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Originals where you left your heart Originals where you left your heart

The Originals

The Originals – Where You Left Your Heart (5×01)



It’s the beginning of the end and for longtime fans of The Originals, and it’s such a bittersweet feeling.

After such a long hiatus — seven years have gone by — it feels really good to see these familiar faces again.

Seven years and the damned Hollow’s curse is still threatening “always and forever.”

The Mikealson’s have all managed to keep their distance from each other offering Hope a real shot at this thing called life.

But you know these siblings can’t actually stay away from each other and like Kol said, eventually, something is going to bring them back to New Orleans.

That something is definitely Hope who upon just got suspended from the Salvator Boarding School after selling vials of her blood to some werewolf named Henry Benoit.

How did beyond brilliant hope become a blood dealer?

Anyways, Henry isn’t exactly discreet and jumps out of a window at school which turns him into a hybrid, one of only three in the world.

Hayley is understandably upset with Hope, who doesn’t really understand the severity of her actions. Her intentions were in the right place as she thought she was helping an outcast fit in but in reality, Henry is now more ostracized than ever.

The incident also disturbs the peace in town which Hayley, Vincent, Freya and Josh have worked so tirelessly and reignites the longstanding feud between the witches, wolves and vampires.

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A hybrid is now considered a threat and after he accidentally snaps and kills a vampire, they all want him neutralized.

Hayley tries to convince them that she’ll teach him to be tame just like she is but her plea isn’t convincing.

Adding insult to injury, Hope was doing all of this to save up money to go to Europe and find her deadbeat dad. Now, that’s a pretty unfair title for Klaus considering he’s been staying away for a reason, though, it isn’t completely unreasonable as he’s made a conscious choice to ignore his teenage daughter completely; a daughter who really needs a father.

Caroline, who paid Klaus a little visit at Hayley’s request, remains a no-nonsense figure in his life and was absolutely right when she told him his daddy issues about Mikeal were a stupid reason to push his own daughter away. It seriously happened like thousands of year ago, get over it!

And despite the tension between them, it was really nice to see them in a scene together again. It almost felt like time had frozen. When she told him “I happen to think you’re someone worth knowing,” I felt my whole body tingle. This ship is really going to sail by the end, isn’t it?

Caroline also called Klaus out on the rumors that have been swirling around that he’d gone mad. He wanted people to think that the big, bad Klaus was off his rocker because it was easier but in fact, all of his kills were completely calculated. Turns out, he was eliminating all of his enemies for Elijah who wouldn’t recognize them under the compulsion. Is that not the cutest thing you’ve ever heard? Klaus does have a soul, deep down inside!

Watching the siblings live their separate lives was definitely quite the change.

Rebekah and Marcel were going strong in New York which was almost hard to believe considering how flawed their relationship has always been.

At first, it seemed like they were actually in a better place than we thought with Marcel getting down on one knee and proposing to the love of his life. And almost immediately, the cracks in their foundation began to show.

Marcel has seemingly wanted to make things official for a while now and I’d agree, he has been patient and waited while the Mikealson’s dealt with their “issues.” He’s also stayed by Rebekah’s side even when he’s been on the outs with her brothers. He deserves to be put first for a change, unfortunately, she wasn’t able to make such a big commitment without her family around.

When Marcel finally gave her the ultimatum — be at City Hall tomorrow or we’re over, it was obvious that she was going to bail like she always had and he would plan a glorious return to New Orleans, the city he was never able to fully let go off.

Even though both Klaus and Rebekah knew the consequences were grave, they still went to France to check-up on their brother. This whole time, he’s been in Europe playing lounges, blissfully unaware of the familial drama or that he can’t see his siblings because of a curse.

For the first time, Elijah looks happy and it’s actually refreshing to see; he’s no longer plagued by all the guilt and the need to have control over everything.

When bad things happen, they always occur in threes much to Freya’s dismay. Something tells me, she isn’t going to see Keelin anytime soon, even if her “relationship” is on the line. Her role in this family is to simply fix the problems that they all get themselves in. And rightfully so as she’s the only one with magic strong enough to overcome the Hollow. Although, if she hasn’t figured it out in seven years, it doesn’t seem promising. Hopefully, Keelin can hold out for a little bit longer!

Too much troubling stuff is happening in the city. Not only has the curse been enacted because the siblings were in such close proximity to each other, they had to also deal with the hybrids and finally, Hayley went missing.

