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Quantico – JMPALM (2×10)

Where do I even begin with Quantico?

I’ll start in the present day because that makes a bit more sense to me than anything happening at the Farm at this point… I think? Seriously, if the whole point of this show is to confusing the living daylight out of me than it is totally working! There’s layers upon layers to peel back that this is quickly becoming a weekly Inception for me.

There was one moment that I related to on this show this week and that was when Madam President Claire Haas basically gave Shelby a whole speech about Donald Trump. “Because I wasn’t elected. America elected a half-as-qualified man with next to no experience, a man who’s never stood for anything, who’s never served this country and rolled over out of fear when a terrorist demanded it,” she said addressing the terrorist problem at the show’s core. Well said.

Claire shows up at the FBI headquarters to speak with her son’s ex-gf right before she’s about to okay an airstrike on all the hostages, and Shelby’s friends, being held up by terrorists. Shelby tries to convince her to stop the strike and “do the right thing” but she fears looking weak and then reveals she’s the founder of what we refer to as the AIC. Well hello there! Now, it’s not 100% what you’re thinking. The rouge faction was never meant to be used to kill innocent people but just to better practices of the CIA. But that’s not what it will look like to the public, will it?

Eventually, Haas takes Shelby’s advice and calls of the air strike. After all that, Shelby somehow trusts Alex again and calls her to tell her that things are going to get messy. Um… as if they aren’t already?

Meanwhile, Alex is still Miranda’s hostage and the two drive into the terrorist zone where they run into Nimah in full on rogue faction gear. Nimah delivers slightly good news – Ryan is not playing for the bad team… but Miranda might be. Nimah pulls a gun on her but Miranda quickly places a silencer to Alex’s head. The two are odds with Nimah wanting to free the hostages and Miranda trying to convince them that getting the drives from Lydia Hall is more important because it could save millions of lives. Not sure how and def not sure what’s on them. What I do know? Alex doesn’t trust Miranda at this point (talk about bad experiences with professors) and runs into the building to save the people and her used-to-be-man-who-I-think-she-still-loves.

Now, back at the Farm, the recruits are working on operating an asset, which is basically convincing someone to do your dirty work. Harry is getting all kids of desperate after being pressured by his handler to get more intel on this AIC. He worries he got too close to the wrong recruit and tries to make them turn on each other. This causes some conflict while they’re working their case involving the Venezuelan consulate.

Alex chooses to sell out Ryan before he turns on her but he persuades her into giving this whole thing up because it’s ruining their relationship… as if you could even call it that at this point.

As both return to the Farm, Owen confronts Ryan about WHAT HAPPENED during their “mission” today. Ryan tells him that Alex is onto him and upset she wasn’t recruited into the AIC, which I don’t really know why he admitted so openly. I guess he assumed Owen was runing the AIC because he says “he was trying to protect everything you’ve been working for” and home boy looks more confused than I am. Later that night, Owen ambushes Alex in her room and tells her he’s NOT the leader of the rogue faction, after she admits that there definitely is one. Um…. what? He threatens to have her arrested if she doesn’t tell him everything so now I guess they’ll be teaming up?

With Owen in the clear, we find out who the real leader of the AIC is – Lydia Hall. We haven’t seen her in a while and that’s because she was busy giving out these burner phones and ordering her recruits to kill people for no reason. She explains that the AIC is actually “the people who do what we do are the real CIA.” Like what does that even mean? Are the people training with her dad NOT in the CIA really? Is the real CIA actually against America? Are they the terrorists? Does she know the FBI is trying to infiltrate them?

I guess this explains why Lydia was at the building in the present day – she was leading the whole AIC movement. But going back to Shelby’s theory, the AIC aren’t the terrorists, they are the target. So that means, Miranda is the “terrorist” and she’s working with the FBI to kill off the rogue faction of the CIA and those drives Lydia stole have information that could destroy her and the rest of the FBI? That’s my theory.

In the flashbacks, Leon also figures out that Shelby is an FBI agent and confronts Nimah about it. He promises to help them take down the bad guys because “what they’re doing is not right.” If this is true, than Leon is on the inside currently helping Miranda’s team.. but why did Nimah turn on her?

I also can’t figure out what Dayana is really up to. She’s been reporting to someone about Leon, most likely Lydia, and lecturing him about being weak but then during their mission, she sets a child free, despite knowing that it’s leverage for their task at hand.

Basically, I don’t think I’ve figured out what team Sebastian, Dayana and Harry are still on. Who are they working for? How are they involved in all of this? And why is Alex still at the center of it all… whatever it is?



Quantico – JMPALM (2×10) Reviewed by on . Where do I even begin with Quantico? I'll start in the present day because that makes a bit more sense to me than anything happening at the Farm at this point.. Where do I even begin with Quantico? I'll start in the present day because that makes a bit more sense to me than anything happening at the Farm at this point.. Rating: 0
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