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Quantico – Cleopatra (2×09)

One answer spawned several new questions on this week’s action-packed episode of Quantico. I’ll try to break everything down for you but don’t get mad if I missed anything.

Season 2 has kept one thing constant this whole time – I’m not sure if Alex Parish is good or evil. In fact, I don’t really know where anyones alliances lie, despite assuming that Miranda Shaw is one of the bad guys. Oh and she may have confirmed it this week by telling Alex, who she kidnapped with a silencer, that she was one of the terrorists. “When I’m done telling you everything, you will be too,” she advised her as Alex drove the getaway car.

But is being the “terrorist” really a bad thing on this show? Once again the answer is unclear. Alex was brought into questioning in the present day and interrogated by none other than Hannah Wyland. You might remember her from season 1 – she’s Ryan’s ex wife and Alex’s sort-of-friend. Wyland is giving Alex the benefit of the doubt considering that her first conspiracy checked out but really, could someone be in the center of yet another terrorist plot and not be guilty? Highly unlikely.

Alex walked her through everything that went down on the Farm, some of which we saw in flashbacks. The operatives were tasked with learning how to use seduction in order to make someone trust them so that they could get what they want. Each trainee had to go against their personal morals and sleep with their assigned victim – Booth and Alex getting the bride and groom respectively.

Booth aced the task, launching to the top of the murder board. Sebastian came in second, breaking his faith in order to seduce a nice Catholic woman, whom he later tried to strike up a relationship with. Clearly, he’s still unable to draw the line between personal and professional and I’m not sure this is a job where that’s a good trait to have.

Alex didn’t go through with seducing her victim, but she did get to work on Owen Hall. She’s been booted out of the undercover work for the FBI so she’s technically just a CIA agent in training but she’s determined to find out more about the AIC, which she promised Booth to stop since it’s really his territory now. She tries to get information out of Owen but gives him this huge shpiel about how she doesn’t need to use sex to get what she wants… then he basically tells her he wants her. It’s all really confusing. Basically, her goal was to slip him a pill that emits radiology waves so that she and Harry could follow his every move for the next 24 hours.

It gets even more confusing when she confronts Ryan later about lying to her about being recruited into the AIC. That’s when she reveals that he’s been fooled cause she’s still a double agent, they just didn’t want him to know. Or is she just lying? I don’t even know. Does Alex even know? God… who knows?

Back in the present, Shelby, Hannah and Alex are all pacing around the room trying to figure out who is behind the hostage situation. Hannah doesn’t want to believe Alex when she tells her “Ryan is the terrorist” even though at this point, can we really trust anyone? That’s when Shelby drops her two cents – the AIC are not the terrorists, they are the target.

Now we don’t know what that means one bit… Shelby might, but she didn’t do a good job of explaining it. Since Miranda said she’s a terrorist, we can assume that the FBI is holding all the AIC agents who they believe would go rogue hostage. That would explain why Ryan is masked right? And maybe that’s why they were all fighting Alex, because they thought she was part of the AIC. In fact, everyone in there might be part of the AIC… since we all saw them in training on the Farm and there could have been more recruits other than Dayana, Booth and Leon.

Speaking of those two – their stories were all kinds of twisted this week also. Dayana was tasked with seducing some dude at the party but then apparently went all psycho on him and almost killed him. She called Leon to help her clean up the mess but then later reported him for being “too weak” to the higher ups. Who is she really working with?

Leon continued to struggle with killing that man a few weeks ago as his first task for the AIC. You could tell it was breaking him down and eventually, he got so paranoid he realized Shelby was using him for information. She tried to convince him that she really was her alter-ego Jane and he fell for it… or so she thought. Instead, he chilled outside of her house and watch Nimah or Reina (I don’t remember at this point) leave, knowing fully well that she’s an FBI and possibly her handler. Safe to say, I don’t think this relationship ended well.

So there ya have it… we know more than we did last week but with all the new questions, it seems like we actually know nothing at all. I’d be more upset but I sort of don’t think Quantico is even keeping up with this anymore and that’s a shame because the cast and story were there if they’d only be executed properly.

Quantico – Cleopatra (2×09) Reviewed by on . One answer spawned several new questions on this week's action-packed episode of Quantico. I'll try to break everything down for you but don't get mad if I miss One answer spawned several new questions on this week's action-packed episode of Quantico. I'll try to break everything down for you but don't get mad if I miss Rating: 0
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