What attacked her in that alleyway? I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this was all Hope’s master plan. When she spoke with Kol, he mentioned that something would bring them all back so she decided to take matters into her own hands and create a situation that would undoubtedly draw Klaus back. He wasn’t going to let this curse keep him away from his loved ones any longer.

And if his baby girl was in danger, he’d obviously need to return. Clearly, Hayley never stressed the consequences of the Hollow’s curse to Hope.

So that brings Klaus and Marcel both back to New Orleans. Rebekah will probably return to fix things with Marcel, but how will Elijah find his way back home?

And how will they finally destroy the Hollow and reunite the family?

They really weren’t joking… when it rains, it pours, blood particularly.

Other Thoughts

  • Davina and Kol are married and going strong! He mentioned she was eating ice-cream and my first thought was that she was pregnant! Little Kol’s would be adorable!
  • Hayley has a new Irish boyfriend, but he’s not of the supernatural kind so she basically can’t let him in fully. Given all that’s going on with her family, it doesn’t seem like this relationship has much of a shot. I also don’t trust the guy.
  • Hope was definitely crushing on some guy at boarding school so hopefully, we’ll find out a bit more about her life there.
  • Elijah has an American accent!

You can watch The Originals on The CW right here!

Here’s what you can expect this season:

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The Originals

The Originals – Don’t It Just Break Your Heart (5×05)



The Originals Don't It Just Break Your HEart

The Nazi vampire storyline makes a lot more sense now and yes, Nazi vampires are just as scary as Nazi humans used to be.

Out of all people, Hope Mikealson needs to be really careful about who she trusts and opens up to.

But it may be a little too late for that.

Our predictions were right about who is responsible for Hayley’s disappearance but it boils down to another “always and forever” kind of family.

Oh, the things we’ll do for the ones we love.

This week’s The Originals takes us back to 1930s Germany and specifically, Klaus and Elijah’s escapades while trying to outrun Elijah.

The coin that Klaus found at the end of last week’s episode belonged to a mustached-villain by the name of August who in his heyday, you know, before Klaus killed him for slaughtering his kind, painted a swastika into his art.

August wasn’t really intriguing, but he is the basis of what happened to Hayley.

Turns out, we were right that Greta from the vampire faction was responsible as she was faithful to August’s faithful teachings. However, Klaus and Marcel were blinded by ego and one-upped.

Greta’s goal was simple – she wanted to rid the world of the abomination that was a hybrid.

Since Hope has the capability of creating them, which is what triggered Greta in the first place, she offered Klaus a deal: his baby mama in exchange for Hope snuffing out her werewolf side forever.

Klaus refused to even consider the options, yet Marcel went behind his back and relayed the message to Freya. Since Hope feels personally responsible for what happened to Hayley, she was eager to do whatever it took to bring her mother back.

But all of this was too predictable to Klaus who knows a thing or two about how his family operates. They’ve had thousands of years to figure each other out after all.

Klaus thwarts Freya’s spell and lashes out at Marcel but all of that is an afterthought when Greta chews up Josh and escapes.

Like I said, they underestimated just how strong she was. I felt bad considering Josh was trying to help her; he didn’t deserve to be almost mauled to death, though I’m sure he’ll be just fine.

It’s uncertain why Klaus tried to lie about the fact that he killed August and more of their ilk. Did he not want to be responsible for this when it so obviously was his fault?

Why was he so ashamed of this mass killing but none of the others?

Turns out, he did spare Augusts’ wife, daughter and Roman who turn out to be, you guessed it, Greta, Antoinette, and Roman.

Now, Roman and Greta I predicted but never in a million years did I see Antoinette being connected.

Just goes to show you, even when you don’t remember, others still do.

Antoinette came clean to Elijah about knowing him before they met. Again, we circle back to the 1930s where Elijah came to save his brother and convinced her to break free of her father whom she didn’t exactly see eye-to-eye when it came to ideologies. She claims that’s when she first fell in love with him.

Elijah is peeved, and I don’t blame him; she’s been lying to him this whole time and pretended that they fell in love by sheer choice.

What he doesn’t know is that, at this point, it looks like Antoinette saw the opportunity for revenge for her father’s death and took it. He may be a pawn in her long-term game.

Does she even love Elijah? Is she in this relationship for the right reasons?

It would pain me for him to be used in a greater plot to make his family suffer when he doesn’t even remember them.

Since he doesn’t remember her, he doesn’t know the backstory of what happened, but man, I hope Klaus remembers Antoinette’s face and goes to save his brother just like he saved him many times.

