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Pretty Little Liars – PlAytime (7×11)

We’re at the end of the road with Pretty Little Liars and believe it or not, it’s more frustrating than ever. If there’s one thing this show does, it’s making me wonder “what absurd thing will happen next” over and over again. I just can’t seem to crack it.

This final season premiere had me feeling like I was watching a modern day Jumanji. We knew Uber A or A.D or whatever is tech savvy but come on, a board game that’s being controlled by him that the girls just have to play along? Alright whatever, I’ll go with it. This isn’t the craziest thing we’ve ever had to deal with.

The board game, which consisted of a an exact mini replica of Rosewood and character pieces of all the liars, was a literal representation of what the girls have been going through for 7 seasons… playing A’s little game. It’s a nice touch really… at this point, A.D is just taunting them and they’re taking the bait because you know what happens if they don’t – heads will roll, cars will crash, people get shot, etc. etc. etc.

Hanna summed it up best honestly – he wants to play with us. And in order to have even a slight chance at winning, they have to play back. The first one to play though is surprisingly Spencer, as the episode centered heavily around her. It’s definitely understandable she’d be more inclined than the other girls, considering her mother Veronica – who came back a WEEK after her daughter was shot mind you – confirmed that Mary Drake was in fact her mother. Mary might be crazy but she didn’t lie to her.

Story goes like this: Mary seduced Peter, Spencer’s father, into thinking that he was sleeping with Jessica. Apparently, he didn’t learn the first time after sleeping with the neighbor and fathering Jason. When Mary became pregnant, she informed Jessica, who reached out to Veronica, who just knew she couldn’t abandon this baby. She reached out to Judge Kahn, which is the Noel connection, and formalized everything, therefore, legally becoming Spencer’s mother. Understandably, Spencer needs some time to process everything, including the fact that her dad is pretty much the biggest tool we’ve ever seen.

Also, there was mention of Mary having a second baby but Veronica admitted they didn’t know who the father was. The baby she’s most likely referring to is Charlotte…. at least I hope so. See how twisted sleeping with other people’s husbands becomes?

After all that, Spencer plays the game and it/he dares her to visit a “sick friend” so she mans up and checks up on Toby, who is okay after his accident. His fiancee Yvonne on the other hand is in a medically induced coma aka she’s seen better days. When Ezra said that Toby and Yvonne were almost killed because of a deer, I burst out laughing. Even Toby knows that this happened because he wanted to finally leave town and A.D isn’t fond of his little minions running away. And while we all know it’s true, Spencer tries to cheer him up by promising they’ll all get out unscathed one day. Yeah okay…. It’s too bad Yvonne became collateral damage in A.D’s little game.

As a prize for completing the “dare,” the board game (so fancy) spits out a letter that Mary wrote to Spencer when she was at Radley. “You came out of a hateful act, but that doesn’t make you hateful” the note reads, asking Spencer for forgiveness “someday.”

Back at the high school, Alison has reverted to her mean girl ways because that’s what she does best. I’d give her the benefit of the doubt considering she’s pregnant, broke and just conned by a man she never even knew but as Paige explained, some people love to play the victim. Alison is one of those girls. Although if we’re being honest, I still like Alison more than I like Paige.

Regardless, Alison’s actions were completely out of line during their teacher meeting. They may be in high school but they’re no longer students. The tension continued to affect Emily and Ali’s personal relationship at home especially when Ali told her she didn’t know how why she kissed her the night before. “Please don’t kiss me again,” Emily told her. “Not until you know.” Rocky road for these two – will they figure it out?

Haleb were finally in a happy place which allowed Hanna to focus on her fashion line. How does anyone have time to design clothes while being tormented by A.D? I’ll never know. Hanna and Mona teamed up, not to kidnap an ex-boyfriend, but to get Hanna’s designs some primetime exposure. Mona phoned in a favor with the daughter of New York senator who agreed to rock one of Han’s dresses. Of course, when she realized that Katie though Hanna worked for Mona, she freaked out but Mona swore she was doing it strictly to help a friend out. Can we believe her? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Aria and Ezra’s relationship was a bit rocky after it became clear that Nicole was actually still alive. Aria was doubting going through with the wedding but Hanna convinced her assuring her that Ezra would say goodbye to Nicole once and for all. That seems more like wishful thinking on her part, especially since she just got her Caleb back. So Aria goes on to look for a venue alone and bumps into Holden, who is working at his sister’s business. He immediately senses that somethings up, especially when they run into Ezra, who is on his way to be with Nicole in New York. “Who is Nicole,” he asks as Aria awkwardly chuckles. At least that’s better than his “who said high school sweethearts don’t last.” Ugh, so much cringing, so little time.

Honestly, the whole lack of communication between Ezra and Aria is annoying and considering they’re both writers, a little out of left field. Are they going to keep stringing each other along? Is he going to make a decision – you can’t have your cake and eat it too Ezra.

The end scene shows Jenna who is still “temporarily unaccounted for” but a suspect in Spencer’s shooting. At least one of them – Marco did say there were most likely two shooters and the gun that shot Spencer is still missing. Jenna is sitting in a black room sipping on tea. Someone with medical gloves (Radley?) gives her a book in braille to explain everything. “Endgame,” she says and smiles mischieviously. Wait… so IS she involved?

We’re down to 9 episodes now and we still have SO many unanswered questions and open story-lines. Who is A.D? What’s his motive with messing with the Liars for so long? How does Mary Drake fit in? Who killed Charlotte?


Pretty Little Liars – PlAytime (7×11) Reviewed by on . We're at the end of the road with Pretty Little Liars and believe it or not, it's more frustrating than ever. If there's one thing this show does, it's making m We're at the end of the road with Pretty Little Liars and believe it or not, it's more frustrating than ever. If there's one thing this show does, it's making m Rating: 0
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