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Pretty Little Liars: Now You See Me, Now You Don’t (4×12)

I don’t wanna go there… I think I gotta go there… Yes, I am quoting Chris Brown right now and you know what, it’s cause I can. Because all my hopes and dreams and ideas and values have just been shattered by a lanky teacher in a baseball cap… Boy did he look good in that baseball cap. Breathe. Just breathe. I’ll be back once I catch my composure.


Wow. When Marlene King declares World War A, she goes all out. I was waiting in anticipation to see what could possibly be more shocking than Toby being A and yeah, Ezra being A tops the list. Ezra! Mr.fricking Fitz. Can you even believe it? I mean how deceived are you? How betrayed. So betrayed the real Ian Harding had to delete his Twitter account, that’s how. I mean, just where do I begin?!?! Hats off Marlene. Hats off to you lady! Millions of girls all over the world will never EVER believe in love again, yet alone trust a man!!!


“I get it, it’s like you want to know the ending but you want to be surprised.” Wise words Ezra. You predicted the outcome of the night. God, how many hints can Marlene King drop before we finally catch on to what she has up her magical sleeve.  But, aside from this betrAyal, we also got a lot of insight into the whole mystery that is Alison DiLaurentis. All signs point to a ‘this b**ch is alive’. Well ain’t that just another shocker all in itself?! I guess I’ll start at the beginning…wherever that is.


MonA: A decided its about time to play some magic tricks with the girls, cause ain’t nothing scarier than magic. Poof and you might just miss something. The girls are promised, in A style, that if Hanna’s mom goes free, A will unleash hell on earth. Ashley Marin walks out of this finale as a free woman, all charges dropped and A does just as promised. “Hanna won so Mona loses. Find her before the cops or they’ll think you killed her.” A scavenger for Mona, who may or may not be behind all of this.   When Toby finally does find Mona’s whereabouts, she’s safely hidden away in River Valley’s Bed and Breakfast.  He’s led to her through Shauna who presents her with papers. Mona bluntly states, “Is she okay with this” to which Shauna replies, “She doesn’t have a choice.” Who’s okay with what? Who doesn’t have a choice? Jenna, whose probably still in a hospital because of her near death experience? Melissa? After all Shauna did have her mail, addressed to Melissa and Wren. I would really like to say Mona is on the liars’ team, but at this point it’s not looking too good.


Ravenswood: After a magic trick package in the mail, the girls are off to Ravenswood where there is a magic show in full swing. Now you see me, now you don’t. As the girls watch as Aria participates in a disappearing act, Emily gets snatched (kind of hard to imagine this happening in a park full of people ) and pulls a disappearing act of her own. This is the part where I was a little skeptical because Aria calls Emily, who immediately picks up and starts freaking out that she’s in a coffin or a box and hears saws. Instantly, the girls locate her at a saw mill just around the corner. Yeah, right. Either that’s really poor planning, Emily is in on this whole thing, or they have some top of the line GPS systems. Either way, before Emily is turned into vampire dust, red coat does her a favor and shuts down the belt.


Two Red Coats: Wait! Blink. Theres two red coat’s? As Hanna stays behind to free Em, Aria runs after RC1  while Spencer runs after RC2. As Aria fights to the death with red coat, the Ali mask falls off revealing CeCe, who falls over the railing, dangling and screaming for help. Aria, the good soul that she is, tries to pull her up but ultimately fails, as CeCe falls to her death… or so the girls think. Like a cat with nine lives CeCe is gone with the blink of an eye.  Spencer than reveals her findings, which are just a tad bit more exciting… not that Aria doing kung-fu wasn’t totally the greatest thing to ever grace my T.V screen (oh thanks for the lessons by the way Jake, they really came in handy!).


The lAir: Spencer leads the girls to another A lair. But this time I think its the legit lair. The first time we saw A’s lair it was when Mona was working for A. But like many times, she has mentioned that she never knew who she was working for and was just taking orders. This lair revealed quite a lot of information that all of us could use to piece together some loose ends in our mystery. A is everywhere and anywhere because he has survelliance cameras everywhere. Like I mean he’s watching the police, he’s watching the streets, I’m sure he’s even watching the girls houses. For one, A isn’t just following the girls, he’s also following Ali and recording ever one of her moves. The messed up part? A also thinks she’s alive. He doesn’t just have pictures of Ali before her death, but he’s got all the pictures of Ali as red coat. So that’s who Ali is running from? Theres timelines, graphs (I’m sure), creeper photos of everyone making out with everyone, paperwork from A’s own corporation, and of course, the indication that A is a man from the suits and dress shoes in the closet. A be on that suit and tie sh*t (haha I had to).


ezrA: Here’s where all the WTF moments come into play as to Ezra being A. The girls say that Wren cannot be A because he is pictured on the board as someone whose being followed. But theres a pictures of Ezra on the board too?! I don’t think there’s a legit ‘I’m following’ you timeline of Ezra’s life, but he’s got his own creepy photo’s of himself making out with Aria. Who would take those if he’s working alone? AHA! So he isn’t. There has to be someone else working with him, well unless Mona took those. Hm..