Maybe it’s because Elijah doesn’t remember or because he’s always meant well, but I don’t feel as bad for Hope who is getting played by Roman as I do for her uncle.

Although granted, Roman’s flirtatious ways and luring Hope in are always diabolical. She was right to question why he’s so into her.

When it comes to revenge plots, I never understood why people try to take it out on the innocent children. Hope didn’t choose who her father was which means she’s innocent in all of this.

Given how impressionable she is, I can see how Vincent claims she’ll bring the city to ruin. Imagine she finds ou that the person she shared her first kiss was behind her mother’s disappearance while she’s still unable to control her magic.

Everybody, run.

What do you think Greta and Roman’s overall plan is? Will they kill Hayley? Is Antoinette involved and using Elijah as leverage?

Then again, much like Elijah, she’s denounced her family so maybe these two will remain neutral in all of it?

Who would have thought Elijah’s new GF would be involved with the dissapearance of the love of his life.

The battle of the families — who will win? Can the Mikealsons be taken down?

Will the Salvatore School for Gifted include anyone else besides Hope and Roman?

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The Originals

The Originals – Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (5×04)



The Originals Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea"

So… did Nazi vampires kidnap Hayley?

Most of The Originals Season 5 Episode 4 focused on Klaus establishing himself as the most feared and hated man in New Orleans, again.

He wasn’t really in the mood to play nice and who could blame him? His brother had just washed his hands of him and the mother of his child was being tortured.

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The Originals

The Originals – Ne Me Quitte Pas (5×03)



The Originals Ne Me Quitte Pas

Talk about seeing a well-established character in a brand new light.

With this final season, The Originals has the ability to shake-up characters and venture outside of their comfort zones which is exactly what happened with Elijah.

I don’t think there’s one soul out there that complained about a full hour dedicated to brilliantDaniel Gillies. And if you did, well, you’re not welcome here.

During The Originals season 4 finale, Elijah boldly asked Marcel to erase his memories so that he wouldn’t have to be burdened by his unwavering loyalty to his family.

The series has always focused on Klaus and his journey with Elijah being pushed off to the side and serving as merely a supporting character in his brothers storyline.

But what would he be doing if the Mikealsons were no longer his problem? Well, for starters, he’d be living his life.

Forgetting about the “always and forever” allowed him to get a fresh start and pursue a life on his own terms without owing anyone or being tied to them. Much like Freya, he’s made so many sacrifices for his family even sacrificing his own happiness for them.

And not only was it welcome, it was necessary as Elijah would be unable to stay away from his siblings especially if he senses that Klaus was in danger.

So, yes, seven years without Elijah have been tough for Klaus considering his brother has always been his beacon of hope and clarity, but it finally allowed Elijah to be carve his own path and choose his own destiny.

When Marcel finally “rebooted” him, Elijah had no recollection of his past; he didn’t know who he was, where he was, or even what he was.

Everything from that moment forward was new to him and all he knew was that he was in Sunnyvale with an insatiable urge to feed but the pork rinds he stole after using his newfound super strength to punch out a vending machine window didn’t suffice.

Soon, he realized he was craving blood when some gas station employee came around and from there, Elijah was off to feed his way through the world until he reached New York.

I never thought we’d see the man known for donning luxury suits in a trucker hat but here we are.

New York was obviously problematic because it was where Marcel and Rebekah were residing but there was no way for Elijah to have known that.

Upon arriving in the big city, he met a woman who was feeding in an alleyway.

He was drawn to her because he was desperate to find out more about himself but she wasn’t “buying” because why would a Mikealson need help?

It wasn’t immediately clear whether or not Antoinette knew who Elijah was when they first met but given the Mikealson’s reputation, I’m sure she had an inkling.

Soon enough, she realized that “E” was really lost so she took him under her wing. It’s fitting considering she played the Black Fairy on Once Upon a Time, and I cannot shake the image of her being Rumpel’s mother for anything, not even this romantic rendezvous with the hottest bachelor in town.

Through Antoinette, Elijah learned about all the “pros” of being a vampire while furnishing his little New York home; his daylight ring, feeding parties (hello, dancing Elijah!), compulsion, and that there’s a difference in the taste of blood when you kill someone in duress versus when they’re calm and accepting of their fate.

That whole scene where Elijah feeds on someone that was compelled to relax was surprisingly sexual in nature for The CW. It’s been awhile since I was reminded that sharing a meal is a sensual and bonding experience.

Before Elijah can get too comfortable in New York, he’s ambushed by Marcel who tells him to skip town as soon as possible and piques Elijah’s interest in finding out about his past.

