but in reality, Henry is now more ostracized than ever.

The incident also disturbs the peace in town which Hayley, Vincent, Freya and Josh have worked so tirelessly and reignites the longstanding feud between the witches, wolves and vampires.

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A hybrid is now considered a threat and after he accidentally snaps and kills a vampire, they all want him neutralized.

Hayley tries to convince them that she’ll teach him to be tame just like she is but her plea isn’t convincing.

Adding insult to injury, Hope was doing all of this to save up money to go to Europe and find her deadbeat dad. Now, that’s a pretty unfair title for Klaus considering he’s been staying away for a reason, though, it isn’t completely unreasonable as he’s made a conscious choice to ignore his teenage daughter completely; a daughter who really needs a father.

Caroline, who paid Klaus a little visit at Hayley’s request, remains a no-nonsense figure in his life and was absolutely right when she told him his daddy issues about Mikeal were a stupid reason to push his own daughter away. It seriously happened like thousands of year ago, get over it!

And despite the tension between them, it was really nice to see them in a scene together again. It almost felt like time had frozen. When she told him “I happen to think you’re someone worth knowing,” I felt my whole body tingle. This ship is really going to sail by the end, isn’t it?

Caroline also called Klaus out on the rumors that have been swirling around that he’d gone mad. He wanted people to think that the big, bad Klaus was off his rocker because it was easier but in fact, all of his kills were completely calculated. Turns out, he was eliminating all of his enemies for Elijah who wouldn’t recognize them under the compulsion. Is that not the cutest thing you’ve ever heard? Klaus does have a soul, deep down inside!

Watching the siblings live their separate lives was definitely quite the change.

Rebekah and Marcel were going strong in New York which was almost hard to believe considering how flawed their relationship has always been.

At first, it seemed like they were actually in a better place than we thought with Marcel getting down on one knee and proposing to the love of his life. And almost immediately, the cracks in their foundation began to show.

Marcel has seemingly wanted to make things official for a while now and I’d agree, he has been patient and waited while the Mikealson’s dealt with their “issues.” He’s also stayed by Rebekah’s side even when he’s been on the outs with her brothers. He deserves to be put first for a change, unfortunately, she wasn’t able to make such a big commitment without her family around.

When Marcel finally gave her the ultimatum — be at City Hall tomorrow or we’re over, it was obvious that she was going to bail like she always had and he would plan a glorious return to New Orleans, the city he was never able to fully let go off.

Even though both Klaus and Rebekah knew the consequences were grave, they still went to France to check-up on their brother. This whole time, he’s been in Europe playing lounges, blissfully unaware of the familial drama or that he can’t see his siblings because of a curse.

For the first time, Elijah looks happy and it’s actually refreshing to see; he’s no longer plagued by all the guilt and the need to have control over everything.

When bad things happen, they always occur in threes much to Freya’s dismay. Something tells me, she isn’t going to see Keelin anytime soon, even if her “relationship” is on the line. Her role in this family is to simply fix the problems that they all get themselves in. And rightfully so as she’s the only one with magic strong enough to overcome the Hollow. Although, if she hasn’t figured it out in seven years, it doesn’t seem promising. Hopefully, Keelin can hold out for a little bit longer!

Too much troubling stuff is happening in the city. Not only has the curse been enacted because the siblings were in such close proximity to each other, they had to also deal with the hybrids and finally, Hayley went missing.

What attacked her in that alleyway? I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this was all Hope’s master plan. When she spoke with Kol, he mentioned that something would bring them all back so she decided to take matters into her own hands and create a situation that would undoubtedly draw Klaus back. He wasn’t going to let this curse keep him away from his loved ones any longer.

And if his baby girl was in danger, he’d obviously need to return. Clearly, Hayley never stressed the consequences of the Hollow’s curse to Hope.

So that brings Klaus and Marcel both back to New Orleans. Rebekah will probably return to fix things with Marcel, but how will Elijah find his way back home?

And how will they finally destroy the Hollow and reunite the family?

They really weren’t joking… when it rains, it pours, blood particularly.

Other Thoughts

  • Davina and Kol are married and going strong! He mentioned she was eating ice-cream and my first thought was that she was pregnant! Little Kol’s would be adorable!
  • Hayley has a new Irish boyfriend, but he’s not of the supernatural kind so she basically can’t let him in fully. Given all that’s going on with her family, it doesn’t seem like this relationship has much of a shot. I also don’t trust the guy.
  • Hope was definitely crushing on some guy at boarding school so hopefully, we’ll find out a bit more about her life there.
  • Elijah has an American accent!

You can watch The Originals on The CW right here!

Here’s what you can expect this season:

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Coffee Table News

The Originals Final Season: Everything We Know So Far



The Originals Season 5

After much anticipation, Julie Plec finally revealed that The Originals will begin their final journey on Wednesday, April 18th!

Before the series takes its final bow, however, the 13-episode fifth season will time jump ahead eight-years, bring back some familiar faces, and introduce new love stories!

As the Mikealson clan fights to find a way back to each other and defeat the Hollow once and for all, we prepare to say goodbye to the original family (and possibly ‘hello’ to a Hope-inspired spin-off)!

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The Originals

WATCH: ‘The Originals’ Trailer Makes Way For Time Jump, Teenage Hope



The Originals Season 2 trailer Comic Con

If you’ve been dying to know what happened to the bond of always and forever since the Mikealson clan parted ways to keep Hope safe, this is for you.

The teaser trailer for the fifth and sadly, the final season of The Originals has arrived and the concept of family is still very much at the forefront.

To hype fans up, the teaser is more a sizzle reel, featuring the original vampires’ biggest, baddest and most familial moments from their time on Earth eventually revealing a time jump.

Teenage Hope, who has inherited Klaus’ penchant for painting,  is telling the story of her family and reveals that even though so much time has passed, she plans on reuniting the family and restoring the bond of “always and forever.”

“I intend to fight for ‘always and forever,’” she says passionately, “Even if it destroys me.”

What have the Mikealson’s been up to for over a decade? Have they seen each other? Has Hope found a way to bring them together and defeat the Hollow? Will Elijah’s memory of his family come back to him or is he content with the new life he’s built for himself, which required him to trade in fancy suits for tight jeans and hipster tees.

And furthermore – are Klaus and Caroline dating? Has he grown close to her since she’s been teaching Hope in the Salvatore school for gifted children? Does Hope look up to her as sort of a mother?

There’s clearly so much story left to tell and not much time but we need to trust that Julie Plec will deliver a fitting ending – one that she believes is worthy of closing the chapter on a family of some thousand-year-old vamps.


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