Also, if A knows everything how come he didn’t know that Malcolm was his son? Why was that even important? Sure, Ezra could be board shorts, but this is like really something to think about. Could Ezra really pull it all off? And why? Does it mean that when he met Aria in the coffee shop or whatever in season one, it wasn’t by mistake? Did he purposely lure her into a relationship for all of these weird reasons? Did he fake being surprised when she walked into his class on the first day of school and saw her? Had he been planning it for awhile? Did he know about her father affair when she was WAY too young and really illegal? God is he even a teacher? What connection does he have to Ali? After the initial shock, when it comes down to the nitty gritty, there’s just no way Ezra could have been A. Plus, his reaction after walking into the room wasn’t a mad-someones-rumaging-through-my-stuff reaction, it was more of a, ‘what the hell is this why am I here, who led me to this place? Slam door, Aria what!’. Maybe he was led to the “lair” by the real A for some unknown reason and is shocked to find A still tormenting his leading lady?


The saddest part of this whole Ezra is A ordeal is that I was actually so happy to see that when Jake and Aria’s night flopped, she accidentally ran into Ezra who was more than willing to talk English literature with her all night. And when they shared a kiss, I was glowing, thinking how I was going to write about this AHA moment in my review. The moment that I knew would be so crucial because Aria finally realized she was never really over Ezra. All she wanted was to move on. She wanted easy and that’s what she got with Jake. She got a goof her age that didn’t share any of her interests. In reality, all she needed was a man. A man like Fitz. Well yep. That was a crucial moment. Just not in the sense I thought it would be. Now, when Aria realizes she loves Ezra, he’s going to be A and we will all know except her!!!


Grimwauld’s Confession: All we know for sure (remember Ezra never uttered the words, I’m A) is that A is a guy. A guy who Alison was really, and I mean really, afraid of. The girls ran into Grimwauld who finally admitted that she knew Alison and Ali was calling her for help in the sorority house. Why? Cause she has the gift of insight of course. She could look into her crystal ball and tell her who she should be afraid of. Or…. is she all a part of the act? When Ali went missing, Grimwauld went to Rosewood and found Ali buried alive in her backyard. The death reports got that part right, but she wasn’t dead. Her hand was sticking out of the ground (cue that creepy scene from the Halloween episode, its all explained) and Grimwauld pulled her out. She took Ali into her car and drove her to the hospital to go and get some help, when she came out Ali was gone. Well, there is a lot of what if’s in this certain story. From the way it was shown, Ali didn’t look to happy to be with Grimwauld after almost dying in the first place. She seemed scared of her. Could Grimwauld possibly be boardshorts’ mother? Either way, she indicated that Ali is alive. Ali-ve. Get it? She doesn’t want to be found. Why? Because the only reason A is tormenting the girls and making their lives living hell is because he wants to get to Alison. The closer they get to Ali, the more danger she is in. That’s why he follows them, because he want’s to get to her. Which brings me back to why would Ezra want anything from Ali?


Wren/Melissa: This still doesn’t explain why Ali faked her own death. Who was in the casket at the funeral and who the heck did those doctors examined to be Alison. It doesn’t explain Ezra being A. Or Wren being creepy. Or Shauna carrying papers that were addressed to Wren and Melissa. What’s that all about? Are those two back together? Is Wren only here because he’s trying to keep and eye out on Spencer and the girls while Melissa is away? The papers were addressed to Wren with c/o Melissa to London. Have they been getting cozy again? Maybe the person he called last episode wasn’t CeCe, maybe it was Melissa. Gosh. So confusing. More answers= more questions.


CeCe: My question is, if Ali is still alive and CeCe is working with her to get A off the Ali trail, why was CeCe snooping around in a black hoodie (as if she was A) and listening in on Ezra and Aria’s conversation? If she’s redcoat, why is she wearing A’s outfits. And if she is afraid of A, why is she spying on him? Its so contradictory. I think CeCe is working to help Ali and whoever A is, if it is Ezra or not, is trying to get CeCe out of the picture by framing her for the murder and getting her as the next wanted victim for the Rosewood P.D. Truthfully, the idea of two teams is now more clear than ever. Redcoats team is supposably good. The A team in black hoodies is bad. Who the heck is on which team? I have no idea anymore.


Toby/Caleb: Also, another loose end that wasn’t tied up but briefly touched upon was the whole ordeal with Toby’s mother. Was she murdered in Radley? Did she commit suicide? Why does A want to manipulate Toby’s ways of getting this information? Could Toby’s mother be Grimwauld? She does have the pretty eyes. Far stretch but at this point you never know! But with the boys being the most suspicious of all characters, I can’t help but thinking there are way to many positive qualities about Caleb for him to be all good. He got on a bus to Ravenswood and it was the last time we would ever see him in Rosewood. Why? Well, that won’t really be revealed until the Halloween episode. But, there was a point when Grimwauld stated, he’s here, when she refereed to A being in Rosewood looking for Ali. The camera than shot to Caleb hopping on the bus and for some reason I could see him being A or affiliated with A in some way. What do you think? Why else would Caleb stay in Ravenswood?


What do you think about this summer finale? Is Ezra A? Is Mona good or bad? Wren and Melissa together? Is Ali alive? Whose side is CeCe on? Is Grimwauld lying?? Let us know here. Just like the girls, who heed their departure and pick out some costumes, I will be dressing up for the fantastic and horror infused Halloween episode, October 22. Kisses!



Yes It Do- Chris Arena (plays when Toby is looking through mail)

This Isn’t Control- Ms Mr (Aria and Ezra reconnect in the cafe)

Pretty Little Liars: Now You See Me, Now You Don’t (4×12) Reviewed by on . I don't wanna go there... I think I gotta go there... Yes, I am quoting Chris Brown right now and you know what, it's cause I can. Because all my hopes and drea I don't wanna go there... I think I gotta go there... Yes, I am quoting Chris Brown right now and you know what, it's cause I can. Because all my hopes and drea Rating:
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