Antoinette knowing exactly what Elijah would find urges him to let it go and “accept who he is now.”

However, Elijah just can’t let go — another reason he was compelled to forget — and they part ways because she knows it’ll take him down a dark and destructive path.

And she’s right. As he hits dead-end after dead-end, he goes on a bender. As he gorges on innocent humans, we’re once again reminded of his monstrous past. I guess sometimes history will always repeat itself, even if we don’t remember it.

Finally, Marcel ambushes him again to talk some sense into him. When it’s evident that Elijah won’t let this go, he tells him that he’s doing it all because the “old Elijah” wanted to forget and that he was protecting a special little girl.

That’s enough for Elijah to end his quest for the truth and he embarks on a new journey to France where he finds Antoinette playing at the same little jazz club that we eventually see Elijah playing at.

The story flashes forward to the present and Elijah and Antoinette are celebrating their seven-year anniversary when he proposes to her.

Of course, we know that things with the Hollow and Hope are gaining momentum in New Orleans as we speak, which prompts Klaus’ little visit to bring his brother home.

Now, I’m not sure why he didn’t just bring Marcel to break the compulsion and revert his memories. It seems like it would have been easier this way but as always, Klaus chose to threaten Antoinette and compel her to break up with Elijah for good, proving that he hasn’t learned a thing during their time apart.

Is he at all capable of allowing his brother to be happy?

It’s at this point that Antoinette reveals she’s known about Elijah’s past the whole time. She pretends to be compelled then goes to tell Elijah that his “past caught up with him.”

She makes a run for it and Klaus confronts Elijah who is not pleased to see him nor does he care to be whisked away to his former life. Their screaming match is yet another example that no matter where or who you are, fights with a brother are inevitable.

Klaus begs him adding that if he only remembered his family and Hayley (yep, that was bait), he’d return immediately but that’s when Elijah drops the real bomb on him — he knows all about his family thanks to Google and he could care less about “reuniting” with them.

“Everyone I love is here,” he says implying that all he needs in life is Antoinette.

And while Elijah may very well know all about his family, there are no feelings or memories associated with it. They are all strangers to him so it’s no surprise that he isn’t interested in dropping everything to help them.

The only way to make Elijah care is to make him remember how much he loved his siblings, Hayley, and Hope. And yes, there’s definitely room in there for Antoinette if he wants her to continue being in his life.

However, that might never happen now that Klaus is shaken up by Elijah’s decision to renounce the family. With his ego badly bruised, he tells Freya he “couldn’t find Elijah” and leaves town to find another way to stop the Hollow and save his daughter.

Elijah knew it would work too because despite his lack of memory, the one thing that always kept Klaus going was his brother’s love. Without it, he would lose the will to fight.

The title “Ne Me Quitte Pas” translates to “don’t leave me” which is fitting because Elijah doesn’t want Antoinette to leave him as much as Klaus doesn’t want his brother to go.

Following his altercation with Klaus, Elijah is more sure about his decision to marry Antoinette than ever. Does he want to lock her down because he knows their days of simplicity are coming to an end?

Antoinette questions his love for Hayley, which is a bit ridiculous considering he doesn’t actually remember the feelings he had for her, but he promises that there is nothing going on between them.

I can’t wait to see this unfold when he does remember and is torn between these two women. Will his feelings for Antoinette overshadow his love for Hayley? Will Klaus kill Antoinette and eliminate her from the narrative?

To further prove his loyalty, Elijah removed his daylight ring and declared, “I’m leaving my past in the ashes,” as he pulled open the curtains to let the sun in and burst into flames.

My initial reaction was a full-blown freak-out because it really seemed like Elijah has killed himself.

But then it occurred to me that he’s an original vampire so he’s indestructible and the only thing that can kill him is a White Oak Stake.

Whew, that was close!

Therefore, his “death” was probably more symbolic; his attempt at starting over fresh… again.

However, I still think Marcel will return all his memories to him, he’ll come back to New Orleans and those seven years without the burden of his family will seem more like a dream than anything else.

While I love the bond between the brothers, I have to say seeing this new Elijah made me realize just how much he was suffering. Her was a tortured soul back in New Orleans so everything he was saying to Klaus as “new Elijah” was on some level true. It’s what the old Elijah really thought deep inside but never had the courage to say.

As much as I championed his relationship with Hayley, I can’t say I’m done with Antoinette yet. There’s something so pure and nurturing between them.


Watch The Originals on the CW right here!

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