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Pretty Little Liars- Father Knows Best

“When you love someone it’s worth fighting for no matter what the odds are”

A rather disappointing episode of Pretty Little Liars this week only because I am just frustrated and the confusing clues and the lack of revelation. Its literally like solving a murder mystery… Oh wait.  From the episode we could come to the conclusion that Melissa hated Ali. She was so mad at Ali for flirting with Ian constantly that she sent her threatening text messages as A. Than when she had her chance she killed her?? With Garett’s help? And now she is entertaining her pregnant self by being  A? The pieces of the puzzle just don’t fit together. But what we can derive is that Melissa and Spencer’s father are trying to cover their own butts and blame each other. Each ones explanation for his/her shady actions blames the other. Melissa wants Spence to believe that it was their father. The father wants Spence to believe that he is innocent and the only reason he had all the pictures of Ali is because he was doing a private investigation to see is Melissa was behind the murder. Which I guess would make sense since she was involved with Ian, who still might have had a lot to do with Ali’s death that night. Both Melissa and the father have reason to want Ali dead. The father because Ali knew about his affair and was blackmailing him. Melissa because of her boyfriend. 

We area also more inclined to believe Melissa is dangerous because she was the last person to glance at that desk before the gun went missing. But who would she want to kill? She’s also getting very close to Garett and they have been working together and she has been telling him too much information.. Is this on purpose? Is she trying to lure Spencer off the road of figuring out who A is. And who tempted Maya to get into a car instead of heading off to San Fran? I doubt Melissa would want to do that so were back to square one…. Who is A? Why would A want Maya? Oh the possibilities. But that leads into the case of Ali and Vivian (possibly a twin) and there seems to be no correlation between anything anymore, except that A is a superhuman villain.

Whoever was texting Ali as A back when she was still alive was doing it from the Doll Hospital. A hospital which probably delivered the dolls that threatened the liars. I can also connect this back to Melissa because the dolls were found back in Spencer’s lake house. I have also realized that it would be perfect for Melissa to be A because many times when big things happen, they take place at Spencer’s house. But for a pregnant lady to be doing all that work is impossible, which means she has a sidekick. One that drops phones and stalks people. Garett anyone? This duo is just way to perfect. But realistically who is Vivian? When the girls went to that doll hospital somebody thought that Aria was actually Vivian, which means that Vivian had to have had a presence in that neighborhood. The boy was also very shocked to see her which allows me to believe Vivian disappeared at the same time Alison did. Were they the same person? Twins?

My favorite scene this week had to have been Mike stepping up to Aria’s dad about the whole Ezra thing. Sometimes teens really are smarter than their parents. But when parents start to realize they have a problem with A thats when things get messy. A hates when people interrupt his plans so this might mean total destruction for the parents. Worst case scenario, one of the parents dies. Best case scenario, the parents find out who A is. It could technically be Mona. She was way to eager to have Aria lie to Hannah’s mother to get the parents off of A’s trail. And since when do we include Mona in top secret A work? Two more episode guys…. Two more episodes and all our questions will be answered.. Hopefully. The one negative thing about this show is the abundance of characters. There is so many that each episode lacks many re-occuring characters which makes me wonder what are they up too and why do they have such an important role when we do see them next? Where’s Lucas, Caleb, Toby, Jenna and Nolan??? 

Pretty Little Liars- Father Knows Best Reviewed by on . "When you love someone it's worth fighting for no matter what the odds are"A rather disappointing episode of Pretty Little Liars this week only because I am jus "When you love someone it's worth fighting for no matter what the odds are"A rather disappointing episode of Pretty Little Liars this week only because I am jus Rating:
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